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Posted in: How your emotional response to the pandemic changed your behavior and sense of time See in context

Relative experience of time is a well known thing, pandemic notwithstanding. Don't need other persons data, if one has enough consciousness he/she will realize it early in life.

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Posted in: Shorter 'drug lag' in Japan leads to faster OK for medicines available in other countries See in context

@praack, I come from a similar background and can relate to your post. Japan does a double check which in many ways is a good thing on drugs which are already on the market in the US or EU

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Posted in: Godzilla gets official Tokyo residency papers See in context

I got the last one today at 14:20 today!!!!

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Posted in: Phallus Festival See in context

The shrine is also for couples who wish to bear a child but have not succeeded.

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Posted in: Was Tokyo war crimes trial victor’s justice? See in context

Just for reference, the Japanese have enshrined someone whom they feel called out the victors justice...

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