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Posted in: Canadian English teacher filmed hitting 2-year-old child at daycare facility See in context

I have no tolerance for anyone abusing children, absolutely outrageous conduct.Grabbing and moving those kids around as though they were bags of garbage.I hope that the Japanese authorities impose the maximum punishment upon this thing for there no way he could be human.

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Posted in: For Japan, lesson from Greek crisis is to keep on spending See in context

I view the Japanese as an honorable society unlike that of the USA that continues to make a victim of truth and it's justice system is truly a pretentious endeavor.Naturally Japan is not without it's problems but at least they can be resolved unlike those of the USA.The American leadership have placed self-interests as their primary objective and as a result have ruined their country and that in turn will, in the near future, trigger the World's monetary collapse !!

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Posted in: Chinese media see international bank as diplomatic coup See in context

All this maneuvering by China is somewhat like a big monopoly game and the end game is one of ownership,influence, and control !!

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Posted in: Japan says it hopes to resume whaling later this year See in context

Japan's will face World condemnation and consecquences for it's ongoing disregard in protecting what remains of declining whale populations.Japan is on a path that will ensure it's own demise by failing to protect species in great decline.On this issue I find Japan totally irresponsible and ask it's citizens to reconsider taking such actions killing off the World's declining whale populations !!

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Posted in: Boss arrested for assaulting employee with a stun gun for being late See in context

If we have to live in a civillized society then monsters as such ought to be punished to the fullest extent of the law !! He should be made to experience what the pain of a stun gun feels like so that he may comprehend the severity of his transgressions plus endure the pain of electrical current induced into his body.

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Posted in: 'Black widow' with seven dead partners arrested See in context

She loved every man to death,800 million yen and she couldn't stay warm Rather than knit woolen slippers she prefered cooking with her favorite cynaid spice.Should you be interested in being husband number 8 please forward your address to:Yono Mogohom,1 Morgue Foyo,Japan !!

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Posted in: Man abducted, beaten in car by gang of 6 See in context

Truly regretable,youth have an inability to reason before taking action.Only afterwards once caught can they comprehend the seriousness of their crime,then comes the tears upon conviction !! Victims ought to participate in determining punishment providing death was not the end result to that crime.

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of meddling after Obama-Dalai Lama meeting See in context

China continues to oppress the Tibetan people,China rules only by using brute force!! There will come a time when even the Chineese people will rise and revolt to have more freedom and say in their future.Should China want to punish us then we need to be prepared to go without underwear for they manufacture most of the World's clothing.China's rulers keep threatening countries that don't support their every wishes and that's not how democracy functions!!

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Posted in: U.S. believes Japan on China radar incident See in context

All those concerned have billions of dollars in trade with each other plus have millions of people dependant on that trade to feed their families.This should be reflected upon and then all sides need to sit down and resolve this issue before someone gets killed.War is not a sport where one side has to prove their better than the other.I would hate to see either Chineese or Japaneese people loose their lives,in times of war all loose. Wisdom must prevail !!

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Posted in: Bored Japanese trucker gets kicks from Syria war tourism See in context

Ancient tradition,he's a reincarnated Kamikaze !!

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Posted in: Elderly woman in serious condition after grandson punches her See in context

Does Japan have anyone willing to refund this 35 year old man the pain and suffering he inflicted onto an 82 year old senior,outrageous !!

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Posted in: Obama: Muslim world must help protect Americans abroad See in context

Go to youtube and listen to ex-CIA opperative John Stockwell talk about American attrocities and the killing of over 6 million innocent people throughout the past few decades.This is a topic that Americans want swept under the rug and are in complete denial over.The USA have always been "The Terrorists"and have exported it throughout the World.Due to the internet the truth can no longer be hidden.

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Posted in: Obama: Muslim world must help protect Americans abroad See in context

If President Obama wants safety for Americans then he's got to lead by example, otherwise, there can never be any peace.Firstly,stop supporting Israeli terrorism against the Palestians and supplying American weaponary to the Israelis,period !! Secondly,stop invading other countries and killing innocent civilians.Ex-CIA opperative, John Stockwell openly stated that America is responsible for killing over 6 million people in the past few decades in places like South America,Vietnam,Iraq,Afghanistan,etc.The World has had enough of the USA and it's Human Rights abuses,lead by example and not by force !!

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Posted in: China pushes Japan with sea claims, trade threats See in context

Mary M.--------In Nanking(1937) Japanese soldiers used Chinese women as comfort women raping and killing them,tore the eyes out of children,use Chinese women and children in their labs instead of rats experimenting with new technics.More than 200 thousand Chinese were killed and you render judgement on me making reference to anti-japanese and thoughts of chairman Mao,really !! View for yourself on youtube the attrocities and be informed.

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Posted in: China pushes Japan with sea claims, trade threats See in context

All of todays problems with Japan stem from the attrocities of the past committed by Japan on the Chinese people.There exsist an overwhelming need by the Chinese people to give Japan payback.China wants payment in blood and believe me that ,at some point, they will find a way to get it,rightly so !!

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Posted in: Coast guard on lookout for 1,000 Chinese fishing boats See in context

The Chinese unlike the Japanese are very undisiplined and appear very resentful of past wrongs committed by Japan.It is without a doubt that, at some point, blood will be shed.Conflict between China and Japan will get ugly and force the USA to get involved,then what? It would be preferable that both China and Japan negotiate now a solution before violence starts !!

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