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Well, yes, I was speeding,

**I agreed with most of the article but what a ridiculous sentence this was. I was breaking the law but i only got penalised because a police office wanted to fill in his paperwork is what the writer is saying. Don't speed then.


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Freedom of expression a basic human right, which you have exercised here. You are of course entitled to your opinion but so are the fans of these bands who you say "take" the music out of the music industry. I wonder if you have even listened to all their songs. The artists work extremely hard and is it their fault for wanting to earn a living. I personally don't know of many people who would refuse money for appearing in an advert, which might also raise their profile. You only mentionned western artists in your article of having "real" music and artists which are long past their prime now, does this mean you think no-one in the entire world are musisicians now.

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This is a 2 year old picture for a start. You aren't forced to listen to their music so stop bashing them. Everyone is entitled to look like they want and it's an achievement to be able to hold 7 days at Tokyo Dome, i bet most of the people who commented here wouldn't be able to sing and dance for 2 hours 7 days in a row.

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