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I think that is a very good idea, no matter who she is or what else she is doing. I may even start supporting that organisation if I can get more information. Honestly when I came to Japan I was shocked when I saw dogs and cats being sold in a pet shop. Although is not prohibited in Germany you will find only very few and shady pet shops that do so (I have kept pets for 19 years and I have not seen one). And no animal in an animal shelter is ever being killed, though we have a horrible pet industry and many people who throw their pets away, too. The shelters are crowded and people there struggle but there is no need to kill the animals, so why is this not possible in Japan as well? Maybe because there are hundreds of private organisations who support homeless pets and pet owners, too? This is really one of the few things I am missing here in Japan and that makes me appreciative of my own country.

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The woman should have asked him if he wants to have a punch in his face, and when he said "no", she should have forcibly punched him in his face...or better somewhere else.

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Posted in: Tokyo assemblywoman heckled on why she isn't married or having children See in context

I am quite sure that the majority of men in the "Western" world think about women the same way as these guys in Japanese parliament do. Only it is not appreciated in public anymore. Maybe the 68' revolution is missing in Japan? But the fact that this incident causes so much uproar in Japan shows that somehow the society in Japan is on its right way. BTW, in Germany women often get up to 25% less salary than their male colleagues in the same job and they have to answer questions like "are you planning to have a baby?" during job interviews (if your answer is "yes", then you are already disqualified for the job, of course). And since they have been allowed to enter the army there have been many sexist the western world is not as golden, either.

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