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It is almost more interesting to watch the Paralympic the way they compete because the way they accomplish things is truly amazing! And for real Olympians to give excuses for not participating makes me more in awe about the Paralympians. The Paralympic is definitely inspiring. It shows how one should NEVER GIVE UP! Just like the motto of the Olympics since 1924. My salute to the Paralympic! It is inspiring. It is hopeful.

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God help the innocent children. They can watch it from TV or zoom and maybe cheer by zoom for different classes.

I don’t even think all children like to watch sports. And this is a pandemic!

I will pray for their safety. These kids will use the bathroom, touch things in the toilet etc.. when you have thousands unvaccinated children - no. Are all the escorts vaccinated? How about those in the stadium - are all workers vaccinated? None of the children are vaccinated.

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There should be a lane for self driving cars so one can really relax. And can overtake if necessary and go back into self driving car lane. Would be nice.

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No lesson learned from July 23 as cases rise. Challenging not only the games but health. There are new variants. I read news one from the Olympics. I wonder what name will they call it.

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I have friends and relatives who have both diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure that received the vaccine. They are vulnerable and must take it. I know someone who had cancer and diabetes and Hugh Lois pressure and took it back in January. Now waiting fir boosters. My other friend just had cancer and is diabetic - doing well with vaccine. They are vulnerable so it was a must and took the jab.

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I do not need a discount. But I sure like eating at a place where everyone allowed to enter are vaccinated people. My chances of getting sick is almost zero. In this pandemic we have to think of others' health conditions and not only about me.

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In any country one should not overstay. Hands down. It is better to be deported. Perhaps many overstaying people have used the tactic of complaining about their health only to run away. Just like in the movies. Then they escape. Maybe that’s what happened here?

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Crazy is crazy.

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What is frightening is the Paralympic participants and once again media etc.. are coming. The crowd continues and the spread too. IOC should carefully think about this as many of the Paralympic participants probably have compromising health conditions? They should be 100% vaccinated to avoid health problems. We’ve seen participants getting COVID.

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I agree - I do not like sports to be politicized. Instances when it did.

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"We are conducting more than 30,000 tests every day, quickly isolating any positive cases and taking appropriate steps to prevent the virus from spreading,"

I thought about 85,000 Olympic related people were entering Japan? Those not yet tested move around? Like the media etc..? And among 80,000 attendees 15% were not vaccinated? The test is only 30,000 a day. So some slip away moving around before they get tested?

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Oh! What a coincidence!

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Scientific study last year said if 4 were infected = 6 will be infected

If 9 were infected = 14 more will be infected and so on.

That is why the count jumped today! And the jump will be bigger. It is worrisome.

Be stricter with people and masks. Wear better masks and stay away from the crowd. It’s only 3 more weeks.

Mother Nature is already sending a typhoon.

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I have been dreaming to see this but the pandemic came!

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I saw one of fhe Argentines put his mask down and opened his mouth in celebration while entering and marching in the stadium!

I thought they should pay attention to rules! No wonder the virus is spreading.

unity means sympathies to the host who is only 20% vaccinated and others.

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It sure is a bug risk for Japan to go in with the games with any spectator and multitude (5-6 times more than the number of athletes participating) go inside Japan while in the midst of the pandemic.

Hopefully the Olympics stay AWAY from getting politicized as well. There is enough politics and pandemic in the world to deal with.

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Maybe the other world leaders have bigger hearts to sympathize with Japan and do not want to cause hardship and be blamed for spreading the virus. They want to help Japan and just let the athletes do their thing. They will watch it in tv. They understand the strain. Or they also might not want to suddenly arrive positive and end up in the newspaper quarantined. Very good judgment.

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They deserve 15 years in prison for being greedy. Stowing away a crook under trial is meddling with matters only because you were going to be paid. He should return that money or confiscate that bad money.

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With all the scientists pointing to the same idea about risk in holding the Olympics now, the IOC refused to listen. There will be other calamaties in the future. The IOC has to have plan C and D in the future when planning for the next Olympics. You just don't charge blindly and hope for the best. Calculate the risk. Listen to those outside the Olympics. Covid is not just a flu or a cold. Listen to Mother Science.

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The insurance Agreement MUST BE REVISED for the safety of everyone. In case of a pandemic or some catastrophic circumstance the games CAN BE CANCELED and still get reimbursed.

Otherwise it is too risky to be a host.

Unless they are willing to postpone the games not just by a year but until deemed possible without strain. And move all games forward like a domino effect.

After this game IOC must discuss this with the insurance companies.

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He should be booked. Maybe she was afraid to resist.

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IOC is downplaying the pandemic.

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The IOC says it sees the Games as a chance to foster international solidarity during difficult times, but the IOC would also lose billions of dollars in broadcast rights if the Games were to be canceled completely.

So many hopefuls. As cases rise pray.

Wear N95 masks! They should all be carrying their own hand sanitizers.

This is what happens when you cannot even ask them if they are vaccinated or not. Why not! How about the lives of people who could get infected!

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Bach should tell the Olympians and all connected to this Olympics to be cooperative, wear mask and because of the unprecedented circumstance to show respect regarding the rules and wear their mask. They are entering a country they do not own with only 20% vaccinated. Instead of blaming Japan to welcome.

Everything is a 2-way street. Bad enough some of the 85,000 are exhibiting the coronavirus. We’re we not taught that for each case of Coronavirus runs 8 others who will have it and so in and so forth???

He is trying to understate the spread which we know is fake because coronavirus has been going on over a year.

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I can’t wait for the games to be over. What is irritating is the sheer undisciplined complaining guests are doing when they should understand that there really is a pandemic and be courteous and respectful to the host who are very vulnerable to the virus. It’s enough they arrived without getting vaccinated and some coming down now with Coronavirus.

Prevent the spread of the virus and be understanding and compassionate to the host’s requests! They came for the games not to tour! It is a business trip!

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An Olympian may suddenly be unable to participate because of COVID so winners may not really be winners.

i would not want to watch this anymore. It seems heartless and pretentiously compassionate. It has no regard at all for anyone but the association. It’s like being drafted -

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They are nit wearing masks because they think they have immunity and Japan is wearing masks. I think EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR A MASK RIGHT NIW because some of those people not wearing a mask may be asymptomatic! Since sometimes the virus could be very mild, they could catch it even when they are vaccinated because there are many who are unvaccinated.

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Exactly what I thought! Unvaccinated people who insist in going in to Japan will get the virus! And that is how the virus will spread! Enough! Everyone go home! Can’t they see what 20-30% unvaccinated people who insist in going in will catch the virus? And the spread will begin. It could mutate to a new variant! No one is listening.

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This man just goes ahead of what he wants to do regardless. He is stepping on every understanding of the situation. By employing more guards and escorts for his protection may create a spreader.

Stop visiting places and just go directly to the event so as not to create crowding! For heavens sake - are they even thinking? Just because he probably has already been vaccinated. How about those who have not!

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