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Posted in: Canadian terror suspect dead after police operation See in context

The onus is on the police to prove that he posed an immediate and credible threat to life, otherwise they should have taken him alive.

He detonated an explosive device in the back of a cab and injured the driver.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck....

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Posted in: Say sayonara to 'sayonara' – 70% of Japanese don’t use this word for goodbye anymore See in context

Just say adios.

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

Good. Surprised there are any fish left the way they harvest them.

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Posted in: Canada announces ban on transgender discrimination See in context

Compare to Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal, people living in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta were the least supportive of transgender people. Alberta standing out as where the majority say they do not support. That says with less interaction comes less acceptance

I am sure that is true, but let's face it..Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are some of the most conservative parts of Canada. Same actually could be said for rural Ontario.

Not sure most people support it, but more probably most are just tired of politicians and want to live their lives in peace. Live and let live seems to be the way.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist returns to Niagara Falls to testify against attacker See in context

Note the statistic that Niagara Falls NY is safer than 2% of the cities in the USA. Obviously then, 98% are safer. Not the kind of place for a midnight stroll


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Posted in: New Suntory beer cans feature 15 different bullet trains and local landscapes See in context

Hmm...quite a high price for a standard can of beer.

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Posted in: Should Japan adopt daylight saving time in summer? See in context


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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese department stores? See in context

Totally overpriced with far more staff than necessary. It is like running the gauntlet just to walk through one floor

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Posted in: The rise of on-demand viewing divides Hollywood See in context

At $50 per rental plus $150 for a set-top box, it remains to be seen whether the idea, led by social media impresario Sean Parker, will be of interest to anyone who isn’t a film buff, or rich.

Remains to be seen? My prediction? A year from now no one will even remember there was such a thing.

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Posted in: You know you’re in Japan when… See in context

You know your are in Japan when childish lyrics played at full blast assault your ears in various stores..particularly electronic stores.

Sometimes I wonder if those songs are to clear people out in a hurry....at least that is the effect they have on me

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Posted in: Asahi Super Dry beer in spring sakura package See in context

I buy beer by how it tastes, not whether or not it comes in a pretty pink can or not.

Of course, I suppose if the beer does not have a lot of taste to begin with, then the can counts for more than it should.

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about a glass of wine See in context

I have never felt guilty about a glass of wine.

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Posted in: Broncos to face Panthers in Super Bowl See in context

As long as Bellicheat is not there, I am happy.

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Posted in: Chocolate fever See in context

Do they hand out lots of free samples? Maybe I will head there.

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Posted in: Do you think that a man giving up his seat on a bus or train to a woman, holding a door open for her or holding her chair as she sits down is outmoded? See in context

Holding a chair while a lady sits down is not something I do. Holding a door open for a lady is always appreciated and I always do that. I find too many Japanese men are just too selfish to think of doing something nice for someone else.

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Posted in: Why is the UK called Igirisu in Japanese? See in context

Half the media in the United States don't even know what the UK is. They constantly call it England.

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Posted in: Russia slaps economic sanctions on Turkey over jet downing See in context

, the Russian economy needs Turkey more than the Turkish economy needs the Russian's.

I don't agree with that statement at all. What's the evidence you have to support it?

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Posted in: Pachinko is ‘recreation for morons,’ magazine claims See in context

I find it amazing that some players are motivated enough to actually line up before opening time and wait for the doors to open. You can always tell that kind of line up by the riff-raff standing in it.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

The word myself. Examples are "Please contact myself ....". Use the word me. Similarly "Myself and by boyfriend". It is "My boyfriend and I". Seen. We seen 2 trains go by. Honestly, how did they get out of grade 2?

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Posted in: Time for black or gay 007, says Brosnan See in context

I thought there already was a Gay James Bond in some of those movies. It sure was't Sean Connery, but some of those pretty boys who played Bond in the 70's were a little suspect.

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Posted in: High-end tech: Quality still a priority for Japanese consumers See in context

.which naturally explains why Japan has none of those tawdry junky discount shops like the dollar stores they have in the US.

Like Donki and Daiso? Not to mention the mom and pop junk stores you see in smaller towns.

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Posted in: New tool will compare costs versus benefits of cancer treatments See in context

40,000 US dollars for 2 more weeks of "quality life". Not for me.

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Posted in: Ueno gathering See in context

But is it a real monk or a fake one. Plenty of those around there.

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Posted in: New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video 'Crazy Party Night' makes Halloween cute and colorful See in context

I actually like the song, but it does looks like a J style Pewee's Funhouse.

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Posted in: More than 100 vases stolen from Tochigi cemetery See in context

What an absolutely disgusting crime.

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Posted in: Belgian politician lobbying AKB48 producers for concert See in context

That picture looks a bit creepy to me...just sayin...

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Posted in: Japan raises eruption warning for volcano near nuclear plant See in context

I am sure most people growing up wonder why people live right beside volcanoes when they read or hear of a major eruption and evacuation of the residents.

Sure, I understand there is rich agricultural soil, but in the case of the city of Kagoshima, it des not really seem the brightest place to build a major city,does it?

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Posted in: Japan raises eruption warning for volcano near nuclear plant See in context

Well Sakurajima has had many eruptions. Just look at youtube videos of them. Hardly an uncommon occurrence.

Last time I visited the volcano museum there they had over 360 eruptions that year (minor, but all classified still as eruptions). There's smoke coming out of that volcano year round.

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Posted in: Blue Jays dominate Yankees 6-0 for 7th straight win See in context

Just finished listening to the 3rd game of series, and Jays have now won 8 in a row.

Amazing series in that the Yankees scored only one run in a 3 game home series. They certainly won't be winning a world series if that kind of play continues.

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Posted in: Couple held for refusing to pay hotel bill after 42-night stay See in context

I think most hotels would start asking for money after you have been there 1 week (assuming they do not demand a credit card earlier than that)

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