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Posted in: Johnson Town: Japan's own little slice of 1950s America See in context

I actually live near this area and have been a few times. It’s alright. The flats are like 1 LDK and you’re not allowed to hang laundry outside apparently. It’s not a game changer but the rent is. I’d rather own a house for that price. The ice cream is good though. No yards as expected but there’s a big park nearby with a long roller slide for the kiddos. So I guess it works out


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Posted in: New virus cases in Tokyo drop to 5; none reported in Osaka See in context

What are we waiting for? Let's all ride some trains, hang out in groups and go back to work! 5 cases is nothing!

downvotechallenge #sarcasm #mostwontunderstand

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Posted in: More businesses reopen as gov't eyes end to emergency measures in some regions See in context

When this all started, I heard that people with symptoms were being treated for pneumonia. I’m not sure how factual this information is but I wonder if pneumonia-related infections /deaths have increased. If so, by how much. I’m still very skeptical about the low numbers in Japan especially since they always increase, without fail, after holidays. I will be convinced when the numbers are low from Tuesday-Friday with no public holidays in between.

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Posted in: Reports say suspect in deadly Kyoto arson attack had grudge See in context

Very tragic story that could have had a different ending if there were stricter and more critically thought out fire prevention/ fire safety regulations and a greater emphasis on mental health in the society. These things plague other countries as well but I can’t help but think: “were there no sprinklers?!” “Why do they need to go upstairs to the roof? Don’t people learn that heat rises?!” Why isn’t there an escape exit on every floor?!”.

Maybe a lot is being excluded from the reports but 30+ people are dead.

I hope people question the safety of their homes and workplaces and actively make changes.

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Posted in: Mammoth moves: Frozen cells come to life, but only just See in context

Anybody think of "Jurassic Park" after reading?

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Posted in: Ruling finalized ordering cell phone TV owners to pay public NHK subscription fee See in context

I think that if they want people to pay for NHK they should make them sign the contract when they buy any device capable of receiving a broadcasting signal. I refuse to pay based on this principle alone. My purpose of owning a tv is not to watch shi**y slapstick comedy, J dramas or people eating grotesque ammounts of food. It's to play the occasional video game, the use of YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. So they can cut the connection to my apartment because it is of no use to me.

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I wonder if any preventative measures are being taken to secure other mountainside towns from future natural disasters. It's very sad that even with all the warnings of heavy rain, the death toll continues to rise.

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Posted in: Gas usage hits record highs in Tokyo, Osaka as cold bites Japan See in context

If only homes were more properly insulated, gas and electricity usage wouldn't be so high...Sigh

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo ward office worker arrested for stealing personal info of woman See in context

The real reason for the who "My Number" Personal ID system. For all the creepo's in town to have easy 1-stop access to the information of anyone they choose!

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Posted in: Former baseball star Kiyohara arrested over drug possession See in context

I feel that there is over coverage on celebrity affairs in Japan. There a multitude of problems that will affect Japan in the coming years that the media could place their energy into but, as @glasshouse has stated, media giants aren't interested in things that 1. Don't sell and 2. People already know about but the feeling of ”しょうがない” ("nothing can be done") is too strong to even make a difference. Why blast people with information that will make life seem even more grim, when you can brain drain the masses with useless info about celebrities minor infractions and how many acronyms can be made to explain ones recent marriage.

I do watch TV here in Japan (Before the backlash) but I find it repetitive at times and boring. I liked seeing Kiyohara on different variety shows and understand that his image will be smeared after this, but I personally could care less. Robert Downy Jr returned from a serious drug addiction and became Iron man. So everyone should give support rather than saying negative things like "やっぱり。。。" (Of course he is) or "そうだと思った!” (I thought he was on drugs). Celebrities are humans too and are capable of making mistakes.


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