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Posted in: Ex-PMs Koizumi, Hosokawa call for nuclear power to be phased out See in context

Koizumi, the liar. "As a pro-growth prime minister from 2001 to 2006, Mr. Koizumi had backed the business lobby by calling for Japan to become “a nation built on nuclear power,” calling it cheap and clean, and sided with the Tokyo Electric Power Company in deciding to end tax-supported subsidies for solar panels." Koizumi is a walking joke.

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Posted in: Abe to become Japan's 7th PM in 6 years after landslide LDP win See in context

The Japanese are like crabs, can't go forward. RIP Japan.

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Posted in: Obama: Bin Laden death anniversary time for reflection See in context

Most of the SEALS envolved in the operation that killed OBL are dead. They were killed in Afeghanistan when the helicopter was shot down by the insurgents.

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Posted in: Woman sits on, kills infant son See in context

The ancient tough love education...

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

It's just my impression or these demonstrations of rage and hate from japanese started since Korea reached some economic and industrial status worldwide and Japan kept struggling since the end of the bubble? That slurping souds more disgusting to the westerners than eating direct from the pot. Ups, the japanese do that too...

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Posted in: Japan 'no longer a rich country' by 2050: think tank See in context

Japan needs to recycle themselves. They are too conservative, they choose seniority over meritocracy. Nothing goes forward with the old mind, old ideas.

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Posted in: Things that foreigners miss about Japan when they return home See in context

Ramen, Stores song (like Don, don, don Quijooootee...), vending machines, public transport, and funny things like the pimps taking people in the streets.

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