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Posted in: Pacific rim nations sign TPP deal amid protests See in context

Seems like the TPP is all about America needing to let several countries be enslaved in order for them to try to compete with China.

I disagree, I'm expecting the American working class the be the biggest loser in this deal. It will be good for corporate America which is bad for, well, pretty much everybody other than corporate America.

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Posted in: Clinton, Sanders go at each other over gun control, health care See in context

I haven't have time to watch the whole last Democratic debate yet. But my favorite part of what I saw so far was Clinton saying "I know how much money influences the political decision making".

Haha. She knows and we know she knows. In fact I'd say she's an expert in how big money influences decision making.

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Posted in: Noodle restaurant wins Michelin star as Tokyo keeps gourmet crown See in context

The last time I saw Michelin in the news the headline was something about a three star Michelin restaurant that didn't allow foreigners.

That was also the last time I cared about their guide.

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Posted in: Obama upbeat on prospects for TPP deal See in context

What makes you think the Republicans don't want the TPP?

As far as I know it is one of the few things that Obama and the Republicans agree on with most of the opposition to it coming from inside the Democratic party. Bernie Sanders is the strongest voice against the TPP deal and the only real choice if you want an America that isn't controlled by the corporate elite.

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Posted in: Netizens support foreign comic after Japanese man’s discriminatory remark See in context

It's amazing to me that there are still places in the world where racism is not only socially acceptable but also legal .

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Posted in: Mexico issues warrant for extradition of escaped 'El Chapo' See in context

Mexico would be better off to let him serve his time in America first since he doesn't have such an extensive criminal empire to break him out there. I also suspect that an America maximum security prison is harder to escape from then one in Mexico.

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Posted in: Abe says Olympic stadium to start from scratch; Rugby World Cup misses out See in context

It's good to see some financial responsibility in regards to the Olympics.

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Posted in: Sasebo girl who killed classmate sent to reformatory See in context

*Punishment as a deterrent doesn't work.

Hence why most countries have abolished the death penalty*

I disagree, there have been zero cases of someone receiving the death penalty and going on to become a repeat offender.

I would prefer that to having this girl back on the streets in a few years.

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Posted in: Clinton to make boosting wages central to her economic plan See in context

As usual Clinton will say what the polls tell her to say and do what her corporate sponsors tell her to do.

In my opinion Sanders is the only candidate who will fight for the 99%.

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Posted in: Iran talks at impasse amid bickering; extended for 3rd time See in context

Ali Larijani said at Friday prayers following the rally in Tehran, addressing the U.S. “And its outcome will not benefit you since Iran’s nuclear staff are ready to accelerate nuclear technology at a higher speed than before.”

I want peace with Iran as much as anybody. I want Iran to be bought into the fold of first world nations and it's people to have happy and prosperous lives. And I don't want to see the US get into another expensive war that would cause a lot of civilian casualties and further destabilize the region.

But they (Iran) better think long and hard about getting into an arms race with us (the US). We're not years away from building a bomb and a delivery system. In fact the bottom line is we can hit Tehran within five minutes of getting the go ahead today.

The olive branch has been offered, I hope they see the wisdom of accepting it instead of forcing us to use a stick.

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Posted in: U.S. House derails Obama trade agenda, putting brakes on TPP See in context

It's good news but not time to celebrate yet.

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Posted in: At G-7, Japan's energy plan is not all that green See in context

Japan is stuck between a rock and a hard place filling it's energy needs.

One the one had it already has trouble producing enough power and has a serous financial problem coming in the near future due to the aging population which makes the expensive switch to renewable energy less attractive.

One the other hand Global Warming is a fact and Japan will be among the nations most affected by raising sea levels and an increase in storms.

My opinion is it's time to tighten our belts and invest in sustainable energy now. We are already on course to lose two meters off all the coasts in the world by 2100 and there is a very real danger of Global Warming hitting critical mass and becoming unstoppable at which point we have a much bigger problem then the value of the Yen on the international market.

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Posted in: Japan needs to decide which side it wants to be on in the future - grouped with countries like North Korea and Iran, or join the majority of the world that say the death penalty is outdated. See in context

They cherry picked the countries using the death penalty.

I guess,

Japan needs to decide which side it wants to be on in the future - grouped with countries like America and Taiwan, or join the majority of the world that say the death penalty is outdated.

Doesn't sound nearly as bad.

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Posted in: Residents up in arms over children's noise at daycare centers See in context

Tokyo has a noise ordinance?

Somebody should tell the guys in the vans with the loudspeakers on top.

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Posted in: Democrat ally urges Clinton to explain her email actions See in context

The only thing I like about Hillary is that she is a women. I hope this motivates the Democrats to find a decent candidate.

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Posted in: Japan slams brakes on Uber taxi service See in context

I have to wonder if this would have played out the same if Uber was a Japanese company.

Don't worry about the taxi drivers, the computer driven car virtually guarantees they will be out of work in the next 10-15 years.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan group calls for completion of TPP pact See in context

My daddy used to always say, "Don't sign anything without reading it." As both an American citizen and a resident of Japan with a Japanese family I am fully opposed to the people of of either country entering into an agreement of which the majority is a secret.

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