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Makoto Shimizu comments

Posted in: Rally for Gaza in Nagoya See in context

Great attitude towards support to the mass killings of innocent civilians in Gaza. Hamas terrorist attack killed 1477 Israelis and in retaliation Israel has already killed over 34,000 Palestinians, mostly unarmed children and women, elderly people. Israel has been destroying thousands of homes, hospitals schools, acting with extremely over reaction unjustified and being condemned by International Court of Justice and over 75% of countries which are now supporting the creation of a Palestinian State.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

Most of people have smartphones, perhaps the city government could develop an app for the elderly people to voluntarily adopt, to confirm daily that they are OK or not, and so, a social assistant could call or visit in the case of absence, no interaction. To have a dead body found after a long time sounds very cruel, some may die quickly but some may had a slow death that could be avoided if proper help could be provided in time. Life is sacred.

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Posted in: Auroras illuminate night skies across world, parts of Japan See in context

Wow, my dream was to see the Aurora Borealis and perhaps it will be possible without going close to the North Pole!

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Posted in: Can yogurt reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes? See in context

CoPilot says "However, it’s important to note that yogurt is unlikely to prevent diabetes on its own. To lower diabetes risk, experts suggest consuming a dietary pattern such as the Mediterranean diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and limiting consumption of products linked to increased diabetes risk, including sugary beverages and processed meats2. Yogurt, they noted, is “not a magic bullet”

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Posted in: Honda to invest in Brazil to boost flexible-fuel vehicle production See in context

Great news! Brazil is a very large country, over 8.5 million square km of territory, over 200 million people, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki are there, along major European car makers, China and Korea. There is a large market to conquer, not only in Brazil, but all South America. Honda's decision in hybrid vehicles is a wise one, as 100% electric vehicles has not national infrastructure.

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Posted in: Biden suggests he may block Nippon Steel deal, seeks to triple tariffs on Chinese steel See in context

LOL. The "Free Market" speech is for anyone but the USA, just wind in front of their mouth.

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Posted in: 5 dead, 114 hospitalized from recalled Japanese health supplements See in context

I had no idea that these supplements could be so dangerous. It is clear the need to create very rigorous Quality Control tests of all supplements before going to be sold. Must be Assured Quality Control tests of all batches before leaving the factory premises. Consumers, customers, pacientes should never be the laboratory rats. Deaths are results when profit is given priority over human respect, incredibly sad, regrettable.

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Posted in: Kim's sister says N Korea will reject any contact with Japan See in context

North Korea is very lucky as Japan will not behave as Israel is doing to rescue their hostages from Hamas.

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Posted in: What is a whale native to the North Pacific doing off New England? Climate change could be the key See in context

This gray whale was probably running away from Japanese whale hunters and so, got a way to the Atlantic Ocean. But, now, as it was discovered, has a serious risk of becoming sashimi in some expensive restaurant, poor grey whale.

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Posted in: City in Saitama Prefecture to require multilingual trash rules posted for foreigners See in context

Regarding garbage, the best place that I lived was in Isogo, Yokohama, in the building complex that I lived there were only 2 giant garbage bins, one was for burnable trash, another for unburnable trash, so, was easy to separate the garbage - I do not know if the garbage collection was done by the city or was a private company.

Here in Komaki, Aichi, there is an app "threeR" that has a calendar and the type of trash that will be collected, it has an English version at least. But, it is not 100%, for example, which is the category of empty toothpaste tube? And many other doubts. A full list of all products sold in supermarket and the respective classification of trash would be very welcome. Google Translate can do the translation to any other language,

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Posted in: Japan to revise official romanization rules for 1st time in 70 years See in context

I live in Aichi, and if it changes to Aiti may have a confusion with Haiti...

Current Romadi is complicated, Duolingo app has a romadi feature but some sounds do not match, so, hope that these changes help to provide a better consistency of sounds, spelling.

I heard from one Korean that they are developing fast due to their simplified writing system (in comparison to the Chinese and Japanese)

Japan should seriously consider to reduce the use of 3 writing systems, hiragana, katakana and kanji. Kanji has to remain, so, choose only one between Katakana and Hiragana would simplify the educational system.

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Posted in: Palestinians say Israeli troops fired at people seeking food; Israel says scene was deadly stampede See in context

One more coward event, more than 30,000 Palestinians were killed, more than 70,000 were injured, it is a clear war crime the collective punishment of the civilians, children, women, elderly, sick people are being crushed by Israel. How can the entire world see this daily massacre without being outraged by the exaggerated action of Israel? No one approves Hamas terrorist attack, but the response is being several times worst and this will feed continuously the desire to revenge with growing violence. A ceasefire and retreat of Gaza Strip has to be immediately, and the creation of the Palestinian State to shelter the people there in the OPT Occupied Palestinian Territories (Israel must return the territories to their original owners)

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Posted in: Japan, China hold talks over Fukushima treated water release See in context

It seems to be fair to have the participation of experts from Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, Russia, USA, Canada, etc, regarding this Fukushima nuclear water being released in the Pacific Ocean. It is a Japanese issue, but Pacific Ocean is an international matter, so, it would be welcome the participation of all affected countries. Transparency and fair play is a must in a so sensitive issue as nuclear water being release into the ocean.

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Posted in: Women take part in Japan's 1,250-year-old 'naked festival' for first time See in context

Due to the declining growth of the Japanese population, it should be at least 3 days national holiday and this festival must be promoted in all cities, nationwide!

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Posted in: Japan's 'naked men' festival succumbs to aging population See in context

Japanese immigrants adapted very well in Brazil, some local Indian tribes consider than relatives! This type of naked manifestation has something to do with ancient old times, tribal times, ancestry genes, old roots, true Japanese DNA!

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Posted in: Ukraine-born Miss Japan relinquishes crown after reported affair See in context

My family has over 100 years of immigration to Brazil, my grandmother was born in Brazil, my mother, and myself too, but, some very stupid people use to say "go back to Japan" - I am proud of my Japanese ancestry but I am Brazilian. Someone who lives in Japan since 5 years old, had Japanese education, got Japanese citizenship IS JAPANESE. I am very sad and sorry for this scandal that revealed her private life. This episode made clear that Japanese society has to think better and discuss about diversity, about

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Posted in: 'We don't give a damn about the feelings of Japanese concerning the so-called Northern Territories:' Medvedev See in context

While Putin is in charge, no hope, it will be a total waste of time trying to talk to him or his comrades. The fact is that Japan depends on Russian supplies of oil, coal, minerals, and Russia is a buyer of used cars, machinery, Japanese goods. The World War was a very bad event that resulted in big losses of human lives and territories.

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Posted in: Execs of fruit sales company arrested for fraudulently falsifying apple export documents See in context

6,600,000 yen for 180 kg of apples makes US$ 245 per kg, is that correct?

Brazil produces Fuji apples originally from Japan seedlings and used to export to the UK in the past and it was considered the best apple due to its crispness, taste and aroma.

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Posted in: Foreign-born Miss Japan sparks debate on what it means to be Japanese See in context

There are many talented foreigners that strongly identify themselves with Japanese culture, as Nataliya Gudziy

and others. As Japan has only 2.4% of foreigners, around 3 million, so, there is a strong resistance to accept them as part of the Japanese society. Congratulations for the organizers of Miss Japan, they are pioneers in bringing the full acceptance of Japanese of different DNA inheritance! The government fully charges and collects the taxes of all, without any discrimination!

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Posted in: Noto earthquake brings charity fraudsters out of the woodwork See in context

It is disgusting but a reality that bad people make the most of these opportunities to deceive people. It would be great if the associations of not for profit organizations create a way to validate, confirm the existence and contact details of trusted members, especially regarding donations. Using BARD, I found 4 entities:

The Japan NPO Center website: https://www.jnpoc.ne.jp/en/

The JANPORA website: https://janpora.org/english/

The JACO website: https://nippon-donation.org/

The JCIE website: https://www.jcie.or.jp/japan/

JNPOC is a national infrastructure organization that supports civic activities and promotes cross-sector collaboration. They provide resources, capacity building programs, and advocacy for NPOs in Japan.

JANPORA is a research organization that promotes the study of NPOs in Japan. They conduct research, publish reports, and host conferences on a variety of NPO-related topics.

JACO is an association of charitable organizations in Japan. They provide a platform for collaboration between NPOs and the government, and they also advocate for policies that support the NPO sector.

JCIE is an organization that promotes international exchange and cooperation. They have a particular focus on supporting NPOs that are working on international development issues.

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Posted in: Man finds firefighter sleeping in his living room See in context

The drunk guy needs immediate psychological, psychiatric treatment, he is not a criminal, but a human being in need of mental health support.

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Posted in: Brazil's Lula, Japan's Kishida discuss potential Mercosur trade deal See in context

Brazil has the largest Japanese population out of Japan. Japanese families started to arrive in Brazil in 1908 initially to work in agriculture and technical immigrants later. Japan and Japanese are very well integrated with the Brazilian society, as the USA, it is composed by immigrants from all parts of the world, mostly from European countries. There are many Japanese companies in Brazil, as Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Casio, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Yakult, Nissin, Kirin, etc. JICA has been investing in strategic areas as agriculture, to make Brazil a strategic supplier of soy, biofuel. Japan also invests in Brazilian infrastructure projects as railways, ports, to enable the flow of the agricultural projects. There is a strong synergy Japan-Brazil, despite the period of the second world war, no resentment exists, it is a long term good relationship where both parts win.

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Posted in: ‘Volunteer’ worker arrested for stealing fruit from damaged home in Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

I got no words by reading again about stolen fruits in Japan, so, I asked BARD about this, and got the following answer:

The 21-year-old man in this case likely faces a combination of legal penalties due to the nature of his actions:

Burglary: Breaking into the partially damaged house constitutes burglary, as the house, even during repairs, is still considered an inhabited dwelling. This carries a potential sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of up to 500,000 yen.

Theft: Stealing the oranges is separate from the burglary and falls under the crime of theft. Since the value stolen is 3,000 yen, it wouldn't be categorized as "grand theft" under Japanese law, but still carries a potential sentence of up to 3 years imprisonment or a fine of up to 500,000 yen.

Damage: Entering the damaged house could also be seen as causing further damage to the property, adding a potential charge of property damage. This carries a sentence of up to 5 years imprisonment or a fine of up to 500,000 yen.


Targeting a vulnerable victim: Targeting an elderly and potentially traumatized person could lead to prosecutors seeking harsher penalties.

Taking advantage of a disaster: Stealing from a house affected by a natural disaster might also influence sentencing.

Prior criminal record: Any past convictions could increase the severity of the sentence.

The specific charges and exact punishment will depend on the investigation and court proceedings. However, given the combination of crimes and the circumstances, he is likely looking at a significant prison sentence and potential fines.

Important note: This is not legal advice. If you have specific questions about the legal situation in Japan, please consult with a qualified legal professional.


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Posted in: 10 essential items for staying warm during winter in Japan See in context

Electricity costs are high if you use electrical heaters. The government says that 14 Celsius degrees is recommended to Hokkaido region, and use winter clothes at home, I live in Aichi and am following these saving temperatures settings. As I live alone, no one to complain about the low temperature. It is an exercise of imagination, to be in the North Pole, or Siberia, Antarctic, LOL. I see people complaining of over 30,000 yen electricity bills, I am spending less than 20% of this amount.

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Posted in: One-third of Japan's unmarried adults under 50 have never dated See in context

It is really sad and strange. Small children are happy, should inspire people to get married, have children, enjoy family life. I had a brother and a sister. My first wife had brothers and sister, we had 3 boys, all grown up adults now, 2 are married. There in Brazil is normal to get married and have children, this does not seem to be common here in Japan, so, the population is declining, more people are dying than being born, very sad. There should be proactive actions by the top management of public and private organizations to create events for single people to meet each other, to socialize, to get together, to have quality time. These social interaction opportunities would be essential to revert this negative situation of individuals growing alone and not building families.

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Posted in: ¥114 million tuna See in context

114,000,000 yen for 238 kg results in 478,991 yen per kg (and we know that 100% is not edible), if a standard sashimi slice weight is about 15 to 20 grams, it would be 95,798 yen per slice. Who can pay this amount? It is really weird value.

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Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context

The most impressive thing is that this English teacher was not immediately fired and invited to leave the country. He should be prosecuted; he has no qualifications to be a teacher, he definitively has no soft skills, is not qualified to deal with people, with children. He is a shame for all categories of teachers, many do it with passion, love, compassion, sense of duty and profound respect for their students.

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Posted in: Global Peruvian food boom has deeper ties in Japan See in context

Peruvian food is great. Ceviche is delicious.

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Posted in: New film ensures slain Japanese doctor's Afghan legacy lives on See in context

Wow, it is a great true testimony of a person who literally gave his life for a good cause, a great example of humanity. I found his biography on Wikipedia. Tetsu Nakamura - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetsu_Nakamura

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Posted in: China says it is willing to provide help to Japan on earthquake See in context

It would be a great gesture of humbleness to accept and compensate when appropriate. It is an opportunity for a truce in all conflicts and share a moment of solidarity beyond borders.

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