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Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

"Later he told police what he had seen them doing from above. Police confirmed his observations."

I'm calling BS, or at least ignorance. The person could have been half conscious and aware of what was going on, and/or some of the police's actions could have been guessed (ie: pulling them out the car).

And what is it with the whole 'viewing oneself from above' stories that people seem to come out with when it comes to 'out of body' claims?? It's because people have this fictional idea about us 'rising up' in the air after death, so the camera view becomes 'bird's eye' view, but if one is someone 'dead' or 'out their body', and somehow viewing themselves from the 'afterlife', why would it have to be from a bird's eye view? Why not from a view beside themselves, for example? Does the afterlife/out of body cameras default to bird's eye views a few metres high?

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