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What's the difference between germany and Japan? Why many asian countries can not forget the past like other countries in Europe? why do we have to argue about the "thing" over 80 years ago? Can not change the past so move on. Generation is changing now. people need to change at the same time.

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First child birth mothers average age is over 30 year old in Japan which older than other countries and Birth rate is 1.06 percent in Tokyo in particular. I think the cost to raise a child in Japan are too expensive and benefits of mothers are less than in other countries.and japanese tax is higher since april, so it might be worse in next year. Need to think about child's education support (college free or increase support of poor children) I do not think Japanese goverment will not accept immigrants from other countries though.

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People that have been prosecuted as a leader the Pacific War general public, only 14 people are sleeping and rest of 2.47 million people are Japanese normal citizens at yasukuni shrine. Perhaps the issue of Yasukuni Shrine can be divided into three major.

1:Symbol of the war of aggression 2:The violation of the separation of church and state 3:Overseas criticized (China, South Korea, United States of America)

Japanese war of World War II's that whether or not a war of aggression is, there is a variety of opinion, but in fact,Japan lost the war. and it is said that the criticism in various ways. if Japan had won, then, there was no criticism from abroad that it is a symbol of aggressive war. There is a thought who was the unfortunate death, that have to cordially buried for war dead in Japan. it also serves as a memorial, honoring, the meaning of the memorial. Yasukuni Shrine in the sense that to honor those who commemorate the people who have died for Japan and pray for peace in Japan.

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@falseflagsteve;Outsider may not be suitable for this topic. However, speaking in terms of historical, all countries have a bad and a good part. the leaders of every countries got right to do for own country unless leaders does the same mistake again like war2.

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Every country got right to do for own country so outsider should not complain.

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They are so many choices in at combini or making bento,restaurant (Cheap lunch set etc) i'm living in san fran now. its kind of expensive to get a nice healthy meal in SF bay area. i will have to pay about 700-900yen at least to get a healthy meal. i should cook my own bento box.

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why US does not help japan from China? That's not a make sense at all...

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