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Posted in: Male cross-dresser arrested for assaulting 3 elementary school students See in context

What a nutcase...

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Posted in: Officials vague on rumor Japanese support was refused for S Korean ferry See in context

There is no doubt that JSDF are trained better, can do better and could have reduced the casualities. This is no time for thinking about diplomatic affairs. Human life should be above anything else. I bet the fact that Korean government turned down the offer of search support from the Japanese government won't be much broadcast...

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Posted in: Controversial TV drama on orphanages goes ahead without sponsors See in context

Maybe I'm missing the point here though, I don't understand that the hospital which filed a complaint against the program has such a 'baby post' for abandoned children. Although I partially see their point that they want to save the precious life, I feel like the system has been providing with an escape route for parents and could increase the number of those abandoned children. I can't really imagine how the parents or parent feel when they leave thier kids there, or maybe that is the last option they could think of but it should never be one of their options to avoid responsibility.

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