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Marc Lowe comments

Posted in: Munitions explosion at a Cambodian army base kills 20 soldiers See in context

This is precisely why weapons and ammunitions should not be stored in large quantities in one place. Much like one's investment portfolio, or keeping all of the master recordings in one warehouse, when something bad happens, you lose everything. This avoidable loss of life is just terrible. How will the Cambodian government compensate the families? And, doesn't increasing security after the fact, seem pointless? John Lennon said it best in his song Starman.

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Posted in: 25 years after Columbine, trauma shadows survivors of school shooting See in context

While much attention is given to tragedies involving affluent white Americans, more can be learned by analyzing similar events which occurred and are occurring around the globe with more diverse peoples. More media attention should be given to atrocities in Haiti. Africa, urban America, etc. Columbine's anniversary could be better used.

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Posted in: Reports of violence, abuse of power in sports hit record 485 in 2023 See in context

That is just the number of reports, people. It doesn't mean it actually happened. Don't forget, there is a fine line between competitiveness and violence. For some reason(s), in current times, everything that was once normal is now classified as violence, harassment, or worthy of complaining about. When will these kids be taught the simple and effective Showa Era mantra "Sticks and stones..."??? I'Nudging from this report, Japan needs a more Spartan style approach to athletics, education. and life.

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Posted in: Bullet train services disrupted after man walks onto tracks looking for smartphone See in context

Does the fact he is a Buddhist monk have anything to do with the incident? Probably not. It seems like this is mentioned to make people look down on Buddhism. Instead, why not investigate and probably find out he needed his phone because he was on his way to a funeral?

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Posted in: Swiss women score landmark climate win in court decision that could ripple across Europe See in context

JT and other news agencies need to stop glorifying women for this.. It is irrelevant. The ultimate decision was approved by men and women, and perhaps other genders and/or binaries. While the case may have been filed by women, the proceedings and decision were made by others. as well, Where is their glorification? Also, since Switzerland is landlocked, it is questionable how much they actually know about the unproven climate change to the oceans unless they are illegally researching other nations' waters.

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Posted in: U.S. to change Japan command posture to boost deterrence in face China: Emanuel See in context

American and Japanese militarization is tantamount to the survival of democracy and geography as we know it in the region. Without it, the CCP will simply rewrite maps and take over real countries like Taiwan in their unveiled attempt at world domination. It is important that Japan view the Philippines as equals in this trilateral unification, as they historically tend to look down on the country and make things difficult for the talented entertainers they export to Japan. United, the Philippines. Japan and the US will repel both passive aggressive and illegal and aggressive advances of the CCP in the region.

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Posted in: S Korea says N Korea has fired intermediate range missile into its eastern waters See in context

What's the big deal here? North Korea should have no problem doing as such. South Korea and Japan never apologize for polluting North Korean waters. A few pounds of scrap metal isn't going to hurt South Korean waters one bit.

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Posted in: Cancer often requires more than one treatment See in context

Why does the article need to use a royal to get people to read it? JT seems to underestimate the intelligence of its readers. Judging from previous comments on this article, it is clear there are medical experts among JT's faithful readers. Despite this glaring shortcoming, this article is informative to less informed individuals and will hopefully do some good educating the less informed people out there.

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Posted in: Nara considers increasing number of deer that can be killed each year See in context

Perhaps they should start branding venison as "Sacred Nara Venison" and put the proceeds towards something that contributed to society. Having too many deer running around bothering people and defecating all over the place is not really constructive. For such an insignificant part of Kansai, Nara sure is good at causing problems for the area.

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Posted in: Japan, China hold 'expert dialogue' over Fukushima water releases See in context

There are no experts. This is nonsense. How many of these experts have experience releasing treated radioactive wastewater into that part of the ocean? It seems like it's merely smoke and mirrors to keep Japanese and Chinese and maybe Koreans at ease she. it happens. Also, why does Japan have to talk with any other country about this? It's their water and waters to use or misuse as they see fit.

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Posted in: Man fills void in rural Japan city by opening movie theater See in context

This is wonderful news. A similar such theater was opened in Saga Prefecture years ago and it had a magnificent positive impact on the community of Karatsu. Let's hope Wada's venture does the same for the lovely area known as Matsue. He has my support (musician, filmmaker, author, composer), so certainly like minded talented individuals will support him on the grass roots level.

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Posted in: Japan eyes upgrade of 16 airports, ports for possible defense use See in context

Excellent news for the safety of Japanese. I do hope, however, the declining population can still support a military. It's tough to fly planes and have a decent infantry with no people. By putting the majority of these in Kyushu and Okinawa it is obvious Japan is targeting the CCP and China's belligerence in the Pacific and especially Taiwan. While bases. etc. are great for dilapidated economies like prefectural ones in Kyushu. it seems unfair the poor people will become cannon fodder for the Chinese military. Perhaps conscripted military service for offspring of politicians would make things fairer? Other readers thoughts? Serious replies only.

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Posted in: Plunging births push Japanese diaper maker to switch to adult market See in context

Fascinating article. especially for people in the industry or involved in similar such manufacturing such as fem-pro.

Number 1). It seems honest to say that when it comes to diapers, manufacturers need to pamper the right demographic.

Number 2) It's nice to see that Oji has its finger on the pulse of diaper needs in Japan.

Let's just hope that some politician does not send out his or her diaper version of the Abe Mask.

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Posted in: Scientists fret as Antarctic sea ice dwindles See in context

Historically, scientists who get massive media coverage turn out to be alarmists or incompetent bumbling puppets of oligarchy backed governments. Reading this however, I do worry about penguins and the planet. These guys are right. We need to change our Earthling ways.

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Posted in: Six Sri Lankans knifed to death in Canadian capital See in context

So much for Canada's safety image. I'm surprised by the lack of vigilance from standers by. Certainly someone could have intervened.

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Posted in: Japan's new female 'role models' seek to empower other women See in context

Female [politicians empowering other women is simply reverse sexism and favoritism. Koike should instead focus on doing her job and serving the people she was elected to serve. No more power brokers!

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Posted in: Female inmate who claimed she ‘wanted to die’ apparently hangs herself in cell See in context

Prison director Kazuo Ota said at a news conference: “It is truly regrettable that an inmate died. We will try to prevent a recurrence.”

The prison director isn't very sharp. There will be no recurrence, seeing as how she is dead.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy dies after choking while eating school lunch See in context

It is not the fault of the school. student, teacher, cafeteria or quail. It was an accident. Sad, yes. but an accident they and thru.

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Posted in: Minivan carrying 8 children overturns in Aomori See in context

And how many of them were wearing seatbelts?

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Posted in: Man found with knife stuck in his stomach in Chiba Prefecture park See in context

It's lucky someone called for help. In all likeliness, it was probably a very sanitary knife and not one designed for stabbing. people. The article neglects to mention what type of knife, size of the blade, etc. Anyway... Good thing for him. The very efficient and capable police should nab the assailant quickly.

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Posted in: After fallout in China, Messi insists politics had nothing to do with missing game in Hong Kong See in context

When political agendas and viewpoints interfere with sports. it's a messy situation. Lionel is basically just an athletic mercenary. He shouldn't have to deal with whining mainlanders. Also, he, unlike oppressed Chinese is free to choose when and if he will play. Groin injuries are no joke.

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Posted in: New families sought for children with disabilities via adoption See in context

Based on the declining quality of life and percentage of married couples, 200,000 sounds like a low number. It should probably increase if Japan wants to relieve the strain on social welfare programs. Regardless of whether people or for or against abortion, it does solve problems.

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Posted in: JAL flies 1st freighter in 13 years amid high online shopping demand See in context

This is simply JAL trying to remain relevant and solvent despite having dropped the ball long ago. China already has trade routes established. Anything JAL does will be redundant and overpriced.

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Posted in: Battle on the ice See in context

But no mention of who won the ice battle. Judging from the photo, however, both Japan and Lithuania look amateurish at this Canadian past time. Japan should stick with baseball and Lithuania with basketball. Neither belong on Canadian ice.

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Posted in: Japan repeatedly spots Chinese coast guard and warships near disputed waters See in context

Oh, BTW, forgot to mention...One cannot "park ships" one can only anchor ships or let them drift without the engine running. Readers should learn basic nautical terms before commenting.

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Posted in: Japan repeatedly spots Chinese coast guard and warships near disputed waters See in context

China is not forcing Japanese jets to scramble. Japan chooses to scramble their jets, which simply encourages China to continue to protect her rightful property stolen by Japan. Not until Kishida formally apologizes and returns the islands, will this region see peace.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver, stealing his vehicle See in context

Tateyama is a region famous for Nihon-shu (aka Japanese sake). Tragic and unfortunate acts of violence towards geriatrics by twenty-somethings who can't hold their liquor, unfortunate as they may be, are an indicator of the changing dynamics of such rural regions. While Funayama is reported to be a company employee, it does not indicate whether he is blue collar or white collar, only that he was collared for his heinous behavior towards a helpless old man. In addition to the 40,000 JPY unpaid fare, which is probably 40,000 JPY because the meter was running for so long before the police finally showed up, Funayama should face criminal charges and fines, and pay restitution to the elderly chauffeur for his medical bills and pain and suffering. Four million JPY seems like a fair number, does it not? It certainly does.

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Posted in: SoftBank Group marks return to profit as it cuts Vision Fund losses See in context

While this may be good short term news for myopic investors lacking intelligence not to buy stock in this dilapidated dinosaur of a tech firm, in the long run it will prove fatal for their bottom lines. Son mismanaged and overexpanded then appointed incompetent foreigners to be Ghosn like scapegoats for the very firm he both crested then raped and pillaged. Anyone with any knowledge of the economy knows a firm that owns a baseball team that cant win a pennant is not doing well financially. SoftBank is a prime example of this, and rest assured, they will not win this year. The only people who will win are keen Japanese investors who short this company.

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Posted in: Gov't panel urges start of subsidized bear culls as attacks rise See in context

Wow. Japan is in a bear market both literally snd figuratively. However, the taking of near loves is unforgivable. Ainu people lived hand in hand with bears and other creatures of nature before modern day Japanese destroyed the habitat of the islands. Educating people who love near bears is the way to go. Killing the bears is just an idea created by inefficient uneducated local government bureaucrats who know nothing about bears and their importance in Japanese history and the current dwindling natural Japanese environment. Do not re-election these bonkers paper pushers. Save the bears.

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes for radioactive water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

Surprisingly more fisherman and environmental lunatics have not chimed in on this breaking news. It's very disconcerting when the top people in suits, albeit it very poorly tailored suits, have to make public apologies. Besides the upstanding citizens of Fukushima, TEPCO shareholders should be up in arms about this news leak about the radioactive water leak. Do these people brush their mothers' teeth with this water? Shame on TEPCO.

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