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Incorrect. The police can hold you for 48 hours without charging you. After that they have to go to the courts to apply for a 10-day extension, and then after that they have to go again for another 10-day extension

My friend was held for 23 days for jumping over an izakaya signboard. He accidentally knocked it over, but there was no damage caused. However, he was still held for that period of time without any court extension or need for a lawyer.

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The people driving the cars are obviously adults. It was clearly a scheduled meet, and during this time the body was dumped. But why did they need to meet? If one car contained the killer, who was in the other car? It's all a bit fishy. The parents of the boy may have been smuggling him out of there. It's strange that the boy wasn't left at the same time, so it raises the question of where he is. He might not be dead, and he could be involved. This wouldn't be the first case of kids killing each other in Japan. This year there was a case when a kid of a similar age was murdered by his classmate. I obviously don't know the truth. It's very possible that the killer is a adult psychopath. But this is an unusual case. When I mentioned "children", I was referring to the two missing kids and their classmates. 12 and 13 year olds are children. I know that children weren't driving the cars.

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I could be wrong, but I think you'll find that the killer is actually another child. The whole situation sounds suspicious. The fact that she was asked to meet the boy at 9pm sounds weird to me. Was he involved? This is just speculation, but could either of these scenarios be the truth: SCENARIO 1 - The 12 year old boy asked her to meet him, then killed her. Maybe he blamed her for being bullied at school, or maybe he was bullied into doing it. If he then confessed his crime to his parents, they might've arranged to hide him away somewhere. This would explain the two cars meeting and the missing boy. SCENARIO 2 - Their classmates killed the girl (Maybe even accidentally while bullying her). They confessed their crime to their parents, and they're trying to cover it up. But then where is the boy? Other sites also say that the girl has bruises to her face and head, plus marks on her neck. It sounds like a very clumsy killing to me. Were the cuts a failed attempt to kill the girl? Were the cuts someones failed effort to cut up the body? Or was the girl actually tortured before being suffocated? This wouldn't be the first case of a child being killed by his/her classmate(s) in Japan. Anyway, this is shocking news. The girl's parents must be going through hell. I hope they catch the killer(s) soon.

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