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Posted in: Cup Noodle’s gyoza-and-ramen combo cup serves up big time flavor See in context

I expected some dried small gyoza, but, it seems to be gyoza ingredients, except the wheat cover. Anyway, would like to try this new flavor of ramen.

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Posted in: South Korean court says stolen statue must be returned to Japan See in context

First, I would find very improbable that Budha would approve making statues of him. Second, would find that Budha would not approve temples and monks to fight about ownership, possession of earthly, material things! It is very regrettable that supposed spiritual leaders decided to appeal to third parts, unmistakable evidence of lack of wisdom to solve an issue that could be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the essence of their faith, learn to share, to resign the sole ownership of something made by man, material matter, an image, statue - why not to share it periodically and make this an example of partnership, solidarity, union, solidarity?

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Posted in: Sushi chain reports diner who licked utensils in viral clip to police See in context

There are several articles about the madness, crazy behavior of people addicted to social media recognition, sometimes aiming making money, or just wanting to show off and get their celebrity moment. Poor times of people calling for attention at any cost.

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Posted in: 72% of foreigners in survey say they’ve been disappointed by bad breath in Japan See in context

I use to brush my teeth after a meal, but at work very few Japanese do it after eating, this is a standard behavior of no oral hygiene, so bad breath is a consequence

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Posted in: Japan launches intelligence satellite to monitor weather, N Korea See in context

North Korea seems to be the puppet country used by China and Russia. "Intelligence Weather" satellite... let's believe it is for advanced weather forecast use, of course, any rumors that it has secret military capabilities are speculations.

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Posted in: How ChatGPT robs students of motivation to write and think for themselves See in context

I have been using chatGPT and it generates some good answers, but, some wrong ones too, too vague, or not correct, the interesting thing is that if we write back, tell GPT that it was a wrong answer, it is humble, acknowledge and rectify its statement.

GPT is the best thing that happened since Google Search launch, over 20 years ago.

For a beginning, it is very impressive.

In general, one old lesson in computers is "garbage in, garbage out", as internet, is not good or evil by itself. GPT generated texts have a style that can be identified with a closer look. Writing style is something human, we can feed entire dictionaries with all existing words in the world, but only humans can create innovative words, attribute new meanings, and language is not only typed words, voice intonation, accent, body language are essential for proper communication.

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Posted in: Cargo ship sinks between S Korea and Japan; 2 crew dead; 8 missing See in context

8 missing people is very bad news, cold water is deadly. Wondering to know if there was training and equipment for all the 22 crew members, not so many, there should be life boats for all, with basic survival equipment, but, it does not seems to be the case, unfortunately... How to avoid such tragedy?

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Posted in: Japan refiles request to list divisive gold mine on UNESCO See in context

Very fair demand to include and mention the Korean labourers history. It's history, so, must be respected the details of these times to honor the memory of all workers.

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Posted in: Suicides in Japan increase in 2022; 1st rise among men in 13 years See in context

I am living in Japan since April 2019. It is very strange, lived in Yokohama, Saitama, now in Aichi, in all buildings did not know the neighbors, rarely see them, and noticed lots of workmates that come in silence, work mute and go home without saying a word. Can clearly see that there are many solitary people at work, or even walking alone, playing alone, eating alone. A crowd of solitary people suffering in silence. No violent crime, but, high depression that lead to self murder, a very sad reality.

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Posted in: 5 types of threat – how those who want to divide us use language to stoke violence See in context

Events like the riots in Brazil

I as born, raised in Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro, ex-military, was elected president not for his qualities, but, as a protest vote against the previous party, PT (Workers Party) that had several corruption cases. Bolsonaro had a long record of hate speeches, like "fuzilar a petralhada" (shoot, execute with a machine gun the PT party members), he declared that his bedside book was "A verdade sufocada" (the suffocated truth) of coronel Ulstra, a well-known torturer during the Brazilian Military Dictatorship, in an interview declared that the military mistake was not to execute more people during their regime. He also declared that he would prefer his son to die than being gay, and made a racist speech against Black people, that some are so overweighted that had to be weighted as cattle (arroba). Along four years daily hate speeches against the opposition, against the Supreme Court judges, against the press, especially rudeness with women journalists, made laws allowing people to have up to 60 firearms each with unlimited ammunition, and so on. So, the worst side of all people was awakened and unfortunately, we have a divided nation, with growing violence, not only verbal, but physically. Words become reality.

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Posted in: How does a child become a shooter? See in context

Children learn by example. If their parents have guns and practice shooting and watch videos showing gunfight the children are exposed to this and in most cases will have a strong influence on their thinking and feelings towards guns. It is an announced tragedy. Children and guns never results in happy ending stories, on the contrary, unfortunately. Fortunately Brazil new president Lula has cancelled the previous laws allowing a single person to have up to 60 firearms and unlimited ammunition, an absurd attempt to create private militias of radical right wing groups that want to imitate the US.

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Fortunately, this tradition was not adopted by my family, we all love water, to drink, hot water to bath, fresh water in summer. For those who like cold water, please, enjoy!

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Posted in: UK, Japan sign defense agreement allowing troop deployments See in context

It is a historic moment to celebrate! I remember the time that I was living in England, in 1990, and saw a group of veterans collecting signatures against a School for Japanese expatriate's children, then, I approached them, and had a polite conversation, I said that my father is Japanese, was a child at the war time, no one of his family had been directly participated of the war, as the majority of the people, just suffered the consequences of the leadership at that time, most military. Japan lost the war, was hardly punished with atomic bombs, pacifists have taken the leadership. It is good news that Japan and UK make agreements, there is a long history of cultural exchange, right side car driving, trains, punctuality, etc. Let's celebrate the friendship between Japan and the United Kingdom!

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Posted in: Authorities looking into who was behind uprising in Brazil capital; Bolsonaro in Florida hospital See in context

I am Brazilian and had experienced good golden times with Lula as Brazil's president from 2003 to 2010 when Lula raised the reserves of the Brazilian Central Bank from US$ 37 bi to US$ 288 billions! And fully paid the loans with IMF. Thousands of Brazilians had to return from Japan in 2008 crisis and they found jobs in Brazil, that experienced growth at that time, against the tide. Lula won with 60,345,999 votes, the loser got 2 million less votes, this is democracy, the majority wins. Bolsonaro (Bozo), had daily along 4 years made hate speeches, lied several times a day, ignored for months all PFizer offers of covid-19 vaccines, recommended innefective medicines as chloroquine and ivermectin, tried to buy overpriced Covaxin from India using intermediaries, changed several times the Health Minister, due to overall mismanagement Brazil was one of the highest rates of deaths that continues to kill. He tried to manipulate the numbers and so the press had to organize a consortium with the states authorities to collect and divulgate the right numbers of infections. These violent events in Brazil are demonstrating the power of social networks that are being used to

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Posted in: Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa woodblock print splashes into Lego art in early 2023 See in context

Lego is amazingly creative! I enjoyed playing Lego with my three sons and would love to play with my grandchildren soon!

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Posted in: Stay prepared with this emergency kit See in context

Emergency kits are like insurance policy, we know that is necessary and may be useful but we consciously never want to have to use it. The recycled carton box seems to be to cheap to start at 3,700 yen.

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Posted in: Japan's trade minister calls for new world order to counter rise of authoritarian regimes See in context

Hope that he is saying not only in his name, but as statement of a consistent group of policy makers. It is easier to say than to implement. On the other hand, international trade, development of relations due to commerce demand communication, interactions, which may result positive in the long term. In 2022 there was a great advance towards the past, regarding world peace efforts. Since the unended pandemia in 2020 there is a growing aggressiveness that is badly hurting all the world. High government authorities, people in all positions in society must aim to build a better world for us, for the future generations, otherwise there will be only hate and selfishness to share.

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Posted in: Anger in Russia as 63 troops killed in one of Ukraine war's deadliest strikes See in context

Putin has started this coward war and it is Putin's responsibility to stop it. Ukrainians have bravely been defending their lives, families, homes, cities, nation. Invaders are all adults and fully know their risks. Resolving issues using weapons will never result in peace, that's obvious but common sense seems to be neglected, avoided. The longer this insane war goes on, the worse the results will be. Russia has been exposing its tremendous weakness in command, strategy, despite having a much bigger arsenal and resources is being shameful. On the other side, Ukrainians have been brilliant, brain over force brute, they deserve all support from freedom believers, if Ukraine falls, the world will be in danger. Hope that the Russians give up this unjustifiable aggression, and fully pay for the damages.

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Posted in: Evacuee student interns create Ukrainian subtitles for Japanese anime See in context

It is good to learn about the efforts of Ukrainian students to translate from Japanese to their language the mangas, this creates a bond, cultural exchange, relationship. People can serve the country in many ways, not only by fighting, have you seen the true story movie UNBROKEN? Without a deadly weapon a man served the Army, as a paramedic, rescued injured soldiers of both sides, a true human.

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Posted in: Japan says it scrambled jets to monitor Chinese aircraft carrier operations See in context

It is a frequent practice to create an external event of "threat" to draw attention from internal problems. China has been under serious internal problems by excess of control and lack of effective measures against covid-19 and so needs to make such type of actions to try to divert people focus. Incredibly sad.

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Posted in: Mother, holding 2 children, jumps off platform into path of train; all 3 dead See in context

Unfortunately, Japan is worldwide famous because of this suicide culture, despite it is a wealthy country it has this way of committing self-murder to end psychological pain and tragically this self-murder plus homicide of two innocent children. Japanese society has to frankly start to discuss this suicide issue in all levels, schools, workplaces, governments of all levels, city, province, country have to hire specialists to lead, start, create support groups with psychologists, doctors, national and international experts, create communication channels, hotlines, physical places to attend people in need. This suicide problem has to be tackled to reduce the absurd number of unnecessary deaths of people who had no one to talk, share their suffering.

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Posted in: Brazil's Lula promises no deforestation but challenges loom See in context

Hope that Lula in his third mandate as president be able to transfer over six thousand of military occupying civilian jobs in comfortable offices with air conditioning to the Special Armed Forces of Jungle and Borders, to fight against illegal trafficants of weapons, drugs and illegal goods, and also combat illegal miners and forest destroyers, who steal wood and for expansion of cattle farms. It will demand changing the focus of military from politics to the legitimate defense of the territory against true enemies of nature.

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Posted in: People in Japan vote for their favorite ramen chain, with surprising results See in context

Cold weather is perfect to enjoy ramen. I particularly love tonkotsu ramen, the broth is thick, rich in flavor. The best ramen I ever had in Japan was at Sugitaya, close to Sugita station in Yokohama, a small shop with only 15 seats that makes marvelous ramen from 5 am to 1 am, with people queuing to appreciate the unique broth being cooked in giants boiling cooking pans, with bones, meats and spices.

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Posted in: Prices set to rise in Japan for over 7,000 food items on cost hike See in context

An old Seria shop near home inKomakiclosed its doors, 100 yen business is under very serious problems with the Japanese currency weakening.

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Posted in: 'Japan has no future' is a widespread if not universal feeling See in context

Millions of people from all parts of the world wants to come to work, live in Japan, but there are so many restrictions that there are less than 3 million foreigners living in Japan. Japanese population must seriously think about the future of the country, despite being so safe, so secure, why most couples hesitate to have children, to grow their families? Open the doors to immigrants may boost the population and create a new Japan for the future generations, more connected to the world instead of being an isolated island.

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Posted in: Japan declares plan to have preemptive strike capability and cruise missiles See in context

Can humans be called intelligent beings? Russian aggression against Ukraine has clearly demonstrated that there are more than two losers, the attacker, and the defendant, plus all other countries in the planet, suffering effects of the war, as inflation, hunger, poverty, tension, stress, mental problems. It is absurd the generosity to spend money on military equipment, weapons, everything related to cause more deaths, destruction, suffering.

It seems to be obvious and silly, but if all parts make heavy investments on weapons the result will be war, so, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Asian countries, Africa, Latin America should gather their best brains to conceive acts towards building a peaceful world. The UN Security Council is a nest of poisonous snakes that promote conflicts that only benefit of war lords, weapons makers.

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Posted in: 'Work without limits': Japan's teachers battle for change See in context

Did not knew about the teachers overwork situation in Japan. Workers in factories have a regular 40 hours a week and a maximum of 45 hours of overtime a month (up to 60 hours depending on special conditions) but nothing as cruel as described in this article. I'm sad to learn that. Karoshi is something weird, too much responsibility above a reasonable limit of mental health.

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Posted in: Iranian authorities arrest actress of Oscar-winning movie See in context

Iranian women's rights are being claimed loudly and deserve to be heard by Iranian authorities. All support for those fighting for Human Rights in Iran!

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles in resumption of testing See in context

North Korea rocket man has a long ago passed the limits of a reasonable leader. He is clearly insane and needs to be contained for the benefit of the mankind. He is lunatic and not responsible, has to be stopped.

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Posted in: GSDF probe finds over 100 sexual harassment cases; 5 members fired See in context

It is a humble beginning, but it is a start. A small step for a person, but a giant leap for mankind. Even Vatican is starting to acknowledge their sins and faults. Human Rights, Women rights must be respected, always, by all, at all times.

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