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Posted in: Future of Japan's imperial dynasty rests on shoulders of 13-year-old See in context

Hisahito's birth in 2006 was seen as a miracle by conservatives 

If they did, then they are really naive. Or liars.

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Posted in: Women make up 80% of cancer patients aged 20 to 39 in Japan See in context

Rainyday - I am very sorry for your loss. It is a terrible, unnatural thing, to lose a sibling.

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Posted in: Women make up 80% of cancer patients aged 20 to 39 in Japan See in context

Isn't it also because women are going to the OB-GYN more often than they used to, for regular check-ups, so cancers are being detected earlier more often? As opposed to men, who do not get checked out until much later in life.

A smear test and prostate checks are optional in many annual company health checks - and if you want it you have to pay for it yourself.

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Posted in: Elderly woman describes her flood victim husband's final moments See in context

This is unbearably sad. What an awful parting for them both.

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Posted in: Lost something on a Japanese train? Look for it at the railway’s lost-and-found market See in context

drink flasks, which seemed a bit highly priced, given these were used and once had strangers’ mouths on them.

That's like saying tableware and cups, glasses etc. should be dirt cheap regardless of their value, because someone used them to eat/drink.

This is what dish detergent and sponges are made for :)

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Posted in: William Shatner beams in with hit TV show at 88 See in context

There is little more cheering than William Shatner's version of the Canadian national anthem.

If you get the chance to see "Better Late Than Never", do give it a look. It could easily have been rubbish, but Mr Shatner's occasional sullenness, together with Henry Winkler's sunny disposition, makes it a pleasure to watch. George Foreman and Terry Bradshaw also star.

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Posted in: Kevin Smith crafts his 'real big cinematic gravestone' See in context

He's a great talker :) and seems like a very nice, down-to-earth and honest person. I wish him a long and healthy life.

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Posted in: Japanese idol Yamashita to star in bloody Antarctic chiller See in context

Not another bloody Antarctic thriller.

I wonder what language the series is in?

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Posted in: Cyber-bullied K-pop star found dead at her home See in context

The poor woman. Such a sad ending to a bright life, brought down by cruelty.

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Posted in: What do you think about diplomatic immunity? See in context

Not only did she choose to run away, she must have done so with her family's support - including her husband's. Shame on them all. Taking a life, destroying a family's happiness, and hiding behind a bs immunity which should not cover crimes like this. If she and her husband never have another single good day in their long lives, and lose everything they hold dear, it still won't be punishment enough.

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Posted in: Top court upholds damages over students' tsunami deaths See in context

The article does not even say who gave the order to wait there.

Anyone who has kept up with this knows all about the whos and whys. Surely this isn't the first article you have read about this? Keep yourself informed; and stop blaming others for not spoonfeeding you every single fact, every single time. You have a keyboard and an internet connection - use it.

Men taught to be men would have gotten out of there.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why the patriarchy has been so damaging to men as well as women. The nonsense about 'real' men not doing this that and the other; the idea that only women can be parents; even making a tragedy like this into a gender-issue in order to blame women. No wonder men's mental health is in such trouble, with stupid and dangerous opinions like this being allowed.

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Posted in: Starting small: Tips for creating a sustainable life in Japan See in context

It is frustrating, the amount of plastic wrapping used on fresh produce. When I decided to refuse plastic, I ended up not being able to buy bananas, figs, mushrooms, potatoes... It is ridiculous.

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Posted in: Top court upholds damages over students' tsunami deaths See in context

It's desperately sad to think about all this - about those poor children; and about the adults who died with them; about their grieving families who blame, and upon whom blame may have fallen; and about those responsible who survived. There is no good result, though this money will at least support the families as they grow old without their children there to support them.

The Milgram experiment taught us so much but we continue to forget its lessons.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman as she walked home in Tokyo See in context

From an article on Reddit August 2018. Unless the law has changed, it would be at the police' discretion to decide what to do if they catch you with mace. They could confiscate it, and/or take you in. And we know the police' discretion is not objective. If you are planning to carry pepper spray, be prepared with an excellent reason in Japanese.

Article 1-2 of the Minor Offense Act states that “a person who secretly carries around, without justifiable reason, knives, iron rods, or items that are used to harm another person’s life or body” shall be fined or punished by temporary imprisonment. If a woman carries pepper spray with a rational purpose such as to defend herself, such act shall be justified. However, it still may be punishable under the Minor Offense Act if she carries it without any necessity.

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Posted in: Eating nuts might help limit weight gain See in context


Are you judging me based on my dietary preferences, or on my turn of phrase?

If so, I'm fine with not being friends with you. Cheers and be on your way :)

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman as she walked home in Tokyo See in context

Women should carry pepper spray.

No. She would be charged with assault.

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Posted in: Eating nuts might help limit weight gain See in context

I'll jump on this bandwagon. I already keep a large bag of raw almonds in my workdesk and by my bed. I shall add walnuts to that - even though i find them too drying to eat a lot of, a handful a day is doable. And hazelnuts too, just because they are my favourite nut.

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Posted in: Missing part of oldest 'Tale of Genji' manuscript discovered See in context

An excellent discovery of what is widely considered the world's first novel.

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Posted in: Mother arrested on suspicion of killing 48-year-old daughter See in context

There is zero indication the daughter is disabled.

I disagree. The facts are not all in the article however, so I don't know for sure. However, there is a strong indication in the last paragraph:

She told police she was worried that if she died before Tomoko, her daughter wouldn’t be able to manage by herself. 

This suggests that the daughter requires care.

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Posted in: Mother arrested on suspicion of killing 48-year-old daughter See in context

If the daughter is disabled, then she would not cope by herself, and would be put into a facility which, since any money she is left won't last long, will be a shoddy one. The ageing mother was right to be very concerned about what will happen to her daughter after she dies. It is shocking that this was the only solution she could find.

I see elderly parents taking care of their adult children every day, as I work near a day center. It must be terrifying for parents to contemplate what will happen to those they have loved and cared for and struggled with, all their lives, when the parent is no longer able to.

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Posted in: Pregnant woman takes teen boys to task for calling their friend 'lame' for offering her his seat See in context

Showing common courtesy like this on public transport shouldn't even be cause for discussion afterwards. The only reason they noted it was because it's so bloody rare.

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Posted in: Nowadays, for fear of child predators, it is no longer considered safe in many countries to let young children go by themselves to and from school, to a friend's house, play in parks or at the beach, go to shops and so on. What was it like when you were growing up? See in context

I was also molested as a child, stopped by a stranger when I was on the way to the shops to buy some sweeties. He told me a convoluted story, which persuaded me to follow him. It could have been a lot worse. Expecting a child to have the caution and wariness of an adult is expecting the moon.

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Posted in: Women's office fashion: 4 tips for 'wearing it right' at a Japanese workplace See in context

How about equality. If men have to wear a suit, so should women. If women can wear casual so should men. I'm all for equality.

This isn't equality, this is restriction. How about, men can wear a skirt suit or a pants suit if they choose to.

If you are unhappy that men can't wear casual, then fight for their right to be able to do so. Don't force limitations upon women.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers look for advice to battle heat next year See in context

Are they f'ing kidding? They've had years to look for advice and solutions for this problem. We're less than a year away and now they're all, Oh what should we do?

Good money after bad, and now people's health and lives are at stake. What a bed of snakes.

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Posted in: Man says he abused stepdaughter because efforts to discipline her didn't work See in context

Threatening physical violence as a punishment upon a man who inflicted violence as a punishment upon a child , just to show how wrong that man was... How is that showing that violence is wrong? It seems counter-intuitive: "I'll beat you up, because you beat someone up, and beating people up is wrong."

He ought to get a loooong prison sentence; women's shelters and child protection services need a massive budget increase as well as much better, realistic training. The idea that returning a child to parents who have previously abused her is the best thing to do, has failed countless children and led to the deaths of many.

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Posted in: Jolie good time See in context

She's been through a lot in recent years, but continues to work for good as well as for a living.

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Posted in: Woman, arrested for knife possession, says she was planning to kill boyfriend See in context

A shame the police can't respond so quickly when a woman reports "having trouble" with a man.

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Posted in: Alligator in Nagoya zoo pond swallowed hundreds of tossed coins See in context

It's a dreadful place, that zoo, I hated going there, and stopped some years ago. The conditions for the animals are pitiful.

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