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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers estimate delay will cost extra ¥200 bil See in context

this is crazy!! what governments around the world are doing? Just make compulsory wearing face masks and keep social distances but for god sake allow freedom of people and travel! Businesses are dying, airlines and tourism industry wont survive much more!!!! Vaccine alone will not do anything, actually is possible to fight the virus without any vaccine! Life must continue people cannot dye for starvation, desperation and depression!! Open your eyes Japan!

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Posted in: ANA to raise ¥332.13 billion in public offering to cope with pandemic See in context

and i keep buying shares...

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Posted in: Japanese automakers' global output rises 2.7% in October See in context

yokatta ne..

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Posted in: Survey reveals Japanese men really want home-made chocolate, but are women willing to make it? See in context

There used to be a country called Japan made by samurai and you only see men who look more like women and women who’s only concern in life is hair, eyelash and mobile..

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Posted in: Princess Mako makes 1st official public appearance since postponing wedding See in context

Time to hire a fashion stylist at the place!

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Posted in: Japan's antismoking plan with gaping loophole sparks outcry See in context

Japan in many aspects still behave like third can they still don’t ban smoking? In all developed countries it’s been in place since decades no matter the huge interests in terms of revenues! People’s health should always come first!

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Posted in: Authorities warn parents of Setsubun soybean choking risks for children See in context

After the ojichantachi daying for eating mochi now it happens even with children eating soybeans!! For a gaijin living in Japan I think this is something crazy to even think about but this is Japan! Shoganai!

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Posted in: Abe's record draft budget spending highlights balancing act See in context

Just a little bit more Abe san...keep printing yen 160 against the Euro i will start buying....and belive me it will get down to that level and even more before Eastern...!!!!!

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Posted in: No contest: Miley is 2013 pop-culture queen See in context

She is simply a cow....!!!

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Welcome back Zichi you were so much missed...Happy Christmas!!!

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Posted in: Asia rides Britain's Brompton bikes to success See in context

Buy Italian bikes...Pinarello Derosa Colnago...what the hell is this???

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Posted in: Japan 787 probe finds thermal runaway in battery See in context

Its more worrying knowing the A-380 uses the same batteries!!!!!! I often use this plane from Narita to Frankfurt and back....this should be investigated by the FAA as well..

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Posted in: U.S. officials defend handling of Boeing 787 mishaps See in context


I was making the point of how can we put batteries on a plane!!!! its f....crazy!!

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Posted in: U.S. officials defend handling of Boeing 787 mishaps See in context

How can such a technological advanced plane be flying with such a piece of crappy battery!! I really hope the FAA is there to safeguard the millions of passengers and not the huge interests of the airlines..

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Posted in: Christmas in Marunouchi See in context

By the way this is what Christmas is all about in Japan...there is absolutely nothing spiritual nor religious or cultural the way Christmas is fact Christmas day is just another ordinary day with people working and walking home in theirs own little world..

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Posted in: Christmas in Marunouchi See in context

Christmas lights??? 30 degrees today!!!!..whats wrong with this people....!!!

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Posted in: Chinese ships enter disputed waters for 2nd day in a row See in context

Governmentally piloted by the way..

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Posted in: Royal welcome See in context

Must be a tough life...

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