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Posted in: Tokyo reports 119 new coronavirus cases; 1st time below 200 in 5 days See in context

Seriously, Monday and sometimes Tuesday figures are always lower as the labs are closed on Sundays...anyine who even vaguely follows the corona story here knkws that. Its like clockwork, about as set in stone as the fact Abe Inc will fight tooth and nail even kts own panel experts to ensure no more than few thousand tests are done here daily. If Japan tested at other countries levels it woukd have the same levels of infections....Alas tatemae face saving is more important...then of course there is the upcomjng election ( that will be possibly called this fall if Abe can keep control of the narrative.

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Posted in: Tokyo shares jump on hopes for COVID-19 treatment See in context

Interesting...just read another story on the weekend that said the polar opposite, remdesivir had almost no effect on the patients. Whom to believe? One thing for sure there is lots of misinformation out there with billions and billions at stake.

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Posted in: Japan may still build Aegis Ashore despite reports of cancellation See in context

First strike, take em out before launch. Something some have a problem with but if you disarm your foe they cannot attack you.

Defense is something Japan 100% needs to have with some of its neighbors being the unfriendly type with stated intent.

Or they could try denying its history, own up to it , double down on friendly diplomacy and develop positive regional relations with its neighbors. Way cheaper and at least as effective. But since there is no pork for MI complex in that, it will not happen.

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Posted in: Gov't urges Tokyo host, hostess clubs to act to stem coronavirus spikes See in context

Infections are coming out of host and cabaret clubs and it's important to take firm measures there," Nishimura said. "We need to make sure they thoroughly follow guidelines."

Bet you if they started substantial focused testing at packed train stations they would find a bunch of cases everyday as well. How about it Nishimura San? They proudly proclaim they have capacity for 30 thousand daily tests but still only test a few thousand daily. Let's put that capacity to work and find out the true extent of the virus spread. Or is that too inconvenient with an election coming up?

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Posted in: Tokyo's daily coronavirus infections hit new record of 243 See in context

THIS is the figure that really concerns me. 3,400 tests per day in a city of 15 million is a drop of water in an ocean. Ramp up the testing, Tokyo, and find out as much as possible as to the spread of this deadly virus.

Impossible...Japan successfully beat the virus, did not experience explosive growth and is an example to the world narrative must be maintained....image and face is everything , reality be damned. Japanese 'mindo ' is superior as that douche Aso bleats.

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Posted in: Tokyo's daily coronavirus infections hit new record of 243 See in context

Lets hear from that Aso gangsta again how Japanese " mindo " is so superior and brought the corona under control.....sensei..?

If they tested at same levels as other advanced countries we would be looking at 10 times the current 'controlled ' case numbers as most people are well aware of....but yeah, lets allow crowds of up to 5000 as of today even as numbers are rising because...ya know..its been decided weeks ago and LDP oyajis dont wanna loose face by being flexible or anything. TIJ.

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Posted in: Japan to allow up to 5,000 spectators at sporting events See in context

Japan on Friday started allowing up to 5,000 people to attend sporting and other events, despite a recent rise in the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus.

How is that for a contradiction of the week...and in the first sentence. Just comes to show that when something is decided in Japan , powers to be are unable to respond swiftly to rapidly changing circumstances. I mean meetings must be organised, 'expert s' have to discuss, tea must be all takes time.

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Posted in: Telemedicine shakes up Japan's health care sector See in context

Still, the health ministry has not decided whether to make the changes permanent, while the national medical association is less than enthusiastic, citing concerns about misdiagnosis.

"We should be extremely cautious about using evidence drawn from telemedicine

Are you sure the concerns are not due to the fact that remote consultation gets a smaller govt medical fee rebate than a face to face one for the doctors, Nakagawa san?

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

Whats with the obsessive focus on most cases being peiple in their 20s to 30,s ? Obviously if you overwhelmingly test hosts, hostesses and night workers majority will be in that age bracket . Why doest the govt start testing at pachinko parlors, municipal fitness clubs, social centres and other places where oldies hang out? Afraid of the results freaking out LDP,s core over 60,s voters huh?

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Posted in: Mother physically subdues man who groped her schoolgirl daughter See in context

Mom sprang into action, grabbing the chikan, a 25-year-old man, and physically restraining him until the police arrived and took over.

Thats awesome...well done to the mother.

I wish the same for us foreigners though, where we could help victims by detaining gropers without the police saying to us "stay out of Japan business."


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Posted in: Japan to consider easing travel curbs for Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

I expect just like when Canada informed they were pulling out for this summer, the same will happen again & sink the ship so to speak

Agreed, if it gets cancelled it will be because of gaikoku will never come from Japanese side..too much pork at stake.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, a temple offers pandemic-hit Vietnamese workers a safe haven See in context

Great job by the temple and shame on the govt for not giving a damn about the foreign workers.

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Posted in: Southwestern Japan hit by more heavy rain as death toll rises to 49 See in context

Japan is not broke by any stretch of the imagination. It has trillions of dollars salted away and can easily afford to weather (pardon the pun) this latest weather crisis.

Indeed, but those funds are there for LDP pork barell spending, priorities please.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seek COVID-19 defenses, but what exactly? See in context

The fact of the matter is that EVEN IF they hold the olympics, the event is not going to be the money making machine they were hoping for no matter what they do due to the virus. It is best to take a triage approach and cut your losses while you still can. Anyway you slice it, the olympics are not going to be successful from a monetary point of view. Best to spend money on rebuilding lives in Tohoku and Kyushu.

Right on Ali, absolutely agree..but as we know , the vested interests & their brown envelope LDP political chums will fight tooth and nail to keep the taxpayer funded money train running as long as possible. Will be interesting to see how this develops.

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Posted in: Koike may shoot for premiership after Tokyo Olympics See in context

*She will need to actually do a much better job as the Governor first before she becomes the Prime Minister. *

Dont think doing a "good or better job " before becoming a PM is a pre-requisite in Japan , how good a job did Abe , Aso etc..did before they became PM,s?  Way worse ,I,d say.

All japanese people I know voted for her.If I had the right to vote, I would also vote for her.

Do you guys, who complain about her, has a better candidate in mind? (For Tokyo Governor and Prime Minister)

Tend to agree , right now there is no one better with broad enough support to have a shot at PMs job...the Governor,s of Osaka & Hokkaido did well re. covid 19 but they are young and unfortunately in Japan , young age seems to be a disadvantage when having a shot at being a top dog. Wish it was different, but unfortunately it is what it is. Opposition,s failure at being able to unite and field a capable & charismatic candidate is frustrating after all this time.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 131 new coronavirus infections on Saturday See in context

Start testing near train stations at rush hour and lets see how many cases you get.

Its pathetic even now with their ' increased focus ' they are testing around 2000 people daily in Tokyo. In Australia , Melbourne is experiencing a surge with 60 -100 cases daily this week and with 1/4 of Tokyo,s population they just tested 25,000 people in 24hours.

Japan,s testing continues to be pathetic so the ' Japan has escaped explosive numbers of infection' BS can be maintained, saving face is the highest priority here.

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Posted in: JR Central gives up on opening new maglev train service in 2027 See in context

Too costly a project for too little benefit in face of the declining Japanese population, existing infrastructure ( both rail and air ) and most recently covid19 driven hallelujah revelation that even in Japan telework / remote business meetings are possible and effective. Having said that the vested interests that stand to make billions from the project heavily funded by preferential govt loans ( read our taxes ) to JR, will make sure it goes ahead regardless. J-inc way.

There will be no Linear Chuo Shinkansen station in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Perhaps the Shizuoka government would change their mind if a station was added...?

Right on the money mate.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

Taking pro-action allows the slow down of the virus and allow all other businesses to survive and maybe even thrive.Rounding up, the government needs to get smart and not twiddle their thumbs.

Unfortunately pro- active doesn,t figure in J govt dictionary here especially on the national level. Twiddling thumbs however.....well, thats perfected an art form by J politicos.

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Posted in: Power spots: The Japanese way to recharge your mind See in context

Noriyon.....words of wisdom :)

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

Woah, that picture! What happened to "Social Distancing"?

I have never understood this. How can we socially distance everywhere else, not go to clubs, bars, cinemas, restaurants etc. and yet continue to be crowded on to commuter trains?

Its quite simple really....J-inc profits can not be compromised any longer.

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Posted in: Virus testing blitz in Melbourne runs into conspiracy resistance See in context

Not like the UK press to sensationalise a story and add lurid details. Do you have a link?

Not just UK press...was reported in Australian media widely too of the security guards blew the whistle...just Google it.

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Posted in: Japan formally asks U.S. to extradite men accused of helping Ghosn flee See in context

Ghosn failed as a CEO. He failed as a leader of a company, Nissan famous for its high quality cars, deminish and deteriorated under his leadership

LOL, that is just too funny....your famous Nissan with its "high quality cars " was about to go bankrupt before Ghosn came and rescued it. Now that he is gone, the current bunch of incompetent J-managers with Uchida in driving chair ( replacing the equally hopeless Saikaiwa ) has no clue and is steering Nissan near banruptcy again. The only person who is doing some good is Gupta ( another foreigner -aah the irony ). Must really hurt the J-oyaji pride huh?

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Posted in: As coronavirus cases in Tokyo surge, gov't gives expert advisory panel a makeover See in context

Instead a new panel comprising a Nobel-prize winning geneticist, an artificial intelligence expert and a cardiologist will advise the government, as Japan seeks to revitalize its recession-hit economy.

So a panel of medically qualified expert yes men who were not "yes" enough is replaced with a bunch of more controllable yes men  none of whom is an infectious disease specialist. Next time LDP Inc. points a finger at Russia, China, NK et al and lectures about " democracy & freedom in Asia2 and such  I,ll try not to laugh too much. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Tokyo confirmed 107 more infections on Thursday,

A what? Surge? That paltry number is hardly a blip.The U.S. now, is more of one, as in 50,000+ new cases in one day.

Yeah, well when you test a maximum of couple of thousand in a city of 20+ million , you are not gonna get new case numbers anywhere near other countries , are you? Japan,s " successful " handling of covid narative must be maintained. LDP has an election coming up.

Kiyoshi Kurokawa, a physician who has served a variety of government posts and chaired a commission on the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Well, looking at how Fukushima has been handled until now, we can now safely predict the outcomes of the new Abe,s pawn panel future meetings - its all under control , there was / is no " explosion" of covid, government is not responsible for any stuffups, anyone who disagrees is misinformed / doesn,t know" true" facts.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 107 new coronavirus cases on Thursday See in context

Tokyo has the largest number of COVID cases because the city has the largest number of Chinese residents.

Wat a stupid racist comment.

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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

That is a telling photo with what the arrested guy is wearing.

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Posted in: Suga goes mask-free in briefings as Tokyo fights virus See in context

some say it's difficult to hear my voice," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at a press conference.

Suga is a BS artist for living , but this one is a pearler....seriously?

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Posted in: Japan pandemic jobless data mask problems for millions: experts See in context


So how long do you remain unemployed before you realize you might not find much work for 5 or 10 years?

Its fine to retrain for a 2nd career mid life but its not something you easily do in a few months amid a pandemic / SOE now is it?

I realize my comment wasn't that popular with many Japantoday commenters that feel people are entitled,

Nah...not because we feel people are entitled but because the comment made no sense.

Maybe if more 'native Japanese' were in agriculture, there would be better pay.

Think you have that backwards ...Japanese dont want to work in agriculture because pay is not great and work is the farmers had to turn to using imported slave labor under the " trainee" program guise which drives the wages even lower. Of course, the agri produce prices remain high as ever in this rigged , JA controlled system.

Be creative and start a 'rooftop agriculture' company or something.

Have you started one? You think the lowest paid contract partimers being laid off here, can start eco farming on the roofs of their rented apartment buildings? Have you even seen the J-apartment roofs?


Indeed, one should , preferably before posting.

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Posted in: Tokyo moves away from numerical targets to fight coronavirus See in context

If Lying Yuriko is voted in the weekend again voters need to be slapped...

Are you serious ? realize who J-public has been re-electing nationwide for decades , right?

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Posted in: Japan pandemic jobless data mask problems for millions: experts See in context

Lots of jobs in agriculture, nursing.."

Yeah right, what nonsense... ..because its so easy to cruise from completely unrelated job into nursing in the space of a couple of months...or quit your life in the city and move to countryside to work in " agriculture " as you say for the slaveowners that pay their foreign workers 500 yen per hour. Have you gone through the experience ?...Please , do share..

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Posted in: Tokyo moves away from numerical targets to fight coronavirus See in context

Koike: "Let's get rid of the numerical targets since we can not maintain those numerical targets."

Moving the goal posts are we Japan? How very Donald of you.

Indeed, this approach reminds me of the Fukushima nuclear disaster response....( very pre Donald ) spike exceeds the safe levels for general population?..response , increase the 'safe level limit ' .....voila, all is nice and dandy.

Same with this covid19 move......anyway, since we all know Jgovt has intentionally limited testing from the beginning to keep numbers low its up to us to keep taking precautions. Nihon suggoi.

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