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maplegend comments

Posted in: Travelers pick Japan’s 30 best restaurants See in context

sighclops - well said. Been to a few on this list, but none are on my favorites list, which will remain unpublished. ha!

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Posted in: Ishihara, old guard launch Next Generation Party See in context

How about 'That 70's Show!"

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Posted in: Singapore Airlines to use Airbus A380 on Tokyo-LA route See in context

how much is the suite?

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Posted in: 8 youths arrested for 'hunting old men' in Yokohama See in context

It's called the income gap.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl hangs herself at home in apparent suicide See in context

8? how does an 8-year old know how to hang herself? this is so sad...

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Posted in: Japan rejects IWC proposal to halt research whaling See in context

davidattokyo has hit the nail on its head when he says "catch whales on a sustainable basis." if relegated to their own shores, they would need to catch on a sustainable basis. if they can prove that, perhaps they can commercially whale beyond their own coast. but looking at the tuna situation, i wonder if sustainability is even possible...

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Posted in: Japan Airlines launches carbon offset program See in context

Sounds like the next surcharge is on its way.

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Posted in: Manner poster See in context

Love this poster series...

Altria, the animal puns were on the Seibu line, I think.

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Posted in: Apple's iPhone goes on sale in Japan to cheering crowd See in context

You can test, play, touch, make phone calls with the iPhone at the Apple Store (I went to the Ginza one at lunch time). The touch screen responds well actually, and for me the functions seemed sufficient. I'm a current Softbank user, so regarding the fees, I agree it would be best to be careful; they are a bit sneaky with the fine print. And upon visiting the Softbank nearest my office, they only had a whopping total of 9! iPhones for sale today. NINE! So maybe in 9 months when they'll be available again, all the snags will be fixed.

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