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majimeaussie comments

Posted in: Lawyer's widow disputes police version of husband's murder See in context

Why didn't they draw their weapons, point them and tell EVERYBODY to freeze?

This was a horrible case of incompetence. But that's par for the course for j-cops.

Easy to answer. Most of the police don't carry handguns.

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Posted in: Ryoko Yonekura, Ryuichi Sakamoto among winners at 'Whisky Lovers Awards 2010' See in context

And it is always good to associate alcohol with car drivers isn't it!!

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Posted in: Japan hit by 6.9-magnitude earthquake See in context

Felt it pretty strongly here in Chiyoda-ku. Felt like one of the biggest for a few years, particularly considering it was so far away. It also went on for a long time.

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Posted in: Japan's iPhone craze attracts global app developers See in context

Now that the yen has been at about 80 to the dollar for a while maybe Apple should start using that exchange rate rather than 120.

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Posted in: Sweden to issue international arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder See in context

@ frungy, triumvere and bdiego

From reading the article I think the difference in law is not related to the comment you highlighted but to the following two comments:

threshold for what is considered coercion to a sexual act was lowered

It doesn't state what the threshold of coercion has been lowered to. Is saying "I will kill myself if you don't have sex with me" enough coercion to get convicted of rape? There is not enough information in the article to know. Additionally,

definition of rape was widened to include all sexual acts, instead of only intercourse.

This appears to indicate that you could be charged with rape for "feeling up" someones breast. Admittedly, in other countries you can probably get charged for other reasons such as assault for this but probably not rape.

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Posted in: Why are girl bands and glamour groups like AKB48, SKE48, Morning Musume and Miniskirt Police so popular in Japan? See in context

Since when are "miniskirt police" a girl band?

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Posted in: Garuda tops Asian airlines service quality survey See in context

I haven't flown Garuda for years so can't comment directly on this award. However, I believe they gave the award for best economy class in Asia to Royal Brunei a few years back. At that time I did fly them several times and they were were the worst of several Asian airlines in my experience. I don't trust how they decide the winners.

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Posted in: Poisonous mushrooms may have been sold at festival in Tokyo See in context

Or maybe people should have more details on the name of the festival in case they bought mushrooms at "a festival" and want to be careful.

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Posted in: Australia gets its 1st female prime minister as Rudd ousted See in context

If you don't live in his electorate you did not vote for Rudd, you voted for the local Labour Party candidate. That is how it works in Australia.

While it seems to have happened quickly at the end it seems to have been brewing for a long time. From what you hear it seems that he comes across well at the beginning but then starts to rub people the wrong way.

My personal opinion is that he has done an OK job but there have also been a few big stuff ups and bad press about his actions when things haven't gone his way.

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Posted in: Recriminations erupt in ash-fueled aviation crisis See in context

It amazes me that people seem to think the danger is over. A small crevice in one of the engine blades from impact with the ash could still fail reasonably quickly due to fatigue.

I hope that they greatly increase the engine inspections of the planes flying through the affected zones.

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Posted in: Cosplay Festival See in context

Bicultural, they are there most weekends and seem to number more than 80 a lot of the time.

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Posted in: Lipton appoints Kou Shibasaki as image character See in context

An image character??? So not even a person any more? That's a shame because as others have said she is cute.

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Posted in: New ticket gate that checks for explosives tested at Akihabara station See in context

So 99.9% accurate. I they have 50,000 people go to Akihabara on a Saturday is the 50 false alarms (with evacuation?) or 50 terrorists getting through?

It takes 3 seconds so by the time the alarm goes off the person is already through and in amongst the crowd.

That is 2 extra problems above the previously mentioned issues.

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Posted in: Toyota to recall 437,000 vehicles worldwide for Prius, other hybrids See in context

I find it ironic that they are simultaneously doing the new model release and recall of the Sai.

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Posted in: The KFC-Christmas connection See in context

Kirakira, I always found Hanamasa to be the best for turkeys, particularly their store in Shinbashi.

Sarge, google it. There are instructions on how to cook it.

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Posted in: Atom smasher ramps up collisions before year-end See in context

Really, really smart people... I mean VERY smart people...

Yes you have to be VERY smart to name hem "gluons"

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Posted in: Police sergeant arrested for urinating from JR platform See in context

When I was first here I asked about this a bit as I had seen someone stand behind a police officer and pee on a building without any issue. He actually acknowledged / thanked the cop when he was finished.

Apparently, the etiquette is to pee only on public type property (and with a bit of discretion). Private property is likely to get an upset owner calling the police.

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Posted in: Gov't warns drivers to check floor mats in cars See in context

It could also be a technical reason. I had a Mazda RX-8 and for floor mats bought in Japan there was a hole that goes over a clip in the footwell ensuring the mat would not move. Whereas, RX-8 floormats bought in Australia did not have this and could therefore move around. Or was it the other way around.

The real question for me is, there is a cheap and simple solution in place in some markets, why isn't it being used in all markets worldwide?

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Posted in: Saki Fukuda looking for a man who is soft on outside and strong on inside See in context

My question as well

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Posted in: Travel chaos See in context

One guy in our office took just over 3 hours from Shinagawa to Kanda (would have been faster to walk).

I was lucky. My usual 35 minute trip took only 40 minutes.

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Posted in: 2016 Olympic bid cities await IOC evaluation report See in context

Why all the negativity tkoind2? What parkland is going to be lost? If you are still talking about Yoyogi park, that was one of four sites that was considered for the main stadium and it is not the selected site.

I hope the olympics come to Tokyo. It brings excitement to any city that holds them and might be what is needed to help kickstart the economy.

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Posted in: On the campaign trail See in context

In the Tokyo elections one of the campaigners also electioneered on a bike near our place. He always wore a bright pink windcheater (must have been hot for him) and also had a bright pink flag on the back of his bike proclaiming his name and the fact he was 28. I don't know how he went in the elections but I hope he got in.

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Posted in: Honda stays in black; Nissan reports loss See in context

but sales were strong in China, surging 9.3% during the quarter to 145,000 vehicles.

Actually, Nissan sales were VERY bad in China. Most other car manufacturers seem to be reporting increases of about 30 - 50%.

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Posted in: Unraveling how children become bilingual so easily See in context

The idea that kids can't/shouldn't learn another language until they've mastered 'their own' is bogus.

I think that like most sayings / old wives tales there is some truth to the matter. FWIW My wife and I are both talking to our baby (in Japan) in our native languages at home and between us we generally talk English (for my wife's and baby's English abilities).

Back to the issue of mastering their own language first. We have Chinese friends in Australia and with their 2 sons, the first learnt English and Chinese at the same time. The second however, had a lot of learning difficulties with both languages through primary school. After lots of attempts to discover and fix the problem, on the advice of language experts they cut out Chinese and all communication was in English. Within a year or so his English ability improved to the same level as his peers. He was then also able to learn Chinese.

I believe his case is the exception to the rule but it does explain how the saying could have started.

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Posted in: DoCoMo develops solar-powered handset See in context

Has DoCoMo really developed it? Isn't it more likely that Sharp (or one of the other manufacturers) has developed the phone and is marketing / selling it through DoCoMo?

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Posted in: Gundam promotes Tokyo 2016’s Olympic bid See in context


If my memory is correct it has probably happened in reverse. They seemed to do a report, a trial and then decided to implement grass at the schools. I think with the Olympic bid coming along they have gone what "green" things can we do to mekr the bid look better and decided to include this as part of the bid (when it really wasn't). But this is typical of how governments / marketing seems to work worldwide. Don't worry too much about the truth.

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Posted in: Mazda launches all-new Axela See in context

Kilometre is French I think. The modern world just spells it meter.


kilometre and litre are English. kilometer and liter (which the US don't even use) are bastardised American English.

I must say I never understood why most literature talks about litres/100 km when previously miles per gallon used to be the standard. kms / litre is much easier to understand.

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Posted in: Mazda launches all-new Axela See in context

*1 This figure is based on a Mazda kilometre of 870m.

If they are going to cut and paste the article and forget to include the note, we might as well make up our own notes. Any ideas on good notes from anyone else?

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Posted in: Terminator Japan premiere See in context

The distributors in Japan must have already decided it will be a flop as they have spared no expense.... Kiyohara as the Japanese celebrity AND "premiere of the film at LaLaport in Tokyo"

Lalaport - real classy. Do the premiere at a shopping mall. Just out of interest which Lalaport was it?

Moderator: Toyosu

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Posted in: Sony unveils new PSP Go See in context

Go devices will be priced at $249 when they are released in the United States in October, according to Sony. The gadgets will be available in Japan in April, Hirai said.

So US release is October this year? And the Japan release is April next year? I thought Sony normally released these types of products first in Japan.

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