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malfupete comments

Posted in: Dempagumi.inc about to break into stardom See in context

I really feel sorry for music listeners in japan when crap like this is "the next big thing"

watched the video... it was an attack on my ear drums

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Posted in: Hatsune Miku costars with BUMP OF CHICKEN in their music video See in context

I thought I was listening to Sega Genesis music for the first 10 seconds

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Posted in: All in One Direction See in context

not sure how its possible that these wax figures have more personality than the real ones

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Posted in: Twitter posts $511 mil 4th-quarter loss but beats estimates See in context

it lost half a billion dollars... huh?!

no kidding Trevor.. while the analysts say they're impartial.. their firms in all likelihood could be putting presure on them to release 'favourable' reports

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Posted in: Foreigners reveal when they felt they really 'got this whole Japan thing' See in context

I got it when I was finally treated like a human being and not some wacky foreigner.. oh wait, that never happened and I never felt like "I'm getting this.."

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Posted in: Hashimoto seeks fresh mandate to create Osaka metropolitan gov't See in context

Toronto would kill for this kind of mayor.. instead we have Rob Ford..

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Posted in: Dylan Farrow breaks silence on Woody Allen abuse allegation See in context

^b/c nothing has been proven

sexual abuse is beyond horrible and I hope to see that he is fried IF it did happen, but until that time... he's innocent

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Posted in: Sony to charge monthly fee for multiplayer games on PS4 See in context

i don't play mulitplayer games so it won't affect me.. hopefully

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Posted in: Samsung extends smartphone lead over Apple See in context

Who cares? my iphone 3GS still plays Angry Birds

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Posted in: Wealthy Japanese weigh pros, cons of foreign tax loopholes See in context

come to canada where there is no inheritence tax.. while the estate of the deceased person is liable for any taxes owing, capital gains on any investments (capital gains on the principal residence is tax free!), beneficiaries of said estates aren't taxed on the proceeds they recieve which is how it should be

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Posted in: Since when was Halloween so popular in Japan? See in context

when I used to teach in Japan, would always spend october on a halloween theme.. the kids loved it. Used to get dressed up on the last lesson of the month and have a halloween party with all the grades, play games, have snacks. good times

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Posted in: Man cautioned for keeping endangered leopard cat at home for 15 years See in context

I'd hate being cautioned for 15 years too, so annoying

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Posted in: Japan’s banking industry needs top talent See in context

What are they talking about the strength of the Yen?! This current government's mandate is to weaken it!

yeah good luck hiring "top talent" - i think most of it is siphoned off to Wall Street, London or Hong Kong

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Posted in: Private investigator’s job takes him to darkest depths of juvenile crime in Japan See in context

@frungy - hear hear!! I'm of the same train of thought. No justice like father justice

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Posted in: Singer Che'Nelle talks about her musical roots and making it big in Japan See in context

^I don't know of any Japanese classic rock bands that reached the same heights as Zeppelin, The Stones..

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Posted in: Pick a car See in context

I wish they would "export" Alphards or Velfires to Canada... North American MPVs, The Dodge and Chryslers (minivans) look like absolute garbage

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Posted in: Colts beats Broncos; Chiefs remain unbeaten See in context

The Jaguars are beyond crap

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Posted in: New seats let U.S. airlines squeeze in more passengers See in context

@frungy - I agree and its no surprise that the carriers who actually care about their customers are the ones who are consistently rated the highest.

I would love to vote with my wallet but when you have a family of 4 trying to fly internationally (Canada - Japan) - I have to look for what my budget is capable of handling. Cheapo carriers know this and will gladly take you and 200 other people crammed into coach for the convenience of flying

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Posted in: As body ages, Jackie Chan longs for Hollywood's full embrace See in context

Armour of God - where he fell from that tree and fractured his skull...

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Posted in: New seats let U.S. airlines squeeze in more passengers See in context

i don't know... 12 hours of hell for the convenience to fly over an ocean relatively quickly.. Airline companies aren't in the business to make customers super comfortable (enough that they are a repeat customer) but to maximize revenues and profits.

I don't like it anymore than the next guy and I think its completely sinister that they are now charging extra for so many "perks" that never used to be considered perks.. i.e exit row/bulkhead seats, aisle seats, pillows and blankets, baggage charge on domestic flights...

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Posted in: Which fashion item or trend do you wish would disappear forever? See in context

those short skirts and knee high boots japanese girls wear for fashion in the winter time... disgusting!! . . . . I'm just kidding, I LOVE THOSE!!!

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Posted in: 'Transformers' director Bay attacked in Hong Kong See in context

Funny, when he was knocked out, apparently there were huge explosions going on all over the place

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers seek accords on abducted children See in context

@fadamor - I think in some cases, yes.. (about being tainted and all that) but I'm sure there are also more progressive thinkers among the populace and don't look at their grandchild as anything more than a little person. I agree that it makes absolutely no sense the courts always give custody to the Japanese extended family rather than the father/mother if they happen to be NJ - would love to know the real reasoning behind that... theories that the courts believe gaijin parents can't do a good job of raising a "Japanese citizen"???

I hope I am one of the luckier ones in that my in-laws don't care that I am not japanese and their two grandkids from us aren't 100% japanese as well.. they still treat them the same as their other 100% Japanese grandkid so that should count for something.

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Posted in: Perception persists that older drivers are dangerous drivers See in context

As you age, your reflexes slow down and your spatial awarness is all over the place... mistaking the gas for the brake? forgetting to drop it out of neutral while the pedal is pressed all the way down? doing 50 on the highway.. I can go on and on.

If you only drive once a week then chances are less that you would be involved in an accident, but if these elderly drivers were driving every single day, similar to a 2-3 hour commute then I think we'd see more incidents.

Its unfair to lump all elderly drivers into this category - I'm sure some are still as capable as when they were young but they need to be assessed if they are still able to drive safely and with good awareness.

And frankly, I'd throw the new drivers into the mix too.. to make sure they still know what they are doing

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers seek accords on abducted children See in context

ah_so - I guess technically a foreign parent can leave japan on the pretense of a vacation and just never return... and since they aren't involved in the Hague I'm not sure what the legal options are. If the parent takes the kid to the USA or Canada (who are signatory nations) I wonder if those countries are compelled to return the kids to Japan even though no reciprocal agreement is in place - I guess they would have to since it would bring the treaty into disrepute if they didn't. That being said, it will probably get tangled up in the courts and by that time, said country will be their habitual residence...

I fear if such a thing happens.. it will probably be used a bargaining chip for Japan to sign up. In the end, someone is going to get hurt

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers seek accords on abducted children See in context

Whats in the best interest of a child who is too young to convey their feelings? My son and daughter who is four and two go absolutely nuts when I come home from work.. its obvious they love me very much and mom too of course...

hypothetically if the marriage were to end tomorrow - how is it decided whats in their best interest? They going to ask a four year old who he wants to be with? a two year old? yeah right.. The courts come in and decide for you. Or if you happen to be non-J... its pretty open and shut

I cannot comprehend any of the Japanese rules on these matters.. Toland's case for example, he's the friggin father - why would the court award custody to a grandparent?? Time to update the family laws from the 1890s!!!

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Posted in: Spectre of U.S. debt default looms at Asian summit See in context

yeah there's not going to be any default - churchill said it best “We can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”

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Posted in: Japan considers tax on digital music, books bought online from abroad See in context

Which is why I still had my Canadian Credit card while I was in Japan.. for a consumer, this protectionism is nonsense, it isn't the 1700s anymore

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Posted in: Rola, Emi Takei among winners of Best Dressed Eyes Awards See in context

That Rola is cleaning up at these awards!!!! Didn't she recently win "Best Jeansist" ?

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