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Posted in: Court awards damages over Ghanaian's deportation death See in context

Wow now a foreigners are worth 5m yen in Japan what is the Ghanian embassy doing about this case? It is a disgrace for the 10 men involved this case not to be charge for man slaughter. Let say it was a japanese who was killed by the Ghanian immigration in Ghana the japanese will be pushing to charge those involved for murder but here they are now seen as heros out there to kill another foreigner shame on the prosecutor who say the should not be charge

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Posted in: Man killed, 3 others stabbed in same street within 10 minutes in Chiba See in context

I am worried about all this knife stabbing incident in Japan, but what worries me most is that there are too many police patrol around areas where crimes are not even committed but the lonley and dark areas are left alone **

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Posted in: Abe, 50 business execs begin African tour in Ivory Coast See in context

**Well it is still yet not late for japan to work with Africa, the only thing is the should start thinking of doing individual investment which will bring them closer to Africa and forget too much protocol. Africa leaders just want money because they are all staffs working with a two term contract.

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