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Posted in: Hollywood ponders post-pandemic future of cinemas See in context

Hollywood keeps talking about how great it is to go to the theater but I don't care if I never visit one again.

In fact I'll be happy when they are gone so the new movies come to one of the several screens in my house sooner.

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Posted in: Is it finally game on for video game adaptations? See in context

Personally, I'm looking forward to the next season of The Witcher. I have played a few hours of one of the games but mainly like it because it's a well made fantasy series.

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Posted in: Stifled by pandemic, U.S. movie theaters send SOS See in context

It doesn't make sense to use tax money to prop up an industry based on obsolete technology.

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Posted in: LGBTQ characters on U.S. television at all time high See in context

I'm fine with LGBQ characters if they fit in the story. Billions has a good example of well done character whose sexual orientation either adds to the plot or more often takes a back seat and doesn't matter.

I do feel like a lot of shows on Netflix over the last year are pushing an agenda though with characters who don't fit in the story and don't have any purpose or personality other than their orientation. It's not a big deal but it's points off the shows' entertainment value.

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Posted in: All-natural and low-sugar: Kombucha takes U.S. by storm See in context

Just being low in sugar is enough of a health benefit compared to soda.

My friends who love the stuff say that it has to be fresh to get the real benefits. Worth a study to or at least especially since it seems to be becoming widespread.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect sent to prosecutors after bottle-throwing incident on Nagoya Expressway See in context

I love living in Japan when this is our big nation wide crime story of the week.

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Posted in: Spielberg's push against Netflix at the Oscars hits a nerve See in context

I like Spielburg's work and enjoyed his recent movie "Ready Player One" (ironically I watched it on Netflix). But he comes off like a radio man defending radio against TV. The day of radio is over and now the TV/movie theater era has passed as well.

If the Oscars want to stay relevant they should allow any film to be entered regardless of how it is shown.

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Posted in: Cybersecurity minister contradicts comment he 'has never used a computer' See in context

It's obvious he's just WASTING my taxes though.

That's the real issue. I pay my share of taxes and I have no confidence in Minister Sakurada not to waste the entire cyber security budget.

A disappointing choice for the post to be sure and an embarrassing one for Japan.

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Posted in: Amazon bets big on Europe as it takes on Netflix See in context

Netflix has some great content but it's interface is horrible.

Out of the three streaming services I have tried (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime) Netflix in Japan has been the best by far. Both Hulu and Prime have the same shows in different languages separated so it isn't as easy to find shows in English. Netflix also has much better content.

Prime is the clear winner in value though, especially if you already have Prime for free Amazon deliveries. In which case it is basically free.

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Posted in: Studio: No decision on Henry Cavill's future as Superman See in context

I didn't hate him as Superman but Ben Affleck was such a terrible Batman I'd rather leave this whole era of DC films behind us.

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Posted in: Cruel yet popular punishment: Japan's death penalty See in context

The story directly above this one in today's news feed was about a man who killed and dismembered nine people, eight of whom were women who were all sexually assaulted.

Is death too great a punishment for him?

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Posted in: Suntory needs time: Whisky casks dry up for 2 premium products See in context

Don't waste a good 17 year old in a highball!

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Posted in: NHK should keep in mind its reliance on viewers' money and take a sincere attitude toward them. See in context

NHK may have made sense in the 1950s but now it's nothing less than a scam.

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Posted in: Trump dump delights peckish carp; causes stir on Twitter See in context

A good link, thanks. It makes a possible breach in etiquette completely forgivable since he was following the lead of his host.

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Posted in: Do you support legalized casino operations in Japan? See in context

I'm in favor of opening casinos in Japan myself.

There is a lot of tourist money that goes into the country hosting the casinos. More than is spent at the gambling tables. There is the entertainment around the casinos, the hotels, restaurants, cabs and airfare. People who visit to gamble may easily take a short trip somewhere else in the country and spend even more money here. All that money is going to go somewhere in Asia, why not have it come to Japan?

As far as the casinos ruining the fabric of society goes I'm not worried in the least. I don't see how having one or two cities with casinos will be worse than the pachinko halls that we already have every couple of blocks.

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Posted in: Here’s a handy cycling hack: Pump up your tires for free at any police box See in context

The last time I stopped at the police box to ask directions while cycling they accused me of stealing my own bike and I had to wait ten minutes while they checked the registration of the bike and my ID.

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Posted in: Netflix may fix Japan movie-financing dilemma: director Kawase See in context

Netflix will kill the movie industry and the creativity with it (well, America already lost her creativity in the movie industry, all you see is superhero movies and remakes).

I have to disagree, I have enjoyed a lot of the programming on Netflix more than the recent big budget movies.

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Posted in: China's exports fall for second year as U.S. trade war fears mount See in context

It seems like just last week China was threatening the US with "revenge".

Fine with me if America cuts off all business with them.

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Posted in: Madonna on Trump victory: 'Women hate women' See in context

There is a long list of things I don't like about Clinton.

She voted for the war in Iraq, she supported TPP (until it was an election year) and she is very friendly with Wall Street and I suspect owes people there favors. Worse of all she cheated to win the primary and then rewarded Wasserman Schultz for helping her do it.

Then there are the e-mails and a lot of other things I don't have time to list.

She lost to Trump because she was a very bad candidate.

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Posted in: Trump children's roles blur line between transition, company See in context

Duterte called Putin a Hillbilly the other day.

As a hillbilly myself I can only assume that Duterte wanted to complement Putin's honesty and work ethic.

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Posted in: Are you sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon Go? See in context

I'm sick of hearing about Trump saying stupid things and Clinton doing questionable things, North Korea and bad economic news.

Pokemon Go doesn't make my list.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward official beats taxi driver for not going way he told him to See in context

Not to condone his actions in anyway but the taxi drivers around Minato-ku love taking people the long way after midnight.

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Posted in: Democrats in disarray on eve of convention to nominate Clinton See in context

Then Clinton promptly hired her "long time friend" Wasserman Shaluz. I don't want to vote for Trump but I also don't want to vote for someone who has to cheat to get elected.

On a side note Julian Assange from Wikileaks said the next emails he releases will be worse for Clinton.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor apologises again for spending on luxury hotels, pajamas See in context

As long as Japan keeps letting it's politicians get away with an apology this kind of thing will keep happening (and to be honest is probably happening now with a hundred other people who are not in the news today).

I makes me angry that in these economically uncertain times the tax payers are being robbed by our elected leaders. As I see it the solution is long prison terms.

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Posted in: Suntory to sell subsidiary First-Kitchen to Wendy's Japan See in context

It's not surprising if Wendy's moves to expand in Japan now that McDonald's has allowed their brand to be permanently damaged here.

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Posted in: Angry parents demand more daycare as Abe struggles to respond See in context

I'll subsidize your kid and you subsidize my golf fees.

My child represents Japan's economic future. Your golf hobby doesn't.

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Posted in: Sanders victorious in Michigan; Trump keeps winning See in context


Clinton had accumulated 1,134 delegates 455 of which are super delegates.

That's important to note since the super delegates can change their mind anytime before the Democratic Convention. Without the super delegates the race is much closer and a win in Michigan for Clinton doesn't end the race.

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Posted in: Would you like to see Donald Trump become the next U.S. president? See in context

I don't want Trump. Then again I don't want Clinton either.

Between the two I'm slightly more likely to to vote for Clinton although I'll probably just stay home.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker under fire for Obama remarks; refuses to resign See in context

I think he meant it as a complement and I'll take it as one.

Don't worry Japan, we Americans are not particularly thinned skinned.

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Posted in: Clinton slams unrealistic Sanders 'promises' in debate See in context

I think Sanders clearly has a better record of supporting minority groups in America. In 1963 he was marching with Martin Luther King Jr. A year later Clinton was campaigning for the Presidential bid of Barry Goldwater, who's platform included re-segregation America.

And yet the minority groups in America, who ironically would benefit the most with Sanders as President, support Clinton. Why? Because they are generally poorer and less well educated and get more of their information from mainstream media instead of the internet. And until very recently the main TV news and newspapers have been doing their best to ignore Sanders.

As of this week they no longer have a choice and have to cover him. Hopefully the addition exposure will melt Clinton's lead in those groups and leave her with the backing of the people who should be supporting her, the .01%.

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