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Posted in: 5 parakeets stolen from pet store in Fukuoka Pref See in context

Why are pet shops allowed to acquire and sell an endangered species?

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Posted in: Trump revives suggestion he'd end birthright citizenship See in context

name 5 countries in the industrialized world that

...allow their citizens to be slaughtered because their citizens can buy weapons over the counter in supermarkets.

What kind of country supports the right to kill, but not the right to live a better life without harming others?

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Posted in: Two elderly sisters found dead of apparent heatstroke in their home See in context

Police said there was no air conditioner in the house and no fans either. An uchiwa (Japanese fan) was found beside one of the bodies.

It is not simply about the cost of buying aircon (expensive) or a fan. They have to go to a home centre, choose one from the vast array. deal with pushy salespeople, pay even more for installation and delivery, and then have the worry of increased bills. It is overwhelming.

This has been happening more often, I have noted it these past few summers - the isolated elderly, unable to manage to arrange such things, and (presumably) with nobody around to do for them, cannot survive the summer heat. If the more active carer goes, then the other, weaker one being mostly cared for, will also die. Very sad.

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Posted in: Film claims group plotted to infect black Africans with HIV See in context

True or not, this kind of inflammatory story about racial extremists will only add fuel to the tensions and help confirm prejudices all round. I for one will not be paying to watch this thing.

You are shifting responsibility from the people who did such a great wrong - those who tried to infect people of colour with HIV - onto the film-makers and other people who have investigated and publicized these efforts at mass murder. Your boycott is misguided if it involves keeping people ignorant of this appalling crime.

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Posted in: Q&A: Francis Ford Coppola on 'Apocalypse Now' 40 years later See in context

@commanteer et al:

Stop complaining 

Why do you see Lamilly's post as a complaint?

A man's film. No women in it at all

It's not entirely accurate, because women do appear in it, but none of them has significant billing, few of them have lines or a character name, and barely one was involved in the making of the film.

But, again, where has the poster complained? Why has this simple comment triggered the menfolk?

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl See in context

The girl told her parents she was suddenly hugged by Kato from behind 

It is offensive to victims of sexual assault me that you continue to use this mistranslation, despite complaints in the forum over many years.

Hugs are physical demonstrations of affection, comfort, and/or friendship. Perpetrators of sexual assault do not 'hug' their victims, they grab and forcibly restrain them.

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Posted in: Q&A: Francis Ford Coppola on 'Apocalypse Now' 40 years later See in context

Tsk. Error:

"...any more than calling a film a women's movie is an insult..."

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Posted in: Q&A: Francis Ford Coppola on 'Apocalypse Now' 40 years later See in context

Humour not your thing?

Sure, when something is funny.

gets dismissed as a “man’s movie”.

Why the need for the divisive comments?

I don't find calling something 'a man's movie' dismissive or divisive. It's not an insult, is it, and more than calling a film a women's movie is an insult (though there are those who think it is).

It is a fact that Apocalypse Now is based on a book by a man, adapted and directed by a man, the main cast are all men, the music was written by a man... The women in the cast are generally nameless, voiceless characters.

Perhaps, as you say, the vast majority of combatants in the Vietman War were men, but "... nearly 11,000 Vietnamese women and over 5,000 American women fought..." there [Wiki]

Calling it a man's movie doesn't necessarily mean it's for men, but it's certainly by them.

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Posted in: Q&A: Francis Ford Coppola on 'Apocalypse Now' 40 years later See in context

a dead white European male.

Someone should let Coppola know he's dead, and the wrong nationality to boot, so that he doesn't waste any more time making Megalopolis.

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Posted in: 23 dead, 13,000 people hospitalized in week in Japan due to heat See in context

I would like to see a breakdown of the ages of fatalities. Were they construction workers being forced to work outdoors through the day? Students practicing at school club in halls without aircon? Little kids being made to walk around in the heat during a day out with the fam?

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Posted in: Gang member arrested over murder of woman in love hotel See in context

Hullo Norman Goodman - why don't you help us out and speculate on an acceptable motive for stabbing someone in the stomach multiple time and then leaving them to die in the bathroom?

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Posted in: Gang member arrested over murder of woman in love hotel See in context

That poor, nameless woman. Stabbed in the stomach - not a quick or easy way to die. I hope he lives a long and miserable life in a crappy prison, and hat his dying is slow, prolonged, lonely, and painful.

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Posted in: Relatives commemorate victims on 34th anniversary of 1985 JAL jet crash See in context

This makes for distressing reading - all the bad decisions made by whoever turned down the offers of help from the US military - a decision that surely led directly to the deaths of survivors left on the mountain overnight - as well as (as far as I can tell) by the pilots, made this far worse than it should have been.

Two JAL employees died by suicide out of guilt. I wonder how often, if at all, the govt. decision-makers consider their own guilt.

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Posted in: Relatives commemorate victims on 34th anniversary of 1985 JAL jet crash See in context

The U.S. [. . . ] were ready to start rescue operations, but were told, "No Thank you," by Japanese authorities...

As was the case after the Great Hanshin earthquake - refusing help offered which could have saved lives. It was a disgrace.

No, no alcohol involved in this 1985 crash - but since the JAL president brought it up himself...

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Posted in: Beyond Meat shelves plans for Japan push, Mitsui says See in context

What a shame, I am so keen to try this. Since Tofurkey left Japan, there are fewer choices for shaped, ready-made meat-substitutes.

I would probably avoid Impossible Meat products for now, as they tested on animals.

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Posted in: Cup Noodle’s Nissin releases ultra-nutritious instant ramen See in context

Interesting, but they have missed a trick by not making a vegan version.

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Posted in: Relatives commemorate victims on 34th anniversary of 1985 JAL jet crash See in context

A terrible accident - the families carry their grief and loss with them all their lives.

Meanwhile, to deal with drunkenness among flight crew, the best JAL president can suggest is to "...strengthen our efforts to change our crew members' mindset."?

It's not a character-building exercise. There ought to be a law for pilots - instant dismissal when found drunk on a flight. There is no excuse, not even the one people always throw up that "Well, the planes fly themselves, really". Say that when a loved one dies because someone couldn't keep off the booze before going to work.

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Posted in: Lying down on the job See in context

Oh, I wouldn't want to lie down there - imagine that corner's layered history of piss, spit, and vomit...

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats swap plastic bags for paper packaging with new origami feature See in context

Good for them.

But I wonder if the Kit Kats inside the paper packaging, are individually wrapped in plastic or paper, or are they gasp unwrapped?

Naysayers of all individual efforts to reduce the use of/ purchase of single-use plastics, always complain that in order to have any effect, the companies have to make the effort to change, not people.

Well, here is one company doing just that. Let's hope others will follow.

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Posted in: Decline in number of felines on ‘Cat Island’ may be due to poisoning See in context

Seems some here never went to school?Never heard that "cats eat birds." Need proof?

I have learnt not to draw lines where none exists.

"Cats eat birds" does not have the same meaning as "cats are decimating the wildlife population".

Let's try another one.

a) "People eat apples."

b) "People are eating up so many apples that the world is running out of apples."

See? Not the same thing.

I hope that helps. :)

Murdering wildlife is definitely illegal. Not just the cats, but the crows, the other birds, the badgers, so many other small and larger creatures, will have been affected by this release of poison into their food chain. The effects are long-lasting. I hope the people who did this are caught, arrested, prosecuted, and punished.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor criticized for demanding halt to 'comfort women' exhibition See in context

@vanityofvanities (07:16 am)

. Think, if we can display a statue of A-bomb victims in the states.

An interesting point. How do you know that there are no such memorials? Have you looked into it?

As an anecdotal aside, a Japanese woman I know remarked at how many war memorials there are in England, and that there are hardly any in Japan, in comparison.

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Posted in: Decline in number of felines on ‘Cat Island’ may be due to poisoning See in context

Cats are decimating the wildlife population 

Interesting claim. Where is your source,and evidence?

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting flight attendant See in context

This prevailing sense of privilege is overwhelming in its stench. Haruhiko Shiraishi is 35 years old - relatively young. What are the chances that this man will not have to suffer any serious consequences? Despite the wails of men's lives being ruined by false accusations, nothing much happens to men when the accusations are true and the crimes multiple.

Let's have a follow--up article to prove me wrong.

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue pulled from Aichi exhibit after threats See in context

I am sure the police are looking into who sent that fax. If it's from a convenience store or similar, there are security cameras they can check. Threatening violence - surely they won't let that slide?

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Posted in: Menstrual cups safe, practical and cheap: study See in context

I highly recommend menstrual cups.

A few things to add:

Do the research when choosing one to buy. They come in different sizes and colours, and what size to get is important when you're buying an item that you will be using for years if not decades.

Secondly, when removing it for emptying when you aren't at home, you need a place with water so you can wash it and your hands easily. Best to have a handwipe, or use toilet tissue to wipe your fingers as well as you can before you can get to water.

Thirdly, when removing the cup, the diagram doesn't explain that it is vital to squeeze the base before trying to remove it. It is a suction cup, after all, so you have to release the grip.

Finally, I do recommend using a liner on heavy days. Just like tampons, cups can overflow. :)

Getting used to using a menstrual cup is simple - a case of learning how to insert, remove, and clean. They are not painful at all (except when you don't press to release...) After that, it is a fine creation, and you never need to buy another tampon again.

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Posted in: Police search apartment of Kyoto Animation arson attack suspect See in context

Why did it take so long to do a search?

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl found unconscious at home in Aichi Pref See in context

I hope the poor girl recovers to tell the story.

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Posted in: Japan's top bar association urges authorization of same-sex marriage See in context


Why do people feel the need to have the State or religion to recognize their relationship?

Can you answer that question on behalf of heterosexuals?

I imagine the answers will be the same, don't you?

But I'll give you one reason: in cases of illness and death, the partner, as the law stands now, has no rights re. medical care, funeral arrangements, or inheritance. in Japan, couples have got over this hurdle by adoption, ie one adult adopts the other adult.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping girl with intellectual disability See in context

@Marsh Mallow Today  04:16 pm JST

It's not kidnap if she consented to going with him.

Following your logic, if a six-year-old follows an adult into a car because of the promise of candy, a puppy, or because "Mummy said you have to come with me", it's not kidnapping.

And if a child stays quiet about someone sexually abusing them because "Mummy and Daddy will be angry if you tell them", it means the child likes the abuse.

Typical, messed-up, abuser logic, that is.

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Posted in: Election of gay lawmaker in Japan spurs hopes for same-sex marriage See in context

Just because one is gay doesn't mean they want the same thing as all other gays, or that all gays even want marriage rights.

Are you sure this is what you mean? A same-sex couple may not want to get married themselves, but I doubt they wish to deprive people of that right. We have the right to do a lot of things, and although we don't choose to do all of them, we still have the right - we are not deprived of rights for no good reason, as same-sex couples are deprived of the right to marry. I choose not to drive. That doesn't mean I think you shouldn't be allowed to.

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