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Posted in: Return of the Mac: Burger King’s former rival in Akihabara is back and bigger than ever See in context

I passed by this location just yesterday to go to my favorite kebab shop in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Father arrested after 10-year-old disabled daughter’s body found in reservoir See in context

Sadly, this cold-hearted idiot will only get a few years, if any, in prison.

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context

Any wagers to see if she'll be around as Governor by next Olympics?

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Posted in: New train route eyed between Haneda airport and Tokyo Disney resorts See in context

I was surprised there is no easy way (=direct) to get to Disney parks from central Tokyo. That is necessary to make it easy for tourists.

Besides the aforementioned Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station, there are direct ways via buses. :-)

Check here: https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/tdl/access/bus.html

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Posted in: Railways to extend operating hours during 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

All you guys might be a bit central-Tokyo-centric. Having the central city lines open until 2am means the suburban/private lines and stations out of the city would also have to be open until 3-4 am. You may as well be asking for 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

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Posted in: 7 injured as car rams into pedestrians in Tokyo See in context

Readers living outside Japan, is "I mistook the accelerator for the brake pedal" given often as a reason (read: excuse) for running into people in your country?

Growing up and following the news in the US until I finished college, I don't think I ever heard it.

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Posted in: Criminal complaint filed against ex-American football coaches over dirty tackle See in context

Just curious, as we know almost everything about the player that was hit, why aren't the local news programs showing his face? A quick online search will show some of his face pictures, but why isn't the press allowed to show it?

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Posted in: The Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies aged 46 See in context

April 1995, two months before my first stay in Japan, I watched them perform in Northern California. My boss at the time knew I was a big fan and he gave me two tickets with backstage passes as part of my "farewell". Front row for the show, and meet and greet with the band afterwards. One of the best moments on my youth. RIP Dolores.

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Posted in: Hernandez hits 3 HRs as Dodgers beat Cubs 11-1 to reach World Series See in context

Got that right! 4 more wins to go for my (LA) boys in blue! Gambarou!

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking woman using smartphone while walking See in context

No no no guys. Maybe he said he's a "yakuzaishi". And showed the girl a tattoo of "Matsumoto Kiyoshi" out of company pride. :-)

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Posted in: Roppongi's 'kebab war' leads to arrest under little-used statute See in context

I'll stick with Star Kebab in Akihabara, the best in town.

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Posted in: IOC heads to LA as 2024 race heats up See in context

I'd love for my hometown (Los Angeles) to get the Games for the third time! I was there in 1984!! I'd freaken cry with joy seeing the Governor of Tokyo passing the flag to the LA Mayor during the Tokyo Closing Ceremony. GO LA! GO LA!

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Posted in: Accused groper who jumped onto train tracks to escape arrested See in context

Yikes! The Saikyo Line train that I use each morning does pass between Akabane and Ikebukuro between 8:30 and 8:45. I usually sit in Car #1 which is the rear car going into Tokyo. I have never noticed any chikan activity. But then again, I'm always sitting down and sleeping until the train reaches Shinjuku.

I did notice our train was a little late yesterday. Hmmm?

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Posted in: J-pop idol group gives lesson in iconic Japanese high school girl poses See in context

Agreed! It was fun and cute. Gotta show this to GRLINJPN.

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Posted in: Revealing an actor's age is illegal? IMDb website sues California See in context

Wikipedia usually includes the actor's full name and birthdate in their articles. Are they also "breaking" California law?

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Posted in: Gang member dies in hospital after fight with police in Gunma See in context

Hope the cops were protected against rabies.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for illegally reselling Arashi concert tickets See in context

What DaDude said.

Just a quick look on Yahoo! Auctions for 嵐チケット reveals lots of people selling for over 30K. Are all these sellers licensed or not in violation of any law?

Also, if I bought a suit with the intention to use it, but then realized I couldn't wear it nor return it to the store, then I'm not allowed to re-sell it since it was a "used item"?

Strange indeed.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki headed for second divorce See in context

Wasn't there a pool made up for their eventual divorce back when the wedding was announced? Who won the over/under?

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Posted in: Orlando Bloom visits Japan to promote British Airways' 787-9 Dreamliner flights from London to Narita See in context

I wonder if this Japan trip will include a visit to Shinanomachi, otherwise known as "Soka Gakkai Town".

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Posted in: Ichiro gets 3,000th career hit in major leagues See in context

Awesome Ichiro! Another milestone passed! First vote HOF baby!

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Posted in: NBC fails in bid to change order of teams in opening ceremony See in context

The US would have the same situation here for Tokyo 2020 if they went by kana/kanji order using the official name in Japanese: アメリカ合衆国.

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Posted in: AKB48 to hold concerts at Universal Studios Japan every day starting in July See in context

Weird. Just 3 years ago they did a series of videos at Tokyo Disney Resort for its 30th Anniversary.


Traitors! Hahahaha

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Posted in: Court in Japan orders Google to delete past reports of man's arrest See in context

This is utterly stupid. Google has information on his crime because it's taken from Japanese sites. So, will the judge also make Japanese news sites, blogs and discussion boards delete all information written about this guy and his "minor" crime?

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Posted in: NTT becomes first domestic sponsor of 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

Oh SenseNotSoCommon! You made me spill my drink reading your comment! Bwhahaha.

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Posted in: Tensions surface between middle-aged men, daughters-in law See in context

Is it just me or do these anecdotes seem like the "authentic" Penthouse Forum stories?

At the very least, cheap porn stories from the AV rental section.

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Posted in: Man commits suicide after apparently killing parents See in context

What's up with the Saitama bashing? I think we should start an "Ahhh it must be Kanagawa....yup, I'm right!" expression. That prefecture seems to be as much or even more in the news for crime or accidents or oddball activities as any other place. LOL!

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Posted in: 14 sickened by carbon monoxide at Aichi restaurant See in context

Why isn't the restaurant named in the English version of the report?

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Posted in: Sailing venue for Tokyo Games under review See in context

Other venues that are under review include those for basketball and triathlon.

Isn't Saitama Super Arena available for basketball? It's hosted the FIBA World Championships before.

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Posted in: How to treat pet cancer: Do nothing, says one doctor See in context

Damn this article. We lost our lovely white Hokkaido-breed "Merry" last Saturday. She also had breast cancer. R.I.P. Merry.

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Posted in: Customers mourning slain dumpling boss to get free food See in context

I've had a point card with this gyoza chain for years. Time to go tonight and get my free gyoza coupon. YEAH!

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