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Posted in: 9 reasons why Japanese men hesitate to say 'I love you' See in context

I'm French and I never say "I love you" for some of the reasons listed above. So, I don't believe it's a cultural thing.

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Posted in: Schwarzenegger, Willis team up for coffee commercial See in context

They would do anything for some cash.

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Posted in: Most Japanese want Abe to heed fallout over Yasukuni: poll See in context

Unfortunately, even if the Yasukini visits would be stopped, China would certainly continue its anti-japanese propaganda on its citizens. Have a look at the kind of propaganda they have to deal with : http://www.chinasmack.com/2013/videos/chinese-heroine-gang-raped-by-japanese-soldiers-uses-super-move.html I highly doubt such a TV serie could be possible in Japan or in any other civilized country.

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Posted in: Fukushima question continues to dog Tokyo Olympic bid See in context

People who think that Japan has a chance to host the games are clearly delusional. Such a thing will never happen anytime soon because of earthquake predictions in Tokyo and Fukushima being broken. Lastly, the priority is given to countries who never have hosted the games before. Countries such as Japan and the USA had their past glory, It's now time to leave the turn to emerging countries. Japan really sounds like a spoiled kid.

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Posted in: 10 simple ways to ruin a Japanese wife’s day See in context

The list is missing the number one way to truly ruin a japanese wife's day : attempting sex with her.

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Posted in: Theft of toilet from public park in Kyoto leaves authorities baffled See in context

I bet the robber is some kind of fetishist. Owning the toilets used by some many girls must be an incredible turn-on :)

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Posted in: Researchers close in on stem cell trial See in context

hkitagawa : teeth regrowth via stem cells already exists. Plus, it's another made-in-Japan discovery. See for yourself here: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2011-07-stem-cells-fully-functional-teeth.html

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Posted in: 10 things foreign guys do that make Japanese girls fall head over heels See in context

Showing love and attention to your partner is the way to go, of course, but the problem in Japan is that Japanese women take it from granted when you're a foreigner ... and they don't return anything back in exchange. It's not a problem at all for men who are happy enough with giving. But, call me a pusy if you like, some men like me want to receive too. I think that the unhappy guys in Japan are the ones who (rightfully) expected to receive what they happily gave to their women.

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Posted in: Survey reveals 24% of workers in Japan spend Y250 on lunch See in context

Most of my colleagues eat their home made bento box at their desk, some half working. Personnally, I find it ridiculous and I prefer to eat outside even if I have to pay more. A nice walk and new faces or legs to look at is much better than staying all day long in the office.

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Posted in: 10 Japanese remain unaccounted for in Algeria See in context

I just read a french article in Le Monde, and hostages witnesses said that the nine remaining Japanese were killed. http://www.lemonde.fr/afrique/article/2013/01/20/algerie-alexandre-berceaux-raconte-ses-40-heures-terre-sous-son-lit_1819702_3212.html#xtor=RSS-3208

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Posted in: Man jailed for a year over 10 yen theft at temple See in context

Well, as long as justice is carried by human beings such inconsistencies will remain.

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Posted in: Are you proud of being whatever your nationality is, or don't you think about it one way or another? See in context

I'm not even proud of being a human being. So you guess what I think about my nationality.

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Posted in: Japanese husband and Nissan go all out to give wife anniversary surprise of a lifetime See in context

The whole video made me cringe :( Looks more like a marketing stunt than anything else. I'd rather do it in private in a more intimate way.

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Posted in: Tokyo court dismisses Prada sexual harassment suit See in context

Being told to lose weight has nothing to do with sexual harassment.

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Posted in: Why Japanese girls are a better catch than Japanese men See in context

Japanese women : they are great to interact with on the surface ... but only on the surface.

Most of the time, you find out that there is a great amount of selfshness hidden under this very appealing surface.

Well, if you're family oriented, you might find happiness up to a certain point (until you find out that, in her heart, you come very last after the kid).

Japanese women want to get married fast, they want to have they kids as early as possible and they will do anything to please their man in order to reach this goal ... so that they can later show their true self and live they selfish and sexless way of life.

Japanese men : on the surface they are spolied by women but become a mere walking wallet once they become the salary man of the family. Most of them dream of cheating on their wives with younger women and lot of them make their dream come true since it's practically a social norm here as long as the spouse doesn't find out. All the japanese men I talked to are quite interested in trying western girls but they have a true inferiority complex in that regard. One of them even used the term "monkey looking" to explain why they feel they have not a single chance to get western girls. I find it silly but anyway.

Japan is a great country. I just love it.

But it can become very dry if you have too many expectations on the romantic side.

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Posted in: Why it’s so hard to have your family come to Japan See in context

The very first thought I had after reading the article was : hey man, it's just that your parents don't like you. It's based on the Occam Razor theory :)

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Posted in: Low cost flying arrives in luxury-loving Japan See in context

I'm with Warispeace. Not a good news at all. What I like in Japan is the fact that the value of work is better considered than in countries where lowcost has become the rule. It's like firing a bullet in your own foot.

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Posted in: Inspiring or inconsiderate? Foreigner plays guitar for train passengers stranded by typhoon See in context

They clearly are his friends. One is a foreigner and the other one handles another guitar. And the guy who took the viso might be one too.

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Posted in: Inspiring or inconsiderate? Foreigner plays guitar for train passengers stranded by typhoon See in context


As others have said, if you don't like it, move on...

The problem is that a train is a public space and one shouldn't be allowed to do anything forcing someone else to "move on" as you say.

Just simple common sense here.

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Posted in: Inspiring or inconsiderate? Foreigner plays guitar for train passengers stranded by typhoon See in context

I agree with mitoguitarman. I come from a country (France) where people play violin, accordion, etc in the trains and it's a real nuisance. Plus, the fact that anybody these days can listen to music from mobiles and mp3 players. I find it arrogant to assume that your music will appeal to every random passenger. And lastly, if you really watch the video, you'll see that the only ones smiling are probably his friends. The others mind their business and one girl even walk through the scene probably thinking something like "jama gaijin!!". Well, all thumbs down for me.

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Posted in: Duckbill dog muzzles, cat shells and other strange designer pet goods from Japan See in context

Dogs are the stupidest living things on earth anyway ...

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Posted in: How would you compare Japanese and American animation, particularly in terms of technical aspects and story-telling? See in context

American animation = no tentacles = very bad.

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Posted in: The best-tasting French fries in Japan are… See in context


It looks like you're wrong :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_fries

It is unlikely that "French fried" refers to "frenching" in the sense of "julienning", which is not attested until after "French fried potatoes"; previously, Frenching referred only to trimming the meat off the shanks of chops.

Many Americans attribute the dish to France and offer as evidence a notation by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson. "Pommes de terre frites à cru, en petites tranches" ("Potatoes deep-fried while raw, in small cuttings") in a manuscript in Thomas Jefferson's hand (circa 1801-1809) and the recipe almost certainly comes from his French chef, Honoré Julien.[15] In addition, from 1813[16] on, recipes for what can be described as French fries occur in popular American cookbooks. By the late 1850s, one of these mentions the term "French fried potatoes".

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Posted in: Clint Eastwood mocked for Republican convention appearance See in context

An empty chair is much better/safer than a chair taken by a clown.

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Posted in: The best-tasting French fries in Japan are… See in context

Mc Donald should rename their "French Fries" to "Plastic Fries". As a French person, I guess I'm the most eligible person here to decide which chain deserves the first place in such a category. And for sure, it's not Mac Donalds.

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Posted in: My very brief fight with a yakuza See in context

A gangster beating/killing another gangster : big deal. A drunk salaryman beaten by some chimpira : big deal again. I call this real life Darwinism. Nothing more. Ignoring that kind of stuff in the wisest thing to do, really.

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Posted in: Can embracing Japanese culture make you forget your own? See in context

The cool thing about japan is that they protect their own culture.

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Posted in: Jun Komori eager to start family See in context

“I want to get pregnant too,”

I can't understand people who want to make baby only to fulfill their own desire. You'd say it's the majority of people who does that and you'd be right but that doesn't make it right. Instead of "do I want to have a baby?" the question should be "do I want to create another human being in this world?" with all the implications that follow for the kid/future adult.

Personnally, I chose not to create another little slave (of school/work/money/states) bound to suffer from time to time (if lucky) and then die later. I don't see the point of it.

And anyway, most of the japanese girls wan't a baby simply because it's "cute".

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Posted in: 'Pink Panther' thief sent home for trial over Tokyo heist See in context

jewellery worth hundreds of millions of dollars in nearly 30 countries over the past decade, including 3.5 billion yen worth of gems from another Ginza shop in 2004.

He could have had a happy life with all these millions years ago but he wanted more ...

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