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Posted in: Wondering if your boyfriend will be a good husband? Give him the tea test See in context

This is an mindblowingly interesting article...

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Posted in: Got a Tokyo Olympic ticket? Unrivaled demand causes turmoil See in context

Paralympic tickets will be available and many will be free. Perhaps it's not as "cool" to boast about going to Paralympic as Olympics, but people should consider it. And support disabled athletes.

For once I agree with Ganbare...miracles happen ;-)

Paralympians have to work doubly as hard in overcoming their hurdles, physical and mental, and are definately awesome and inspirational. Absolutely deserve speactator and general public support

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Posted in: N. Korea's Kim 'notes' Japan's offer of talks, Xi tells Abe See in context

Its election time so NK must make it into J-media one way or another...lets wait for the inevitable abduction issue to be rolled out with Abe pledging to solve it once again....clockwork.

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Posted in: Russia protests over G20 map it says showed disputed islands as Japan's See in context

Japan (like Germany) lost the war and both countries consequently lost territories.

The only one complaining about this is JAPAN!

Get over it, there are more important things to take care of!"

Spot on.

Oh look, an article that mentions Russia/Japan and WW2 on JT....lets see if we will get the regular fly in / fly out rightwinger gang in a bloc of -11 or -20 today?....any bets?

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Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a formal diplomatic protest to Japan after accusing Tokyo of circulating a map at its G20 summit showing a disputed island chain as Japanese territory, the ministry's spokeswoman said on Thursday.

Abe, the master diplomat in have another round of meetings with Russia  and wonder why they ignore us again?

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Posted in: Abe raps opposition parties for joining hands only for election See in context

@ Simon....Agreed.

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Posted in: Whale meat fetches 'celebration prices' after Japanese hunt See in context

Japans culture, Japans tradition, Japans right to eat whatever they choose.

Fair enough...just dont waste our tax money on subsidizing it...if it proves it can do commercially well without tax handouts so be it.

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Posted in: Abe raps opposition parties for joining hands only for election See in context

Best we can hope for is some youthful and more sophisticated new blood that are not as arrogant as the old guard to emerge from within the LDP. Is what it is.

This is pretty much on the ball as much as I dont like saying it. Japan,s best hope is with someone like Koizumi jnr, i know the arguments against him, he is part of the system, a political blue blood who was born to inherit his fathers constituency but as ricky says it is what it is. At least he is young , has some fresh progressive ideas and openly disagreed with Abe and the old guard on a number of occasions. Unfortunately it will be another 5 years or so before his turn comes. I like Edano , he is a nice guy, smart, has some good ideas and genuinly worked his butt off during the Fukushima crisis but unfortunately just doesnt have enough charisma for the army of retirees who carry the elections in this country , to pull it off. Best we can hope for this time around is for LDP to loose some seats , so that their majority and arrogance gets pushed down just a notch. Sad state of affairs here.

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Posted in: City begins square watermelon shipments See in context

And I guarantee all those 10,000¥ Watermelons will sell out. Further proof the Japanese economy is going from strength to strength!

Further proof some Japanese people will pay way overblown prices for a piece of fruit.

And I guarantee all those 10,000¥ Watermelons will sell out. Only in Japan!

Yes! Only in Japan!

Further proof the Japanese economy is going from strength to strength!

Thank you for my daily chuckle!

Indeed.....Ganbare,s posts are always highly entertaining ;)

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Posted in: Abe raps opposition parties for joining hands only for election See in context

"Isn't it the case that opposition parties are choosing unified candidates for the mere purpose of trying to bring down the government?" Abe asked

Yeah, well ...wasnt bringing down the governmment all that LDP cared about when they were in opposition last time? You know, when LDP refused to co-operate on passing the budget following Daishinsai and Fukushima Dai ichi know just the biggest disaster post war Japan experienced?  All they cared about was bringing DPJ,s PM Kan down as he was trying to handle the mess handed to him by LDP/ Nuclear village decades of corruption. Just a tad hypocrtical there , no?

"It is a goal...but the important thing is to bolster the real economy. What that means is (improving) employment conditions," Abe said.

Where is the MIA 3rd arrow as fxgai just pointed out, drilling the bedrock of regulation and all the other hot air sound bites?

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Japan's tax revenue hit a record 60.36 trillion yen ($557 billion) in fiscal 2018 on the back of higher wages and dividend payments, the Finance Ministry said Tuesday."

LOL maybe you learn some economics.

I said a sector that is doing well right now , you know.. in mid 2019 with the export downturn courtesy of Donny vs China spat, Olympic driven construction spending soon to peak & start to decline and consumer spending about to take a hit courtesy of Abe,s idiotic tax rise timing at play...

You are quoting 2018 statistics when Japan had it as good as it gets....LOL maybe the netto uyo need to learn  read properly what others post....or is that too hard ?:-)

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Posted in: Japan curbs technology exports to S Korea See in context

Did he say that a SK needs a visa to come to Japan? What he said was that Japan should impose visa restrictions on South Koreans coming to Japan.

LOL LOL. You are really funny. So much for western education.

Yeah Abe should do that...tourism is pretty much the only sector doing well right now out of all his Abenomics promises so would be good of him to inflict a bit of  self damage. Preferably before the election since he is trying to run on being strong with diplomacy. LOL...very funny uyoku gold.

Well Done PM Abe Well Done. Next, retract both the KONO statement and Murayama Statement. Close the Pusan consulate, kick out South Koreans diplomats and ban travel to South Korea by Japanese

Lol....more golden ideas, keep then coming.

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Posted in: Japan's biggest opposition party shuns merger with rival ahead of election See in context

The opposition parties always speak nice and Japanese people gave administrative power to them some years ago. What was the result? It was a big disappointment.

Only because the earthquake / Fukushima Dai ichi disaster struck and the opposition took the blame for N village incompetence and corruption that LDP created.....thats what led to its downfall...of course US helped with the soft regime change as they didnt like DPJ,s pivot towards friendly relations with China and against their bases in Okinawa.

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Shinzo Abe said on Wednesday that he was not considering raising the sales tax beyond 10% under his administration, and that he saw no such need for at least a decade

Indeed he sees no need .....because HIS administration will be over in a couple of years...he will leave it to the next LDP muppet protege who will just say that circumstances have changed and it needs to be done for the ' good of the nation to secure pension funds due to 'unforseen circumstances , or some other such BS.

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JCP agreed passing the budget bill of NHK in the diet and NHK successfully raised TV watching fees double when they introduced BS broadcasting

..Wanna blame someone for NHK and its extortion fees blame the LDP who are the ones in bed with NHK ...if JCP is guilty of some rare co operation with Jiminto what does that make Komeito for example ...the Buddhist party that supports LDP policies such as rewriting the article 9 , bringing in casino gambling and raising tax that will hit the average Taro the hardest ?

Communists are small fish in comparison.

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Posted in: Japan's biggest opposition party shuns merger with rival ahead of election See in context

Communists here actually have some pretty good policies for the average Taro...if only they changed their obsolete name they would fare much better.

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Posted in: Elderly drivers – are you aware of the suffering that results when you cause an accident? See in context

I’m 70 and been driving since I was 12, but I am fully aware that the day might come when I will not drive. I’ve already been telling my wife that when that time comes, I will give it up. No way will I be the cause of danger to anyone.


 I am sure its easier for them in Tokyo but the government hardly pays attention to the multitude of old people who live in the country with no trains and not nearly enough buses or stops.

Indeed govt needs to do more for the countryside elderly....public transport should be free for people over certain age ( even earlier  if they give up their license ) and Uber like car sharing services should be allowed to counter the prohibitevely expensive taxi fares in countryside ...plenty of overpaid bureaucrats with nothing to do can be put to work on devising workable solutions.

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Posted in: #UnwantedIvanka campaign pokes fun at Trump's daughter See in context

Part of Trump's plan for dynasty building.


Many funny online photos #UnwantedIvanka

Gotta check it out ;)

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Posted in: Elderly drivers – are you aware of the suffering that results when you cause an accident? See in context

But kudos to Shukan Gendai for publishing a story like this.....this really is a sad situation for everyone, both the victim and the driver ...hard no to feel sorry for everyone involved. If the story makes even a few pople reconsider their driving , it will be the one positive thing that comes out of this.

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Posted in: Elderly drivers – are you aware of the suffering that results when you cause an accident? See in context

Even his driver’s license was not terminated – only suspended for a year.

This is a 80 year old guy has this sort of an accident but his license is not cancelled...WTH?

Its good that he himself decided not to drive afterwards but the license should have been cancelled, how can the authorities just suspend it for a year and give it back when he is 81 and his cognitive ability would have deteriorated....I don,t get the authorities thinking in this case.

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Posted in: Celebrating with sake, Japanese whalers bring ashore first catch See in context

"We have nothing to be ashamed of," said Kai.

How about taking taxpayers money for an enterprise that would otherwise go broke within a year ?....or will they start refusing subsdies now?...that would be the day.

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Posted in: New law takes effect, banning smoking in gov't buildings, schools See in context

When the government is a stakeholder in Japan Tobacco they might be a little hesitant to pass laws curbing sales....

Thats just it .

Beggars belief that in 21st century Japan is giving itself a pat on the back with policies like this....

' Health Ministry will be completely smoke free by 2022 '

The Health Ministry no less ...this is pathetic, the restaurant loopholes would be so laughable if this was not such a serious issue. As always dinosaur oyajis in power with brown envelopes from J tobacco sticking out of their pockets sabotaged the law when it was first proposed.

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Posted in: Party leaders clash over tax, Constitution before upper house election See in context

We will improve the economy so that (the country) will get out of deflation" to secure pension funding, he said.

Ignoring the obvious in that inflation is bad for pretty much everyone except government holding lots of debt , Abe has been saying the same thing for years on end with no results....If the Japanese economy could not do it over the last few years during the period when most of the major world economies were growing strongly as well , it has zero chance now with world slowing, trade wars and potential oil conflicts on the horizon, Olympic money pot to start drying up from next year and the idiotic increase in sales tax on top of it all.The peak for Japan,s preformance has been reached ...only one way to go from now.

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Posted in: Putin says liberalism 'eating itself,' migrant influx wrong See in context

Russia has bad food, nothing to buy, and thugs on every corner. Not who I’d go to for advice on running a country.

Have you actually been there lately? Bet not.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. agree to accelerate trade talks from July See in context

The prospects for a two-way deal raise fears that Japan may cave into pressure from the United States to open up its highly protected agriculture markets, such as beef and rice.

With the Don in driving seat , cave in to pressure Japan surely will, despite all the hot air about tough negtiating, protecting national interests and the rest.....Donny will get more market access, inefficient J-farmers willk get more of our tax money subsidies and LDP will get to keep their votes. US holds the cards... its a foregone conclusion.

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Posted in: After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling See in context

My heart is full of hope," added Kai, who belongs to a fisheries cooperative in Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture,

Hope for what? More Japanese buying and eating the stuff ?...not gonna happen as evidenced by the

"But consumption has declined significantly in recent decades, with much of the population saying they rarely or never eat whale meat"*

Hope for more taxpayer money wasted on subsidies by the govt dinosaurs?.....yes, thats very likely.

"The withdrawal from the IWC means the Japanese whaling industry is on the path towards extinction."

As it should be.

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Tokyo is closely monitoring whether the two countries will move forward negotiations on the denuclearization of North Korea and improve their ties

Closely lovely, thats all that Japan ever does. It just translates as bunch of overpaid bureaucrats at MFA sitting around watching TV all day.

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Posted in: Abe criticized for calling elevator installation at Osaka Castle 'mistake' See in context

Yeah , lets pretend we care about the disabled during the Paralymics so the world can see how sugooi Japan is again but go back to pretending they don,t exist once the attention is not there anymore. Lovely.

"But they made only one big mistake -- they went so far as to install elevators."

Not as big as keep electing the LDP baffoons.

“[Nagoya] remains reluctant, saying it will achieve a barrier-free environment by using new technologies

What new technologies , levitation ?....New technologies not yet Tepco at Dai ichi?

Typical bureaucratic oyaji answer when they don,t have a real one.

Surely , they can figure out a discreet way to put an elevator in there with the huge taxpayer money being spent on the project.

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Posted in: Trump, N Korean leader Kim meet at DMZ See in context

No Trump fan but I give him credit for this...every step/ meeting towards solving the NK issue is welcome . If only the Don could overide the neocons and move towards a solution with Iran and Venezuela too.

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Posted in: What's behind Japan's support of whaling? See in context

My girlfriend said she ate it in elementary school. She said that she liked it, but to be honest, she is very much like her father in a dress. She dresses like an old man to bed too.. It is too funny sometimes! too funny thanks for sharing.

The answer to the question is easy: idiocy, stubbornness, and money grubbing by a few.

Yep, pretty much sums it up....throw in some right wing votes come election time.

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