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Posted in: Abe denies seeking to influence gov't decision over university dept See in context

IIf only this were South Korea.

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Posted in: LDP leads Koike's party ahead of Tokyo assembly election: poll See in context

Mark...i wouldnt worry too much.

II predict the vast majority of the undecided vote will go to Koike and she should comfortably win unless the LDP dirt unit will roll out some Koike linked scandal just before the election which i have no doubt they have been searching hard for. Here is hoping that she steamrolls the LDP dinosaurs, their arrogance needs to be shaken up a bit.

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Posted in: Opposition steps up offensive against Abe over school scandal See in context

OOh..another scandal involving Abe in the making? No worries, let NHK and Yomiuri roll out the NK missiles and world terrorism( that only Shinzo can protect you from ) headlines in 3, 2, 1.....

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Posted in: Professor concerned that female soldiers would be naked after bombs blow off clothes See in context

How old is this " expert" anyone knows ?

I,ll take a wild guess he is one of the 70 plus boys crowd that are often heard spouting off senile nonsense that gets airtime/ press space because the said individual has been called " sensei" for the past half a century.

As already mentioned if you come under bombardment you have more to worry about than " nakedness".

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Posted in: LDP calls for free education among other areas of Constitution change See in context

Scrote's post says it all in a is blindingly obvious to most on this forum but not to most of the voting  geriatric J-public.

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Posted in: Japan protests against U.N. privacy expert's queries on conspiracy bill See in context

Dont question us or we will stop paying our UN membership fees as per our newly revised manual for dealing with pesky international bodies.


Shinzo and Yoshi

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Posted in: Gov't considers splitting school holidays to ease travel congestion See in context

No worries guys, not a thing wil change in the near future ,  here is the giveaway line -

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to announce in the near future the establishment of a task force to consider "holiday practices reform."

So at some unspecifies date in the "near future " ( most likely just in time for the next election - as LDP needs another fake " we care for the average Taro smokescreen" ) a bunch of oyajis will form a panel to start "considering"  these proposed changes - so as is the norm here it will take a couple of years of meetings for the dinosaurs to come up with some fuzzy conclusions and make some non binding recommendations for the companies "urging them " to consider giving their emplyees time off for this.  The recomendations will than  just get shelved -I mean taken for consideration by the J-inc bosses , who will just wait until Abe refocuses back to his priority tasks of wrecking the constitution and /or eventually steps down as a PM after the Olympics and the whole thing will anmount to nothing more than a bunch of "panel experts" being paid a fortune for a series of meetings....J- govt. business as usual.

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Posted in: Putin rushes to Trump's defense See in context

Am i getting this right? Sharing info on fighting ISIS is a bad thing? it is now clear due to the US establishment actions why IS was on a roll for so long until Russians got involved in Syria.

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Posted in: Okinoshima recommended for UNESCO heritage list; 4 other sites rejected See in context

We cannot accept" the recommendations by the panel, Keisuke Onishi, an official at the Japanese Cultural Affairs Agency, said at a press conference."

So what does that mean..Japan is having a hissy fit and will withhold its membership fees in protest that its not getting everything it wants again.?

21 sites already and need another 5 today..... the whole Unesco heritage thing is becoming a farce..back in the days when each country had just a handful of truly iconic sites people recognized all around the world and travellers came from all corners of globe to see them it made sense.

Now every forgotten , obscure inaka city hall wants to have a heritage site in their backyard because to the oyajis it means an ego boost and tourist revenue without having to lift a finger....thats what its all about.

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Posted in: No end in sight for Japan's potato chip crisis See in context

A dizzying number of government regulations on potato imports is exacerbating the shortage problem.

Oh no, say it aint so...this is the same Japan whose finance minister regularly preaches about benefits of " free trade" right?


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Posted in: Demand for nuclear shelters, purifiers surges as N Korea tension mounts See in context

"it would seem that the DPRK's terror campaign is spreading fear and panic. They are already winning."

More like the LDP scare campaign is winning you mean...dear Jpublic stop asking about Moritomo gakuen scandal and look over here at this big bad NK shooting missiles at us. Fear not however as your own strong dear leader at the helm of a fearless LDP led govt. will protect you from any and all danger, as only LDP can. So go back to watching your variety shows and dont forget to support us at the next opinion poll and the upcoming election.

sincerely Shinzo

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Posted in: Saga governor OKs restart of Genkai nuclear plant See in context

look on the bright side and ignore the last 6 years.

I think the thousands of evacuees still in temporary housing and rightly sceptical of govt safety assurances in particular would find that a bit hard to do.

During that 20 years accidents are quite unlikely.

Thats quite possible but this is precisely the kind of thinking behind some of the safety recommendations at Dai ichi being ignored..low probability and cost...that led to the Fukushima mess in the first place. Its not just natural disasters these days either...just by looking at the current geo political situation in the neighbourhood as an example..if Japan got involved in some US led military adventure be it with North Korea or someone else in the future and retaliation came in the form of not self exploding missiles but eg. cyber attack on an operational nuclear plant due to the widespread damage potential then it would be the deja vu of " nobody could have predicted it " and it was a " once in a lifetime event" all over again.

I say spend the billions of taxpayer dough not on restarts but on decomissioning and alternative development/ support.

And we dont even need to touch on the fact that nuclear restarts are consistently opposed by majority of the public which in a " democracy" should mean something. Then again....

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Posted in: U.S. carrier group heads for Korean waters; Trump talks with Abe, Xi See in context

Chinese seem to be the only voice of reason in the current situation.

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Posted in: Cabinet approval rate rises to 58.7% See in context

J public is beyond hope. itsonlyrockandroll and others above have said it all. All LDP needs to do when its approval dips is to find some convenient boogeyman to point to ( good old NK is always there ) and the lemmings fall back in line. just wag the dog a little.

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Posted in: Abe vows to resolve N Korea abduction issue See in context

Aaah....the mother of all distractions in Japanese politics, PM promising to resolve NK abduction issue. We can all look forward to an election being called soon then. btw, Abe has done such a stellar job with this issue till now, no reason to doubt him , ey?

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Posted in: Damages suit dismissed over tsunami deaths at disaster-use facility See in context


some very powerful and insightful posts there, thank you sharing your insights on this tragedy.

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Posted in: Australia toughens foreign worker visas; says Australian jobs for Australians See in context

Australians themselves are immigrants who've decimated the indigenous population, and now they're taking the hardline with their racist policies. I Guess criminality is in the history and blood of Australia

You mean just like the Japanese decimated local population in eg China when they went to "liberate it", right? That must indicate criminality in the history and blood also then. And just by comparing hardline , racist J-govt immigration policies with those of Australia its easy to laugh at the troll comments you just posted. How many refugees is Japan taking in annualy again?...oh yeah, about 15 applicants. Bravo. Any other gems of wisdom you got to share?

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Needs fixing. Under each news category there are only about 2 or 3 headlines , in the past you could see 5 or 6 so it was way easier and quicker to find the news you were interested in. Dont like the new set up.

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Posted in: Cash registers to have cash withdrawal capability from April 2018 See in context

Finally for Gods sake. Decades after everyone else.

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Posted in: Musician Ian McCulloch flees Japan amid U.S.-N Korea tensions; show cancelled without notice See in context

That's pretty piss poor form from Mr. Bunny. A tough rocker indeed he is not.

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Posted in: Japan's frugal households offer no respite for BOJ, retailers See in context

Well said Aly. The reasons are obvious to everyone except the blue blood princes running the government and institutions such as BOJ. On second thoughts , they are probably well aware of the reasons too but won't publicly admit it as it would just point out their obvious policy failures.

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Posted in: Ethics textbook change causes widespread constroversy See in context

Lationz - There are numerous Japanese bakeries with excellent quality and variety of bread and pastries, do a bit of exploring , I'm sure you will find some. Borscht - well put , wonder whether the avoidance of responsibility is also taught as part of "traditional culture" here. It certainly is at an art form level here.;)

Anyway, just another example of pisspot 60 + year old bureaucrat oyajis justifying their existence by forcing ridiculous / petty demands / guidelines and then shifting the responsibility onto someone else ( publishers in this case ) at a slightest hint of a little bit of sh..t hitting the fan.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce English road signs ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Traffic signs are not a problem. Problem is the the steering wheel on the right side of the car.

Funny that, the hordes of European tourists driving around in rental cars in Australia seem to manage the right hand side steering heel.

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Posted in: Unseating Assad risks unleashing even more chaos See in context

So the miltary complex warmongers still want another regime change and to turn Syria into the next Iraq / Libya because the current chaos in those countries is just soo much better than what they had before. Hopefully Russia will stand firm on this.

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Posted in: OECD urges Japan to promote labor reforms; calls wage growth 'muted' See in context

“There is room (for further hikes) in the case of Japan,” Gurria said, adding that the consumption tax could be raised above 15%. He floated the idea of gradually raising the sales tax, by 1% every year for instance, so the economy can deal with the impact

Yeah, but raising the comsumption tax should be accompanied by cuts in income and other types of taxes aswas doen in other countries. But J-government and media never mention that part of the equation when they push their propaganda crap about other countries having higher sales tax rates than Japan . In Nippon its always about raising taxes without compensating the average Taro. Making a comprehensive tax system overhaul and cutting the bucketloads of wateful spending is needed but the dinosaurs in charge of J- govt will never allow that.

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Posted in: N Korea may be capable of sarin-loaded missile attack: Abe See in context

Stop spreading the damn paranoia Jiminto, as many others have mentioned this is a BS attempt to justify a possible US action that LDP lapdogs must kowtow to as well as reinforce Abe,s image as a strong and steady leader in time of "manufactured " crisis, ala Saddam and WMD,s saga. Mainstream media and politicians fake news making at its best...this being Japan the majority of population that believes anything the overlorlords say and NHK reports must be true, will just blindly lap it up.

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Posted in: Toshiba's survival in doubt after reporting unaudited results See in context

Toshiba is too big to fail in the eyes of J-govt. It employs something like 250 thousand people.It will not go under but it's most profitable business, memory chips, will be sold off. Probably to Foxconn since they offered nearly a trillion yen more than other bidders. The incompetence of their previous and current management is shocking however.

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Posted in: Finding spies everywhere, and thinking the unthinkable See in context

Nothing like spreading a bit of group paranoia. I love the part of the story about 100 people in a fishing village in Akita taking part in a NK missile attack drill. There is no higher value military target in the whole of Nippon than the awesomely critical Akita village infrastructure.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

I love how these government researchers who cant accurately predict next quarter half the time are making forecasts such as "fertility rate will edge up to 1.44 in 2065. George the monkey could make more accurate predictions about what will happen in 50 years time. But never mind , the population will not drop 30 % because Abe says he will keep it stable at 100 million and what the dear leader says always comes true ..cough. These forecasters just need to be replaced.

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Posted in: 26 'compensated dating' teenage girls in custody following police roundup in Tokyo See in context

April campaign? What about the rest of the year...?

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