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@Monoidesu :"Japanese ppl should deserve the peace, trustworthiness and sustainable growth especially from neighboring... "

Maybe this is true for many previous japanese PM and their cabinet but this is definately not true in terms of 'Shinzo Abe". He has a plan or a plot to escalate the tension in asia for his own political agenda. Especially to abolish the pacifist constituion! And that is to be done without consultation with neighbouring countries. And why did he played up the terrotorial disputes with others? Not just China but S Korea, Russia also having uneasy relations with Japan. Japan has a record of expansion of territorial after a servere natural disaster like the 1920s Kwangtung earthqukes which is resemble as today 's Fukushima nuclear accident! Japan's motives regarding her territorial expansion with neighbours wasnt a pretext to re-arm! If Mr Abe ignored this, he has committed a very serious mistake and bears a very heavy responsibility to his own countrymen!

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Those 'Land to ship' missile batteries Japan has deployed were no chance to survive in case of a real war. You think the Chinese fleet coming along without backout of their airforce? China has sent cruise missile armed 'Tupolev16 bombers' flying round trips for three days between the 'Okinawa-Miyako' strait at the end last month. That means China is ready to play up the conflict to be a 'stragetic' one instead of what Japan see is a 'tactical' one. That means China could launching cruise missiles from her air space or her air-superiority controlled airspace at any targets in the western pacific, maybe Japan's southern homeland was within her firing range. Mr Abe is tracing teh tension in a 'military solving' manner which is exactly China wants to escalate the situation and Mr Abe is tracing their pattern to heighten the tension which is definately unwise for japan!

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I am aware Mr Yamamoto might drew assaults or harasssment by those rightists due to his 'letter presenting' to the emeperor when he is making speech in public place and so does his residency. You know those rightists has many reasons to legitimated their assaulting when things involved with their emperor'!

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