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This is a big problem, communication with Japanese. There is a culture in Japan of "reading the air"... This drives all non Japanese crazy as we have to develop a sixth sense or something like telepathy to read minds, a guessing game. What Budha wanted to say when stayed in silence? It's crazy, it is a big issue that demands to clearly say that you are not Japanese and so you have no superpowers to read minds.

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Posted in: Defense minister, Okinawa governor at odds over U.S. base relocation plan See in context

US military protection is a type of an attempt of compensation for the unforgivable atomic bombing in Japan, twice, killing thousands of innocent civilians. Being realistic, if the US leaves Japan it will increase the danger of conflicts with China and North Korea. Taiwan will also be in threat. For sure it is wise to move US bases far from densely populated regions as they will be a primary target in cases of conflict.

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Posted in: One-person fryer is game-changer for tonkatsu, tempura, and all your favorite izakaya fried foods See in context

WOW! Love it! Small and compact, easy to use and clean! Was always wondering a way to make fried food without using too much oil, now there is a practical option!

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Posted in: 'Informal' Japan-S Korea summit may pave way for better relations See in context

It is very good and refreshing news to hear about agreements, cooperation, this contributes to positive feelings and peaceful attitudes that are so much needed to calm down the world.

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That's great news, true, real reason to celebrate diplomatic talks, diplomacy, civilized behavior aiming to build good, better relations now and in future. The past cannot be corrected, but today and tomorrow are opportunities to increase good

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Posted in: Japan's nationalization of Senkakus stirs caution on China's threats See in context

Suggestion: Invite wise people from China, Japan, Taiwan to discuss this matter and empower them to solve this issue. What about a sharing the natural resources, as gas? 1/3 for each one? 50% to China/Taiwan and 50% to Japan? Sharing, a joint venture is not less expensive than war? Centuries of silly disputes must end. Authorities, learn to cooperate instead of fighting and being greedy.

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I had the privilege to live and work in England from 1988 to 1991. My first son was born there, named him Philip, the name of the church pastor we attended at this time. Queen Elizabeth II and Margareth Thatcher were there, ruling the country, as a foreigner did enjoy respect and learned about the struggle to build a civilized nation along history. May Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace, she was the symbol of balance, her power resided in her public silence and strong work behind the scenes to keep the nation united whoever was the Prime Minister.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea reaffirm joint response to N Korean threat See in context

Violence has been generating violence. The Russian coward aggression against Ukraine has incentive China to provoke Taiwan, North Korea also got excited to demonstrate power. Weak leaders need to create external problems to divert the internal public opinion on their domestic problems. Leaders of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have to be very cautious and wise to avoid overreaction to the systematic provocation of Russia, China and North Korea. It is time to invest in actions of peace, to fight poverty, to combat hunger in the world. How wonderful it would be if the world in 2023 decide to invest to humanitarian aid for saving lifes instead of weapons and deaths.

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Posted in: Find your favorite rice topping from local specialties of Japan’s 47 prefectures See in context

Marvelous rice tops! Japan creativity on making water mouthing food is amazing! Despite all delicious foods, not many obese people, this is remarkable!

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Posted in: Ever wanted a sumo sandwich? New baked goods line gets stamp of approval from wrestlers in Japan See in context

I had no idea of how many different types of sandwiches were available in Japan! Worked in a factory that supplied Seven Eleven with 45 different types of products, some as kare pan, yakisoba pan. After that to other supplier of premium sandwiches, several different types of salted and sweet sandwiches, made with different types of bread and fillings. And now, sumo approved sandwiches! Amazing creativity!

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Posted in: Speak with confidence: Toranomon Language School helps students learn naturally See in context

It seems to be a high-profile, high-end school, language plus culture. And the CEO had a personal experience of learning since early childhood in the US, a privilege. Toranomon means "Tiger's Gate" an interesting name.

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Posted in: Russia to hold joint war games with China in Far East, Sea of Japan See in context

Despite holding the Brazilian citizenship, I would gladly join the Japanese Self-Defense forces if required, allowed. My father is Japanese and despite not speaking Japanese would gladly support this nation against any coward attack from external enemies. Would be marvelous if Russia and China engage in humanitarian actions to fight poverty worldwide instead of silly provocations against Japan.

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Posted in: Moment of truth as Japan eyes review of foreign 'trainee' workers See in context

My mother's family immigrated to Brazil over 100 years ago. There are over 2 millions of Japanese descendants in Brazil, over 200,000 Brazilians living in Japan. I had the opportunity to work with many good Chinese, Philippines, Nepalese and Vietnamese people here in Japan. Japan is a marvelous country and visionary leaders can make a plan to integrate foreigners in the Japanese society, creating equal opportunities for all. This will ensure long term prosperity of Japan.

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The truth is that Japan health system still is not prepared to tackle with large emergency situations as this covid-19 pandemia. Perhaps should look at China's response to covid-19, lockdown, express building of hospital facilities. The main problem was the relaxation of preventive measures, people and companies are exhausted of the mask and social isolation but the only way to reduce infection depends on everyone to self-control themselves.

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Posted in: Japan marks 77th anniversary of end of World War II See in context

Fortunately, Japan has renounced to war as a conflict resolution way, this was a wise decision that made Japan a prosperous country, economically and socially, hope that peace makers continue to prevail over the war lovers. The good thing about remorse is that it may lead to true repentance. Remorse is a feeling that comes from time to time, of something wrong that was done in the past, and until it does not turn into genuine repentance, will always ghost mind and heart. As Germany did, Japan should consider go beyond remorse towards China, Korea, other attacked nations in the past. The good thing about remorse is that it may lead to true repentance. Remorse is a feeling that comes from time to time, of something wrong that was done in the past, and until it does not turn into genuine repentance, will always ghost mind and heart. Hope that the next anniversary they mention it clearly, repentance, not only remorse.

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Posted in: Western countries shipping refugees to poorer nations in exchange for cash See in context

Brazil has a giant territory and exporting people, refugees willing to work there with adequate international financing with proper planning would be a blessing for all.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel to propose another record minimum-wage hike See in context

Bentoya in Saitama pays 1100 yen an hour, 40 hours a week, plus 25% for overtime up to 45 hours a month, 25% additional for night work from 22:00 to 5:00am, very hard to see job offers below 1000 an hour.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor says Kishida's nuclear speech avoided 'honest debate' See in context

Being realistic, Japan has no option due to its highly armed neighbors. US has the obligation to protect Japan against external threats, for sure it is better not to depend on third parts as politicians change along the years and the timing for prompt action demands fractions of seconds. Why did Harry Truman decide to use a second nuclear bomb less than 3 days after Hiroshima? The guilty of this wrong decision has made the US to finance the rebuild of Japan through Marshall Plan. It is utopic, but let's imagine how the world would be a better place if there is a general truce and all the money used in weapons be used to fight poverty, eliminate hunger in the world.

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Posted in: Japan to foster startups by sending 1,000 people to Silicon Valley See in context

Anyone who goes to the US will get inspired by the hugeness of the country. I went there as a professional, for business and decided to take my 3 sons to the US as tourists to California to show than the amazing things in America. Once you visit the US your mind broadens, and once your brain is expanded it is a lifetime benefit. It is a good initiative of the Japanese government to send 200 people a year, 1000 in total, for sure it is a very good investment in people development. Would recommend sending also, CEO, directors and managers of Japanese companies, the top old senior high management need much more to learn about the dynamics of entrepreneurship than the youngs.

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Posted in: Tech companies racing to prevent young children being left in hot vehicles See in context

I see many trucks and commercial vehicles with several cameras to monitor the traffic outside and the driver too, so, to monitor children in the rear seat is just a question of adding one more camera, and heat sensor, the technology exists. Insurance companies could offer the installation, this equipment could be sold or rented. If there is a child or a pet inside a stopped vehicle heat sensors could also be programmed to automatically open the windows, trigger an alarm, lights, switch on the air conditioning, send SMS, etc. Technology exists in abundance here in Japan, no excuses to not implement ASAP (As Soon As Possible)

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Posted in: S Korean foreign minister suggests respecting 2015 comfort women deal See in context

This important issue must be resolved and concluded as soon as possible for the good of both countries. Past errors cannot be rectified, a possible agreement must be done to end this endless issue. Let's focus in the present and future

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Posted in: A look at the Unification Church's ties to Japan's politics See in context

It is an extremely dangerous situation when large organizations are created under the cover of supposed religious communities, but their main target is to raise financial contributions from their members, they are money worshippers, their divinity is gold, not God.

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea foreign ministers agree to improve ties See in context

That is very good news amidst so many bad news. Civilized countries must seek cooperation, partnership, build a better future of peaceful relationships.

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Posted in: Japan’s new micro-houses want to be your home away from home on weekends, but we’d stay all week See in context

Better to have a motorhome and travel around the country

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Posted in: South Korea seeks to kickstart talks to resolve historical feuds with Japan See in context

Currently Japan and Korea have more positive motives to strengthen their alliance and as it is not possible to correct the errors of the past, is just necessary to recognize, apologize and make the appropriate compensations and move on, move forward, towards peace, cooperation. Japan and Korea as friends is much better than any other option, diplomacy is the key for success.

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Posted in: Gun used to kill Abe was simple to make, analysts say See in context

Quite surprised to know that it's possible to buy gunpowder in the internet and received this type of material by delivery as it is flammable,explosive . There should be a smart system to detect such type of purchase by a civilian, like artificial intelligence warning of suspicious activity. In 2013 a woman received the police after searching for a cooking pressure pan that could be used as a bomb

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In a practical way it is only 170 km from Taiwan. Due to the fishing rights and probably, oil reserves in the sea there is a dispute. There is a long history of dispute described in Wikipedia, worth reading Senkaku Islands dispute - Wikipedia. It is a golden opportunity to change the pattern, instead of spending money to build war they should invest in shared exploration of the resources, a win-win negotiation where all save money and nerves.

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Posted in: Price cap on Russian oil to be about half of current price: Kishida See in context

Russia coward aggression against Ukraine is totally unacceptable and has to pay high prices and penalties to make it clear to Putin and China that there is no advantage at all to start military attacks against any territories. Diplomatic channels must be the civilized way to discuss, debate instead of promoting deaths and destruction.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't plans to introduce mandatory dental checks: Good idea or not? See in context

It is very welcome. Most people do neglect their own health due to the burden of giving the more they can to work. Most people do not brush their teeth after eating to save time to rush hurry to go back to work. If it is mandatory so they have an official reason to take care of their teeth. Great and good news.

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Posted in: Japan examining impact of Russia Sakhalin-2 gas project decree See in context

When there was the first oil crisis in 1973 Brazil has invested in the development of renewable fuel, as ethanol and increased the oil prospection, today Brazil is a larger producer of oil and biofuels, as ethanol and biodiesel. Japan has wisely been investing in Brazil by financing the projects of building water reservoirs, then to enable agriculture close to the water dams, railways, ports in the north of Brazil, (and Panama channel widening) So, Japan has long term strategies to not depend on hostile neighbors. India is also a strategic partner of Japan.

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