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mareo2 comments

Posted in: Russian FM talks tough to Maehara on dispute with Japan See in context

With the failure of the Russian government to protect their civilians against terrorists in the bombing of the airport of Domededovo, is crafty for them to create headlines for distract the russian people by provoke an incident with Japan. When everyone know that you are a pacifist that don't fight back, be the punching-bag of frustrated people with low-self stem is just the natural reaction. After all bully a pacifist country is easer than fight terrorists and corrupt officers for look "tough" in the eye of the voters, is in it?

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Posted in: As China grows more assertive, U.S., Japan push back See in context

The japanese empire needed two cities nuked to finally give up the dream of control East Asia with militarism. Let's hope that these time we can deter a conflict before see another Pearl Harbor attack but these time on american bases in South Korea, Japan and Guam. But the nationalist indoctrination in the PRC is so big that I doubt that peace with neighbors can be secured.

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Posted in: Asian-American lawmakers demand Limbaugh apology See in context

There is racist ultra-right wingers in america just like in Japan and some people defend a racist remark. Why I am not surprised at all?

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Posted in: Gates touts role of U.S. forces in Japan in dealing with N Korea, China See in context



Oh..! I see! You suggest to give up any hope and surrender to your chinese overlords.


Can you please stop shaking in your boots and grow some balls? Because you embarrass your country and alienate your allies. Such self-defeating attitude is not what made America the Great country that it is. The USA is the leading power of the free world, sometimes commit mistakes, sometimes suffer defeats, but always recover for make a comeback and in the end prevail.

No matter how defiant they sound, China's worst nightmare is to be "encircled". The USA and their allies don't need to win any arms race, we only need to deepen our ties, get more allies and organize a strong alliance as deterrence for keep peace.

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Posted in: North Korea's military: A bad hand played well See in context

Starving 23 million of north koreans can be called "play well"? People that try to escape from the Kim regime is executed or their families sent to prison and the author make it sounds like the Kim dynasty must to be admired.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context


Can you please elaborate how things like buy guns in a Gun Show without background checks is not lowering Gun Control in America to the level of unscrupulous arms merchants?

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context


My point sir, is asking to you if you think that as long as you can have a gun, you don't care what happen to others. From your answer you seems to imply that your ethic and moral standards are selfish enough to lower gun control in the USA to the level of unscrupulous arms merchants and drug cartels.

I think that ban firearms is the wisest option. But I am realistic, in the USA that is impossible, people like you rather wage a war against the government than disarm yourself. The phrase: "from my cold dead hand" is not a joke. You want to carry a handgun for self-defense 24/7? Fine, but I don't think that you really need more firepower than a six shoots magnum revolver or a single stack 7 shoots 45 ACP pistol with two speed-loaders or extra ammo-clips. Semi-automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines are a lot of firepower so I think that they must to be banned like the armor-piercing ammunition. I think that is obvious that there is a need that a certified expert see anyone that want to buy a firearm, so mentally unstable people like the killer of the Tucson massacre never get their hands in a gun.

With all due respect sir, in my humble opinion, I don't think that ban some guns and require mental test threaten your wish of self-defense.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

Badsey at 06:48 PM JST - 12th January

Mexico has a total ban on guns yet 15,000 a year are dieing from those banned guns.

That pro-gun example is based in incomplete data because:

...Mexico has long called on the US to crack down on weapons smuggling and to renew a federal assault weapons ban. The administration of President Felipe Calderón has said that 90 percent of arms seized from cartels come from the US and are used against police and civilians in ever more violent confrontations. It is often difficult in Mexico – where military caliber weapons are strictly forbidden and few gun shops exist – to understand US views on gun possession. “It’s a contradiction, because a lack of control over weapons has generated all kinds of violence and yet they will keep selling guns,” says Jose Ramos, a security expert at the Colegio de Frontera Norte in Tijuana. He says that US border checkpoints have had minimal success in stopping the flow of guns into Mexico. Arizona may have a unique role to play in the flow of weapons. After Texas, the state’s gun shops sell the most arms seized in Mexico, says Thomas Mangan, special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Phoenix, Ariz.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

These data from law enforcement agencies on both countries and the data from Mayors Against Illegal Guns support the idea that fewer gun control on the states like Arizona make easer to unstable people get a gun that killed a 9 years old girls in Tucson, it also make easer to criminals in other states get guns and even across the border contributing to rise of gun violence and innocent deads.

Moderator: Readers, once again we remind you that comparisons with other countries are not relevant to this discussion.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

Getting a gun wasn't difficult for Arizona shooting suspect

...Critics have faulted Arizona for the availability of guns. A report released in September by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an association of more than 500 mayors, found that nearly half of the guns that crossed state lines and were used in crimes in 2009 were sold in just 10 states, including Arizona...

Source: The Reporter

I think that these idea that fewer guns control help to combat crime seems to be more like the other way around.

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Posted in: Japan to help finance European bailouts See in context

Like China buying debt from Ireland, Spain and Greek? Do Asia is entering in a "White Knight" "business" trend? Dont take me wrong, I think that is a noble thing to do, is just that I am shocked, after all the critics about our economy that some noisy westerners stated.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

caffein8ted at 10:39 AM JST - 12th January

"He followed the laws of the state and fired 31 times... Exercising his American God-given right to kill defenseless people." He was nuts. He was bonkers. He circumvented the law somehow and was able to get a firearm. If it turns out someone (like his folks) used political influence to keep his past and his illness from the proper authorities how will the Left spin his illegal possession of a weapon???

All the reports say that the killer bought the gun and high-capacity ammo-clips legally. Even concealed carry was done legally because Arizona is one of the three states that you can do it without a permit. The madmen only braked US laws when started to kill people. The US constitution protect the right of their citizens to own and bear arms, so they can rebel against the government if they think that they need to. The madmen rebelled against the government and tried to kill a congresswoman he don't trusted anymore and their supporters in delusions of being a patriot.

Gawker's Atypical Gun Control Solution

"...Ask yourself which measure, had it been in place in the three years prior to the killings, would have been more likely to prevent them: A pledge from Sarah Palin to refrain from violent rhetoric, or a requirement in Arizona that all gun sales be accompanied by a note from a mental health professional certifying competence. Thousands have been demanding the former for the past two days; I haven't heard anyone propose the latter..."

Source: The Atlantic Wire

For the rest of the first world is shocking discover that in America a mentally unstable person can legally buy and concealed carry a firearm with high-capacity magazines. The only reasons why someone want such firepower is for kill many people quickly or prepare for a zombie apocalypses, either way it need to see a doctor.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

Zenny11 at 08:27 PM JST - 11th January

Maero2. You count on a lot of "If's" to happen. IF I don't get attacked by surprise. IF I can draw the gun fast enough. IF my aim is good enough. IF all 3 are visible and easy targets and many more. Most of all how will you deal with the fright/shock, adrenalin rush, etc. Be glad that you don't need that protection in japan. But many people across the globe learned that a lot of "If's" don't happen together the hard way. How much training will you put in to make sure the "If's" aren't just "If's"?

With all due respect sir, in my humble opinion you can put as many "if" as you want, the fact that handguns make weak people able to kill strong people don't change. And the fact that a man can kill many people faster with a high-capacity handgun than with a knife don't change either. We humans can't run faster than bullets. Is common sense.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

Imagine for a moment that you are a the killer, you want to kill the congresswoman for make BIG headlines, the rest of the victims only increase the chance of make the headline bigger, so they are secondary targets. You have a better chance of kill her if you fire at distance than if you try to get close pass the security perimeter. After put a bullet in the head of the primary target you randomly kill people, people far from you, people close to you are your human-shields, so killing them make you more vulnerable to be neutralized faster. This is why I think that a knife armed man is less dangerous from the point of view of law enforcement officers.

And these without talk about the chance that a single bullet pass through the body of one victim and wound or kill another victim, in a crowded place these is not so unlikely if the bullets are full-metal jacket.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

Zenny11 at 05:01 PM JST - 11th January

mareo2. Ever faced a knife-fighter? And I doubt you got much experience with firearms from your post.

No sir, I am a japanese civilian and I thank to God that firearms are not common here.

But I am open to read your explanation about how the police can feel better if they face a madmen with knifes in a public event than a man with a high-capacity firearm.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

Zenny11 at 03:00 PM JST - 11th January

Just to throw something in. Guns might hit/hurt people faster but gunshots alert bystanders, etc. This is one of the reason why a stabber like the akihabara guy, etc can get a high toll. Apart from driving a car into a dense crowd. A knife is silent and if in a crowded situation it will take time for people to realize someone been stabbed as most won't know what goes on 3 feet away from them and harder to identify the assailant. Yes, I read that the guys wrestled the attacker down but reports also said he was reloading at that time.

With all due respect sir, these madmen seems to want to attract the most attention that they can when they "want" to go in a killing spree in a public place. Your argument that a knife is more dangerous because allow them kill silently seems to conflict with their behavior of blatant killing in broad light. I suspect that they want to make the more "public noise" in the headlines as they can. I don't know you sir, but I rather face a man with a some knifes than a man with armed with a pistol with 46~62 bullets.

Now a 31 bullet mag makes any Glock a large heavy weapon and it takes time to empty a mag.

It can take less time for a madman to pull the trigger 30 times with the finger, firing against a crowd in a public event than it take us to call 911 and explain what is going on and where we are.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting once again ignites gun control debate See in context

There are people with mental instability in every country. Ban handguns is not going to stop them from use knifes and sickles if they cant find anything better. But is undeniable that having access to a 15 9mm bullets semiautomatic pistol make killing people faster and easer than charge with improvised melee weapons, perhaps only the congresswoman and the aide being attacked and the little 9 years old girl still can be alive.

Now, about the idea that "if someone carried a gun the madmen can be stopped on the spot", imagine that you are a civilian that draw a pistol and a police officer shoot you dead because confuse you with a another killer.

I dont was there, but I suspect that the killer was sorrounded by innocents and firing a gun to him was a risky option.

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Posted in: China has some major issues coming See in context

mushroomcloud at 09:27 AM JST - 10th January

China has some major issues, now. But that won't stop her bulldozing ahead.

World-class military not exclusive luxury

...It is both natural and unnatural for the US to be concerned about China developing new weapons. Most powers wish that their superiority will last forever. China is growing up fast, and the US military edge over China is unavoidably shrinking...

Source: Global Times editorial

It seems that they think that they are bulldozing the US military power.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan discuss first-ever military pact See in context

Only the Kim dynasty can benefit if these fail. Share intel, food, fuel and medical support can save many civilians lives in case of war.

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Posted in: Hypersonic missiles could challenge U.S. naval supremacy See in context

mushroomcloud at 11:13 PM JST - 9th January

America's 'silent service' is China's Achilles heal. 4 Ohio Class subs with up to 154 Tomahawk missiles each, no cowardice here. Not to mention all the other Trident armed submarines that the U.S. has. America still rules the ocean, it is just that she will have to adjust on how she used her massive assets.

Tomahawks are cruise missile for attack land targets, they can't sink a fleet, they only can sink warships if they are in port with their engines and weapons shut down, but the US Navy SSGNs can't control the sea. Trident can destroy cities but they also can't control the sea either. Resort to escalate to use nuclear weapons without being attacked with nuclear weapons first, is a recognition that a country as already being defeated in conventional warfare.

Furthermore, I mention that Japan is 'shaking in her boots', not America.

Of course Sir! You never say that the US is "shaking in her boots". I only pointed out what a chinese warmonger can say if the US do what you say about park US carriers beyond the range of chinese missiles. I just used a line that you repeated lately so you can easily understand the kind of feeling that the ultra-nationalists chinese most likely want to transmit to the readers. Like you already know, no ally of the US dare to even suggest that your proposal sounds like cowardice. I believe that american are brave men a women that don't are afraid of fight for what is right and just even if the odds are bad. People that talk big only when they think that they can't lose but run away when things look bad are a minority. God bless the United States of America.

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Posted in: Hypersonic missiles could challenge U.S. naval supremacy See in context

apecNetworks at 04:36 PM JST - 8th January

Are you in the SDF? If you are, please look into the development towards the end of the Cold War. Both were moving into "signals intelligence" in R and D. Speed is secondary to targeting - example would be the Sunburn. I'm talking first tier equipment, and nothing exemplifies my analysis more than the F22. F15s can't even target the F22 - signal jamming. This is prime territory for the SDF to delve into in R and D.

No I'm not, I have problems with authority figures. The fact is that the japanese ASM-3 have some stealth technology for minimize the chance of the chinese defenses of intercept the missile.

mushroomcloud at 12:12 PM JST - 9th January

Just park the aircaft carriers out of the range of these anti-ship rascals and the Big Kahuna, the DF-21D, and problem solved. Of course, some of China's anti-ship cruise missiles have incredible range, due to her increasing satellite capacity.

With all due respect sir, I think there are some facts you have not considered. Ultra-nationalists chinese can interpret that as "americans are retreating" or like you like to say "shaking in her boots", emboldening them to take more aggressive actions. Of course only pretty shallow minded people can "interpret caution as cowardice", but it seems to be quite common in pro-china comments.

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Posted in: Hypersonic missiles could challenge U.S. naval supremacy See in context

The BrahMos is the most well know, but the fact is that Russia and India are not the only neighbors of China deploying supersonic missiles. Taiwan is discreetly arming their warships with Mach 2 Hsiung-feng 3 anti-ship missiles, even Japan is developing a Mach 3 anti-ship missile called ASM-3. The old american Harpoon is obsolete, short-range and slow, so we are forced to build our own stuff for have a decent chance of kill the coming chinese carrier. Now hypersonic missiles is quite a technical challenge that require a lot more money.

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Posted in: Praying for a good year See in context

We need more than prayers, we need ideas and action. If you rely on the gods, you are at the end of the line.

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Posted in: Japan’s current trade fiasco See in context

It is a specific example but it is only the tip of the iceberg, it is true that our democracic system is so flawed that the policy makers on the Diet no longer represent the interests of the majority of the japanese people. When we talk about reform, what we really need is a reform in the constitution for change the bicameral legislature in to a system that balance in one camera represent the minority by giving the same votes to geographic areas and in the other camera represent the majority with a number of votes proportional to the number of voters. But most of the population is clueless, because the so-called japanese intelligentsia (scholars and media) have the same (lack of) quality of the japanese "tarento" on TV.

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Posted in: Personally, what is your biggest hope for this year? See in context

More jobs for everyone.

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Posted in: How Japan can turn the tables on its economic decline See in context

I like the jokes about the FM and Asio, but the idea of a monetary union as being around in Asia for some time. In my opinion the main attraction of the idea is that it lower the risk of currency wars in the region. The second is to increment trade between members by making buy and sell much easer. The devaluating benefit for Japan is debatable but I reckon that the example of Germany is undeniable.

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Posted in: It's also quite important to spread Japanese anime throughout the world. See in context

Dont worry, piracy already did it. I think that 5 cm per second is one of the most pirated anime movies, is so popular that it have several fan translations.

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Posted in: Japan has generally been better than the U.S. internationally on a number of issues, including reducing electronic waste, recycling, and energy-efficiency. See in context

Because the USA have a lot of natural resources and J need to import 90% of them. So in J is profitable invest in such things.

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Posted in: China mounts Nobel Prize security clampdown See in context

The Communist Party of China make Liu’s wife looks just like Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea show united stance on N Korea See in context

Some people here need to hear what the south koreans say, "we feed them and they kill us".

Kim say that it attacked because it was provoked by the military exercise of South Korea. If the official reason was discourage ROK from do it again, it backfired because ROK decided to made more exercises. If the idea was to force restart the six-party talks for demand more food, it completely backfired because ROK dont' want to reward violence and their allies feel the same because it encourage more attacks. Every time a Kim become a new "leader" they kill south koreans civilians. That is a sick way of legitimize their support with the military for keep starving the north koreans civilians for another 60 or 70 years.

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Posted in: What is your view on all the fuss this week about pat-downs as part of security measures at U.S. airports? See in context

Just another small reason why I don't like to take airplanes.

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