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Posted in: Japan seeks extra defense budget amid China, N Korea concerns See in context

The Chinese coastguard are armed and frequently enter the waters of the senkaku wich although are uninhabited are still within Ishigaki city limits.

Armed foreign military of Chinese entering Japanese inhabited Islands and Japan is being far too passive about it.

Its every 2 or 3 days they enter .

If the Phillipine navy with 1/10th of the military spending budget of Japan can make a stand in it's, waters against China why can't Japan ? You don't need to spend multi billions more to make a stand if that's what u wanna do, just a leader with balls.

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Posted in: Japan seeks extra defense budget amid China, N Korea concerns See in context

$6.8 billion is a drop in the bucket. Japan needs to be spending $100 billion a year."

Definitely...which part of the social spending should be cut to pay for it....medical / nursing services ? child care support ? unemployment benefits, pensions,...?

Yep let's spend $100billion on weapons yearly because China is gonna attack us...never mind all those US bases we have here ,( that we just agreed to pay a lot more for ). Great suggestion.

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Posted in: 2 women waiting at bus stop die after being hit by car driven by 71-year-old man See in context

How much will it take for the govt to get off it's ass and take meaningful action to address this. Enough with the teeth sucking, non conclusive meetings ffs .

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked 3rd most attractive city in Global Power Index See in context

Tokyo has a high opinion of itself, and whilst I'm not doubting there are numerous good points about Tokyo, there are much better cities in the world.

Agreed...btw, Sapporo where you are is awesome, much more liveable than Tokyo...too bad about the winter temperatures for me though :)

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked 3rd most attractive city in Global Power Index See in context

This bloke has never spent a day or night in Tokyo. Tokyo. 35c in summer. Perfect.

You,re calling summer in Tokyo perfect?, whilst I agree with some of your points eg cleanliness and good food ) your post certainly looses credibility by branding Tokyo summer's a sweaty, humid, concrete furnace environment, let's get real.

Colour code trains make it so easy to get around on the best urban transport system in the word and cheap. Perfect.

And Tokyo train / subway mishmash system is confusing enough for the Japanese let alone any expat, and it's not cheap...comparing the trains in Tokyo to say Taipei or Seoul is a joke. Let's stay objective here, Tokyo has some good points but the transport system and summer environment are certainly not one of those. Seriously.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign minister says no decision made on China visit See in context

What a loser of a country."

Considering the weight China carries in 21st century its hardly a looser country.. why do you hate China so much in all of your comments? disclaimer...I'm not a fan of a Chinese govt and it's human rights record by any means but some of the right wing commenters hate on here is off the scale.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 77 See in context

Japan will be the first in the world to achieve negative daily Covid case count ...Japan sugooi..... we must all be thankful to live in such a sugoi country under the wise leadership of sugoi LDP.

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Posted in: Each country has its own position and way of thinking. Japan will consider things from its own perspective. See in context

Translation....waiting to follow Joe once he decides whether the "possible" boycott eventuates.

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Posted in: Australia to re-open borders to students, workers, vaccinated citizens of Japan, S Korea See in context

it applies to only Japanese passport holders.

Well, that makes sense. I7ve noticed that when someone naturalizes to become a Japanese citizen, their body's immunity to viruses also improves."


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Posted in: Brazil Amazon deforestation up 22% in a year, 15-year record See in context

Get rid of Bolsonaro asap.

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Posted in: 5 dead, 40 injured after SUV plows into Christmas parade in Wisconsin See in context

Left or right...doesnt matter, there is no excuse for this madness. Wtf is wrong with the world?

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Posted in: We have asked the U.S. military in Japan to ensure thorough border controls and prevent a recurrence. See in context

Don't know who to be angry at: the selfish American idiot, or the Japanese authorities for being so weak as to not even dare raise their voice except lodge a quiet complaint."

Dont be angry...there are thousands of assymptomatics Japanese walking all over the place because there is next to no testing unless u have serious symptoms. One American makes no difference.

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Posted in: Sapporo White Illumination See in context

Nice...Odori park is great.

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Posted in: Japan to delay launch of children's agency to FY2023 or later See in context

While Kishida said at a press conference early this month that the government would work on setting up the new agency, its priority has fallen within his administration and discussions within the ruling coalition have stalled.

Not surprising....immediate increase in the defense budget to buy more weapons and pork barrell construction spending is higber priority...good old LDP.

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Posted in: Japan weighs oil reserves release to stabilize prices See in context

MoskolloToday  09:57 am JST

If you can afford to have a car in Tokyo, you don’t need government help.."

Not sure if you are aware but quite a few people on this island dont live in Tokyo and need a car on everyday basis to get around. Yep...Its a strange world.

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Posted in: Japan weighs oil reserves release to stabilize prices See in context

There are, however, voices in the Japanese government cautioning against releasing oil reserves at times other than supply shortages, officials said.

Well, obviously these " voices" of pampered elite bureaucrats and politicians are far removed from the troubles of the average Keiko trying to scrape by , now having to deal with gas prices that have risen 50% when filling up her car. Take your caution" and stuff it, blue blood fatcats.

One of the basic charter items for the BOJ is to try to maintain price stability. These are the times that government is supposed to act.


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Posted in: Japan considers letting more skilled foreign workers stay indefinitely See in context

It takes a lot of commitment to come to Japan just to work. If earning is your goal, English speaking countries are 4x easier. There are too many hurdles in Japan, ,"

That's why those workers that do come here are the ones that couldn't get into other ( English speaking as you say ) countries.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 16 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 112 See in context

However, it is not statistically reasonable the 159 cases declared by Japan.

But yes, ok, we must trust the government."

As pointed out in other media last week ( for some mysterious reason JT didn't carry the story ) J-medical experts estimate the real infection rate would be at least quadruple the official numbers if Japan increased testing to same levels as other " developed " countries ...ieG7 since J-media now loves to blab that Japan is leading G7 in vaccination rate ( factually incorrect ). Funny how the govt is so quick to compare vaccination rate but not testing....the tatemae bs is so repetitively boring.

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Posted in: Japan considers letting more skilled foreign workers stay indefinitely See in context

However, if we take the "skilled" as government PR/guff and cover for fruit pickers and people working fish paste factories, then yes, better conditions for them and the ability to bring their families would be progress. They deserved much better treatment.

Precisely what this is about...but as you say they definitely deserve better treatment than till now. And if more Vietnamese, Indonesian etc restaurants open as a result as the family members look to make better living ...great.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally punching 1-month-old daughter See in context

Another one...just a day after the latest similar case reported yesterday... killing a 1 year old for crying. Why didn't you give her some food & check her nappy and hug her to sleep..that's probably all she needed you worthless POS.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 2-year-old girl See in context

He allegedly strangled the girl and kicked her in the stomach."

Another POS punk that needs a good strangle and kick in the stomach , just as he did to a little 2 year old child. Scum.

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Posted in: Australian PM denies lying in public life; rejects French accusation See in context

A politician who hadnt lied in public life? The unicorn flying outside my window just confirmed it.

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Posted in: Kishida retains cabinet lineup; says Japan is in 'precarious' situation See in context

Kishida retains cabinet lineup; says Japan is in 'precarious' situation

I agree....and it's all a fault of that DPJ government that was in charge for a couple of years a decade ago. Of course, gaikoku is also responsible for this " precarious" situation. So glad we have Jiminto to look after us now.

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Posted in: Japan to raise COVID-19 hospital capacity 30% by end of November See in context

So they will increase the capacity by 30% by end of November - as in 3 weeks. So how is it possible all those hundreds of people were being denied hospital admissions/ care during the last wave , suffering and in many cases dying at home when apparently government has the ability to increase said capacity by a third in a couple of weeks? What the heck has been going on in the past year ? No doubt the families of those who died " recuperating at home" not so long ago would like to have an official explanation.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested at Miyagi childcare facility says he intended to kill children See in context

Just kill yourself then coward! Great work by the staff there, they should be recognised.

Couldn't agree more with this comment. Well done to the staff, this idiot coward should just jump off a sea cliff somewhere and leave the kids out of it.

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Posted in: Australians skirt vaccine rules with black market certificates See in context

I find it amazing that people will go to extrodanary lengths to get a QR code, they spend a lot of money to get one, with the possibility that the code will disappear when the web site crashes or gets pulled by the cops, then your putting your self in firing path for getting C19 virus, why dont you just have the vaccine, in the first place, its a lot simpler and safer.


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Posted in: Gov't considers ¥100,000 cash handout for children aged 18 or younger See in context

I am glad Japan spends less of my money on other people's kids. I would prefer it was zero.

Do you have kids? Were you a kid?

This does't mean that I support the even bigger waste on defense, concreting the countryside and other pointless projects.

This part of comment is reasonable.

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Posted in: Gov't considers ¥100,000 cash handout for children aged 18 or younger See in context

More tax payer money wasted. If you can't afford to have kids then please don't have them and expect others to have to pay for their upbringing.

Japan spends less on kids family support than any other " developed country ". Guess you prefer to see our tax money wasted on more useful things such as Abenomasks, bridges to nowhere, obsolete by delivery date weapons system and so on....and of course, pensions and medical care for seniors should be subsidised right? Bet you don't mind that , but heaven forbid parents should get 10 man yen for a kid. All those high flying single mum's should eat cake, ey?

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Posted in: Japan's pricey whisky gift to Pompeo still missing See in context

Trump did

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Posted in: Motegi to press ahead with reforming LDP ahead of next year's election See in context

Toshimitsu Motegi on Thursday left his foreign minister post and became the ruling Liberal Democratic Party secretary general, vowing to press ahead with reforming the party

Right, same oneliner about reforming LDP as his last dozen predecessors...LDP is incapable of reform plus it has no need....minions will keep electing it perpetually. TIJ.

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