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An Olympian may suddenly be unable to participate because of COVID so winners may not really be winners.

i would not want to watch this anymore. It seems heartless and pretentiously compassionate. It has no regard at all for anyone but the association. It’s like being drafted -

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Posted in: Virus cluster reported at Shizuoka hotel hosting Brazilian Olympians See in context

They are nit wearing masks because they think they have immunity and Japan is wearing masks. I think EVERYONE SHOULD WEAR A MASK RIGHT NIW because some of those people not wearing a mask may be asymptomatic! Since sometimes the virus could be very mild, they could catch it even when they are vaccinated because there are many who are unvaccinated.

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Exactly what I thought! Unvaccinated people who insist in going in to Japan will get the virus! And that is how the virus will spread! Enough! Everyone go home! Can’t they see what 20-30% unvaccinated people who insist in going in will catch the virus? And the spread will begin. It could mutate to a new variant! No one is listening.

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This man just goes ahead of what he wants to do regardless. He is stepping on every understanding of the situation. By employing more guards and escorts for his protection may create a spreader.

Stop visiting places and just go directly to the event so as not to create crowding! For heavens sake - are they even thinking? Just because he probably has already been vaccinated. How about those who have not!

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Better find some N95 mask to protect yourself as the Delta variant surges and the people multiply the next few weeks. N95 masks are better than any of the little surgical masks. I found it in the internet when we still had high cases. I am vaccinated and do not need this kind of mask.

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So sad. I will be praying for everyone‘s safety and guide the IOC for better decisions to help it’s members and Japan.

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Above all of the possible spread - I do really hope no political demonstration of ANY KIND - be it a gesture, a stand, a pin or a hat be considered to appear in the Olympics. It should not be politicized. We already have the variant problem to contend with.

at least it will be pleasure able to watch on TV. I do not want to see any demonstrations etc… or else I will turn off my TV because I do not want political entertainment.

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The Taylors, who have not been granted bail, are accused of playing leading roles in that escape. Prosecutors have described details of bank transfers and bitcoin payments, alleging Ghosn paid the Taylors the equivalent of $1.3 million.

The Taylors are an accomplice to the Gohsn escape out of Japan. Serious crime.

Am wondering who provided the name to get contacted to do this for him. They too are guilty. It’s all traceable.

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Posted in: Truck driver admits drinking alcohol before accident that killed 2 children See in context

Never never drive intoxicated.


There are stickers in the US of Mother’s Agains Drunk Driving.

Until you personally experience one in your family - you will not be against drunk drivers. If you yourself get damaged for life hitting a wall or tree by yourself and impair yourself forever - you will continue to drink because of alcoholism.

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Posted in: Japan to ask athletes from India, 5 other countries for more COVID-19 tests See in context

100% vaccinated participants, media, diplomats etc… can only come in! Especially from the highest infected areas!

Kindness and politeness is not applicable in this pandemic. I worry for the unvaccinated.

People arriving unvaccinated are putting themselves and others in harms way.

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Posted in: Tokyo falls to world's 4th most expensive city for expats: survey See in context

I think NYC is still the costliest. The tax and tip are sky Hugh. The tip begins at 18% and above on top of the tax which is even higher in Chicago.

I would rather go to Japan where you already include everything in your food tab. Or in Europe. I get the sense of how much I am spending.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says Olympic organizers have to tighten anti-virus measures See in context


Only vaccinated participants, attendees etc ghouls arrive in Japan. This is just a tip of the iceberg!

100% must be vaccinated to enter Japan.

Nothing wrong with that request.

I have been to B&B and restaurant who accept only vaccinated people with proof.

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Posted in: Money, money, money: The cost of Tokyo's pandemic-delayed Olympics See in context

One thing I do hope is that the Olympics stick to sports. I do not want to see any political agenda and demonstrations etc. Focus on sports after all this trouble.

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Posted in: Japan's vaccination rollout reaches daily rate of 1 mil See in context

In my country I was in line for Moderna but when it was my turn they ran out and said I get Pfizer. Both are good. Pfizer starts working after 2 weeks while Moderna is after 3 weeks. Both good. We also found out both work against the Delta variant. But remember the full efficacy is after both shots. Keep that mask on.

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I still vote 100% vaccinated people only to enter Japan to attend the Olympics be it a participant, relative or media.

they still have time to get vaccinated quick! Time is running out.

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Excellent! Whoever does nit want to adhere any rules should not participate and avoid all drama. It is only 2 weeks. (4 weeks if you are the accompanying media).

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Posted in: Warning to athletes: Follow the rules at Tokyo Olympics, or else See in context

Yes! Must use real strict rules for everyone’s safety. I hope no one disobeys and then complain of strict rules. They have been warned.

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In an editorial dated Saturday, The Lancet said the silence by the World Health Organization and other major health bodies such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a "deflection of responsibility" as the Olympics and the Paralympics could lead to spreading the virus in Japan and other countries.

The editorial stated that not making vaccinations mandatory and mixing about 15,000 athletes, as well as officials, support staff and journalists from around the world could seed new outbreaks when the participants return home.

As I said before 100% attending the Olympics must be vaccinated. No vaccine no entry. It will spread around the world - not only Japan. 80% is not enough!!

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

I still think only 100% vaccinated people should be allowed

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Posted in: Heatstroke or COVID-19? Similar symptoms could confuse at Olympics See in context

I thought there was rapid testing within 3 hours. So the suspected heat stroke patient must be tested and 3 hours after result decide where to treat the patient.

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Posted in: Andrew Lloyd-Webber vows to defy gov't on London theater reopening See in context

I hope only vaccinated people are allowed to watch the play.

it is not indicated anywhere in the story.

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Posted in: Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief See in context

Not vaccinated? Sorry do nit enter. Simple!

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Posted in: Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief See in context

If 100% who enter are vaccinated not 80% - I would feel safe enough.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

She actually looked depressed when she first won against Williams and what Williams said back then.

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Posted in: Coates gets backlash after saying Olympics are on, even in state of emergency See in context

The Olympic participants are playing politics so they can continue making money for themselves

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach to visit Japan on July 12, 11 days before Olympics begin See in context

18,600 of the 93,000 coming in should test and quarantine for at least 10-14 days if they want to come in unvaccinated. And at their cost. Or cost if the IOC since they want to participate or attend without the vaccination prior to coming in.

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“Around 78,000, they said, would arrive from abroad -- including about 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches, backroom staff, officials, IOC members, media and broadcasters -- down from an original estimate of 200,000.”

That’s about 93,000 coming in and 18,600 which is 20% will not be vaccinated?

The chance of any of these non-vaccinated 18,600 people coming in to Japan is a huge number to pose probabilities as carriers of COVID-19.

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Maybe the healthcare providers should vaccinate each other to speed up the process?

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Posted in: Oprah and CNN: AT&T is merging media business with Discovery See in context

They will now definitely control politics. This is like a monopoly. They could set prices as well. Less choice. It is all basically the same now. They can control what you see the way they would like to present it.

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Posted in: China tells Bach it hopes Tokyo Olympics will be held despite pandemic See in context

If they VACCINATE the Olympians and anyone related to the Olympics from their OWN COUNTRIES BEFORE ENTRY - it should be safe for both the participants and guests.

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