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Posted in: Actor Makoto Sakamoto arrested over domestic violence See in context

Neither woman were injured, police said.


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Posted in: Growth in Australia coronavirus cases slows, but experts urge caution See in context

That's good. Hopefully the strict lockdown is what has caused the slowdown.

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Posted in: World champion boxer Saunders sorry for 'hit women' virus video See in context

"Apologies if I offended any women, stay blessed."

A pathetic excuse of a non-apology. In what way is domestic violence funny? Especially since it is a a bigger problem than usual nowadays, where people are being told to stay indoors.

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Posted in: 6 hacks for surviving hay fever in Japan See in context

If you're feeling unwell, and you can't tell if it's hayfever or something else, tackling the hayfever will give you a better idea of your health status.

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Posted in: Kiyoshi Hikawa records a winning rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' See in context

That was good. I'd like to hear the whole song.

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Posted in: 76-year-old woman arrested after killing eldest son See in context

Most caregivers of adults with physical, intellectual, or mental health problems, are their own family members.

It's all well and good to say, Why didn't she ask for help, as though you think she hasn't already. Whatever help is given, may well have been temporary, limited, costly, and ineffective.

I see it a lot - ageing parents caring for ageing children. The fear of what will happen to that child when the parent becomes infirm or dies, must be overwhelming.

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Posted in: Woody Allen memoir released by new publisher after protests See in context


Weinstein, Epstein, polinski and Woody. Definitely no patern.

What do you mean? Don't be cowardly and hide your opinion behind suggestion, explain yourself clearly.

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Posted in: Royal graduate See in context

Congratulatiions to her on her graduation!

If she hadn't worn a mask, people would have whined about how she was setting a bad example.

How do you know all the students don't line up in order to have their photo taken by the graduation banner?

I hope she has fabulous next step planned :)

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Posted in: A Tokyo share house where shelter dogs, humans live in harmony See in context

This is great. Helping people help shelter dogs, rescue dogs, rehomed dogs, and vice versa.

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Posted in: Although we have asked customers to take their face masks home, some people leave them behind. See in context

Face masks have always been a litter problem, especially in the hayfever season.

I live in one of the worst-hit areas for this virus, and back a few weeks ago, there were remarkably fewer people on the streets and litter on the ground. That caution seems to have all but disappeared. Streets and restaurants are busy at night, and the litter is back with a vengeance. People are careless and thoughtless, and I don't understand why.

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Posted in: Actor, singer, 'The Gambler': Kenny Rogers dies at 81 See in context

I don't know much about the man, but I always liked his music. Fly straight, Mr Rogers.

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Posted in: Japanese man who threatened to spread coronavirus dies See in context


Were you referring to some other article? Because in this one, they clearly say so in plain, simple English.

I guess you're new here, so you weren't to know, that JT, as well as many other news media, update their articles as more information becomes available.

This article was updated several hours, if not a day, after it was posted.

Hope that helps.

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Posted in: Japanese man who threatened to spread coronavirus dies See in context

hepatocellular carcinoma is, according to t'interwebs, the most common type of primary liver cancer. A grim diagnosis.

All the people rejoicing in his death and calling it karma, ought to be careful, as your celebration in another's death because they did something really stupid, will come round to bite you in the arse.

Oh, unless you've never done anything stupid, malicious, or thoughtless in your lives. I'm sure you'll all be fine.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics plans 'insensitive, irresponsible,' says IOC member See in context

Ms Wickenheiser makes a very sound point, and she states her opinion with clarity and reason.

If the IOC says the Games are definitely going ahead, they are wrong to do so, because they don't know that. If people go ahead with travel plans - and *all that that entails - only to be told weeks beforehand, that the Games will be postponed or cancelled, will the IOC take responsibility for that financial loss?

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Posted in: Japanese man who threatened to spread coronavirus dies See in context

They don't say that he died of the virus, only that he died.

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Posted in: UK eyes plan to have over-70s isolate from virus for months See in context

Way to kill them off.

Many of the elderly have nobody to take care of them and do the shopping, pay the bills for them. How will they get to the bank to get money? It's a golden opportunity for scammers and thieves to take advantage of the elderly.

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Posted in: Court scraps acquittal of man; sentences him to 10 years for raping daughter See in context

 she had sex with her father against her will 

I really with people who report these things would consider their language. He raped her. He had sex with her, not she with him.

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Posted in: Cat shot with crossbow bolt in Shiga Pref See in context

Who has a crossbow, and why are they even being sold?

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Posted in: Guy deliberately bumping into women regrets it when he tries it on pro-wrestler See in context

These men do it deliberately. That is assault, but even when they aren't trying to physically knock you aside, women are expected to give way to men. Often, when a man is coming towards you from the opposite direction, he expects you - the woman - to get out of the way.

Try to keep walking straight ahead next time, see the bafflement.

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Posted in: Aussie news site ditches comments after 'vile' female athlete abuse See in context

I hope they ditched and blocked the accounts of these foul trolls; otherwise what has the news site done but allow misogynists to prevent the promotion of women in sport?

It's like putting a curfew on women when a male attacker is on the loose. Put a curfew on men instead.

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Posted in: Pro-Polanski 'Matrix' star booed after French Oscar night fiasco See in context

"It's an unacceptable lynching," Carbone wrote on Facebook, in comments that echoed Polanski's when he and his cast snubbed the ceremony saying he "feared a public lynching".

Showing that they are ignorant as well as rape apologists. Being criticized for your opinions and actions, is not the same as being attacked by a mob, beaten, hanged by the neck from a tree, and left to die and rot.

Carbone, Wilson, and especially Polanski, don't know how lucky they are - or rather they do, which is why they feel able to whine about the unfairness of being criticized.

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

It makes sense to quarantine people returning to Japan from those countries, or those coming here to work or study for a longer period - the new work/school year begins in April, so a fortnight's quarantine will mean they don't miss out on work or school.

People foolhardy enough to come here for a 3-day holiday will surely be turned back before they ever arrive - one would hope...

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Posted in: Magazine helping to deal with the big issue of homelessness in Japan See in context

@rainyday -

the average vendor would be way better off by simply walking into almost any convenience store in the country and accepting a minimum wage job

What decent company will hire someone without an address or bank account? How do you propose they get a job that makes enough money to afford a place to live so that they have a fixed address which enables them to get a job...?

Read up on The Big Issue's history, to see how many people it has helped in the UK, and in what ways. They are the ones it has directly affected.

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Posted in: Magazine helping to deal with the big issue of homelessness in Japan See in context

The number of homeless in Japan was 25,296 in 2003, and it has since declined to about 4,555 as of January 2019,

That *is curious. A lot of them, middle-aged victims of the bubble, will simply have died where they lay.

Many may just be hidden away in places like internet cafes, or avoiding the homeless shelters which are terribly restrictive, but which are surely the main way the govt. gathers its info?

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Posted in: Magazine helping to deal with the big issue of homelessness in Japan See in context

Yes, if you see a Big Issue seller, please buy a copy. It is interesting, and has plenty of value for the little money it costs anyway. The support you offer a seller by stopping, smiling, buying, and having a chat, is immense.

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Posted in: A disconnect between Trump and health officials on virus See in context

He's just making things up, lying through his teeth, and spreading harmful misinformation. Dangerous.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after strangling wife with towel See in context

Again, thinking all men are weak psychologically is as absurd as saying all women need a man to lead them...

It;s this kind of ignorant, unthinking, narrow attitude that damages so many people and prevents them seeking help. I can't begin to say how damaging it is to think that this is any way to live your life - real men this, men don't that, women should this, boys shouldn't that.

Ignore him, folks. Strength lies in understanding that you can't live your life alone, you don't have to live an unsatisfactory life, your illness is not a fault, and things will get better with treatment, be it pharmaceutical, counselling, or both.

There is nothing weak about taking care of yourself and those you love/are responsible for. Mental illness is, like most other illnesses, not your fault. It's something you get, like many people get. You don't just put up with the pain and sub-standard quality of life of a living with broken bone, a skin infection, poor eyesight, or the flu - you get it sorted out.

Get it sorted out, and ignore any dumbass that calls you weak for doing so.

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Posted in: 'Inside the Actors Studio' host James Lipton dies at 93 See in context

He created an incredibly valuable archive of interviews which (hopefully) has been preserved and digitalised and will last forever. A great life's work.

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Posted in: 'The death of theater' - Tokyo Met Theater director’s stand against coronavirus closures See in context

The extreme caution taken to limit the spread of coronavirus may or may not be an over-reaction; we can't know yet. This guy though? Definitely an over-reaction. Plenty of freelancers and small companies have lost work and are struggling. If they have savings, which of course a healthy business/worker ought to, they'll get by.

As for there being no alternatives - how about live streaming it for a charge?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after strangling wife with towel See in context

Men's poor self-awareness of mental ill-health and their inability to pick up a phone to ask for help, or even to look for help, is killing women through domestic violence, as well as men through suicide. Patriarchy literally kills.

If he isn't stopped now, he will kill her next time.

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