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anglootaku - You raise a good point here with regards to the Islands being fully independent. Ultimately the Falkland islands are an autonomously governing state, however as they are so small a territory with such a small population they would find it difficult to become a fully independent nation, let alone be able to defend themselves against future (and let's be honest extremely likely) Argentine predations.

Ultimately those who live on the islands have the right to self determination which is protected and enshrined within UK law. The UK government has no popular mandate to negotiate sovereignty against the will of the inhabitants.

In effect the people of the Falklands choose to be a British overseas territory, and surely it's their right to continue to do so for as long as they wish?

The Argentinians complain that the British are militarising the area, yet when Britain de-militarised the islands totally in 1982 when they withdrew their last remaining naval vessel it sparked the 1982 Falklands war. Britain is in effect more obliged now than ever before to defends it's people from conquest by an unfriendly and unwelcome state.

It's encouraging that so many people here see the reason within this. Ultimately this isn't about supporting the UK over Argentina, it's about supporting the Islanders to defend their right to determine their own future in the world.

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