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Posted in: Abe hopes for win-win trade deal with U.S. at early date See in context

Of course a deal is coming soon...Donny made concession to Shinzo in agreeing to hold the horses until LDP gets the election out of the way... with that done, Donny wants his deal to take to US electorate before facing his Democratic rivals ...with China deal not materializing any time soon he badly wants one and Abe will oblige.... Shinzo wants to present the deal as a way for public to see some cheaper food prices before he jacks up the tax .

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Posted in: Multiracial athletes sparking debate in Japan ahead of 2020 Games See in context

What's the debate? Are you famous? Are you a beautiful or handsome model? A sports champion? Rich? Powerful? etc etc?Then of course you are Japanese!

Are you a nobody? Are you ugly or poor? Did you even make the first round cut in the sports tournament? Chances are you're not worth mentioning.Then of course you are whatever Nationality or Ethnicity your father is/was. Thank you for playing."

Thats it in a nutshell.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers open 2nd-chance lottery for Japan residents See in context

Thats nice....hope the Hotel association will hold a lottery for some accomodation options too since its near impossible to make a booking for a decent hotel during the games. Not that I would be seen anywhere in the Tokyo sauna during those couple of weeks.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker Koizumi, TV personality Takigawa to tie knot See in context

this is the kind of new generation couple that Japan needs to have at the helm.

No, it’s time Japan ditched the family business approach to politics. That would be a move forward and a generational shift."

I certainly agree with your sentiment, 100% I do.... but realistically I think young Koizumi is the best chance Japan has for a fresh, generational change. I would love to see a young outsider like Taro Yamamoto make it to the top of politics here but Im afraid the system won,t allow it unfortunately

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Posted in: Pentagon chief urges Japan to consider joining Strait of Hormuz coalition; raps China See in context

Japan has a proud naval tradition. 

They could launch a surprise attack on the Iranians in the Straits.

Yeah OK, it has really been damn hot the last few days , huh....

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker Koizumi, TV personality Takigawa to tie knot See in context

They both seem highly intelligent and capable, very likely he will be a PM in a few short years....political bias aside, this is the kind of new generation couple that Japan needs to have at the helm. Him being educated at Columbia and her being a half is a bonus. Good luck to them.

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Posted in: Japanese women's breast size boasts 40 years of continued growth See in context

Let me be the first to express gratitude for this welcome distraction from news of crimes and toxic world politics.

Happy to second that ! :)

I'm sure Japanese men everywhere are rejoicing....

Lol...pretty sure not just many a JT reader is delighted with this headline.  Today just got a little brighter. )

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Posted in: Japan's food self-sufficiency rate lowest in 25 years See in context

Why is Japan so hung up on self sufficient food production ?..this is 2019 , not early 20th century....there are always countries willing to sell food to Japan. Focus on producing what you good at and import the rest.

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Posted in: Russia summons Japanese ambassador over disputed islands comments See in context

Japan should do a Falklands."

Why... you want to see Japan to get its a$$ whooped?

This ongoing nonsense about getting them back is just a waste of time.

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Posted in: 'No Japan' banners scrapped in Seoul district after outcry See in context

Protests against US bases in Okinawa are on going. There have been very large scale protests against Abe and his plans to revise the Constitution as well as large scale protests again the restart of nuclear power stations.

Deflection and off topic but to answer your comment, the Japanese protest all the time. On Meiji dori and Omotesando I can see or hear them quite often. There are too many protests to list.

Indeed ...Japanese do protest , the biggest recent ones were against the security  laws and Nuclear power ....problem and a big difference to other countries is though that the current LDP administration completely ignores the protesters as well as public opinion survey results no matter how overwhelming the opposition to the policies , the govt still rams them through.

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Posted in: Russian PM's visit to disputed island regrettable, Japan says See in context

" Extremely regrettable " is getting a bit boring by now..... why not just say plainly what it means.." we are pissed about what u r doing but can,t do jack shite about it" so we will just float a meaningless phrase for a millionth time.

If Russia dont want even more trade restrictions than now, and the Peace Deal, then get off the Japanese island and restart negotiations.

I think its plain to see Russia dont give jack about your peace deal atm...its just this Japanese rightwinger fantasy that Russia is desperate for a deal and Japan has a card to play somehow....its evident to anyone with half a brain the islands are Russian now and thats it.

J lost the war...tough regrettable .

I am sick of Japan always being bullied by neighbors.

Funny...Japan is the bullied victim ...and here we thought it was Japan that waged war and occupied half of Asia. Those damn fake history books.

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Posted in: 2 lawmakers with serious disabilities attend 1st Diet session See in context

The renovations have so far cost 880,000 yen.

All our tax payers money!!

How about when LDP bigwigs drop that amount and much more on a single night ' work meeting ' at a posh Ginza restaurant/ hostess that acceptable use of our taxpayer money for you? Or do you naively imagine they pay for it from their own pockets?

I am supportive of having someone disable represent the voice of common people but at least get someone with government education or experience.'

So am I, but you do realize there are a bunch of politicians ' that get elected at each senkyoo whose only qualification is that they are recognized by public because they were a Tv presenter , actor / singer, sportsperson or other such high profile recognizable personality. Ditto the hereditary new faces that are voted in because their pappy or uncle or whatever was a politician and they were born into a silver spoon political dynasty.....give me a common person who experienced a lot of hardship and knows average Taro,s problems first hand any day. Hope Reiwa Shinsengumi goes from strength to strength.

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Posted in: Actor-turned politician Taro Yamamoto aims for real-life starring role See in context

"People's livelihoods will only become more miserable," Yamamoto said, predicting the economy would worsen after a planned October sales tax rise to 10% from 8%. "As long as we don't change our direction, our momentum will continue."

Good to hear someone say it as it is....breath of fresh if only the LDP connected media gave more time to opposition voices before elections and not just after.

"Socially marginalized?" If you only focus on them, you will always be a minor opposition to the main stream here. Include those who are becoming more and more "marginalized" economically as well, and watch your party's membership explode!

Indeed...I hope thats his strategy going forward.

Yamamoto had a hopeful start, but degraded into an attention seeking populist.

Disagreee but even if he did so what ?....if he can seriously dent the arrogant LDP overlords at the next poll and change direction of J-politics , power to him...gosh this country needs it so bad.

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Posted in: Japan Post admits to mis-selling 180,000 insurance policies See in context

"I feel heartbroken that this has resulted in a huge loss of trust in the post office. I offer my deepest apologies," Japan Post Holdings President and CEO Masatsugu Nagato said at a press conference Wednesday.

So will we be seeing Nagato san other big wigs dramatically arrested and driven off to a detention centre for non stop interrogation over the next few months ?....or is that reserved only for foreign CEO,s?......argh, why bother..

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Posted in: Gov't delays budget surplus forecast to FY2027 as fiscal reform struggles See in context

For every politician there is probably 100 or more beauracracts trying desperately to look busy, get 10 in a room and you get your it totally out of whack from reality they still get a summer bonus. Their dads did the same why can't they."

Precisely....ridiculous but accurate description... thats how J- govts roll.

swing to a surplus of 0.2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in fiscal 2027.".

Does anyone even believe that forecast is remotely possible and accurate,lol."

Of course not, its just the perfect perpetual kicking the can down the road example. Meaningless forecasts repeatedly pushed back so that those who make them are retired with nice parachutes and free of responsibility for failure by that time....this will be repeated until end of time - as per J-govt economic manual 101.

It now expects real and nominal GDP growth at 2% and above 3%, respectively, from fiscal 2023, which many private-sector economists see as rosy. The government on Monday cut its fiscal 2019 real GDP growth forecast to 0.9% from 1.3%."

Yeah lol, OK so in 2019 when Olympic spending is at its height and another wasteful stimulus as the idiotic tax hike countermeasure is factored in the best the govt can achieve is 0.9%....but somehow we are supposed to believe that 3-4 years later after the tax hike / olympic hangover induced recesssion hits and population continues to decrease the GDP growth will be tripled to 3%? the paperpushers producing this useless drivel expect anyone to take it seriously? As Cricky said...they still get their bonuses no matter how ridiculous their "forecasts " are. Bunch of JHS kids could do a better job as their summer break homework.

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Posted in: Tokyo subway car provides child-friendly space See in context

Amazing idea! Lets hope this is expanded to one child carriage to each commuter train. If even tiny changes like this are made, to make Tokyo child-friendly, we will hopefully see a boost in children numbers in coming years.

Agree....the more trains have a child carriage designated the better, same as the women safety carriages ( to keep them away from the chikan scourge )....sour grape oyajis will complain about preferential treatment , but thats nothing new. Tokyo needs to be more friendly towards kids  & the disabled , publc transport is a good place to start.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks to join anti-NHK party See in context

Im all for the anti NHK party but with this Maruyama twit joining for the only obvious reason of wanting to ride its little popularity wave to secure himself a cushy job after being kicked out of Isshin, it looks like it will just become a haven for all kinds of political dropouts.

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Posted in: Upper house begins renovations for wheelchair-using lawmakers See in context

Some say "Thank you" to the driver and waiting passengers while others take it for granted and do not say anything. I wish them say "Thank you."

I wish people such as yourself would actually ask " can I do something to help" or offer seats / assistance instead of waiting for a diabled person to say "thank you ". How about imagining what it would be like to be in their place everyday ?

Also they are concerned about the cost these two will incur, but I replied that the amount spent on these two is a mere pittance as to what is wasted daily by all politicians.

Absolutely true.

These two disabled people have already done a hell of a lot for their cause by bringing it into the govt's. consciousness and spotlighting it and they haven't started working yet.

Indeed...and let us just remind those "concerned about cost and their contribution to debate " that there are a number of lawmakers who do jack all apart from dozing off and collecting taxpayer funded salaries and allowances for themselves and their relatives whom they dully employ as secretaries and support staff.

Good for Japan!

I agree with Gambare here...a summer miracle happening :-)

LOL LOL at the Japan haters. Take look at your countries Japan haters.

LOL...and of course the thread would not be complete without our resident trollmaster diverting focus onto gaikoku again....always entertaining :).

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs globally after Q1 profit drops 98.5% See in context

Obviously people staying away from the Nissan brand because of distrust borne out of Gohsn's wrongdoings. I hope Saikawa can save the company.

Lol....and the trophy for most ridiculous comment of the thread goes to....

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Posted in: Families, survivors mark 3 years since mass murder at care home for mentally disabled See in context

In written interviews with media, Uematsu continues to make discriminatory remarks against persons with disabilities, saying people who cannot communicate bring "misfortune."

No...its human garbage like Uematsu who murders innocents that brings " misfortune" .... burn in hell.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs globally after Q1 profit drops 98.5% See in context

Wonder how are all the elderly J shareholders that were expressing such outrage at Ghosn 'misconduct' at the annual meeting just passed enjoying the 98% performance plunge under J-Inc poster boy Saikawa now. Cant keep blaming Carlos for much longer. Also its quite comicalhow Saikawa is maintaining full year profit forecast with such horrendous Q1 performance and Q2 no doubt will be in the same league.

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Posted in: Nissan confirms profit plunge as job cuts reported See in context

Saikawa,a management abilities on full display ..... running the company into the ground. This time there isnt another Ghosn waiting in the wings to turn things round.

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Posted in: 56% oppose amending Constitution under Abe gov't: poll See in context

More than half of Japanese voters oppose amending the postwar pacifist Constitution under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government, a Kyodo news survey conducted after an upper house election showed Tuesday.

No ,no... .silly 56% they are all "misunderstanding "the issue , as Shich chan told us yesterday it is the "people,s will" to intitiate the moves towards amendment. As always Abe wants to completely ignore all available opinion polls re this as he did with the security laws and the rest and roll over the people while claiming to " carefully listen " to them. ....then again why wouldn,t he since they blindly keep re electing him.

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Posted in: Japan says it, not S Korea, should have taken action on Russian plane See in context

Strangerland: You are right, but I think the last decades showed us that Western press isn't better."


Yes it has. Russia ranks waaaaaaaay below most western powers when it comes to press freedoms."

Ranking is one thing , reality has showed that Western press is no better when it comes to geopolitical reporting in the past couple of decades in particular ( especially when it comes to its traditional rivals such as Russia and China ) . Alex is correct, reading different accounts of military  "incidents "  it often becomes evident our news outlets reporting is "not accurate " to say the least.

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Posted in: Manga shows true life-changing encounter between Hawaiian surfers and paralyzed Japanese man See in context

Awesome reading this story. Pay it forward and show a little kindness everyday...good to be reminded of it today :)

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Posted in: Two disabled candidates win seats in upper house election See in context

I get everyone must have equal rights and all,but can they even do job at 100%?

How many of the " able" LDP oyajis , photos of whom sleeping in their chairs during parliamentary sessions are too numerous to count , do their jobs 100%? They only get fired up for a couple of seats during the election to protect their cushy jobs and go back to coast/ sleep mode as soon as they are elected ...

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Posted in: LDP set to retain majority in upper house election See in context

Numbers coming in are showing big swings to the LDP! Super Majority here we come!

LDP has 10 seats less in total than prior to the election.....thats an interesting definition of a " swing ".. and we can all wave bye to that super majority now ne.

Wrong. Koizumi-san does not have the experience or support of the party yet. He must will serve an apprenticeship under PM Abe, and Aso-sensei,

First - Aso is not much of a sensei  and second ...Koizumi Jr has the looks and name value ( those alone win elections in Japan ) but he actually has some pregressive brains as well so Simon is right , he would have the public,s support over Abe.  In all brutal honesty ,, he seems the best chance Japan has to reform itself and get with the 21st century as the US chess game will pretty much always ensure LDP is in charge.

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Posted in: Two disabled candidates win seats in upper house election See in context

@AussiePete - interesting point indeed. I would guess however that as Yamamoto / Reiwa received almost zero mainstream media coverage in the lead up to the election , most people that voted for Reiwa would have done their own research into the group , their policies/ ideas before yesterdays vote and would have been aware of Taro putting the 2 disabled candidates abobe himself on the party,s list . I found it quite impressive that they achieved this result only 3 months after the party was founded. Obviously they resonate with a lot of people and I hope they go from strength to strength.

From other media today

"The group has proved popular, with Yamamoto campaigning in jeans and a T-shirt and encouraging his audience to ask him questions by passing a microphone.

Reiwa Shinsengumi raised around 300 million yen ($2,784,870) in campaign funds online within a matter of weeks and its volunteers numbered at least 15,000 by early July.

Six years ago, Yamamoto got more than 660,000 votes in the Tokyo constituency."

Refreshing news in the staleness that is J-politics.

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Posted in: Two disabled candidates win seats in upper house election See in context

Take care of them!? It seems weird that the people who are charged with taking care of the citizens of the country need taking care of."

You should read up on the reasons Taro wanted to put these 2 candidates with disabilities into the parliament to bring attention of the bubble living politicians to the reality of Japan facing an explosion in number of elderly citizens with various levels of abilities, mobility issues etc. and the need to start building a more inclusive society. Nothing weird about giving voice to those who have been voiceless for far too long here.

Besides , on a lighter note , its not like a number of LDP MP,s don,t need people ( aides ) to " take care of them."  Priceless example of the infamous Olympics /Cybersecurity "minister" who never used a PC comes to mind.

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Posted in: Abe undecided on response to U.S. plan for Mideast maritime coalition See in context

PM Abe will consider the response very carefully. Make no mistake, you dont mess with Japanese ships with no consequence."

Always entertaining..:-)....Abe / LDP will do as told by the US masters, as always. No ifs or buts about it.

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