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Posted in: China welcomes Arab and Muslim foreign ministers for talks on ending the war in Gaza See in context

China is playing the best politics here. Fishing in the muddy water. Every one knows that no one can stop this war......

But it shows the weakness of America... Why USA lost the position of world leader and peace maker? because we have a so called great president...

China will take the position from USA... The streets of USA is full of hatred against USA... those are recently migrated a group of particular religious people.

The era of USA finished ... China is scoring every where... They control US educational institutions ... and agricultural land to all imports to USA. and now politics too.

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Posted in: Why Americans feel gloomy about economy despite falling inflation and low unemployment See in context

Why Americans feel gloomy.........

The best solution is they should carry a photo of Biden and Harris in their pockets all the time. Whenever they feel gloomy take out the pictures and say loud that go for second term ... then I am sure all the worries will fly away...

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Posted in: Biden turns 81 as voters show concern about age See in context

what? who is saying that stupid thing..... Our Biden is so healthy and strong and charismatic ....80% US voters love him. In the next election he will win again with record votes in American history. And he is the only one is capable of doing that, what ? defeating Trump.

Those who worry about Biden's age are maga people.... They are not real ' democrats' Under our loving Biden our nation is prospering and the world is so peaceful . Look at our borders millions are coming to our nation ... everyday 100 k people are freely crossing ...that is because of our prosperity under Biden.... SO he should run again ,,,,,,,, Regarding age Trump is OLD and weak.. so Trump should not run against Our BIDEN.

If you want to see the polls. watch only MSN.... groups polls ... all other polls are fake. Why? because others says Trump is leading.. That is not true... Those are maga polls...

Those who wants our lovable Biden run again for president and keep our prosperity and peace .. long lasting then give a push on the plus button below.

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Posted in: Trump joins media outlets in pushing for his federal election interference case to be televised See in context

look what is our country... USA...... look what is our world now.......

Some morons think that people in USA are living in the kingdom of heaven and peace and prosperity every where...

So in the world ...

So biggest US national news is Trump... ha hahah aa

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Posted in: Ford estimates U.S. strike impact at $1.3 bil See in context

What????? strike????

Two days ago I read a long article in this Japantoday saying that US economy is thriving and growing and workers are so happy, the unemployment rate is all time low, all companies are hiring like sunami ... etc... etc.. etc..

I thought our economy and the people are living in a paradise .. Except the so called MAGA people ( they complaint about fuel price and national debt and millions of illegal immigrants and Ukraine 200 billion donation etc..)

May be the ford ... the auto workers are MAGA people.. We need to brainwash them to become our people...

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Posted in: U.S. economic growth accelerated to strong 4.9% rate last quarter as consumers shrugged off Fed hikes See in context

Just a balloon growth...

After the pandemic , the dead stale mate of three years the return of customers to the market is not growth... it is a flow.... It has recorded all the nations in the world ... not just US. do not mistake it.

When the national debt increased 200 % fold..

The nation is going to bankrupt.

The dollar not going to be the world currency ... a status which will lead to the end of USA

Do we need an economic degree to know these facts?

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Posted in: Biden walks tightrope with his support for Israel as his party's left urges restraint See in context

Biden walks tightrope

lets bring all 2 million gaza people to USA as refugees.... and give them 5 star hotel and citizenship .... imagine they will be voting for democrats and each family will make 7 to 8 children with govt support child care fund ... soon we can make USA an everlasting democratic ruling ..... for ever ..... This is the chance ... now we have not much people to protest against Israel on the USA streets ... if we bring more refugees they will protest and that will be a huge number .... wow ............

The bring more from Lebanon , Syriya and Afghanistan and lets make USA a very peaceful nation on this planet ..

Then Biden will be known as the new creator of USA after Obama ...

Before Trump get benefit from this crisis just bring millions of them to USA.....

Long live Biden ... Long live democratic party ..

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Posted in: Japan asks Iran to talk to Hamas and try to calm tensions with Israel See in context

The reality is coming out..... Japan a Nation ,,, drop out US president the Biden ( so called greatest leader).... and go directly to Iran to solve the problem. Now may be no country has trust in USA.... .... What a tragedy under Biden ... the democrats should realize this .... deleting comments will not hide the truth..

Go Japan... be a leader by yourself. until you find a new world leader ..

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Posted in: As Republicans split over who will be House speaker, McCarthy positions himself as a de facto leader See in context

unlike the so called democrats GOP, they are not slaves of the deep state... There are some who has backbone to stand up and speak .. But democrats are just puppets ... But they united with Gaetz a hard line Trump follower ..... ha ha ha .. they hate Trump but support Trump people with whole heartedly ... what a pity for democrats ...

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Posted in: Robert F Kennedy Jr's independent run for president draws GOP criticism and silence from national Democrats See in context

Yes yes GOP liked and Trump liked him...

He will be the vice president candidates of Trump...

But hello cheerleaders team do not worry... Still Biden is going to win landslide..

Do you know why ? Now look at our nation.. A kingdom of heaven.. Look at the world... The most peaceful planet under the world leader Biden ...

Lets have a celebration .....

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Posted in: Trump argues First Amendment protects him from 'insurrection' cases aimed at keeping him off ballot See in context

Since we have our judge , who was appointed by obama and the jury all are our people... it is really set up..... So do not worry he will be indicted ..

If he run then big problem... He will win..

So lets find more cases and bring those to Obama appointed judges court ..

And lets cheer lead . please join with me ...

Long live Biden .. Harris ..

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Posted in: China tells tech manufacturers to stop using Micron chips, stepping up feud with United States See in context

It is a great victory for Biden............

Look What a great Leader we have in the white house...

Yes yes .... The greaT leader will control China....... Phooo

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Posted in: Biden’s dragging poll numbers won’t matter in 2024 if enough voters loathe his opponent even more See in context

But if former President Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee – right now he’s leading the primary polls by a fairly wide margin

Then all the leftist , antifa and the so called liberals should work hard to get Trump as republican nominee.. Please .. please ,. please work hard to support Trump to become the republican nominee ....


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Posted in: Trump's absence at civil rape trial shows 'he did it,' accuser's lawyer says See in context

'he did it,' accuser's lawyer says

The lawyer received his payment fr his job. He has to say that... I am sure even an elementary students can understand this logic ..

But not for some ..

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Posted in: Chinese EV dominance hastens end of petrol engine era See in context

The Biden's policy also helped the Chinese to gain upper hand in EV... Not just EV other solar equipment in the name of climate change and clean energy... Every action by Biden helped China to be rich and superior in every field. Who lost? US tax payers ...

Do not blame me " I DID NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN"

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Posted in: Confusion as Musk's Twitter yanks blue checks from agencies See in context

The left so called liberal media is trying 24/7 to kill twitter with bombarding negative news... But it is not working .. ha ha ha ...

The world has come to know the dirty game they were playing ....

But you guys keep trying ...

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Posted in: Climate tension: U.N. chief chides Biden, other world leaders See in context

This puppet... crazy old guy ... is so stupid..... Who respect him???? no one ..


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Posted in: Trump to be arraigned Tuesday See in context

If you put Trump in a court case..... Will that solve all the problems of Biden is doing??? It is a attention diverting drama...

But this arrest will help Trump to win the next election with over 100 million votes ... wait for 2024 ...

You... I mean you... Will cry a lot .. and still look for some some thing to feed the hungry blind followers in the so called " today"

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Posted in: Shooter kills 3 kids, 3 adults at Nashville school See in context

Our country is on the edge of destruction ...

If you ban guns then they will use knives to kill children ..

Because people are fed up abut this administration and getting mad...

They are waiting for 2024 to save their life ..

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Posted in: Japan suspects China flew 3 spy balloons over territory in 2019-2021 See in context

Not so fast. I read yesterday that a pilot had to shoot two 400,000 USD missiles at a slow moving balloon. The first one missed!!!! Lol

It seems shooting balloons down is not that easy for the USAF. Oh dear!!

Yes ,,, because we have a monkey in the white house....... a white monkey ... he does not what is day ad night...

We need a strong leader as US president in the white house and democrats do not have anyone....

Other wise China will eat the world..

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Posted in: Twitter's plan to charge for crucial tool prompts outcry See in context


I thought Twitter is dead and not at all working... This is what left and the so called liberals were screaming for the last few months after Musk bought it...

Every day the left media was giving headlines ... to encourage people to leave Twitter.. What happened???

Still can we believe this left media??? their news about Twitter????

Hello, There is google and facebook and other tons of left supporters with a holy status ... Why people are not trusting them and using them???

And no news articles about them toooo........... What a pity ?

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Posted in: Nikki Haley announces run for president, challenging Trump See in context

hello team,

Keep trying to promote her as much as possible. Even though she is not a capable candidate against Trump.

Just keep writing that she is ahead of Trump and MAGA people are doing bad things to her etc... At any cost we need to divert the attention of the public from our failures and weakness, and feed the public 24/7 with Trump news ( create, if there is none) and keep spreading it......

Hello bros , I can not sleep even thinking of Trump win, And it is going to happen... cry ...

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Posted in: U.S. weighs deploying medium-range missiles to U.S. forces in Japan: report See in context

Lets do it quickly before Trump wins in the 2024..... He should not get credit for these missiles ..

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Posted in: Republicans criticize Biden for waiting to shoot down Chinese balloon See in context

hello team , just focus on blaming the Trump...... So that we can hide our weakness and failure .....

Yes yes yesesss

The balloon is actually made by Trump and Maga ... The put Chinese name and flew our heads ..

We need to control social media ... Even before our administration finds the social media was running a live show of the balloon ... This is not allowed. They have better ability than our Biden team ..

how can we divert the people attention from balloon to Trump..

Give some suggestions my brothers ...

Please . please ..

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Posted in: Man stabs passengers on German train; 2 dead, 7 injured See in context

Read it here for the full news ..

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Posted in: Afghan women determined, frustrated after Taliban NGO ban See in context

This is not Taliban rules.. This is Islamic rules ... Sharia laws ..... They are practicing what is written in the quran ... Taliban implements that in that country..

In USA , Europe and many parts of the world the Islam is slowly implementing it step by step.... starting with victim cry ..... propagating islamophobia......... halal food demand, demanding dress code for women, opening cultural centers ... and then mosques and making small cities ( pockets ) where no go zone. "Sharia law area."

We see the dangers only when the population multiply fast and strong ... until then they are " super peace makers" with a hash tag " do not worry .... only 20% are terrorists, not every one..... in a 150 billion population ... you do the maths ...

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Posted in: Twitter outages hit thousands of users worldwide See in context

When Facebook down 100 times... no news .. When google down .. no news .. And when twitter were down many times before Musk take over then left media never reported...... Now it is a big world news for left media.. with lots of masala as " all the engineers quit" "billons left twitter accounts " Musk said this ..that ... ..... An invitation to leave the twitter.... by left media... a fake propaganda ... cheap politics and very cheap journalism ?? Well it is not journalism it is called money driven propaganda machine ...

watch more to come from left mask media ... to keep intoxicate the brain washed followers ...

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Posted in: Biden announces modest climate actions; pledges more to come See in context

most stupid president of all time...

Doesn't know what he is saying and doing ...

America is heading to a collapse ..

Why did we listen the lies of Pelosi and her team in the beginning ???

Why the media is not discussing the true problems of our nation????

What are they afraid off??

What are they trying to hide from us???

The world is in turmoil...

China is the biggest threat to the world not climate....

SO pity .... How can we save our nation....

As a country USA was nation of pride but not any more..

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Posted in: China warns Kishida about amending Japan's constitution See in context

@ indigo

do you know that japan killed millions of Chineses, Americans and Koreans? stop your BS!

from where does the million mathematics come??? what a joke.. then put billions or trillions that suit your comments ..

Chinese crying communist party killed many millions of people which are human being with geographical area of current china. .... NO COMPALINTS????

China attacked Korea for a millennium and killed nearly millions ...

China killed many 100 s of thousands Tibetans and it is still going on ...

China killing many Muslims ( Uyghur ) in their own country .. (But no ass tunnel muslims in the world there to complaint and question chins that is funny )

But they wants to bark at Japan..

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Posted in: China warns Kishida about amending Japan's constitution See in context

why china is strong just because of this guy

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