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Posted in: Over 60% dissatisfied with casino law, Abe's response to heavy rain: poll See in context

Over the past few years Japanese public had majority opposition for most of the new laws , legislation that Abe,s govt. passed be it the security law, Nuclear restarts, casinos...etc.etc...yet as obedient vassals they keep re- electing LDP candidates across the country. What the hack is wrong with this place?

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Posted in: U.S. launches campaign to erode support for Iran's leaders See in context

This is the same US that is getting its knickers in a twist about some Russian efforts to influence elections, is it ?...

Just wanted to make sure. Hypocrisy manual 101.

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Posted in: Diet OKs law to allow up to 3 casino resorts See in context

ouldn’t pay an entrance fee to go in a casino unless they are giving free drinks or something else of equal value to compensate for the initial cost.

I bet thats exactly whats gonna happen and the locals who pay the 6000yen fee to get in will get vouchers or something along those lines to compensate for the cost of admission.

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict Kobe Steel for faking product quality data See in context

We once again deeply apologize," it said, without elaborating on specific charges. "The entire Kobe Steel Group is working together sincerely." sincerely cover up its ass as much as possible.

Kobe Steel has promised each employee will return to "the roots of monozukuri" to win back trust.

What the heck does this ridiculous fuzzy statement even means?

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Posted in: Death toll in heat wave tops 30; more than 10,000 taken to hospitals See in context

Many students participating in school activities in various areas around the country were also rushed to hospitals, 

This insanity continues year after year despite kids getting sick and even dying FFS...people need to start suing the twits in charge of BOE,s and Education Ministry making these decisions amounting to child abuse...or nothing will change because of the " kids need to toughen up, we did it too when we were young and were fine" idiotic oyaji mindsets. Of course the oyajis make their decisions in the comfort of their air conditioned offices ... they should be forced to stay on the sport field with the kids for a couple of hours in that heat and they would change their minds real quick. Makes my blood boil.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs 1st anti-smoking law, but seen as lax and partial See in context

Look at us. We're trying "hard" to look good like a 21st century nation before the Olympics (but really not).

Wonder how a 21st century nation looks like in the eyes of this poster :)

It looks like any number of developed countries( EU, Canada, Aus...etc ) that have passed these kind of laws way back when , that Japan desperately wants to be seen on the same level with but is once again failing pathetically . All because of the LDP dinosaur oyajis running this joint. Clear enough ?

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son says Japan is 'stupid' for not allowing ride-sharing See in context

When asked for a response, a spokesman for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport said that an issue with ride-sharing services was that while the driver was in charge of transporting passengers, it was unclear who was in charge of maintenance and operation.

And yet, incredibly almost every other country was able to overcome this ' problem ',.... aint it just amazing.

Totally self servicing advice, I am sure he really cares about the Japanese consumer.

Self serving it may be but his business ideas certainly benefit the average J consumer more than the leeches in the LDP government ,s ideas/ policies do.

I for one, don't like the idea of people riding with random strangers in their cars. It's essentially hitchhiking. Who knows what kind of condition those cars are in or the true intent of the driver. 

Totally valid point, but its all about having a choice to pick between a sharing service or a taxi . Some people prefer the former, some later.

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Posted in: Japan, EU sign massive trade deal to eliminate nearly all tariffs See in context

can hardly wait for November now, I will drink my favorite French beujalais neuveau wine, much cheaper now than usual prices.

Pretty appropriate to toast a crappy deal with crappy wine :-)

Wonder why the article makes no mention of the fact it will take almost 2 decades for the tarrifs on a number of products to come down for the Japanese cutomers while the Europeans will drop their tarrifs much faster. J customer being shafted once again.

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Posted in: Kobe Steel referred to prosecutors over quality data scandal See in context

The 2 posts above say it all.

special squad of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office is likely to indict KobeSteel, it will consider whether or not to prosecute individuals in connection with the data fabrication

 "will consider " - that means individuals will be held responsible...this is J-Inc, for reference one only has to look at Tepco, Mitsubishi, Takata, Olympus etc etc..let alone the buraucrats in MOF...noone is ever held responsible in J-Inc paradise. At  most the bigwigs  get golden parachutes and a transfer to a another cushy amakudari position away from a spotlight.

Except the little hungry guy that steal a bento box or a homeless who take a coin from a shrine donation box...thats different of course.

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Posted in: The Japanese summer as an ALT without air conditioning at school See in context

Just to clear it up , JET,s are still on 30K / month.......22 -25K are ALT,S working for hakken companies such as Interac.

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Posted in: Abe to announce candidacy for LDP leadership race in Aug See in context

Imagine living in a country where one party holds power in perpetuity and competing factions of corrupt old men make backroom deals about which hugely unappealing figure is to hold power. Oh yeah, I don't have to imagine.

Indeed...and imagine if that country proclaimed itself the leader of democracy in the region...with a straight face.

GanbarreJapan! Not 'can' - he WILL. We can be 100% certain of it.

@ cochise, I agree. I like you optimism! Lets keep fingers crossed, it seems like media push for Koizumi has died out, along with fake Abe Cabinet scandals.

You don,t need any crossed fingers, its not like the public or media have any say in this....public prefers Koizumi Jr by a large margin despite ( correction, because of ) his age and energy since realistically he is the best chance Japan has to reform at least a little bit ( given the painful absence of viable opposition atm ) ... alas the old LDP faction dinosaurs have done their backroom deals and Abe is a shoe in...keep the pork flowing to them and their cronies and raise the average Taro,s taxes to pay for it. No need for the LDP fanboys on here to pretend there is any kind of serious, fingers crossed requiring contest going on here.

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Posted in: 4 firms made foreign trainees do Fukushima decontamination work See in context

Slapped with? Yeah, slapped with a feather! What about the other companies? What did they get? Nothing? 

Oh no no...they will be issued a ' stern warning' to improve their practices or other such ' severe punishment....not like the bureucrats and govt officials in charge wanna jeopardise their future amakudari pork jobs by doing anything harsher.

There is very little in Japan Inc. that is honest, if anything. I've lived here for many years and have seen so many blatant violations of labor laws and human rights go unpunished. The Japanese code of honor called 'bushido' is actually all 'bullshido'!

Could not have put in anymore accurately.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un orders abduction probe results be explained to Japan See in context

will say it yet again, USA under Trump is the best friend and ally Japan could possibly have.

Lol...indeed..couldnt agree about those pesky steel tarrifs , car import tax threats etc, ....

and that image of Shinzo climbing out of the sandpit fogotten while Donny is walking away...priceless..:)

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un orders abduction probe results be explained to Japan See in context

These guys are in dire need of some cool biz....those suits gotta be pretty hit in July / August.

But skepticism remains over whether North Korea's findings will satisfy Japan.

What a merry J- govt will not accept any version other than the one it has already predetermined for itself...round and round we go.

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Posted in: Upper house panel passes controversial election reform bill See in context

Cricky....precisely...these LDP parasites agreed to reduce Diet by up to 80 seats in exchange for then PM Noda agreeing to the suicidal election that killed off his Democrats. They agreed to , i never forget the phrase " self sacrifice " for the sake of the people but as soon as they won the election , they had gone all quiet on the topic until they were pushed after much feet dragging into the miniscule action of cutting 6 seats by the " unconstitutional" rulings by subsequent courts regarding election vote disparity. And now only a year later these blood suckers ram this legislation through to ensure their pork barelling and bribes are not taken away from not a single one of them. Absolutely shameless ....when oh when will the Jpublic wake up from their slumber and kick at least some of these LDP scumbags out?...the political system on this island is so screwed up its unbelievable should be taught the world over as a textbook example of police greed.

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Posted in: Gov't speeds up reconstruction efforts after torrential rains See in context

If necessary, the government will consider compiling a supplementary budget, he said."

Not necessary ...plenty stashed away in the " discretionary" fund govt has at its disposal.

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Posted in: Cabinet approves guidelines for ¥100 tril budget for fiscal 2019 See in context

The guidelines call for discretionary spending to be reduced by 10 percent from the fiscal 2018 budget, while also seeking to cut down on mandatory spending such as personnel costs.

Well, obviously these useless guidelines get ignored by everyone since the govt. is spending record amounts with each consecutive budget. Let the Rome burn attitude ....

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Posted in: Abe, LDP under fire for holding party amid heavy rain warning See in context

You can be sure most politicians and leaders would be holding even bigger parties EVERY night.

Most LDP politicians you mean . Yep , they are all for throwing parties paid for by our tax money. Crooks.

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Posted in: Rescue of Thai boys, coach from flooded cave accomplished See in context



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Posted in: All 13 rescued from flooded Thai cave See in context

Absolutely brilliant.

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Posted in: Nissan says exhaust tests were altered in latest scandal See in context

CEO of an alliance is situated at the top of the pyramid so yes accountable..

Oh wait...I've difficulties understanding certain

Oh, you mean like the CEO,s of say just of the top of one,s Mitsubishi or Subaru or Kobe Steel or Takata or Tepco or Olympus...or..or...etc ...yep they were all Japanese :)

How many of them were really held responsible huh?

Yep... sure have difficulties understanding certain issues...LOL...

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Posted in: Japanese supporters' habit of cleaning up at World Cup spreads to other countries See in context

Credit where its due...if this habit catches on at different events and different countries that would be awesome. Hopefully it becomes a new normal....heaven knows this planet needs it.

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Posted in: Nissan says exhaust tests were altered in latest scandal See in context

Where is the former CEO Carlos Ghosn to explain this? He's gone! must be that gaijin Ghosn,s  fault...the Japanese execs would never allow this to happen, thats why no other J-Inc company has been found to have done the same...Oh Wait a

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Posted in: Japanese Princess Kako-brand diapers to go on sale in China, without permission of course See in context

French names such as:





Sounds Japanese to me.

Of course you intentionally forget the other Japanese ' sounding brands eg.


Coffret D' Or




Majolica Majorca

Dr. Ci : Labo

and numerous others.

My favorites are the Italian sounding domestic brands found in local depatos with names including gems like Luciano, Salvatore, Visaruno, Suave

Certainly does not excuse the Chinese but not like Japanese companies don,t do similar. ...or companies in any number of countries, take your pic.

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Posted in: Four boys rescued from Thai cave: the rest wait for Monday See in context

Fantastic news so far...hopefully they will get the rest of them out safely today. Great job and hopefully the rest of the rescue operation goes just as well.

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Posted in: Rescuers begin mission to extract Thai boys from cave See in context

First 4 boys are apparently on their way out now with the rescuers , prayers for everyone involved in this high danger operation. May this have a happy ending soon.

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Posted in: Japan household spending drops sharply See in context

Just an anomoly. Once the mid year big bonuses kick in, and Olympics get closer, spending will be boosted. For example, I will buy a new TV and many clothes with my bonus.

Aah...the LDP bot arguments are as funny as ever.

An anomaly you say....all the talk about ' definately ' raising the consumption tax nex year coming out of the overpaid LDP oyajis will make the average Taro buckle up and save even harder for the coming tough times. Once the tax is raised and Olympics is over in 2020 the consumption is gonna crash and economy will go down faster than a downhill skier LDP supplementary budgets full of pork barelllig are gonna fix that.

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Posted in: UK sticks to diplomatic boycott of World Cup amid new nerve agent storm See in context

Any proof of Russia,s involvement or just accusations ?

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Posted in: BOJ's Harada spurns rate hikes, says 2% inflation goal needs lower unemployment See in context

near historic low unemployment (even if it's a figure that's massaged more than an amukudari oyaji in a soapland)... that one mate ...too funny.

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