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marc laden comments

Posted in: Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah; battles rage in northern Gaza See in context

The Palestinian death toll in the war has now surpassed 35,000, according to Gaza health officials,

look at the photo do you see any children and infants???? any women??? NO NO N O N O...

But the death toll reporting all over the world media... in among 35000 dead 30000 are children ... 4500 women and only 500 men....

The lefttt media and the Islamic media report not the real numbers...

It is HAMAS killing Palestinian children to boost the numbers...... And the stupid people in the USA are eating the shixxxt of HAMAS.. You see that in the college campus and the street..

Eradicating the HAMAS from this planet is the only way middle east can attain peace..

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Posted in: Putin removes defense minister Shoigu See in context

Listen why what Putin says about Trump.. Unbelievable ... I did not know how deep they are connected.. A must watch . look how MAGA people are reacting to this..


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Posted in: Israel moves deeper into Rafah and fights Hamas militants regrouping in northern Gaza See in context

This is why Biden wants to stop the Bombs to Israel. Top secret ... A must watch


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Posted in: Trump accuses Biden of siding with Hamas See in context

GBR48Today  07:15 am JST

More than 34,7000 Palestinians — most of them civilians — have been killed in the conflict, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

If you trust Gaza health ministry ..that is the HAMAS report....... that is not Palestine Health Ministry.... Can you see the difference..

Palestine has a different health Ministry..

After reading the HAMAS health 'MINISTRY' .. what happed to me.. below..

If is is 347000 or 34700... those are numbers to feed the protesters ... and the list goes that 90% are children .. ( my heart started breaking ,, beating ... and started crying .. and get adrenaline to join the protest) and 9% women ( haaaaa I should join the college protest now) and among 9% half of them are pregnant women...( I can not control now I ma going the protest now) .. only 1% adult males died in the war ..... ( Thank you HAMAS for a good reporting...I am in support for you)... Lets go and eradicate entire jews on this plants. 'RIVER TO THE SEA'

You see me in the street..

HAMAS Mission accomplished

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Posted in: Trump's comparison of student protests to Jan 6 part of effort to downplay Capitol attack See in context

yaha ... We leftieeeesss and the democrats should educate Trump and event the world that the right to protest is only for us. The other have no right... keep quiet..

I wonder why the students are up all over the US.... We already give them freebies to vote for Biden. And they should be thankful for that....

Or shall we label them as MAGA and put them in to jail? I have doubt now.. that is why they are burning our flags and putting Palestine flag every where..

May be all those students are MAGA... I believe... any how our police are doing the best.. beat them well... ha haha ha.. good.. thumps up ..

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Posted in: Trump sets out stark vision for authoritarian second term in Time interview See in context


> It is if you don't want America turned into a fascist state...

Go around democrats run cities in USA.., Look at the universities.... look around the world.. and have a free mind to think.. honestly ... stop the HATE , and use of racism to blind the people.. which is the secret weapon of world liberals the communists dictatorship gangs .. who are trying to make USA a communist authoritarian nation.. and a colony to China.. with the support of islamic terrorists...( whose whole dream is the destruction of USA)

See the danger and recognize the real danger.. waiting next to your door..

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Posted in: Hamas reviewing Israeli proposal for cease-fire in Gaza, as a planned Rafah offensive looms See in context

More than 34,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israel's offensive, according to the Health Ministry in Hamas-run Gaza, around two-thirds of them children and women.

We should appreciate and congratulate HAMAS for protecting the adult males from Israel offence... Look at the data.... 60% deaths are children.. and nearly 20% are women..... and a few males.. and most of them are old people...

Where are the adults males????????????????

Some sources say that HAMAS themselves kill Palestinian children to get international attention and support..

The leaders of HAMAS are living in a 7 star hotel in Qatar.. Flying in private planes .. What a life??

Hamas sparked the war by attacking southern Israel on Oct. 7, with militants killing around 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and taking around 250 hostage. Israel says the militants still hold around 100 hostages and the remains of more than 30 others.

But the liberals and leftttties and saying Israel started war with HAMAS.. and there are many takers for that too.

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Posted in: Xi tells Blinken U.S., China should be 'partners, not rivals' See in context

Biden has increased pressure on China beyond Trump in some areas.

Finally after 4 long years ...... Where did he get that courage???

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Posted in: Xi tells Blinken U.S., China should be 'partners, not rivals' See in context

ha haha ..

only a crazy monkey in the wild would trust on XI's proposal ..

May be Biden too

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Posted in: Big money flows to U.S. charities fueling vaccine misinformation See in context

I was a big supporter of him.. and all his words and actions... same thing as before... BUT ... When he left my party ' democrat' I do not support the same thing what he was saying before and now..

This is my logic and most of my peers logic

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Posted in: Israeli airstrike in Gaza's south kills at least 9 Palestinians in Rafah, including 6 children See in context

I think 90% of population in Gaza are below 7 years old... That is why when Hamas report the death tolls nearly 80% children.

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Posted in: Hamster abandoned at Tokyo ramen restaurant gets new home See in context

Look at the news ..

National News: Hamster get new home

International news: Trump said this Trump said that... Trump .. Trump Trump ..

I enjoy reading these in the morning ..

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Posted in: U.S. works to prevent an escalation across the Mideast as Biden pushes Israel to show restraint See in context

Who is going to listen this old puppet? If he was capable he would have stopped the attack from the beginning ... No one in the world is going to listen him...

Mark my words.. Watch what is going to happen next..

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Posted in: Trump's abortion statement angers conservatives and gives Biden campaign a new target See in context

This will defeat Trump... for sure.. even republicans are agreeing on this watch it .


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Posted in: Ships with a second round of aid for Gaza have departed Cyprus as concerns about hunger soar See in context

Egypt is building a billion dollar wall with electric fence to stop Palestinians entering their country.... Jordan also closed all the borders... Even Jordan kicked out them..

NO MUSLIM NATION wants Hamas supporters ...


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Posted in: Ships with a second round of aid for Gaza have departed Cyprus as concerns about hunger soar See in context

These crisis can be ended in an hour....... release the kidnapped Israel citizens.... Hamas should release the kidnapped citizens of Israel..



And stop crying... Stop acting as victims .... Have common sense..

Israel want a peaceful existence .. But the Hamas a terrorist organization working based on 6th century religious ideology want to kill all the Jews on this planet...


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Posted in: U.S. home sales rise in February by most in a year See in context

Here another reason why people are in a hurry to sell the homes


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Posted in: U.S. home sales rise in February by most in a year See in context

Why they are selling their own houses? to buy gas and grocery? Or to pay other bills??

Or they have made two or three houses extra with in our Biden administration? Bidenomics.... And now selling to make more profit to buy two or three golden Rolls-Royces... USA is a kingdom of heaven..

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Posted in: Trump campaign pleads for one million donations as cash crunch looms See in context

As a demo cart party member as a leffftist I am so thrilled to read Japan today as they have returned to the nakamal pattern of posting a news ( every day must) every day about Trump.... it is my breakfast ... that give me a kind of hallucination .... like self bating effect... thank you .. thank you thank you JT..

Please search hard to get more such news about Trump. possible two news article every day.

Do not forget to write boasting news about Biden. Please report that Biden is so young and energetic to run for next four years....

Thank Obama for his help for that last three years.. I am sure he will help Biden for the next term too.

Trump is in financial trouble.. ha ha ha ha .. this gives me so cooling effect... what a satisfaction... after reading .. I can not describe in words here.. look at Obama before becoming president his asset was 1.4 million. after 8 years his asset is 140 million. we have lot of money to defeat Trump. hoorai .. thumps up

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Posted in: More foreign students set to be eligible for Japan gov't scholarships See in context

Among the foreign students 60% are Chinese students.... they get free education and monthly allowance for free accommodation and perks from Japanese tax payers.

These Chinese students are selected by CCP as spies and offered govt jobs. They come here to loot the technology and information from Japan.

Japanese tax payers are paying for them... What a pity???

And look at Japanese students.... 80% of High school graduates can not go to university in Japan. Because of very high fees... They have to get Bank loan and have to pay many other expenses So they give up the dream of higher education and end up working in a factory. In those factories higher jobs are held by Chinese who studied here in Japan with Japanese money.

This is the fucxxing situation here in Japan. No one wants to address this issue.. Because boasting china is a propaganda ... and they get paid from CCP through different channels..

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rules Trump can stay on Colorado primary ballot See in context

As a strong lefftist .. As a democrat.... I can not sleep.... I like the photo of this article ... Please put this sign ' All nine judges are traitors ' that gives me some kind of self satisfaction . ha ...

Why those nine judges unanimously supported Trump ??? They should watch and read the our Medias and based on that they should rule... OTHERWISE we will lose this coming election.... We supported and supporting Nikki but she is not getting any support from republicans.... why?? why ?? we spend millions for her..

After this ruling Trump will get more support.. it may go over 70% US voters ... How can we kick out him..... My peers find a way as we did in 2020... print more mail ballots... try to do some thing... please please .. I am crying crying crying .... hiiiiiiii

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Posted in: Trump appeals judge's decision to remove his name from Illinois primary ballot See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  07:51 am JST

False flag much? Don't you worry, though, Biden has more money than Trump and there is much time to review Trump's history.

lets use that money to print more mail ballot i mean millions of it, like we did in the last election and make Biden stay in the white house...... Or lets pay money to vote for Biden..... Other wise we can not win this coming election.

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Posted in: Trump appeals judge's decision to remove his name from Illinois primary ballot See in context

As a strong lefftiist democrat I really wish that Trump should be removed from election and if possible from US citizenship. Other wise I can not sleep..... I am crying every day..... Still I do not know why over 60% US voters support Trump?? Half of the black voters are now with Trump.... Even though we brought millions of illegals to our country. But majority support Trump... They are people with no thanks....... Biden is giving freebies to students as free loans, but our polling data is not increasing.. WHYW WHY WHy??? Call Pelosi , she knows how to win the election.... need some things like what we did in 2020...

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Posted in: Ford CEO says company will rethink where it builds vehicles after last year's autoworkers strike See in context

why workers are striking? According to the leffff..tists the USA is a paradise for all low level income people... And a sharp brained Biden is the best leader for USA and for the world...... Let for go away and our Chinese companies come to America and make great China again...... do not allow Make America Great Again..... as a strong Lefff..tist this is my dream. My democratic peers will clap and support this view..

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Posted in: Judge orders Musk to testify in SEC probe of his $44 billion Twitter takeover in 2022 See in context

As a lefff..tist and anti group of making America great.. ( Democrats and their baking groups .. we want to see weak America and Make China Great Again not MAGA it is MCGA) really do not like loosing twitter to a person who do not act for us or our goal. So my lefff..tist friends lets work hard to defeat Musk...

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Posted in: Takeaways from Supreme Court arguments over whether Trump is ineligible to be president again See in context

2020hindsightsToday  07:48 am JST

My advice would be don't sweat it. Trump doesn't have chance to win the presidency. He's toast and he knows it.

But he is going to win.... cry ,,,,, hiiiiii.... 0ver 60% of american voters are with him... Now our card ( black voters are going to him like a sunami) . Shall we do the same tactics as we did the last election? print lots of mail ballot and just vote for Biden in bulk? or bring more illegal migrants from China... I totally oppose a great America... MAGA people want to make America great.. But we democrats can not allow that..... Lets make plan to bring more Chinese to our nation to control everything.. that make me happy .....

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Posted in: Takeaways from Supreme Court arguments over whether Trump is ineligible to be president again See in context

As a anti amercia great moto people ... i can not sleep now... I am crying every day... Thinking 24 hrs how can we defeat Trump..... the people of USA are behind Trump. He is going to win a landslide.. Whatever the tactics we play with card... still colour voters are flowing to Trump.... Ha .. What to do..... Can we ask Pelosi to impeach him again?? at least outside the congress!!! May be in the senate..... I am crying and crying ... this is all what I can do now... Shall we start our plan B... make rallies and protest and burning the things in the street etc... any advice from my peers?

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Posted in: Trump vows to block Nippon Steel's acquisition of U.S. Steel if he's elected See in context

Here comes the tsunami of news ( intentionally negative) about Trump in left medias .... ha haha..

He is not yet elected as a candidate... But left medias are afraid of him.. even now..

What a pity for the left ????

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Posted in: Musk says first human has received an implant from Neuralink, but other details are scant See in context

Since it is developed by Musk.... we the radical left should oppose any way...

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

The racial card technique to evade the crimes..... This is next before such ' phobia' tactics ... definitely next is phobia of a particular religion comes..... all a well planned .... Externally it look normal... this court case... But they have a clear agenda behind this court case........

These techniques worked well in USA and Europe... They want to do this in Japan next..

The duty of the police is to question anything they see unnatural ( to the Japanese society ) or strange..

You have to understand and co-operate with the police then no problem

Police should not be defeated in this case.

Japan is the only country left in the free world with out religious fanatics and radical left the terrorist control.

Lets support the police to do their duties.

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