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Pardon me if I'm wrong in my following post. Having married in Japan and I now live in Kobe I wonder how the govt can achieve its plan. After so many years of interaction with the locals, especially the top management, a question which I always asked. "What are the top 3 most important things to a Japanese" in priority.

The answers I always get are:

1) drinking happily with friends or acquittance.

2) women, they always boast about their latest figures...

3) their country, Japan.

I'm just wondering if it's Japanese's culture than how are they going to change the situation​ through tightening the adults movie industry. Think Japan is rated no. 1 in adult movies as compared to elsewhere. Whereas Thailand is rated as no. 1 sex city.

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The fatty kid dared you with his latest missile launch. So what are you guys waiting? Cow has gone home long ago.

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Posted in: Trump would be 'honored' to meet N Korea's Kim, if conditions right See in context

Trump! Just drop a few bombs similar to what you did to Syria. Think the people around the world will respect you for up holding your threat. That fatty kid may be calling you NATO Trump is USA if there's still no action taken by you.

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I'm just wondering how the Americans can continue to trust him. Talk soon much about NK but no action. Kim dared him with yet another (failed) missile and he backed off. Now wants to talk diplomatically with the fatty kid.

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Donald Trump is nothing but a NATO (No Action Talk Only). Talking big and boasting about "all options are there... to tackle NK" Now what? Kim dared him by releasing another missile with lots of guts. But Trump lost his 2 balls and now wants​ to talk diplomatically with the fatty kid. Americans are looking at you and your words don't hold water. Shame on you.

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Whoever is opposed to Trump's and Abe's doing are foolish. With that fatty kid playing with missiles you think you will be safe. To engage in a war it will require lots of resources and monies. Do you think the leaders from US and Japan are playing with that fatty kid? In order to prosper and be peaceful as a country I'm sure their own(North Koreans) people, be it the citizens or the military personnel, they are happy if this fatty kid is killed in the war. ... Citizens are getting skinny to their bones and he's getting fatter and fatter each time I see him in the internet.

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North Korea got guts and action! But the world around just talk with words only. ™NATO really! (™NATO: NO Action Talk Only).

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My sympathy and condolences. I love Kobe and my wife and daughter live in Kobe. Strange, it's a very safe place to live.

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