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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death at subway station in Tokyo See in context

It's always sad to read about these people who have lived long lives only to end their lives this way. I kind of wonder if anyone noticed any signs of depression in this woman. Poor woman.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite skiing and snowboarding places in Japan? See in context

Ski Jam in Fukui, Nozawa in Nagano.

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Posted in: 2 women jump to deaths from Osaka condo See in context

I don't understand why so many people here do this, but what I do notice is that there are many suicides on TV dramas here. Maybe the script writers should take notice of this and stop writing these events into their dramas.

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Posted in: 4 Australian family members found after going missing while skiing in Nagano See in context

Great to hear about this. This snowy season has been dangerous in many parts.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

The best thing - actually spending lots of time with my family and less time on the internet and Facebook. I really felt like a father. I wouldn't change it one bit! The worst thing - Losing my grandmother and grandmother-in-law. I really took that hard.

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Posted in: Have you ever made a New Year resolution that you actually kept? If so, what was it? See in context

It might be silly, but reading 5 books in 2016. Before that, I usually surfed the internet or listened to music. I ended up reading 14 books. I was glad I did it!

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Posted in: 5 festive facts about Japanese Christmas cakes See in context

Just make your own. It's more special, cheaper, and memorable.

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Posted in: Premium Friday campaign to encourage workers to leave early See in context

There's a difference between telling someone to do something and "encouraging" someone to do something. It will not work in the Eikaiwa business. They can do this, but they'll lose money and potential business, since most of their business is after 3pm.

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Posted in: Beaujolais Nouveau Day See in context

It's not a bad wine, but not worth the hype. Like Nessie said, It's a picnic drink. I've had much cheaper Chilean wines that are much better.

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Posted in: Tomokazu Miura and Momoe Yamaguchi voted most ideal couple for 11th straight year See in context

What makes them an authority?

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Posted in: S Korean president says scandal 'all my fault and mistake' See in context

She definitely gets my respect.

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Posted in: Fury at debate as Trump refuses pledge to respect a Clinton win See in context

Who cares? Just an election circus to me.

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Posted in: Final showdown: Clinton and Trump meet for last debate See in context

I'd rather watch a boxing match than these two lying clowns.

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Posted in: Japanese idols charge fans Y10,000 to talk to them for three minutes See in context

What a rip-off! Stupid is as stupid does. Idols come and go.

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Posted in: How do you think Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike is doing so far? See in context

If she were American, I would vote for her. Great job!

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Posted in: Clinton wants Democratic Senate; Trump says she has to go to jail See in context

Trumpty Dumpty said "Build that wall!"

Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the Repub horses and all the Repub men

Couldn't put the party together again.

That's a classic!

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Posted in: America’s Panda Express Chinese fast food chain is coming to Japan See in context

I do understand that Chinese food here is better and healthier than PE. However, every once in a while, I do like that nostalgic aspect of eating PE like eating PE at a shopping mall in the US, especially orange chicken with veggies on top of noodles.

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Posted in: Pokemon Go matchmaking events announced in Japan See in context

Get a life!

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Posted in: 10 ways in which Japanese men want to outperform their girlfriends See in context

This survey is pathetic, indeed. However, I would tell my daughters, "Don't let any man stop you from going after your goals and dreams. Just kick him to the curb and I'll help you do that."

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Posted in: Rio kicks off Olympics with ode to forests, favelas and funk See in context

What time was the Olympic Ceremony broadcast in Japan?

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Posted in: IOC approves addition of 5 sports for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

Where are they going to "Hang 10?" If I were them, I would have introduced Sasuke. It's Japanese and more people outside Japan are doing it.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japan's health insurance system? See in context

I think for the most part, it's very good, compared to my native country, especially if you have kids. My kids are taken cared of at a very low rate. It also works well, it you have to go to the hospital for surgeries plus stays. With the exception of breakfast, my hospital meals were great. Some of them looked and tasted almost like restaurant quality. In my native country, the food is bland, on plastic dishes. I do agree that the dental portion can be improved. It should only take one time for a teeth cleaning and no more than two times for fillings.

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Posted in: Hillary Clinton wins historic nomination See in context

Actually, Hillary is not the first woman presidential nominee. The first was back in the 1870's, Victoria Woodhull.

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Posted in: How far we're prepared to go medically to prolong life See in context

What a bs. Personally im not looking forward to getting old. No pension, healthcare that is getting worse. I personally plan to tap out around 60/70ish. If the missus hasnt killed me by then that is.

Very funny!

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Posted in: Men more enthusiastic about moving in with girlfriends than vice-versa, survey says See in context

True for both J-guys and J-girls.

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Posted in: Man arrested for placing condom full of semen in high school girl’s bag See in context

Only in Japan.

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Posted in: More girls turning to sugar daddies to wine and dine them See in context

Too many times lickin' da Surgar Daddy! What a sticky situation. A fool and HER money are soon parted.

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Posted in: Mister postman See in context

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey, Mr. Postman!

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Posted in: More girls turning to sugar daddies to wine and dine them See in context

while we were eating he got up and excused himself to the bathroom, and then left and went home, so I was stuck with the 30,000 yen bill. (

Best thing I've ever read on JT.


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Posted in: Plenty of condoms but no TVs in Rio Olympics athletes village See in context

There's no mention of the condoms in this article, except the headlines. What a moron. But hey, the TV was mentioned.

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