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Posted in: Mayor defends councilwoman's ouster over sexual assault claim See in context

”Silence is Golden” sounds to be the message. Speak up then you will be silenced. That’s pretty much abuse in it’s roots even for an onsen community that prides it’s health oriented spas. Time for a healthy change.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka's personal apparel collection underscores star power See in context

Kudos to her collection. I wish Naomi Osaka happiness and success.

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Posted in: Angst in suburbia: Tokyo's once-gracious Setagaya Ward faces increasingly tarnished image See in context

Kyodo Station is just down the street from me. My husband and I are residence of Fukuoka City and live in Kyodo, Setagaya area of Tokyo. It’s sort of the situation many Japan residences experience about work availability for those 60 and over. Companies typically reduce pay and medical benefits when you are older, which means working professionally under a contracted company provides better pay and benefits. So here we are living in Kyodo, Setagaya in a loft apartment that looks pretty good and the neighborhood and area very Suburbia. I like it. Our street and neighborhood in Kyodo is very family oriented. I see homes some new some dated, families going along their everyday business of life of raising a family and the elderly proudly taking care of their beloved potted plants. Our loft dwelling apartment is an addition to the area and such loft apartments are growing bringing outside people like ourselves to the area. I feel like a participant observer and honored to be part of their neighborhood. Our train ride are the Odakyu Line and the Chiyoda Line, Odakyu Line for work and the Chiyoda Line to visit family. The experience is all like a train ride. Setagaya is a cool place to live, just take the time to enjoy the familial all season atmosphere during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It’s worth it.

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Victoria Jones is his daughter.

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There is pride in Japan to use the English language over-the-counter at service and retail places, the employees are both quite respectful and helpful. The heart of the question is national pride. Students are required to study English, but how is this to be accomplished without sacrificing their national pride. As a result memorization of English pretty much becomes the rule-of-thumb so that the student does not risk criticism (overtly or covertly) from teachers and students alike for not being Japanese enough. National pride is the "heart" and English skills "over-the-counter". If the target or aim is to have a Japan that has both national pride and English skills then why is it such a struggle? Make the national pride with English skills a marketable item that embraces and includes in the classroom setting and mind-set. Japan prides itself in excellence, this is something that does not have a price tag.

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Posted in: Comsys starts up floating solar power plant in Hyogo See in context

Households in Japan are familiar with solar power. It is evident in house-holds with solar panels to heat bath water. The old way was to burn wood under the bath which some rural households still employ. The idea was for households to produce energy.

Along those same lines, I do believe that integrated energy might be foreseeable for households in order to lessen the demand of energy from overwhelmed municipalities.

From this article, the floating solar power looks pretty good, I only hope that the storage of power is as efficient and that the waste management from this system is friendly. Again, I see future in an integrated system.

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Change the Japan immigration policy and include dual citizenship, that's good chemistry. Immigrants have been in Japan for decades.

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Posted in: 'Haafu' to represent Japan at Miss Universe 2015 See in context

"Representing Japan takes on more flavor and competition" - something that Yu Darvish (the Texas Rangers' baseball pitcher), hammer thrower Koji Murofushi and other Half (Haafu) Japanese high profile figures have in common which is being talented, representing Japan and being half Japanese.

Although I wonder why "half", why not "and" sounds more rounder, inclusive and representative like a blend.

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Correction: Kawaii

Ya'll lame. At least wish the newly weds happiness.

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Posted in: Is being in an international marriage any more or less difficult than a "regular" marriage? What are some issues that you think might torpedo an international marriage (or relationship)? See in context

International marriages cross many lines, racial, cultural and of course national. Couples last longer when they cross these lines with the mind of love. The children from such relationships won't realize any differences until they get older that's when they will learn from other kids how to share their international heritage, some kids will be mean while others more accommodating. Funny, genetics has its own way and beauty especially when siblings favor the mother or the father or both .... I love it. Relatives can be fickle, but what the heck some time in the future they'll get over it in their generation or the next. On my part, I have the greatest relatives, ever.

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Posted in: New workers confront 'use-and-discard' employers See in context

All companies create hoops for employees to jump through to prove their worth, when the hoops are overwhelming and unreasonable then that's when employees begin to separate their needs from the needs of the company. Core issue is "abuse," towards workers and between workers. Therefore, the "use and discard" principle employed by many companies is an abusive practice. Some folks are so entrenched with the abusive practice that they accept it as a norm, like part of the job "it is, what it is" which I think is pathetic and fatalistic leading to the cycle of abuse.

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