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Lovely. Blue Man Group should hold a concert there. That would be cool.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea defense chiefs to share North Korea missile data in December See in context

They should focus more on China, who is using North Korea as a distraction in their plan to retake all of Asia. But, it is nice they are working together to deal with the pesky Rocket Man.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting wife in taxi in Hokkaido See in context

The ambience of the taxi may have been a factor. The B.O. of the driver coupled with the horrid sounds of Enka music from the AM radio aren't exactly conducive to romance. His erratic driving and overuse of the heater may also have factored in to the equation. To his credit, he did tattle on the old codger to the police, who would be better able to physically restrain the man than a single taxi driver. It is safe to assume the wife is no angel if she manages to irritate her spouse to the point of violence. I hope they find help and don't embarrass their children further.

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Most interesting. 400 meters is hardly a joy ride. Hope he was at least able to play with the flashing lights and siren sounds before getting busted. At least he was in good hands if he needed medical attention for alcohol poisoning, etc.

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Posted in: Koi emerge as new source of souring relations between Japan and China See in context

Fascinating. I've had herpes but had literally no idea fish could get it, as well. I think Japan should, like many states do I'm the US, require the fish have STD and AIDS testing before breeding. By eradicating herpes amongst the Japanese koi population, exports would certainly increase. As for China and Japan whining and moaning about each to each other and anyone who will listed, it's been going on for centuries. Finally, loved the Tina Turner reference.

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Posted in: 86-year-old man arrested over death of wife See in context

While it is understandable to perhaps want to commit such an act because the spouse had harassed or abused you over the years, such action is unforgivable. Perhaps introducing mandatory regular wellness visits to people aged over 85 is in order. These crimes are in the news far too often in Japan. Almost as often as school shootings in the USA...

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Posted in: Huey Lewis rom-com musical 'The Heart of Rock & Roll' finds a stage on Broadway in spring See in context

Huey is a legend and one of the most underrated musicians of the last two centuries. Now that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves, a whole new generation of gamers, YouTubers, influencers, and hikikomori otaku can enjoy his music. Another reason Huey deserves respect is because he respected the musicians before him who paved the way for him to enjoy insane commercial success at an advanced age. That's the heart of rock'n'roll.

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Posted in: Hold the olive oil! Prices of some basic European foodstuffs keep skyrocketing See in context

This is precisely why Japan needs to step up its olive game in Shikoku. Japanese olive oil, like all other foodstuffs, is superior. If they would produce more, the world would buy more and prices would come down. It would also spur the Japanese economy and end inflation, to a degree, anyway.

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Posted in: Nepal rushes aid and rescue operations after strong quake shakes its northwest, killing at least 157 See in context

Bummer. The death rate rose. It never decreases, just like Japanese consumption tax. Nice to see the PM is brining in a team of physicians. Wishing all involved a speedy recovery to normalcy.

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Posted in: Air Self-Defense Force plane evacuates 46 out of Israel See in context

This reads as if Japan has kidnapped Koreans, Vietnamese and Taiwanese. Did the airplane drop them off in South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan? I hope they were charged for the flight, fuel surcharge, and luggage. Our taxes in Japan are going to waste, I'm afraid.

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Posted in: Hong Kong origami enthusiasts share passion in regular meet-ups See in context

@K3PO was very punny! It is great to see Japanese culture being embraced by enthusiasts in Hong Kong. We all know, Hong Kong people need to be able to meet freely with like-minded people to partake in their passions. Origami is one of Japan's many great exports. It is with high hopes that the CCP will continue to let these wonderful people continue to congregate and share their love of Japanese origami.

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Posted in: An elegy to Tokyo’s doomed Jingu Stadium and its fans See in context

Very well written article. Even I couldn't have done better. Now, the government, on the other hand --- They really committed an error dropping the ball on their mishandling of Jingu Stadium. Cancel culture and money grabbing at its worst. Even Babe Ruth is crying.

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Posted in: Princess Kako in Peru See in context

While I am sure she means well, when you say her name it sounds like "Caco" in Spanish, which means thief. Aside from this unfortunate coincidence, it appears her trip will be a success. Surely the Peruvians will see the superiority of Japanese kimono compared to traditional Peruvian wear.

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Posted in: All Blacks captain Sam Cane to join Japan's Suntory See in context

It is doubtful he will be effective without language skills and cultural knowledge. In all likeliness he will just collect red cards so he doesn't have to play, but still get paid. Too many foreigners abuse the Japanese sport team's generosity and ultimately disappoint fans.

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Posted in: South Korean DJ Soda reaches settlement over groping at Japan event See in context

Good for DJ Soda forgiving these Japanese perverts and not punishing them monetarily. In recent years audiences treat performers poorly.

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Posted in: At least 119 dead in Nepal earthquake See in context

It is ironic that the number reported is 119, which is the number for fire and medical emergencies in Japan. Hopefully, the number won't increase. Also, this quake was clearly weaker than ones in years past. While not an expert in seismology, it is indicative of things settling down seismically in the region.

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Posted in: Ground Self-Defense Force member arrested for hugging, groping woman on street See in context

Hopefully he will not suffer the same abuse while he is incarcerated. The SDF should ingrain into the minds of recruits such behavior is not acceptable. Or, perhaps create a Joy Division of sorts, which is probably legal under Japanese law.

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Posted in: 86-year-old hostage taker 'had grudge' against post office, police say See in context

You have to hand to the old codger. At 86, hw took matters into his own hands. He also displayed super resourcefulness by acquiring a handgun---In Japan. While one should never condone crimes, it does remind well-read folks such as myself of chivalry and Robin Hood. I hope he is treated well in prison.

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Posted in: Over 40% of workers in Japan sleep less than 6 hours per night: survey See in context

Japan needs to make sleep great again. This is BS, BTW. So many salesmen and workers sleep in their or company cars during working hours.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold first-ever trilateral aerial exercise in face of N Korean threats See in context

I stead of picking a fight with wimpy North Korea, South Korea, Japan and the USA should be aiming these exercises at China (NOT Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macao, but the CCP itself on Mainland China, aka West Taiwan). North Korea has been making threats for decades, and they never ever, do jack to live up to their threats. Meanwhile, while they (N. Korea) "distract" players in the Pacific (aka Ocean of West USA) , China is working on illegally claiming the whole region. Deal with the CCP, not the portly diabetic obtuse Rocket Man.

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Posted in: Why do so many people keep talking about GOATs (greatest of all time) in sports? See in context

Because people who follow sports all think they know everything and that their opinion is always right and yours is always wrong so they all like to tell you who is the GOAT.

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Posted in: Shelton shocked by success after moving into Japan Open semis See in context

Shelton is an entertaining young player, but the big news here should be local hero Mochizuki advancing to the semis

I totally agree. I can't play tennis but am a genius at watching it. Mochizukin and Japanese players are much better technically and better behaved than their foreigner counterparts. Why some rich spoiled American is in the Japanese news instead of a Japanese player is a travesty. Also, I must say, the reason Shelton was able to beat Paul was because the Japan Open uses different balls than Paul is used to. The balls used by the Japan Open are better suited to players used to living and playing in hot humid god forsaken places like Florida and Japan, and guess what people, Shelton plays for University of Florida.

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Posted in: Hollywood actors strike reaches 100th day See in context

As a fellow actor, musician, producer, and author, I get it. The actors have every right to strike. While nobody buys my music, I would like to be paid fairly for my work. These actors deserve fair pay for their amazing contribution to the arts. Artists of the world, UNITE!

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Posted in: SDF plane carrying Japanese, S Koreans from Israel arrives in Tokyo See in context

Welcome Home! Japan and the SDF know how to take care of their ex-pats in other countries when the proverbial manure hits the fan. Finally some good news. Peace!

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Posted in: Prosecutors seeking to recharge Alec Baldwin in fatal shooting on set of Western movie "Rust" See in context

Wow. Such a witch-hunt is going on.Ut is highly unlikely that Alec Baldwin would try to kill a cinematographer and wound a director. Murder tends to abruptly halt one's acting career. One would think studios would be safer after the tragedies with Jon-Eric Hexum and Brandon Lee.

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Posted in: Toyota to extend partial production halt after plant explosion See in context

Dodgy safety practices in subcontractors is a problem for actual Toyota workers. It is unfair to Toyota's factory workers and shareholders for production to be halted because Chuon Spring was too cheap to spring for a safe workplace. Hopefully, the injured parties are OK and didn't suffer any hideous deformities.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after elderly woman dragged by van for 2 km in Tokyo See in context

Death by road rash is very rare. It is possible the old lady had a pre-existing condition that expedited her demise, or she may have been dead on the road already. In the case of the latter, the driver should be released immediately. Let's just hope the police actually do their jobs and investigate how the old lady actually died. A coroner's report would help, as would video footage from surveillance cameras. Please drive safety everyone.

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Posted in: New Japan air force space office to promote business collaboration See in context

This reads as if Japan wants to conquer space because they are no longer allowed to conquer Earth. Best of luck to the ASSDF in their endeavors on the final frontier.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia agree to ensure stable supply of LNG, coal See in context

It's nice to see Japan coercing Australia to overlook Australia's pro-Earth policies by promising to buy lots of "un-grren" materials and even helping the hapless island continent with their logistics to deliver the LNG etc to Japan with Japanese fossil fueled vessels.

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Posted in: 'Frasier' returns to TV but you don't need to be a superfan of the original to laugh at its jokes See in context

It's nice Kelsey Grammer is able to find work after his substance abuse induced car crash. The show's joke writer seems to be a solid bloke. I wouldbe loved to make the soundtrack for the shows, but c'est la vie.

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