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500 years ago, in the ancient Greece we wont have this debate.

Its about atlethes competing to win a gold medal, not about selling tickets.

Let the athetes run, and jump, and do their job. And forget the sales.

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Posted in: Gov't drops bill for now to raise retirement age of prosecutors See in context

@borscht , well sumarized.

now we won 1 battle, lets continue the fight.

How can we take the power away from prosecutors and give it back to the country?

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister, wife arrested over alleged vote buying See in context

Prosecutors don't arrest, they indict. Judges issue warrants. Police take people into custody, or "arrest" them.

Prosecutors will get a warrant 100% of the times they ask to the judges.

Prosecutors can arrest, and can get cutody, and can execute the interrogations by themselfs.

Prosecutors have a say on the legislative power, they can add or change laws, and congress will follow prosecutors directions.

Prosecutors will leak juicy information to the press, like arrests and evidences, so the have total control of the information on public media.

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Posted in: European lawmakers chide Japan over parental child abductions See in context

MOJ has not moved forward since war time, almost 200 years ago.

The main problem is that prosecutors are the ones to decide law changes.

The legislative power deffers to the punitive power.

And even worst, the prosecutors controll the public press.

You can confirm it just watching the news, most of the news are prosecution leakages to the press.

The MOJ needs to be restructured from the grounds up.

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