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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

It's not actually English, but an exclamation used by English speakers. I can't stand it when people write "walla" when they mean "voila". Oh, and loose/lose is irksome, not to mention the ubiquitous "fail".

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Posted in: Pressure on Japan for stronger laws on child pornography See in context

chooch, There was other evidence, in fact there was a plea agreement wherein the man admitted "downloading, receiving and viewing sexually explicit images of actual children for eight years"

How would a law that

imposes fines for possession of child pornography and introduces a penalty of up to one year in jail for buying or downloading such material. become outdated or bad?

The article quotes the U.S State Department human rights report describing Japan as an

“international hub for production and trafficking of child pornography.” and says that the change in legislation would help combat that.

Personally I'm less worried about the actions of the police than I am about the actions of pedophiles. Children abused vastly outnumber those wrongly convicted of pedophilia.

Why would you want to minimize children's suffering? Good question.

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Posted in: Pressure on Japan for stronger laws on child pornography See in context


I looked up the "Simpsons" porn case. The man involved, a teacher, had also been involved in distributing "real life" child porn, and had a large collection of same, but the evidence had been destroyed and the only thing they could get him on was a charge for obscene depictions of minors. So it's not like they're going to go out and arrest everyone for Simpsons porn images. He got 15 months time plus 3 years probation by the way.

I couldn't find anything about a 15 year old girl being put on the sex offender registry.

I think you are trying to distract from and minimize the real issue. People have made it abundantly clear why they think the law should be a certain way; to protect children

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Posted in: Pressure on Japan for stronger laws on child pornography See in context


However, even as you charge the communities for egging each other on, I charge the hypervigilant and demands for "screwdrivers in their kidneys" for driving the problem even further underground.

But most people who suggest things like "screwdrivers in their kidneys" would never actually act on such an idea. It's just a thought, and that doesn't hurt anyone, right?


I hesitate when I hear people referring to it as a disease, seeing as how not too long ago, homosexuality was referred to in the same fashion.

Homosexuality cannot be compared to pedophilia as it involves consenting adults.

The problem with laws that allow for people to be condemned for their thoughts is that it escalates.

Who is talking about laws condemning people for their thoughts? Possessing and redistributing images of real children being sexually exploited contributes to their abuse. If, for example, you were raped on camera, would you not feel further violated if the image was copied and put in the hands of more and more people? It may not cause you further physical harm but certainly would increase your emotional distress.

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Posted in: Pressure on Japan for stronger laws on child pornography See in context


Most people do not rape kids and film it for the money. Most of the people who do this are pedophiles who make it and swap it/sell it.

Where do you think child pornography comes from? What do pedophiles "make it" with? Real children are violated in its production. Unless you're talking about drawings. Purchase (or swapping) creates demand, and pedophiles egg each other on, and normalize their criminal behaviour within their online "communities".

There is a difference between drugs and child porn; drugs are not harmed in their use, sale or production. So it's easier to say, "oh well, they're going to do it anyway" when it comes to drugs. But children must be protected from harm.

I agree that's it's a mental illness, but as of yet there aren't effective treatments for it. Efforts should continue to try to develop treatments that work, nonetheless behavior that harms children needs to be condemned and subject to legal restriction and punishment.

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Posted in: Pressure on Japan for stronger laws on child pornography See in context

The porn providers would move their movies and pics to the servers in countries where the rules are loose

Then it's up to those countries to tighten their regulations. Japan can only change its own laws.

This is a somewhat alarmist article, in that it is attempting to draw a parallel between child fancy and child abuse.

Child fancy?! Gag. People who actually hold children in any regard don't sexually objectify them. The word "pedophile" bothers me for this reason, since it breaks down as "lover of children". Anyone who actually loved children, or even gave a damn about them beyond their own twisted self-gratification, wouldn't fantasize about violating them. There is absolutely a parallel between child "fancy" and child abuse.

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Posted in: Love without words See in context

Makoto I was a little confused by your essay. In paragraph three you wrote that you didn't have confidence because you were taught to be humble and continuously improve. But then you begin paragraph four saying that "because of this" you concluded your lack of confidence was caused by a lack of physical affection. I'm not clear on the link between the ideas in those two paragraphs.

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Posted in: Police arrest mother for strangling 11-year-old son in Yokosuka See in context

cuddles2000, while I agree to a certain extent that there is more pressure for people to be married by a certain age here than in some other countries, that attitude is by no means universal. I know plenty of older mothers here who are happily married and happily raising children. I just don't think that we can assume that the age of the mother has any bearing on this case.

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Posted in: Police arrest mother for strangling 11-year-old son in Yokosuka See in context

bamboohat, 29 isn't especially old to have a child. I'm not sure where your assumption that she got pregnant so that she could get married before she "expires" came from. At any rate, very young parents with unplanned-for children also face a lot of stress which might lead the unstable among them to abuse or kill their kids. In fact, there are unbalanced people of all ages, so I think your focus on her age misses the mark.

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Posted in: Baby Loves Disco gets into its groove in Tokyo See in context

I agree too; this is outrageously overpriced for a three hour family event (yes, even for Tokyo USNinJapan2, and I've been here 9 years). At the "on the door" rate, it would be 20 000 yen for two kids and their parents. For three hours! It's disappointing because this is something I would like to do with my kid and husband, but not at these prices.

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Posted in: Balloon man See in context

I was so excited to hear that Baby Loves Disco had come to Japan My excitement was diminished when I found out tickets were 5000 yen/adults, 3000/kids. In the states all tickets are $12! Baby loves disco, but not THAT much.

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