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Posted in: Man given prison term for food prank at beef bowl diner in Osaka See in context

This sentence is too harsh!!!!! Two years for putting his mouth on some ginger.

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Posted in: Actor Charlie Sheen attacked in his Malibu home; suspect arrested See in context

This new article reads like an episode of Two and a Half Men.

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Posted in: Black Lives Matter rally held in Tokyo See in context

The goal of the Black Lives Matter movement is to do away with systemic racism, police brutality, and legal inequity.

On the issue of whether Japan is the wrong place for this. We cannot be in the US. We are here. We are a part of this world and want to add our voices to the collective.

On racism being a mindset. Just because you know some black people who are successful doesn't mean they have not faced racism. It also doesn't mean others have not been hindered by it. I am doing quite well but before that I faced some shocking, soul crushing racism in my private and professional life. Racism is very real. Hiring based on race is still a thing which means there are very real barriers that are caused by racism.

On the idea of such and such being a better protest for Japan. This is the issue at hand right now. Anyone is more than welcomed to take up whatever cause they deem worthy and hit the streets. I am sure others will support you.

On the issue of "this is not America". Japan hopes to become a full member of the global community. All around the globe, people are collectively expressing their support of the ending of systemic racism, police brutality, and legal inequity.

On the issue of "everybody is a bit racists so trying to end racism is futile" [paraphrased] History has show us time and time again that these effort are far from futile. In fact the very fabric of all modern society is based on civil disobedience and protest. For black people this is even doubly so or else we would still have slavery, Jim Crowe, Apartheid, Tuskegee...etc ad infinitum. If every cause ended with "don't bother because it is a losing battle" where would we all be now? Honestly, I am not even sure why I am explaining all of this. I know it is an exercise in futility but here I am anyway.

On the issue of "no black people showed up" Not totally correct. There were black people there. Some people in the black community, however, did consciously choose not to attend, apparently, because they were not familiar with the organizers (anyone can use the label Black Lives Matter). There are lots of attempts to use the label for everything anyone has a beef about, thus distorting the message. There are also many people who want to see the shut down, including almost everyone who commented here. Subversion and sabotage are a real concern. The organizers used social media, friends of friends, word of mouth. So many people didn't know till the last minute or until they saw it here. Whoever showed up is whoever was a part of the networks they reached out to.

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Posted in: Gunman dead after shooting 14, killing one, in Toronto See in context

“In a video clip shared by Canadian media, a white man wearing a dark cap and dark clothing and carrying a shoulder bag can be seen stopping on a pavement and pulling out a handgun before firing shots.” - BBC News

“No doubt non-noncaucasian gang retaliated” - Racist @#%!

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Posted in: Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says S Korea's Moon See in context

Saddam and Ghadafi also did not have the Chinese and Russian Military. Unless those two would have abandoned NK, war by America would have sparked WWIII.

It is more likely Asia is strengthening itself against American influence. The US has lost much trust in the international community. Now, NK and SK are working with Russia and China to bring peace. Europe is working without America to preserve Iran deal and Paris accords, Asia is working without America to establish TPP. One by one they are doing it on their own till the US is left alone on the playground with no one to play with.

If I were a policy maker that’s exactly what I would do. I would also use Trump’s ridiculous ego against. Stroking his hair so he doesn’t turn his head to see everyone scrambling behind him.

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Posted in: Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, says S Korea's Moon See in context

Obama’s was NOT Only given the prize because he was able to rise above centuries of oppression to impossibly become America’s first black president and a historic symbol/milestone of a post Jim Crowe America, which IS a tremendous accomplishment. He was also given the prize as a way of pressuring him to end America’s blood lust. It was clear to everyone that Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria would be followed by Iran and North Korea. They gambled that he was a sensible man and that he would try to do something to steer the country in a more peaceful direction. The prize was a bid to tip the scales in favor of peace. Officially he was given the prize for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”, which he did with relentlessly.

Despite the drone program in Syria he WAS able to peacefully negotiate the denuclearization of Iran. That is huge. No one before him has been able to accomplish this. He didn’t do it by threatening war or through crippling sanctions. He did it through diplomacy.

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Posted in: Europeans push last bid to salvage Iran deal, but work on plan B See in context

They could take a cue from North Korea, cut out the US and work out a deal with other countries. Let Trump suck on his thumb in the corner alone like a spoiled child who has to have all of Obama’s things for himself so he can smash them.

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Posted in: Conveyor belt sushi chain where foreigner filmed GoPro video considers pressing criminal charges See in context

That video went viral, right? A smart businessman would take advantage of the massive free publicity and use it to boost sales .

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Posted in: Three 20-year-olds, teenage girl arrested over arson death in Chiba See in context

The others were two dudes and one girl.

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Posted in: The Kong Show presents The Kinlay Band See in context

Sweet groves. I am digging the vibes.

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Posted in: IS executioner 'Jihadi John' named by media See in context

Jihadi John has a rap video on YouTube in which he confesses to having the urge to kill but wanting to move past it. I think he is just a killer who joined for the thrill of killing and doesn't give a shit about Islam.

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Posted in: Ben Affleck defends Muslims on U.S. TV talk show See in context

Maher was wrong so was Harris. Hats off to Ben Affleck. More atrocities, genocides, and evil have been done in the name of Christianity than history can count but we do not call Christianity a mafia religion, why not? If we were to attribute every wack job's claim that they are working in the name of their religion then we would have to consider staunchly "Christian organizations" such as the KKK, who in their day executed a great number of people in the name of Jesus. Did you know that right now, today, there is also Christian terrorism?

Bottom line....It is wrong to condemn a whole group of people on the action of a few. Period. Islam is not evil. The evil f...kers who use it to kill are evil.

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