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Who is the guy next to Tanizaki? Second from the right, between Tanizaki and Masazoe?

That is Koizumi's son, i guess.

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Even if you lose????!!! In your dreams, boys. Best of luck

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Japan team is a hopeless under this useless coach who directs the team in "amakudari style". This isn't another corp, Okada, WAKE UP!!! This is football. My guess tonight before the match was three to nothing in favour of Korea side, but "lucky" Japan narrowly escaped that shame.

Shunsuke, Endo, Nagatomo and Hasegawa plus their goalie were there for the reasons better known to Okada only. Anybody who watched the match in its entirity would confess that the last 10 mins Japan side was very offensive, with Morimoto leading the attacks. Why did not Okada unleash this kid to work with Honda from minute One!!!??

This was their last "peer" match. As someone noted above, this team is not a world class team. well said

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Hope the Samurai Blue kids will have fun there. Not much for the goals, though. This Okada guy keeps whinning about vuvuzela's (the cheering trumpets) being noisy. Very un-football. Africa is a nice place, they can enjoy some safari etc.

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