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Posted in: Superman flies above Mt Fuji in 'Man of Steel' poster for Japan See in context

Agree with USNinJapan2. I saw this film yesterday and found myself snoozing. Needs more actions scenes. Same problem with "The Lone Ranger"

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Posted in: 10-yr-old boy, using cell phone, falls off platform at train station See in context

Reminds me of a story a few years ago of a kid who fell off a platform while using a DS or PSP. He escaped being hit by moving into a hollow space under the platform. When authorities found the kid, he was busy playing with his console as if nothing happened.

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Posted in: Ten IC cards become compatible for trains, buses nationwide See in context

I live and work in Tokyo. I was in Nagoya ready to take the subway last Monday. I had the presence of mind to ask the at the window if my I could use my SUICA card. They said "Moshiwake gozaimasen."


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Posted in: More than 6 1/2-hour wait for Tokyo Disney Sea's new attraction See in context

ScroteJul: What has Toy Story got to do with the sea?

It's next to the water. :-))

The area is part of the New York "American Waterfront". This particular location is inspired by early Coney Island midway and carnival games. The attraction itself pays homage to the games. The design of the attraction building also has similar colors as the Coney Island facilities.

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Posted in: More than 6 1/2-hour wait for Tokyo Disney Sea's new attraction See in context

I was there on the Monday the attraction opened.

I showed up at the gates at 8am, they opened at 9am.

Walked...yes walked to the queue area while my buddy ran to get FastPass ticket by 9:05am.

I waited for him in the standby queue and we met up by 9:15am.

Got into the attraction at 10:30am then had a nice lunch until 12:00pm.

We were on the attraction again by 12:20pm.

Fun ride and the Japanese will love it, especially kids.

Already been on the US versions of this attraction. Practically the same.

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Posted in: Japan Atlas A Bilingual Guide: 3rd Edition See in context

These same folks published Tokyo City Atlas which I always carry around in my briefcase. However, it's all worn-out from years of use. They haven't printed a new edition since 2004. I also had the first edition from 1998.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan to raise prices by 2.5% See in context

They have some strange pricing at MickeyD's. A few months ago, I decided to have a quick lunch at the local shop. They sold cheeseburgers for 120yen each, but double-cheeseburgers went for 270yen! WTF pricing?

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Posted in: Good knight See in context

I agree with most people's opinions that it's a great film with superb acting. And kudos, especially, to Ledger. He took on that role and ran with it. I'm going to watch it again this weekend.

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Posted in: Iwo Jima sand souvenirs grate on Japanese sensibilities See in context

The Marion, according to Wikipedia, the plaque reads:

"On the 40th anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima, American and Japanese veterans met again on these same sands, this time in peace and friendship. We commemorate our comrades, living and dead, who fought here with bravery and honor, and we pray together that our sacrifices on Iwo Jima will always be remembered and never be repeated."

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Posted in: Japanese game shows coming to America See in context

I'm living here in Tokyo and I've seen the two episodes of "I Survived..." that have aired in the US. It's a silly and sometimes funny program.

I don't understand why the producers "Americanized" the games that they play during the "Majide" game show. Can't the Americans cope with the original versions?

The reality part of the show is terrible. I just about wanna kill all of ten of them (well, 8 now) except for the tall blonde. She's yummy.

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Posted in: New Fukutoshin subway line plagued with trouble for 1st three days See in context

Thanks Coligny. I never had any delay problems using Meitetsu Line either. But then again, I only use it about 50 times a year. :-)

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Posted in: New Fukutoshin subway line plagued with trouble for 1st three days See in context

Doesn't Meitetsu Line in Nagoya have 3-4 lines coming in once it reaches Nagoya Station? I remember doing rush hour there are there were trains coming in every 90-120 seconds or so.

All you folks taking the new line quit complaining. You'll be basking in the benefit of avoiding Yamanote Line in the mornings soon enough. Some of us have to take a line that is affected by accidents that happen 100 kilometers away (RE: Tokaido Line affecting Shonan-Shinjuku and Saikyo Lines). sigh

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Posted in: Japan Magic Convention to be held in Tokyo in August See in context

It would be nice to know the site of the convention and if it is open to the public.

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