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Posted in: Go To Travel push linked to surge in COVID-19 infections: study See in context

For example, Both the UK variant and Brazilian variant came in with foreign travelers.

They could also have come at any point with japanese citizens coming back to their country from abroad.

Thats precisely what was a Japanese male who brought tbe UK virus in. Redbear knows it very well but has to follow racist narrative.

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Posted in: Go To Travel push linked to surge in COVID-19 infections: study See in context

Go To may have contributed '

There is no 'may' kind of a doubt about it whatsoever.

Hiroshi Nishiura, who has acted as an advisor to the government's pandemic response. 

Well, we know which Hiroshi will not be making it onto the next expert panel anytime soon. Suga purges are well known.

About 20% of the almost 4,000 COVID-19 cases included in the study during the May to August period were travel-related.

You dont say, anyone still remember Suga on TV in December that infections caused by his pet project only numbered a few dozen?

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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥200 latte into it See in context

Arrested... obviously he is not an LDP politician of J- Inc executive. Very regrettable.

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Posted in: Police officer's loaded gun, handcuffs found in Osaka convenience store See in context many times have we read the same story and how many management responses about " making sure it doesn't happen again " .

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics may be too big a gamble, Japanese virus experts say See in context

"Is it like the attitude of a bad gambler? The gambler who loses money just pours in (more) money to get it back," he said.

Exactly...made worse by the fact they are using our tax money for their " gambling" so dont give a toss about consequences as long as all the cronies get their pork. Criminals.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach says there is no plan B for Tokyo Olympics See in context

"We have at this moment, no reason whatsoever to believe that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will not open on the 23rd of July in the Olympic stadium in Tokyo," Bach said

What, Bach has not been watching the news for the last few months?

You may not like it but sacrifices will be needed. This is why I'm saying, safety first, and no taboo in the discussion to ensure safety," the IOC president said.

What contradictory bs....IOC values "safety first" than the games would have been cancelled yesterday.

"First of all, let me be clear that you cannot compare March 2021 with March 2020 because there is such great progress in science, medicine, vaccination and (virus) tests," he said.

Yes, in 2021 there also weren't 100 million infected and 2 million dead.

An opinion poll by Kyodo News earlier this month found that 80 percent of respondents want a cancellation or postponement

As usual J-government doesn,t give a flying #&% about the peasant,s opinion.

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Posted in: Japan braces for U.S. jobs-focused Biden trade policy See in context

"Japan needs to show off its reputation as a country leading free trade negotiations

ROFL...Japan a leader in free trade negotiations...hahaha...ok.

ReasonandWisdomJapan - you can safely blame decades of incompetent LDP  governments for all the gripes you listed above, not the US...that would be wisdomspeaking.

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Posted in: Tokyo unwavering on Olympics but fans not guaranteed: CEO See in context

We are not discussing cancellation," he said. "Holding the Games is our unwavering policy, and at this point in time we're not discussing anything other than that."

Translation - we absolutely don't give a toss about public opinion, health or pandemic spread risk to public and athletes / entourage alike as long as we JOC fatcats can continue to suck our overblown pay from J- taxpayers and our LDP crony friends at J-Inc get their pork.

We humbly ask for your understanding , this is Japanese culture.

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on Peach plane in Sept arrested See in context


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Posted in: On first day, Biden rolls back Trump policies on border wall, climate, WHO, health, Muslims See in context

Look, the grown ups are back. Unfortunately this means the U.K. now holds the title of the most incompetent leader

I,d say its a draw between Suga and Boris.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s latest plan to boost birth rate: Pay people 100,000 yen per baby they give birth to See in context

Is someone real serious? 100,000 Yen ('$1,000) per baby to boost birthrate? That must be insignificantly small amount for any form of enticement.

100% agree....make it $10,000 and they might see a slight improvement...possibly.

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Posted in: Write or type? Recruiter lays into laziness of young Japanese job hunters See in context

Someone call Kono pronto....resume writing is in serious need of reform here.

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Posted in: Japan secures extra Pfizer vaccine doses; Feb 15 approval expected See in context

Seems Pfizer has troubles deliveribg supplies.

Now ,if you combine that with the J- govt. famous inability to efficiently distribute just about anything at all, we are probably looking at doubling the promised vaccination schedule. Even with Kono in charge.

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Posted in: It’s likely the LDP will seek to vote in a more popular leader in the September party leadership election. A lot of LDP lawmakers are concerned about their prospects under the Suga banner because the party leader is the face of the lower house election. See in context

Suga will prevail!

I sure hope so...because under Suga LDP is bound to loose a lot more seats than if someone more popular like Kono takes over.

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Posted in: Kono denies reports of mass vaccine roll-out for general public in May See in context

Oh no, NHK, please don't go around making vaccination roll-out schedules like that. It's bogus"

So, Mr. Kono, get out there and tell the people what your plans are, if you got any!

Well, to be fair this is his first day on the job, give him a week.

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Posted in: Pandemic reveals hidden poverty in wealthy Japan See in context

How many welfare recipients could have been supported by the Abenomask pork barrel theft just to name one example.

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Posted in: Pandemic reveals hidden poverty in wealthy Japan See in context

I'm way past caring what happens to the people here. They have a choice to vote for a different government, which may or may not led to positive changes, but when you elect the same elites and fat cats over and over again, nothing will change.

Spot on.

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Posted in: Japan eyes use of robots to boost COVID-19 testing See in context

Why complicate something so simple?

Indeed...why not simply do what other countries do and let nurses & pharmacists take the samples instead of just doctors. Simple and effective. Also what happened to the mobile PCR testing centers? Guess expensive robots are better since J- Inc cronies can get more of their cake.

Also, no one believes the “boosting testing news” anymore.

It will remain extremely low at below 9,000 average/day in Tokyo - with or without robots - until the end of the pandemic.

Or at least until the Olympics are officially canned, then the testing capacity would magically increase.

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Posted in: Pandemic reveals hidden poverty in wealthy Japan See in context

Being rich and a good life is a different thing. I did not want to sacrifice my life for money. Life is given only one time to us. For me, freedom of life and spirit was more important than money. I did not want to become a slave of businesses. Look, people in southeast Asia, they are poorer than Japan but they look they are living a lot happier."

Absolutely agree and applaud your choices...sounds like a life well lived. I subscribe to the same way of thinking.

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Posted in: Pandemic reveals hidden poverty in wealthy Japan See in context

So families receive notices saying things like 'your son is applying for welfare'," he said. "It's a very Japanese system. Everyone has the legal rights to use it. But society does not necessarily tolerate that."

The usual tatemae bs...look at us advanced" Japan we have such a " strong safety net" that other countries envy us . Oh , you wanna use it you say..uh..ahhh...sorry, that's a bit regretable, can you go ask someone else? ...

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Posted in: Aso vows to revive virus-hit economy, promote structural reforms See in context

Hilarious coming from a guy who doesn't know how to make a purchase at a supermarket. Oh well, I guess its the same as having someone in charge of cybersecurity who doesn't know how to operate a computer."

Yep, J- politicians in a nutshell ..what a laughing stock...about as hillarious as Japan claiming to be advanced democracy on par with the western nations. The longer one stays here the more of a joke that claim becomes,

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Posted in: Vaccines not prerequisite for Tokyo Olympics: Kato See in context

We are considering comprehensive measures to hold a safe and secure games, even without making vaccines a condition," Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told a press conference

The definition of an idiot.

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Posted in: 3 more COVID-19 cases linked to Australian Open arrivals See in context

Why is airport testing failing to catch these cases?This is the big question.

I thought everyone must be tested negative before enter an airplane..."

Everyone tested negative prior to departure, the positive cases were found after being tested on arrival.

Of course, this is guaranteed not to happen in Japanese model driven "safety Olympics" despite tens of thousands flying in from a couple hundred countries. Suga and Mori "pledged" it and Japan is unique, so thats all the reassurance we need,... phew.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,204 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,925 See in context

”Two high school girls tested positive, but since there were no close contacts the school was not closed.”

Naturally, J-high schoolk students have absolutely zeero contact with their classmates hence no testing is necessary. This is Japanese culture.

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for operating massage parlor offering sex services See in context

Police arrested Liu and her employees, also Chinese, after a tip-off from a caller saying that the spa was offering more than just massages.

I want to know what kind of messed up person would call to complain."

A rival massage parlor mama san?

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Posted in: Japan finds COVID-19 variant in 3 people with no record of travel to UK See in context

Obviously a Japanese person came into contact (either directly or indirectly, i.e. breathing the same air in a restaurant or bar) with someone from the UK, Brazil, South Africa, or any of the other affected countries.

Yeah and that "someone" was most likely another Japanese national returning from there.

The UK strain is known to be more virulent, and yet even with the number of cases that spiked in the Kanto area no one bothered to do the genome sequencing test?

Ahm....the fax regarding that hasnt been sent out yet,  couple more hankos needed.

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Posted in: Aso vows to revive virus-hit economy, promote structural reforms See in context

Aso said the government will prevent the number of coronavirus infections from rising further

Why, that should be a breeze since Japan has "superior mindo and corona beating culture that is the envy of the world " as this hot air bag proclaimed half a year back.

Japan will try to realize "a transformation of the economic structure and a virtuous cycle of the economy toward a post-coronavirus period." Does anyone ever challenge this guy to explain what he thinks he's actually talking about?

No use , Aso has no clue what he is talking about either, would have to ask the faceless "assistants" who write all J-politicians scripts what they meant.

2021 will be the final opportunity for us to push through drastic reforms of our country's economy and society, we will do our best so that Japan can take a big step," Nishimura said.

Oh please..."drastic reforms"  and  "Japan taking a big step ".....two things that never happen when they are announced by LDP politicians.

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Posted in: Kono to handle coordination of coronavirus vaccinations See in context

Feels like a political maneuver to tie Suga's fast sinking ship to the next PM hopeful. A good way to ensure someone does a good job by putting their reputation and future prospects on the line."

Kono was a rival to Suga during the post Abe resignation PM chair shuffle. I,d say this is more of a shrewd move by Suga to put Kono in  position where he can be blamed for any upcoming issues, delays, problems with the vaccine rollout ( and you can bet there will be ) and by extention deflect blame for the whole corona response from Sugalin. Political opponent elimination in the works. Hope Kono can sail through it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,204 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,925 See in context

3 people at my wife's workplace are down with COVID. And can we get a test? Nahhh - no symptoms, luv, you're probably all right. Come back when you're at death's door, then we'll see if we can put you on the books. No point risking bad numbers - it'd make the Olympics look bad.

Mind blowing. What an " advanced" country Japan is.

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Posted in: As Diet opens, Suga pledges to get pandemic under control, hold Olympics See in context

Suga said. “I will stand at the frontline of the battle with the people's cooperation."

What's this stand at frontline of the battle some mystical people,s hero fighter ?... he sure is standing up to his new Josef Sugalin nickname.

This is the kind of leader we need right now. Strong and optimistic. I had to wipe a tear from my eye as I listened to his words of hope. Thank you Mr. Suga! that. Post of the day :)

Suga in Monday’s speech made no mention of the Go To campaign, 

Why not?'s his baby, own it and stand tall and other govt in the world can claim to push a super spreader official policy during the pandemic. Japan finally leading the world in something.

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