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Posted in: 4 directors call for Toshiba shake-up in revolt after explosive probe See in context

Japan’s reputation really is sliding down the pan these days. The succession of corporate misfeasance and attempted coverups, international exposure of its hostage justice system and the debacle of its pandemic response (testing? what testing) and vaccination programme, all very public and in the worlds gaze.

Ain't that the case.

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Posted in: Olympic organizers estimate 225,000 fans per day at Tokyo venues See in context

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee said it has sold tickets for 42 percent of the venues' capacity and expects to see up to about 225,000 spectators per day

So hanging out with a few friends outside of combini is " dangerous" but 225 thousand people daily hanging around the Olympic venues and then packing the trains and busses to get there and back is OK. After this the morons in charge should not act surprised when the public gives them a finger next time they ask for " self restraint". Money hungry, ego driven hypocrites.

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Posted in: Hurdles remain to getting ex-nurses involved in vaccine rollout See in context

Boy, after this debacle my opinion of Japan is altered forever. So much for efficiency and attention to detail. Bunch of buffoons running this place.

Agreed, for the useless buraucracy and their LDP bosses in charge here everything is a buge obstacle, problem and issue that needs to be procrastinated on. Not like they had any time to prepare or other countries showing them what works and what doesn't. Freaking hopeless.

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Posted in: 4 directors call for Toshiba shake-up in revolt after explosive probe See in context

If the press is fingering Suga and calling out Japan Inc. then that means that the shadow leaders have given them permission to do so. I wonder if Mr. Abe is preparing to return and throw Suga under the bus."

Think that's a given..the only question is whether it will be before or after the autumn election depending on how Suga,s polling numbers are going .

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Posted in: Johnson backs Tokyo Olympics; Japan wants more G7 support See in context

Please please , nobody at home or in medical community believes Olympics will be either safe or secure but if you say what I'm saying , then I,ll be able to deflect blame onto you later once infections explode again . Please say you support my precious games.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics still undecided on fans -- or no fans at all See in context

Organizing committee president Seiko Hashimoto originally said she would announce a decision in April about local fans but has repeatedly postponed it.

The only blindingly obvious reason for repeatedly postponing the decision is that JOC desperately wants fans in seats and is waiting for the infection numbers to be cooked to a low enough level.

Hashimoto warned there could be penalties for anyone who breaks strict rules around the Tokyo Games. She did not say what they would be and said this was still under discussion. In order to get the citizens of Japan to feel secure there are rigid rules that we need to lay out or else,” 

Still under discussion huh...? Will J- Inc penalties be used as a yardstick?...pull out the big guns ie. stern warning or reprimand or even the dreaded 10% pay cut. That should do it.

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dont know why they’re doing this, they’ve already barred any foreigners from entering and as we know they’re the only ones that will cause trouble anyway my

True...but an unnamed LDP politicians cousins nephew runs a security fence a

But that's just pure coincidence of course.

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Posted in: Minister admits coercing Olympics app developer into cutting costs See in context

A GPS tracking app for only $34 million? That's a bargain. There are only dozens of free apps already.

Yeah...perhaps...but are all those free app developers nephews or otherwise connected to LDP politicians? If not , sorry, those apps are not up to standard.

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Posted in: Toshiba colluded with ministry to undermine shareholders, probe finds See in context

JCoruption - its everywhere!"

Nah...real problem is foreigners just don't understand Japanese culture. It's unique. Muzukashii teeth.

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

Incompetence is not really a " great unknown" around here"

Easily solved.

Vote with your feet.

You can do it!

Think it has been explained on JT forums many times that it's perfectly normal for some of us to like the country ( and wish to see it improve ) but not the government. Especially one as incompetent and self centered one as LDP.

It's not that hard to understand , is it?

Having said that, if things don't change after the next election in light of the dismal non- performance of LDP govt since Covid 19 took hold, then indeed ...sayonara Japan.

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

At the current rate, more than half of all adults will be fully vaccinated by the end of November. 

Did you read the article? Suga just promised to finish vaccinating everyone by end of November. Half of adults is kinda different from " everyone" .

Thankyou PM Suga. A man for our times. Hard working and efficient during what has been a difficult time.


Having started late (for reasons none of us really know),

Incompetence is not really a " great unknown" around here.

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

media personnel entering Japan from abroad could be monitored by GPS to make sure they follow the rules

Just look at the language closely....

could be monitored does not equal definitely will be. It's meaning in Japanese is - we could do something but probably won't because it's too muzukashii, but we have to say something to deflect criticism.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 235 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,278 See in context

For those interested, 4,249 tests on the 5th and 1,451 on the 6th.

1451 tests a day...are we living in Iceland? Just stop testing all together Tokyo...then you will have eradicated the virus and can declare superiority of Japan,s model and safety Olympics. What a joke.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 235 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,278 See in context

Whoa! People are becoming immune!

Yes, it's wonderful news...people are becoming immune just by living in a country that shuts bars and izakayas at 8pm.Who needs vaccines?...Just don't eat out after 8 and the virus disappears. Love the Japan model. Groundbreaking.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready to continue peace treaty talks with Japan See in context

I saw Russian beer in mh local Yamaya the other day..

Won't touch it!

Bought some German beer though.

Don't trust the Russians!!

Yep, cause Germany never took anyone,s land by force....slaps head.

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Posted in: One year after Yokota's death, little progress on abduction issue with N Korea See in context

"It has been a year since (his death) but regrettably we have not achieved the return of even a single abductee," Kato told a press conference on Friday. "The Suga cabinet would like to do its best toward the return of all abduction victims as soon as possible."

Yeah well, to achieve something you,d actually fist have to , ya know , like pick up a phone or something.

How many times did Abe and Suga " pledged " to resolve this issue by now? Lost count...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 436 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,652 See in context

I said vaccines are, not have been rolled out. Things take a little time, being negative doesn’t speed things up or help any situation at all.

Little time..? They,ve been rolling out " the vaccines since February fgs.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready to continue peace treaty talks with Japan See in context

If Russia and America ever go to war in a large or small way, as long as there is no treaty between Russia and Japan ending WWII hostilities then Japan could aid the US forces and take back the four islands without breaking its constitution or article 9. 

Right , keep dreaming.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready to continue peace treaty talks with Japan See in context

Putin said Tokyo has repeatedly changed its position on the territorial issue, shifting its demands between the return of two islands and all four.

Regarding the possibility of handing over all four islands to Japan, Putin said, "Russia or the Soviet Union never agreed to that."

Right, keep dreaming.

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Posted in: Japan births hit new record low in 2020 See in context

Damn...low birthrate..very surprising and a new 2021 problem nobody had anticipated ...let's form an expert panel no. 1367 to discuss falling birthrate again..

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Posted in: Japanese companies opening vaccination sites amid slow national rollout See in context


All they needed to do from the beginning was to supply vaccines to an ready efficient vaccination network, one that annually vaccinates up to around 60 million

Absolutely, but before that could happen here , 6 months worth of meetings needed to be held and govt / bureaucracy had to be shown as totally inept first.

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Posted in: Japanese companies opening vaccination sites amid slow national rollout See in context

If Japan continues to speed up the vaccine roll out, we will soon overtake Australia.

That's quite possible...however Australia is in quite a different position due to the minimal number of active cases, unlike Japan. The latest outbreak in Melbourne where Delta strain was found mind possibly speed up their urgency though.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 472 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,595 See in context

Many cannot afford so go untested.

The public testing centre refused to test my daughter or her co-workers despite 2 co-workers they worked closely with had covid.

They had to resort to private testing their company reluctantly paid for it and found 2 more positive cases.

This is how they keep the numbers down.

What an absolutely despicable approach by authorities to maintain their tatemae lie about successfully managing to " control the outbreaks" . Western media should report on this. Outside embarrassment is the only thing J-politicians respond to as we know.

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Posted in: JOC board member blasts Tokyo Games organizers, IOC See in context

The JOC's Yamaguchi, a former Olympic medallist in judo, accused the Japanese government, the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee and the IOC of "avoiding dialogue" and said the IOC "seems to think that public opinion in Japan is not important."

I applaud Yamaguchi San for publicly stating this. Better late than never.

Shame on you Ms Yamaguchi. Olympic will lift the spirit of the nation and provide light and hope in the post darkness of covid. Please be heartful.

I assume you are sarcastic, good one ..

Correct, they are wayyy past the point of cancelation! Keep moving forward making the best of what you can.

Oh, look who got a new puppet screen name ..again.?

I salute you Yamaguchi San. Her most likely reward will be that she will be forever blacklisted but we should not and can not allow that.She must get our unconditional support

Agreed Robert.

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Posted in: As teams pull out of training camps, Olympics buzz fades See in context

Hopefully it’ll fade to nothing soon. It’s sure as hell not going to fade from peoples memories as the greediest, most pathetic olympics in history.

Amen to that.

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Posted in: Japan to prioritize students heading abroad for vaccinations See in context

just like the daily testing for all foreign Olympic athletes but no testing at all for the 70,000 Olympic volunteers who will also have to commute to work using public transportation.

But they are getting 2 face masks , bottle of sanitizer each...what more do they need? They need to gaman and " sacrifice " a little for the games as an Olympic bigwigs suggested recently.

We are sorry for the delay. The vice-vice-sub-vice section chief’s sub-vice assistant is on holiday, and without his approval and his hanko we are unable to move forward. Please be gaman”.

Lol, absolutely nailed it.

Having foreign residents feel they are being supported is extremely important

Wow, LDP caring about foreign residents, I ve heard it all. A unicorn just flew by my window. I'm sure this air bubble has zero to do with the foreign media,s increasing focus on Japan and it's government announcements.

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Posted in: Eco-friendly Tokyo Olympic podium, medals, music unveiled See in context

 I feel like I can hear the footsteps of the athletes who will cross the sea and gather in Tokyo," she said. "The organizing committee will protect the health of athletes at all costs."

No need to worry about protecting the Japanese public who pay the obscene salaries of all the Olympic bigwigs ey?

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Posted in: Eco-friendly Tokyo Olympic podium, medals, music unveiled See in context

Those blue outfits resemble medical staff uniforms so quite appropriate for pandemic Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan softens commitment to nuclear power in draft growth strategy See in context

As much as I dislike LDP, knowing that the shooganai electorate will vote them back in again , Koizumi and Kono are the best of the bad bunch. Seeing who string pulling Abe suggested as potential PM ,s during his meeting with Suga a week Motegi and Hakumura makes me shiver. It would be all lights green for N- village.

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Posted in: Olympics chief says cancelation unlikely with 50 days to go See in context

But in a sign of the challenges ahead, a member of Ghana's Under-24 Olympic soccer team tested positive upon arriving in Japan for a friendly late on Wednesday.''

Athletes will only arrive a few days before their events, and will not mix with the local populace???"

Exactly, once new Tokyo games variants emerge and start spreading watch all the Olympic " leaders" and J-politicians run for cover and blame the gaikoku in one way or another. They,ll definitely get Olympic gold in finger pointing.

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