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Posted in: Biden announces modest climate actions; pledges more to come See in context

most stupid president of all time...

Doesn't know what he is saying and doing ...

America is heading to a collapse ..

Why did we listen the lies of Pelosi and her team in the beginning ???

Why the media is not discussing the true problems of our nation????

What are they afraid off??

What are they trying to hide from us???

The world is in turmoil...

China is the biggest threat to the world not climate....

SO pity .... How can we save our nation....

As a country USA was nation of pride but not any more..

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Posted in: China warns Kishida about amending Japan's constitution See in context

@ indigo

do you know that japan killed millions of Chineses, Americans and Koreans? stop your BS!

from where does the million mathematics come??? what a joke.. then put billions or trillions that suit your comments ..

Chinese crying communist party killed many millions of people which are human being with geographical area of current china. .... NO COMPALINTS????

China attacked Korea for a millennium and killed nearly millions ...

China killed many 100 s of thousands Tibetans and it is still going on ...

China killing many Muslims ( Uyghur ) in their own country .. (But no ass tunnel muslims in the world there to complaint and question chins that is funny )

But they wants to bark at Japan..

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Posted in: China warns Kishida about amending Japan's constitution See in context

why china is strong just because of this guy

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Posted in: Uyghur-heritage candidate urges Japan to embrace diversity See in context

If Uyghur muslims are playing a victim here... "China is torturing them"..... But look non of the muslim nations and the muslim organizations in the world...... never stood against China.....

WHY ???? WHY??

Most of the African muslim nations love China as sugar ...

In the middle east trillions of dollars worth Chinese goods and Chinese business are thriving ...

But if the west make any small restriction or comment about that religion then they all unite are bark ... call to boycott the western products .. ( we saw with France)

Only nations supporting Uyghur muslims are USA. .. that was until 2020.. And Now Japan...

Any comments???

Can stop the commenting by deleting it ..

But can not delete the truth that exist undeletable.....

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Posted in: Over 50 killed in Nigeria church attack See in context

no one is concerned about the Islamic terrorism... the religion teaches to kill others... but no one wants to tell the truth...

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Posted in: Musk wants to cut 10% of Tesla jobs; tells employees to return to workplace or quit See in context

when Elon does anything ( which is not looks good) it is a global news for fake liberals and their propaganda.... Because he said h is no more a democrat or biden worshipper..... So painting black ( not BLM ha ha ha ) is a must for them..

When he does any good thing they will never report ...

If Jeff or Bill gates or Mark Zukker or bloomberg or any of those guys kick out 25% of workers they will never be a local news......

This is the world ... run by so called freedom seekers .. what a joke ..

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Posted in: Israeli police beat pallbearers at Al Jazeera journalist's funeral See in context

Killing Israeli civilians are not reported as a violence .... But the media boost when Israel retaliate...

A kind of double standard ...

With out suffering an attack from Islamic terrorist Israeli never retaliate ..

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Posted in: Elon Musk says Twitter deal 'temporarily on hold' See in context

Yes the so called liberals ( fake liberalism ) will do anything to stop him buying it...

If Twitter is free and open then people will see the truth ...

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Posted in: Biden trip to Asia to signal U.S. keeping its eye on China See in context

This guy will not make any good result for Japan. He is just a walking toy ...

Taiwan and Japan better make own nukes and protect ourselves . Who is going to trust the words of this Mentally incapacitated and physically weak and old guy....

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

What ever Musk says and does is NO GOOD... from now on .... And as person he is the worst on this planet ... "New hash tag" for so called LIBERALS ... the fake army ..

Suddenly Musk become a global news item for liberals and pro communists . For them attacking and ridiculing Musk is the new chewing gum since Trump is not an obstacle. After Musk bought twitter ... liberals lost global monopoly in media control. They are totally upset. Now any way put black paint on him. You will see more news and articles about Musk as the way they did to Trump.....

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Posted in: Don't call him CEO: Jack Dorsey says he's 'Block Head' now See in context

We will not allow Musk to take over the Twitter ....... We democrats, socialist , communists and liberal do not support free speech. We will do anything to stop him.... The world should hear what we tell ... And we will decide what the world should speak. We are liberals ....

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Posted in: Twitter says it's testing an 'edit' button See in context

I want Musk should buy the Twitter.....

It should be in the safe hands ..

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Posted in: Oscars slap sparks debate on the defense of Black women See in context

imagine if Will smith were a white, yellow or blue male???????? if so then the earth would have to rotate to the opposite side to contain the protest.. millions would have rallied on the street.. Most of the statues would have pulled down... shops would have been looted and burned down and the list goes on.......... Finally name of the former president have appeared and he long hours of cable TVs discussion ....... OH GOD ... what else would have happened?????

Next If that comedian was white? then imagine the opinions and the rest is assumable for an elementary school kid ...

This is America now.........

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Posted in: Ukrainians claim to retake ground ahead of latest talks See in context

Most media are desperately doing lots of cover-up, publishing news that their readers only would want to hear.

yes 100% true..

It is a propaganda, now seems more than Zelensky our great Biden is in a survival game. Failure after failure... rejection after rejection, more and more countries are looking down and do not want to even pick up the phone calls of Biden.. Such a shame for the president of the once the most powerful nation on earth!!!!

So boosting him with propaganda news is the only life line for him and his team... Or diverting the attention of the people from the reality .

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Posted in: Judge: Trump likely committed crimes related to election See in context

The only escape from my failures from open border, Afghanistan , oil price, inflation, corruptions and Russia etc.. I need to put Trump in to court. The rest will be done my my peers.. hello subjects keep in watching the TV... forget the problems and enjoy ...

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Posted in: Biden says remark on Putin's power was about 'moral outrage' See in context

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy remains exasperated with the pace of military assistance, accusing Western leaders of cowardice and repeating his request for tanks and fighter jets.

Sorry Zelenskyy sending the words from my big mouth is the only thing I can do for you.... But make sure that you get a good media coverage ...

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Posted in: Russia shifts focus to try to grind Ukraine's army in east See in context

here what Russia wants they got...

Ukraine will be east Ukraine and west Ukraine

If there was a good world leader on the chair, this would not have happened.. Now it is time for US voters to save America and the world.

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Posted in: Ukrainians claim to retake ground ahead of latest talks See in context

The new word in the English dictionary " ukrained " is finally getting the result. Zelensky believed the words of the white house guy and get ukrained .... But they are fighting with stones and arrows ...... and gaining ground. even though that won't make them win or even recover.

Moral advice ..

"Never trust a false friend. a weak man with big mouth. other wise you will be ukrained "

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Posted in: Yoon seeks future-oriented approach to improve South Korea-Japan ties See in context

A great move by Yoon...

Both Japan and South Korea should be independent ... Never trust or rely the Biden administration.

Be good friends and make own defense and offense to protect from China.

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Posted in: Biden to announce new Russia sanctions while in Brussels See in context

as well as the end of everything else......nobody wins. Putin is a little man, who is a bully. 

The world is full of Bullies ............. Instead of crying out loud... the Biden had to learn to manage bully...... That is called leadership ..... leadership is not harvesting fish... but handling the Lions.. Putin was as bully, and is a bully and will be a bully.........

or better yet, educate the Russian people of what is going on, and let them take care of Putin,

Better educate the Americans to handle the weak president how is like a scared puppy who has no ability to handle a situation which a high school girl can handle..

When educated Americans stand up, no bully will be there to threaten the world.

Need the strong leader back in the office ..

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Posted in: GM buying out SoftBank's $2.1 bil stake in Cruise self-driving cars See in context

GM has been cheating America for years..... They have received 50 billion our tax money keep this white Elephant to be alive. But they have sold the technology and cream of the company to China for just a billion dollars...

Here is the link :

Now they are buying the the self driving technology (with a US tax money and EV subsidy) and this is going to be in China's hand free.. Good strategy by the Chinese . We US citizens are stupid .......

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Posted in: Kishida to visit India to build Indo-Pacific partnership See in context

If India votes against Russia. then Russia china and Pakistan became a team and attack India. It is commonsense. And everybody now finds out there will be 100 supporters before the war starts to say "We will support you". but once the war started that is not the case.

Yes 100% true as long as Biden is the president of USA no country in the world can trust America .... India knows it very well. And Now Taiwan realized .. South Korean new president said that they will arm themselves to protect them from NK...... They knew that depending on Biden words is a Joke...

Japan has realized and can not say anything... so Japan is going o get support from India .. looking for a long term partnership, a country whom they can trust.....

Go Kishida.... save your nation...

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Posted in: American among civilians killed in Russian attack in Ukraine See in context

Ukraine lost 10000s of people dead. over 5 million people lost homes, and became refugee .... the world lost trillions... US tax payers has started to pay 14 billion cash to support war. Later US will have to pay 100s of billions. EU is paying big........

US citizens are so happy as we become so rich under Biden.. as we just pay 4or 5 dollars per gallon with happy and thankful face... ha ha ah .... There is no protest on the street..... NO antifa, no liberals and no leftists' occupies parks and no tents... and no bla bla bla ,,,such wonderful world ....., the inflation is rocketing ..still we are sooooooooo happy .... kingdom of heaven in USA..

Now the lefts and blaming a common citizen for all their failures from Afghanistan to Iraq to Ukraine .... SO A SINGLE GUY who has no power chair .... and " a so called terrorist ( in their view) is the guy behind all the problems"" the fake media has nothing else to tell the world except about him?????

That simple citizen , like you and me, he is not holding any position in any govt body , not the leader of a political party, but happened to be the two time impeached ( even after he left the office ha haha.) a one time president of the nation. The Donald Trump......

Foot note: if Trump was president then there would not have an Afghanistan failure and this Ukraine war .. We need him back in the office to see the street protest against gas price hike...

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Posted in: Zelenskyy pleads for help in speech to U.S. Congress; Biden calls Putin war criminal See in context

Zelenskyy pleads for help in speech to U.S. Congress; Biden calls Putin war criminal

This shows everything..... Dear Zelensky you approached the wrong person for help. That guy can do only that much " calling Putin a criminal" and he went back to underneath of his bed.

Dear Zelensky ,how to you feel and what do you feel after pleading help from that guy????

Please learn the lesson. Two major US allies in the middle east , do not want to pick up the phone calls from the guy you pleaded help...... They do not give a dam penny value to him and his team.

Look India now going to buy billions of worth of oil from Russia.

China is alreadly supporting Russia with many many billions in the form of oil, and agricultre products.

The great guy is chanting " sanctions ,sanctions,,," nothing is going to happen

We are paying record price for oil.... WHY WE DO NOT SEE ANY PROTEST ON THE STREET?????????????????

Imagine if it was Trump the current president????

Well if he was then this would not have happened... period .

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Posted in: Japan to freeze assets of 3 Belarusian banks See in context

what japan should learn

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Posted in: Not all Western companies sever ties to Russia over Ukraine See in context

this is what saudi and uae did ...

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Posted in: China lashes Washington over Quad, North Korea See in context

“China is willing to continue to play a constructive role and make efforts to this end," he said.

WHooooooo.. who is going to believe the words of China?????????????

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Posted in: NATO rules out policing no-fly zone over war-hit Ukraine See in context

BIden funds the Russia....... last year Biden administration bought 240 million barrels of oil from Russia.. still keep buying even today folks ...

Biden is not ready to stop buying the oil from Putin....

The all Sanctions drama is a Joke ...

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Posted in: 70 Japanese volunteer to fight for Ukraine against Russia See in context

This is what is happening if the leader of the free world is weak and stupid ... Japanese should not involve in this war.... Next Soon China will invade Taiwan before the current US president in power... Japanese should take care own nation. Do not rely on Biden

Stay away from Ukraine ..

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Posted in: 70 Japanese volunteer to fight for Ukraine against Russia See in context

Going to war with Russia is going to war with China.... Do not enter into this war... You are framed to do this... Look what is going behind the curtain .

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