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many peopel think that all the arabs demend is an independet state in judea and samaria(the center of israel)and are unawar that israel had already agreed to that,in exchange for REAL PEACE AND ENDING THE CONFLICT.

but many are un aware that the arabs also demeed jerusalem as their capital,and full control over the holy site.israel can never agree to that,since during the 1300 years of mulsim occupation over israel,the jewss access to their holly sites was allways limited or forbiden,it could hapen again,it already happening now in hebron and nablus.

another thing is that israel is expeceted to creat one arab stae with zero jews in it,but to stile have a big arab minority dwelling in it.why dose transfering jews is ok but its not ok for arabs?jews have been living in israel constantly for over 3000 years,infact you cant find a single year in the last 2000 years without ant significant jewish presence in israel.transfer of poppulation for peace should be done on arsbs as well.

the arabs also demedn that the arabs that were evacuted from their towns during the 1948 war of libaretion would return to where they lived toghter with their offsprings(jafa,haifa,ace,lidiya,ramala,and others) not only that most of those towns were mainly old jewish towns like tsipori and yavne,the inhabitans were arabs that immigarted to in the late 19 centuru from egypt and algier,and they evacvueted by arab orders,not jewish orders(like in haifa and safed),but also today those towns are israeli big israeli towns(ashkelon,ashdod),who will evacuet them?who will compinsent them?no one.francly,the israeli army and police will not agree to carry out this task against jews in judea and samaria,so forget about evacuation inside the green line israel.

in sum,only the establishmenst of a palestinains state in jordan(80% palestinian),the elimnation of unra,and the compensation of the refugees from both sides,and the real end of violnce could bring peace.

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according to israeli comandos report from the hospitals, they silde from the helicopter down to the marmara ship carring paintball guns(used against demonstrations)but every soldeir that landed was snateched by 4-5 turks,and was beaten and stabbed.the israelis were trying to talk to them but it didnt work,an after a soldeir was throwen from a 10 meter high deck down and was heavely injured in his head,they ask their comandor permision to use their soon as they did,they nutrelize the attackers by firing at their legs.

in short,a planned ambush for israel.

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now im even less sure that the mossad is involved. none of the people in the video,or in the pasports pictures could even resemble an israeli.

what ever motiv the mossad have against that terrorist,the motiv of terrorits organisations and the government that finance them to worsten relation betwin israeli to its allies is greater.

if the mossad wanted to take him out,they wouldnt have used israeli citizens pasports,nor europian pastports.

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three of the six british suspects are brits that live in israel. the three find out about thier involvment in the assasination of the terrorist from the israeli news.

i would be very surprised if the mosad or any other organisation would use the identity of israeli citizens in order to enter an arab state.even if the pasports are british,any record of entry to israel would rise suspesion if not denail of entry on the spot.

but from the other hand,the mosad defently have a motive to take him out.its irelavent what his position in hamas right now,its what he have done to the israelis(kidnaped and murdered 2 israeli soldeirs)in the past that is importent to israel and the mosad.

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it said that he was responsible for the kidnaping and murdering of the two israeli soldeires,sasportas and saadon from 1989. so im very happy that he is dead.

no known if israel is behaind the hit(it dosent look like that),but if it is,good job israel! thats how you should fight extreem-islam terrorisam. there is no other way.

sabiwabi, history,archeology,and dna contradict what you say about the jews. its their land.

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they only TALK about 400-500 units,mainly in the big cities. menawhile there is huge demend to build new houses,but many towns stile waits for permisions. karanei shomron,for example has a poppulation of 7000 ever it has been 6 years since they recived any persmision to build new houses. and that is even though they recived in 2006 after the war a promise from Eeud Barak to build a 42 houses neighberhood to memorise the towns fallen hero,benaya rine,that serve with me in the idf. in the neve menachem discrit in the town,300 units is waiting 12 YEARS to be built.every thing is ready besaide the houses:rouds,sidewalk,electricty and wather conection.the only thing missing is the houses.

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Benjamin netaniyau is right. The last government had already agreed,under american pressure,to giveup the entire judea and samaria areas,just like Barak had agree to in 2000,in the second camp-david metting. But the Arabs are insisting that the capital of their state would be Jerusalem,that they will control the holly araes,including the western wall,and the return of all the 1948 refugees and their ofsprings to Israel. It is clear that no israeli government and no Israeli or Jew can agree to that since its un fair for the Jews,that were lured to belive by the u.s in 1993,that a cmprmize in the west bank would bring soem kind of peace in the area. There for,there wont be any second Arab state in that area in the near time,and because that area is the central of israel,why Israelis souldnt build on areas that they bought? By the way,bibi's first serivce as p.m in 1996-98 was a safe one,with out any suicide bomb attacks.You hould read his book A place under the sun.

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wellcom to sunny israel dear pope. the reason why the pope went to visit the family of the kidnaped soldeir gilad shalit,and not the family of one of the 11,000 arabs in isralei jails,is that unklike gilad shalit,those 11,000 arabs were arrested,charged and sentence according to the law,and they enjoy the privilge of a prisiner,they get to see a lawer,their family can come and visit them,they can communicat in the mail and study in get education nad graduate while in jail,they have tv,dvd,radio,internet,and as members of the patach party,they also get a salary while their are in jail from the p.a.i dont how much the hamas,or the jihad,or the liberal front pays,it got be much less since they dont get finance from europ and israel like the p.a dose. gilad shalit dosent enjoy any of those rights,infact,there isnt any evidence that he is even alive.

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if you want to know where all that money that is being donated and colected fro the palestinians ill show you:

according to the law in the palestinain authority,it will support any arab,or israeli arab that seat in israeli jail,and belong to the patach party. every prisoner recive a 1000 shekel a mounth if he is jailed fora year to 5 yeras period. 4000 shekel a mounth if he is jailed for 25 yeras and more. every prisoner get extra 300 shekel a mounth if he is merried,and an extra 50 shekel a mounth for every child he has. if the prisoner is from the jerusalem area,he recives an extra 300 shekel amounth.there is also and addition 800 shekel a mounth puted in is cantine account in jail for purchasing close. from march 2009,the basic monthly salary will increas in 800 shekels.

prisoners that are relised from jailed,recive 500 dollars for les then a year jail time,and more then 10,000 dollars for more then 25 yeras jail time. they also get thousend of shekels for a mounth until they find a job.

until march/2008,there were 11,600 arab prisoners in israeli jails that were trailed for terror attacks.485 of them are from the jerusalem area,710 are on more then 25 years sentenc,and 287 are for over then 15 yeras.3205 of them are merried. without including child support,thats 13 milion in a mounth.and 165 milion shekel in a year. this is of course without the generos reward that the palestinina authorities gives to families of shaids. most of those prisoners area convicted terrorist that kill jews. maruan barguti,that is responsiblie fro many terror attacks,and a-sad,that among his terror attack was the famous murder of israeli minister,and wappa el bas,that tried to blow herself up in the erez crossing gate,and failed to.they all enjoy that.

so who his stopping the palstinan from growing? maybe its all that money they spand on terror attacks,and suppporting all those terrorist in jail?

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the 2 state solution will never work.

ehud barak in 2000,and ehud olmert has already agreed to established a palestinian state in the judea and samaria,in return of a complite peace and a stop to the terror,but the palestinans refused. they also want a full control on the temple mount in the old city of jerusalem,and the return of the 1948 evacuet arabs. no israeli goverment will agree to that. because it is clear that even after establishing a palestinian state and siging a peace contract that will assure jews the right to pray in their holly temple ruins,the palis would make it imposible to do in reality. the jordanian did the same until 67,they didnt allow jews to visit the western wall for 19 years,even though they promidsed too..the palis are already doing that in rachel tumb and josef tumb and also in the patriach tumbs in hebron. second,how israel is suppost to evacuet allmost a million jews from judea and samaria and then compinsent them?and on addition to that,evacuet other cities that are claimed by the arabs like acre,yafa,yavne,ashdod?the army and the police wont cooperat and the people will rebel against the goverment,it would be imposible. besaide,what right do palestinain have on this land?a land that most of them didnt live before the egyptian occupation in 1831,the increas of job oppurtunities that come with the news jewish towns from 1882,and the british ocupation in 1917. this land was occupaied for 1800 years by forginers,and its inhabitats.the jews,were murdered,de-poppoleted,oppresed and occupaied. you cant find a single year in history without jewish present in israel. the arabs,as occupaiers,oppresed the jeews in israel long before the rise of the 1841 revolt many jews in zfat,hebron,and jerusalem were murdered,zfats's jews were murdered afew times by the arabs. in 1799 many jews were attacked by arabs,especialy in gaza,but in zfat too.the city of tiberia was revived in the 16 century by the jews,only to be murdered by the arabs in the 17 century. and lets not forget the noturios oppresion of the jews of jerusalem in the 17 century by the gaza's proch family.

more then a 100 of the of those evacuet arab towns were old jewish towns,like yavne,yehudiya,tsipori and many more. there are stil today more then 130 arab cities in israel that are old jewish towns,a fact approved by traditions,travels records,tax paying records,and archealogic excavation finding. the jews under muslim occupation,didnt had the right to own land or to repair houses,so any beduim/mongol/crusaid war/revolt in the area,and there many,left the surviving jews that temporarly run away without their land when they returned.this is what happen in fkar yasif in 1841,and sachnin in the crusaid massacer. israel belong to the jewish people,just like spain was occupaied by the muslims for 800 years,so is israel,and now it is free.

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many israelis had lost family memebrs and friends who were stabed,gunned down,blowen up or kidnaped by palestinians.but you dont see those israelis retaliet by blowing them self up in a palestinains bus or snipering a baby in the head(shalhevet pas). many israelis are offspring of allmost a milion jews from arab countries that were dceported after 1948,living thier houses and possesion behaid,and they lived in tents in the deserts for almost 10 years togheter with other more then a milion jews that were deported from europ living their houses and possesion behaind.but you dont see them stab a 15 years old girl(helena rap). that the difeent betwin the 2 people. land? from the 418 evacued arab viliges on 48,more then a 100 were old jewish towns,like yavne,ono,tsipori,bnei barak and many more. there are stil more then arab cities in israel that are old jewish towns,like sachnin,shfaram,jenin,nablus,rammala and many more.some were jewish town up until 1841 like kfar yasif. the jewish land was under 1800 years of occupation,1300 of it muslim the jews libaret their land,it is only natuaral that the arab occupaires will get mad on that.

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