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Posted in: Malaysia Islamic minister says Bon Odori dance not for Muslims See in context

I think we should make too much conclusions about this issue because Malaysia still tolerate other religions and communities which explains how moderate the country has been compared to some Muslim countries

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver after refusing to pay fare See in context

I agree with Disillusioned. Being drunk and can’t remember should be part of the offense. If you know that you loose control or can’t remember a thing while drunk, you must not drink in public, and if you ever to be allowed to drink, a guardian should be assigned to control your behavior or you should even be warring a sign post so that normal people can avoid taking risk while being with you. The funny thing is that He still remember could still remember to target a person who is weaker than him

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy dies after being left unattended in school bus for hours See in context

Rest In Peace smart and innocent boy. Tragic, that could be prevented if people are more responsible and considerate of human life.The driver was irresponsible but the school was the most irresponsible for failing to assign a guide or a teacher with a list to check on the children during their journey to school. Moreover, what did it take for not calling the parents to inquire about the boy’s wellbeing when he didn’t show up? There’s a lot of questions to ask.

It’s a sad and a very difficult time for his family, the driver, the school and the whole humanities. Words cannot express the extents of my sad feelings.

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Posted in: Mayor forced to quit over bringing personal sauna into office See in context

The least we have here as a story, this young mayor did not do anything wrong. Unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough to analyze the fact that even if there were people who voted for him to become a mayor, there were still people who didn’t like him and wanted to do anything to harm him. I feel sorry for him but he now know that he should not have given those evils any chance to take him out

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

Zaphod, I agree with your points, and moreover, human rights have been violated on a regular basis and in different forms and some GVTs are so good at doing them that they think no one understands or sees what they are doing.

Coffee, your message is a well balanced example and explained the fact that your grandparents and parents were among the luckiest ones who could make it to account the good part of the history but unfortunately, the people who were not lucky enough to escape the tragic situation are never here to account the bad side of the history correctly.

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

Hey! Before talking about history, let’s talk first about human nature which started with savagery, superiority complex, misjudgment of those leaders who used the trust of their people as a weapon to fulfill their goals by any means. ( one example is the system of colonialism "the policy and practice of a power in extending control over weaker peoples or areas".)

So, history is something that can’t be ignored or forgotten, especially if it was a bad one. However, history can easily be misinterpreted, misinformed or even exaggerated. That’s to say, it depends where the source comes from and who is the teller of the story?

The bottom line is that don’t be fooled by the history of the long - past because you will never find the truth.

You must be grateful for living nowadays because thanks to advanced technology with satellite, street cameras and the pockets handy mobile phones which help keeping some histories real with no legendary.

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