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Posted in: Robot shopper See in context

All it needs are some lasers to fend off obachans during those 10 minute only sales.

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Jellyfish with a sea of glowing electronics below~

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Posted in: Nozomi Ohashi and Seishiro Kato to lead kids on NHK's 'Kohaku' song contest See in context

Haha... Way to make the poor little guy feel insecure... After hearing "Ponyo" for the 100th time I cant help but cringe.

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Posted in: Japanese whalers clash with Sea Shepherd activists in Antarctic sea See in context

Haha, Lasers.

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Posted in: City girls hit rice paddies, in style See in context

I'm at a loss for words...

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Posted in: Santa cleaners See in context

Thank you for reminding me of my fear for heights JT~!

I enjoy when people have fun with their job.

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Posted in: Happy birthday Moe! See in context


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Posted in: New 'Final Fantasy' video game goes on sale See in context

Did anyone here get the FF13 PS3 bundle? The white system with Rightning on it is so pretty~

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Posted in: Do it at home See in context

Haha~ Just three Yebisu and he is already shattered.

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Posted in: Five hot actresses to star in BeeTV’s cell phone drama See in context

Koyuki is about as sexy as a cardboard box.

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Posted in: Blue Ocean See in context

That is one of the best Ive seen so far.

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Posted in: 'Battleship Island' a window into a world that once was See in context

Getting to this place is a huge hassle. Ive had two trips canceled so far due to "bad weather" Second time we drove all the way there only to be turned away. They have a little guided tour that lets you see like 20% of the island... I need to find privileges to have full access. I want to travel into the depths and feel the inspiration flow.

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Posted in: Johnny's boy bands join lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' See in context

I'm glad Arashi will make it this year. Johnny's may be a degeneration of society, but Arashi have a certain charm and professionalism to their craft. Kohaku may not be overly exciting, but it's just become a tradition for me to watch. Kind of like the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the States. It's always on every year, same characters and fake smiles. After about 10 minutes everyone gets bored and moves on to something else. But just hearing it in the background gives a sense of peace, and gets you in the mood for the holiday. I feel the same for Kohaku.

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Posted in: Spaceman See in context

Is he playing DS?

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Posted in: Fur of the Year See in context

I think I saw that jacket in my grandmother's closet recently.

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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

Leave it to Americans to make uneducated assumptions without trying to understand culture. "In Murrica we are too busy protecting freedom to bow down to those chinese"

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Posted in: AKB48 drop in on Tamori See in context

Place cake or puppy on the table 30 minutes of "kawaii~ Oishiiso~" End of show

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Posted in: Sayo Aizawa picks up SKY PerfecTV! fashion award See in context

Someone please scrape off the barnacles on her dress.

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Posted in: Funeral held for murdered Shimane University student See in context

I hope her soul can find peace through the hearts of family and friends. Protect what you cherish.

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Posted in: Police widen search for Hiraoka’s killer as grisly details emerge See in context

I feel so much sadness for this girl...She worked at an ice cream parlor for Christ's sake. She had her hole life ahead of her. Humanity at its finest. All I can do is try my best to protect the ones I care about.

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Posted in: Becky and Ryuta Sato win Best Smile of the Year awards See in context

I really like Ryuta Sato. And for once in my life I feel this "bestist" award is fitting. He does have a pretty signature smile. I really enjoy him as an actor.

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The cops have something exciting to do today.

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Posted in: Anti-base rally See in context

What a lazy rally. They're not even standing. They will just use it to brag about making Japan "pure" again. "No Base Anywhere" oh that's cute. She will remember that when her country's security is threatened.

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Even when professionals boast "no make up" in a shot, there is still a base used on their skin to take away oils and such. While Satomi may not need much touch up(She is still 22 after all), I can guarantee as an artist who works with this, that each picture in that gallery was edited to some extent, whether its saturation, airbrushing, composition, etc etc. The pictures featured in any collection are hand selected out of hundreds or thousands of shots, the majority awkward and uninspiring. It's up to the skills of the photographer to capture this.

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He looks terrified.

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Posted in: Sleep tight See in context

What happens when your girlfriend wakes up every 10 minutes to change position? Does the bed start playing music again? Add that to the snoring and blanket theft, sounds like a peaceful night sleep~

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Posted in: Fukushima flasher caught red-handed by female police officer See in context

He finally got the attention he wanted... The image of a fiery female j-cop taking down herbivore men and birthday suit scoundrels sounds entertaining.

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Posted in: Beauties for a cause See in context

That sign is a poor example of graphic design. 5 font changes, poor composition. And where was this picture taken? Looks like someone's kitchen. Ohh... I mean... Very nice~ She can flick my light switch on any day~

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Posted in: Junpei Mizobata named 'Face of the Year' See in context

Tsubasa Masuwaka is terrifying. She looks like a cyborg that would consume puppies for energy.

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