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Posted in: A sad Oden Day in Japan as stores seem to be steadily stopping self-service pots See in context

Personally, I love oden... and in a pinch, enjoyed it... it's probably better than the fried food items and nikuman that sit under heat lamps all day. I guess now I'll just go to a yatai or make it at home. Most konbini foods aren't great for you anyway...

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Posted in: ¥114 million tuna See in context

It is all about marketing... the only way it makes sense is to write it off as an advertising expense with the media exposure that they get.

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Posted in: Generational tensions flare as Japan faces economic reality of aging baby boomers See in context

Complaining and blaming across generations won't accomplish much. To some extent, all of the issues raised are valid - but we should be looking ahead instead of focusing on the past. Instead, I'd like to see this energy redirected to solutions.

The first place that needs modernization is the Japanese government. Specifically, METI, MoFA, MoE need to urgently modernize their policies. Japan needs to get back to being an innovator in technology, manufacturing and energy. Some will say it is too late. I disagree. Again, complaining won't get us anywhere and we need to urgently change, take action.

We need better policies on immigration and double down on making Japan a great destination for skilled labor. On the education front, we need to get back to developing students who are hungry to succeed on the global stage, not just in Japan. The percentage of exchange students studying abroad for example is a pittance compared to what it was in the 90's. S. Korea has done well on many of these fronts driven by government policies. They are 1/3 the size of Japan. We can and should be doing MUCH better.

Let's vote in forward looking politicians who understand the need for change. Citizens should also understand that any change is difficult and will require compromise. We all have to make sacrifices and take action if we want Japan to remain globally relevant.

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 42nd straight year to new record low See in context

Some good points above. One thing I'll add is that there's been a steady consolidation of population in the "Nana-dai-toshi" - and most specifically Tokyo.

The top 8 prefectures in terms of population had a total population of 63.98 million, and accounted for more than 50 percent (50.7 percent) of the total population. (from Stats Bureau of Japan)

Big cities are not conducive to multi-children households. We raised 3 in Tokyo and it was TOUGH. Even simple tasks like going to a grocery store with 3 kids where aisles are narrow, barely accommodate carts and let alone strollers were a huge ordeal. Elevators are being incorporated in many places but it aren't universal. Try taking 3 small children up a couple of flight of stairs - near impossible (a heart pounding workout!). There needs to be a greater effort by the government to revitalize the "chi-ho" and small to mid size towns/cities, wooing businesses, creating attractive jobs, creating real incentives to spread younger folks across the country.

We feel like we have done my part with 3. I hope others will do the same. BTW - I am so glad we did. It's been the greatest blessing!

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Actually, they are paddling. Kayaks paddle paddles and move forward. Rowers row oars and go backwards.

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Posted in: Kayak kings See in context

What is amazing is Ronnie Rauhe - this is his 5th Olympics at age 39. He's won a medal in every Olympics he's competed in.

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Posted in: Ghosn's Japan lawyer: Questioning averaged 7 hours a day See in context

He advised all foreigners to leave.

Last sentence of the article. A bit extreme, don’t you think?

I agree that the legal systems needs reform. However, Ghosn was only able to run because he had the resources to fund the escape (and walk away from a $8M bail). I hope this puts the spotlight on the rest of the 99% being detailed without sufficient cause...

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Posted in: Squeeze put on squid profits as catch hits record low See in context

This isn’t a regional phenomenon. It seems to be happening broadly. Here in Seattle, the catch rate for squid is also a record low - though, it is blamed on the La Niña.

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Posted in: Apple finds quality problems in some iPhone X and MacBook models See in context

Given the amount of product that Apple ships, defects are going to exist. At least they aren’t hiding it like they did with the battery flaws. I still don’t like it when you take your broken device to Apple and they try to upsell you to a new model. Have you even noticed how Apple stores have the “happy floor” where they sell new devices and the “angry” floor” (usually basement - fitting) where they are servicing broken devices?

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Posted in: Hard-rock maid band BAND-MAID to start world tour in 2 weeks See in context

I had no idea that this band even existed. I was skeptical but you don't hear of J bands doing a world tour so I youtubed them. Wow - pleasantly surprised!

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Posted in: Packers, Seahawks advance in NFL playoffs See in context

It is amazing to see what the coach Carroll has accomplished during his tenure in Seattle. Haters can hate but the results speak for themselves... Cocky? If I were a player, I'd prefer him over Belichick.

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