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Posted in: Is bitcoin an environmentally friendly currency? See in context

Right now, the Bitcoin network consumes as much electricity per day as does the country of Ireland. Recent statistics indicate that every Bitcoin transaction requires around 245 kWh to process, which is equivalent to around 3,200 hours of watching television. Bitcoin’s electricity usage is getting out of hand, but it’s not taking away energy from mainstream consumers by any means. Nor is it necessarily harmful to our environment either. Considering all these facts I decided to choose other options like altcoins. And ICO Pulse source helped me to choose which altcoins to buy. But physical currencies use energy throughout their life cycles. Production costs, Storage costs, transport costs, distribution costs, etc. It's just for comparison.

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Posted in: SegWit2X fork keeps growing in popularity See in context

I know nothing about this cryptocurrency and I prefer BTC. It's more popular and stable. BTC lets transacting parties remain anonymous, keep transactions very secure, and eliminate redundant fees. I have not much BTC but I was thinking to try my luck in online casinos. I watched on https://youtu.be/_xM740Wz1ow video that some of them accept cryptocurrency. It's my chance :)

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Posted in: Amazon: From online book seller to market shaker See in context

I know that Amazon began in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos' home in Bellevue, Wash. It seems that all huge companies were founded in garage :) Moreover the founder originally wanted to name the company "Cadabra" . It's a giant company now and my company was interested in cooperation with them. As a business analyst I conducted an investigation on their activities. Mainly I read on https://datapo.com/en/ website all records. Relying on the received data we made a decision to cooperate with Amazon.

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Posted in: Happy Halloween See in context

Nice photos. This Halloween I celebrated with my friends in LA. We booked an escape room the "Clinic", https://thequestfactory.com/escape-rooms/clinic . The atmosphere was really spooky. But we all loved it. Friendly staff and awesome decorations.

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Posted in: Designing your own home See in context

Our surroundings are an integral part of daily life. Space, line, form, light, color, texture, pattern, layout – consciously and subconsciously, these elements influence our mood, productivity, and conversation. I appreciate this man's advice. I recently decided to renovate my old house (it had to be done a long time ago). I cooperate with http://www.sorenovate.co.nz/renovations company. Their workers planned everything in the tiny details. I like the outcome.

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Posted in: Rakuten Games launches HTML5 social gaming platform See in context

It's fantastic news. Japan always was a leader in game industry and o they find the way to connect users from the whole world. I will wait for this innovation platform to try but for now I continue playing small games on http://www.friv1000games.org/ . A perfect escape from work routine:)

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Posted in: The potential risks of free Wi-Fi See in context

Internet security should be in the front of everyone's mind. Internet is not a safe place. When I use public Wifi I prefer to stay anonymous. That's why I often use a VPN to protect the information and identity. Usually it's PIA + I check my ip on https://2ip.io service to be confident on 100%. PS it's free.

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Posted in: Russia used Facebook to try to spy on Macron campaign: sources See in context

It seems that Russia is spying on everyone. It makes me to think about strengthening my personal security on the Web. Everyone know about recently Wannacry virus attack not so long ago. It could steal your personal data and freeze the system (can be Russian 'toy', by the way). That's why it's always essential to use vpn or tor browser to secure the personal data. Personally I use vpn and double check my ip on 2ip to make sure that it's hidden.

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Posted in: The potential risks of free Wi-Fi See in context

it's really dangerous to make any financial operations though free wifi

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Posted in: This is the nation’s first ever attempt to provide an opportunity for students to systematically learn about nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation at a graduate school. See in context

I think it's a great opportunity for all students. I personally very interested in this subject. I started learning radiation since the school. I even visited Chernobyl, Ukraine and bought Dosimeter STORA-TU on https://ecotestgroup.com/products/categories/handheld-detection/ . I think it's a must have for all students who are engaged in nuclear studies.

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Posted in: Gaming chair helps you maintain good posture See in context

Great chair. I need it immediately. I am a gamer. Last time I have been playing on http://www.friv5online.com/ 5 hours in a row. That's why I often have neck and back aches.

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Posted in: Up to 40% of Japanese men can’t sleep because of work stress See in context

it's not a surprise for me, japanese are hardworking people

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Posted in: Is Japanese language becoming less discriminatory toward women? See in context

wow, it's a news for me, so many offensive words for women

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Posted in: How well do you know your neighbors? See in context

I am in a good relationship with my neighbours. Every month we make a bbq party. The only problem that I often mess up numbers of my postcode and the parcel usually got one of my neighbours. But they always return it to me. Now I check my postcode on http://worldpostalcode.com/japan/ twice.

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Posted in: Traditional TV models face a losing battle as disruptors reach Japan See in context

Not all foreign broadcasters and companies block VPN. And good vpn service can omit it. I am using Express vpn and can enjoy Netflix for free, found on https://myipservices.com/blog/best-vpns-netflix . There are lots of VPN services out there.

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Posted in: A psychological question: What causes some kids to bully others at school? See in context

I think kids are bullying other kids because in such way they want to assert themselves. And it happens not only at school. I faced such kind of people when I was a student. I started attend gym and even started to buy steroids online on http://daddyroids.org to gain muscles. When I became bigger no one dared to bully me again :)

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Posted in: Trump says Putin is far more of a leader than Obama See in context

Trump is a jerk

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Posted in: What do you think of streaming providers Hulu and Netflix? Do you watch their content? See in context

I watch Hulu with vpn, found here https://www.bestvpnrating.com/vpnrating/best-vpns-hulu . I am using Purevpn, as fr me, it's the best vpn for hulu and netflix too. So for me it's almost free :)

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Posted in: Tom Cruise to visit Japan for 22nd time See in context

it seems that he likes Japan

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Posted in: Yamagata: A land of panoramic landscapes, delicious cuisine, onsen and friendly smiles See in context

It's an amasing place. I was and my wife were there. We are from Australia and always dreamed to visit Japan, we just booked tickets https://au.lowcost.club/ and decided to go to Yamagata. We really enjoyed the trip and next year we want to visit this beautiful country one more time :)

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Posted in: Janet Jackson confirms she's pregnant at 50 See in context

wow, pregnant in 50 is like a great feat

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Posted in: Tom Hanks enjoys playing 'smartest guy in the room' in 'Inferno' See in context

I think that they spoiled this movie, the book was awesome

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Posted in: 'Fantastic Beasts' franchise grows to 5 films See in context

it's awesome news!!!

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Posted in: Japan Airlines and Priority Pass enter worldwide partnership See in context

It's great news. I recently booked tickets on https://uk.lowcost.club/ to Japan. I hope in the future it will make travelling to Japan more comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

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Posted in: Travel apps or travel agents? See in context

I think that it's more interesting to book holidays by such services. So you can decide which flight class to choose and suit your budget. + Reviews make it more comfy to choose desirable destination. I had experience in booking, a year ago had a trip to China and booked tickets through this service https://lowcost.club/ . So I will try this app next time.

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