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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of woman at Tokyo brothel See in context

Envy.....many prostitutes can make a lot of money in a month....much more than a salary man.....

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Posted in: French baguettes get UNESCO heritage status See in context

My daily onigiri should have that status.

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Posted in: Japan considers buying up to 500 U.S. Tomahawk missiles until FY2027 See in context

Like the mafia..."I have got buy it!"

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Posted in: Ex-baby sitter gets 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 boys See in context

A woman wouldn't do this....I think license should be given only to women for nursery schools.

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

The funny thing is that a crazy guy who is not part of that religion is the guilty one to have assassinated Abe.....but now the focus are on the members of that religion who have nothing to do with the assassination.

It's like 9/11 was organized by Muslims because the complaints ok American now American people have to be persecuted....there is no sense and logic... it's only witch hunting that doesn't distinguish the guilty one from the not guilty.

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Posted in: Man gets 2 years in prison for assaulting 17-year-old boy who asked him to stop smoking on train See in context

Wow.... Italy don't give even 5 years I'm prison if you kill someone..... Japan is a serious country....2 years is not a short time as everyone is commenting here.

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Posted in: A look at the Unification Church's ties to Japan's politics See in context

Abe san had only a weak and shallow relationship with the unification church. Just like with other religious organizations.... politicians looking for votes and financial support.

Moreover, of you look at the real numbers of the so called Unification church, it has only very few members....they don't even reach 1,000 members in Japan probably.

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Posted in: Abe shooter's plan to target religious head thwarted by COVID See in context

Everybody seems confused her: this guy who killed Abe san has never been a UC member. Needless to say that the UC is totally against wars, weapons, and any sort of physical violence. Moreover, Abe has never been so much involved in the UC....he just attended a couple of events like many other politicians around the world to get votes and money from various religious groups.... that's normal.

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Posted in: China warns Kishida about amending Japan's constitution See in context

USA is behind the possible decision of Japan of changing its constitution as Americans want Japan to fight against China if they invade Taiwan.....exactly like they are doing in Ukraine where EU countries are sending weapons and men to fight against Russia. And that is why Abe san was is a political reason .....Abe was against with American intervention in Ukraine and against Japan having some day a real army.

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Posted in: Large number of shotgun-style shells found at Abe shooter's home See in context

Besides the fact that his mother can anything she wants with her money.......there is something wrong though.....if he was so upset with the UC, why didn't kill one of the leader/managers of the church?!? I think that religion here has nothing to do with the crime committed must be political as Abe san was against the war in Ukraine against Putin, and his opponents are trying to build a real army changing the Japanese constitution and Abe was against that.

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Posted in: Abe killing seen as attack on Japan's democracy See in context

Japan is a democracy and there is religious freedom and if a crazy guy decides to kill someone who has a weak affiliation with that religion jus because his mother decided to give a large donation to somebody.....well, then, the guy is what it is.....crazy

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