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when will i take my retiremrnt cruiz!

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I thing that Spongebob is cool!

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Graffity is always been a social problem it reflects a type of pschological dissorder caused by modern living, people want to be recognized and not seen, like tinted windows on cars and limos. I belive that such punishment will not resolve the issue but insted all should be admitted to psychiatric care for finding the root of the problems.

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In my openion its about time to kik Microsoft out of the game and give the opportunity to others!

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I personally belive that the Japanese Government should tighten the gripp on such action! we realy care about our next generation, what will thay say about the generation of their fathers and mothes? that we were SEX fenatics? we shold teach morality to our children, and teach them to reapect each other, and SEX is not an industry!

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