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Posted in: Japan to ask foreign guests to wear face masks at Abe state funeral See in context

A fantastic way to show the rest of the world just how stuck in the past Japan is!

Spot on. Meanwhile Kishida jets around the world addressing forums without a mask.

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Posted in: Deepening Tokyo Olympics bribery scandal casts shadow over 2030 bid See in context

"If Sapporo come forward, they have a very strong bid from a technical perspective," said Michael Payne, who as director of IOC marketing from 1989-2004...

"I think of this very much as a local, political issue. It raised eyebrows as to why they're making such a meal out of what frankly is minor sponsor influence-peddling."

So according to Payne corruption to the core is just a "minor influence peddling" thing we should all just have a giggle about and move on...not unexpected from an IOC stooge aboard the gravy train.

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

It gingerly opened itself to tourists through group tours starting in June, leading to 140,000 visitors arriving in July, or around 5 percent of the number the country saw in the same month in 2019."

Only 7000 odd tourists visited Japan in July. The rest of the number were interns, students and business visitors. Very misleading write up by Kyodo.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel to propose another record minimum-wage hike See in context

Japanese government panel is expected to propose raising the average minimum wage for fiscal 2022 by a record ¥30 or more from ¥930 ($7) an hour, sources familiar with the plan said Monday, as the country battles accelerating inflation.

The minimum hourly rate here is an insult to the workers. record 30 yen increase to ¥930 per hour. Pats on the back all around. For comparison Australia just increased it's minimum wage to $21.40 per hour.

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Posted in: Japan reports record daily high 110,675 new coronavirus cases See in context

Over 500k currently hospitalized…. Don’t join them or cause others to…" .

If half a million people were hospitalized with Covid the system would have collapsed long ago...

Fact: masks are effective

Conclusion: get vaxed. Wear a mask in appropriate situations.

Personally don't have a problem wearing a mask but if masks were effective Japan ( the most masked country on earth ) would not be having record numbers of infections atm. I got it even though I'm vaxed and wear mask daily in social settings.

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Posted in: Japan begins 3-month energy-saving period to conserve electricity See in context

11 years since the Fukushima fiasco and the govt still hasn't done anything to unify national grid so that power can be shared across the country wherever needed.

On top of that they've been reducing the favorable solar subsidies / pricing recently as they wanna restart the nukes instead.

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Posted in: High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man See in context

In a 21-page ruling, the Tokyo High Court rejected the harassment claims. It defended the company’s acts as “inevitable.”


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Posted in: S Korean ship conducted survey near disputed isles: Japan gov't See in context

The rocky outcrops controlled by Seoul under the name Dokdo

That about sums it up... nothing further to discuss.

Repeat the same post when Russia, SK, China all respect ICJ and declare for acceptance of ICJ's compulsory jurisdiction

Why? If you want the islands , take them from SK and administer them then.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics legacy venue proving a chronic headache See in context

All the comments about LDP incompetence and waste of money on this and other sports elephants are spot on...oh well, some politician,s relatives with a construction & building maintenance companies are very happy though.

Now...let's all get on board the Sapporo Olympic bid and fully support it because THOSE Olympic games will be different and low cost. The organizers & J-govt told us so it will undoubtedly be the case. And as always don't forget to vote LDP at the next election. Yoroshiku.

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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers discuss Ukraine war, impact See in context

Poor Hayashi seems left out with no one to talk with....echos of Suga ;)

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Posted in: Town in Yamaguchi Prefecture sues after ¥46.3 mil subsidy mix-up See in context

Wanna put enough pressure on the guy to finally give the people back their money? -- Reveal his identity.'s really suss ... transferred it to another account and it can't be recovered but he will attone for his sins ( and keep the money)? This smells BS....which town bigwig is this " household" connected to?

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Posted in: Ukraine omits Japan from list of countries thanked in Twitter video See in context

That's thank you on top of the video yesterday...this is all becoming " very regrettable". Expert panel should be set up to discuss how to respond.

The decision to omit Japan came after the Ukrainian government on Sunday apologized for another Twitter video that juxtaposed a picture of the late Japanese Emperor Hirohito next to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.....the inclusion of the former emperor provoked a strong reaction in Japan.

Did Germany & Italy spit the dummy too ?

This is an indirect humiliation by Ukraine, or could be direct threat to Japan."

Direct threat?... how exactly?

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Posted in: Japan to send masks, hazmat suits, drones to Ukraine See in context

Appropriate response.

 Ukraine defenders don't need masks or helmets.

They need some real hardware, NOW, not tomorrow or next week!

Well, they did request it.

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Posted in: Russian-language sign at station in Tokyo back on view after being covered up See in context

covered with a sheet of paper last week following complaints from passengers upset at Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Oh please, grow a thicker skin and think about the thousands of normal Russians arrested at anti war protests, hate Putin but dont get ridiculous by covering Russian signs, banning Tchaikovsky etc.

garypenToday  09:23 am JST

Have people stopped drinking/ buying Russian Vodka too?

I hope so. It tastes like paint thinner."

Here we go.....dont know what you,ve been buying but a suggest spending more than 800yen on bottles. Russia makes some great vodka.....again insult Putin, stop insulting vodka, ,lol.

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Posted in: German Chancellor Scholz eyes Japan visit in late April See in context

Hold a video call taxpayers a ton of money, thanks.

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Posted in: Japan’s most popular beers, according to 70 million customers See in context

Ebisu is the only one I would buy out of those at a combini.

I like a nice punchy IPA.

Same here.... there are some good craft beers out there, but bit pricey.

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Posted in: Russia acknowledges significant troop losses in Ukraine See in context

Peskov also hinted that the operation might be over “in the foreseeable future.” He said that Russian forces were “doing their best to bring an end to that operation.”

He said: “And we do hope that in coming days, in the foreseeable future, this operation will reach its goals, or we’ll finish it by the negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian delegation.”

Let's hope so for the sake of the Ukranian civilians especially...they suffered for way too long.

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Posted in: Japan to take more sanctions against Russia over 'war crimes,' says Kishida See in context

The numbers were provided for you in the above post ..also here is a link.. , every G7 member has accepted way more than Japan. Case closed.

Uh Excuse me. Your link is vacant."

Uh excuse, the link is valid. Nice try.

Link please. No need for Non-G7 neighbor countries as you seem sticking only to G7 ignoring other conditions like willingfulness of evacuees to go that far far east for example.

Trouble reading, mysteriously? The G7 countries are listed along with many others in the info I provided. So for the third time since it's hard for you. Approximate numbers.

Germany 300,000 Italy 86,000, France 45,000, UK 21,600 , US 30,000 (100,000 pledged ), Canada 14,500 , Japan 400


Do something about this tesla

Be an adult please, you can't mount a good counter argument against someone so you come running to the mods to shut them down, geez?

Damn! Other smaller countries helping evacuees much more than g7 countries!! Why is that happening???

Damn, so all those smaller countries are helping more than Japan? Indeed, why is that happening?

How many refugees did J-govt actually pledge to accept? Can you disclose a concrete number worthy of a G7 member? Until then its just empty rhetoric...time to eat hats for apologists?

Sure you didn't know the news that Japan is trying to pass the law to treat these evacuees ( as those evacuees from the war are not defined as refugees in terms of Int'l treaties) as quasi-refugees, including such legal arrangements

So in other words you have no answer , so just deflect as usual. I provided you the numbers for other G7 members as you asked. Obviously, you can't provide the number Japan pledged to accept.

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Posted in: Do you think the government should restart its Go To Travel campaign for Golden Week? See in context

Instead of wasting it on GoTo campaign to subsidize people who,ll travel anyway in spring....give it to the disabled kids welfare programs whose budget was cut by the LDP...there is an article about it on JT today.

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Posted in: Residents evacuate as floods threaten Sydney suburbs See in context

Oz sure getting pumelled with the rains this year.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,753 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 54,995 See in context

Bound to increase now with the Sakura viewing season...but still ,29 hospitalized.? Time to move on.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for stealing ¥9 mil from 51-year-old man See in context

I’m 34 and, personally, I can’t even have a conversation with a girl in her 20’s. It’s like dating a child. I had a date with a 20yo girl recently. She didn’t disclose her age until later but it was too creepy because she was only 7 years older than my kid. Broke it off. I’d rather date an older woman 

Absolutely agree...i,ll generalize but .most J-girls have maturity level 10 years behind westerners and that's being generous. Dating someone your own age or older will be much more fulfilling...most of the's definitely been my experience. Good luck to us in the J- dating scene ,lol.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6,968 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 45,684 See in context

As others have said time for the hysteria to go....30 severe cases in Tokyo?

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context

*Over and over again. What Japan and Hayashi should have done where *only 20 people there on the spot were willing to get on board?????????????????????????????????????

Over and over again KennyG.

As I have said before , I have been to refugee camps and I,d bet you any amount that if the question was asked directly to the refugees - who wants to get out of the crowded camps I go to Japan there would be hundreds putting their hand up , not 20. ( Of course that question would have had to be asked couple of weeks ago when this trip was planned not a day before the plane is leaving ) Bear in mind out of the near 3 million refugees in Poland vast majority are women and children as all men between 18 -60 were prevented from leaving Ukraine by presidential order at the start of the war. Which mother wouldn't want to take their child out of the crowded camps near the border and into safety. Also bear in mind vast majority of the refugees ( including the pitiful number here ) will want to return to Ukranie to rebuild their lives once the war is over & Russians are gone as their husbands, father's, brothers are still there.

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context

20 whole people? Wow Japan, don't strain yourself there with that generosity.

You can bet it meant alot to those 20 people. While it means nothing to you but a Japan bashing point.'

It definetely means a lot to it surely would to another couple of hundred that could have fit on that plane...mothers with little kids that wanna be as far away from the war as possible. J govt apologists will always retort to the ' you,re all just Japan bashing in response to any critcism. Lame, especially when they dont even live in Japan.

For these 20 Ukrainians, life in Asia will be very difficult,may Lord help them after relocation!

Difficult maybe, But infinity better than getting bombed or shot.

Thanks for making my point about them being better off far away from the bombs. ..we can agree on that.

Poland alone has close to 3 million ukranian refugees now. Pretty sure if they were asked more than 20 would gladly accept to be evacuated from the bursting at the seams Polish refugee camps. Have you had an experience of being in a refugee camp? I have, and i,d bet you any amount there,d be more than 20 people more than happy to get out of there.

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Posted in: China's COVID-19 policy, yuan's rise vs yen may beset Japan's economy See in context

China may be showing state planned capitalism can produce slightly better results that the "free market" liberal variety that is only enriching a very few.

Shh...can't admit any uncomfortable truths here...western capitalism rules over all.

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Posted in: Japan ramps up online messaging on Ukraine to prepare for hybrid war See in context

J- govt would do best to start with itself in targeting misinformation and propaganda. Wait....

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Posted in: USTR report cites Japan's high tariffs on rice, dairy products See in context

We ourselves are stuck with too much rice and dairy products. Why would we need to lower tariff to allow more import of these stuff for?

Why does Japan want zero tarrifs on cars entering the US?

To give customers choice to buy products at lower prices. If Japan makes "superior" rice and all the rest than it has nothing to dear deshoo?

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Posted in: Hayashi to bring back 30 Ukraine evacuees to Japan from Poland See in context

So now the purpose of the trip is evident a PR photo op trip just in time for the upcoming election. 30 evacuees? Seriously.

wow. 30.

How many people do you think fit on one govt plane? 300,000?"

Overseas posters defending LDP actions no matter what, yeah ok...30 is pathetic...the govt can do much better. How many have they accepted in total till now...around 400? If the govt wants to show off to the world its humanitarian side, how hard is it to fly in another plane that can fit 300?

Japan has come up with the airlift plan because skyrocketing airfares in the wake of the crisis have made Ukrainians in Poland reluctant to evacuate to Japan even if they wish, according to the sources.

Such blatant nonsense....they are war zone refugees...the govt is expecting them to pay for their tickets ? Fgs. The ticket costs less than what a couple politicians spend at a Ginza hostess bar in a night.

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Posted in: EU to seek China rethink over Russia ties See in context

China is staying out of it...their choice.

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