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You may be negative at that test but 2-3 days you are positive. Maybe we go out every 5 days to make sure we do not get positive. Because every person walking is negative from testing 5 days ago. Eventually you cannot get the virus if everyone walking outside was quarantined for 5 days from the last test even if he/she tested negative. (Assuming you still might get it a few days after testing.). This way people you see walking around outside are definitely negative.

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Incoming travelers must be led to a specific hotels and guarded at the hallway floor for 14 days and making sure they stay inside their room. That is what happened to my friend and her spouse upon arriving in Sydney. Greeted by guards to take them to a specific hotel for 14 days.

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Anyone entering must quarantine at least 5 days upon arrival even if they tested negative from departure. What if that person aquired COVID on board. Many things can happen after 12 hour flights.

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Example: Look at the Spratly Islands, located off the coast of the Philippines and Malaysia. This region has been claimed by both of these nations as well as China, Vietnam, Brunei and Taiwan. ... This is due to the islands' rich marine ecosystem, gas and oil deposits, and ideal location for military strategies.Jun 4, 2013.

Now: In addition to piling sand onto existing reefs, China has constructed ports, military installations, and airstrips—particularly in the Paracel and Spratly Islands, where it has twenty and seven outposts, respectively. China has militarized Woody Island by deploying fighter jets, cruise missiles, and a radar system.


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So inviting!

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Don’t count your chicks until they’re hatched as the saying goes.

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I wish I could see this!

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I am already tired and ready to rest before I even take off for another maybe 12 hours direct flight! What a tiring day!

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That means I have to arrive at the airport 8 hours before so I can check in for my flight after waiting for 6 hours for results. That’s 2 meals at the airport before I can take off.

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A restriction on foreigners traveling from mainland China took effect on Feb. 2, 2020, but thousands of Chinese and foreign nationals from Hong Kong and Macau entered the U.S. in the three months following. Thousands of Americans and foreigners still arrived in the U.S. on direct flights from China after the restrictions were imposed. But the opposing party called him xenophobic and insulted him.

If he did not do that the health person did say we would have had much more deaths.

It’s election time.

Sad part is I do not think every leader in the world is trying to do their best. People are just stubborn and have their own minds exercising their rights in the entire world which is why it is surging. Rather than cooperating to take all measures to prevent the virus spread.

Even Europe now is surging with cases. Even the best people thought now has triple cases.

The world is sharing their discoveries on how to address this pandemic. And each solution is different from someone else.

It is easy to point fingers especially during election time.

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Wear NIOSH N95 mask and goggles to see their efficacy. It might become the standard when attending any packed games

And no cheering. Maybe gasping for the winner is ok.

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Maybe it has something to do with inhertance tax. If married inhertance is transferred to a spouse without tax up to a limit. But if you are not legally married = taxation

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It's like a horror movie.

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Good morning or good afternoon Passengers of ..... Flight ....

Keep using passengers if you do not want genders.

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I am tired of politics. This is a world Olympic. You cannot choose only 1 or 2 - there are numerous problems in the world. This is a physical endurance. This is where nations get united through Olympics - and hopefully please keep it that way. And besides half of the people do not believe whatever causes there are. We do not want I’ll feelings because many people have many views.

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I have seen different Batman, Superman and 007 - I think they should continue

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I am so disappointed to see this news as I am a fan of Japan. I have always thought it's the only country I have visited where things we forget around while visiting we are assured to get back.

With that many animals, they should be able to find them.

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If bars are the problem, set up tables 6 feet apart OUTSIDE and might as well serve food. While it is summer, serve outside like NYC.

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The world would be a better place if people stop digging the healer wound just to start a bigger scar.

We learn from history but should not suddenly look for revenge. It seems like the style of this new world.

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Cost $800 Million?

How about $Billions even a Trillion could be lost because coronavirus spreads haywire after the Olympics!

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Be careful - that is one of the reasons there is a surge of COVID in the US - gathering in the beach frkm California to Florida - I see some not distancing

We observed our numbers grow after all the gatherings and chain reactions next 3 weeks later and still going because it spreads.

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It all depends what passport you carryZ. Even you live in Japan the last 10 years and your healthcare etc... is in Japan - what passport one carries is important.

This is why there is a line for passport holders of a country and a separate line for permanent resident or tourist etc...

that is for any country! I travel and I know what happens.

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“Many other countries that have imposed travel bans such as Germany and France do not discriminate between citizens and foreign residents in granting re-entry.”


USA is not allowed to enter the European One because of COVID cases we have right now.

But my Italian friends and French friend left for Paris last week! But not Americans.

Countries are careful to stop COVID from spreading. Right now NYC does not allow other states with high COVID cases to enter the city.

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Is there violence?

Japan is one of the safest places I visit.

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New Zealand locked down the country - and have started going around without masks - HOWEVER: After Weeks Of No New Cases Of COVID-19 In New Zealand, 2 Arrivals Test Positive

So I think keep the lockdown and isolate new arrivals for at least 5 days as they wait for their COVID-19 test results done at the airport. I think this is a good practice. It will deter casual travelers who spread the virus from infecting a country.

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Such a cliff hanger for those with game tickets - to go or not to go - Hoping for vaccine

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I use face shield over my mask and remove my mask once outside walking keeping my face shield so I can breathe well. My mask hangs on one side of the ear to out back when it’s crowded. I try to walk away from people.

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Just close it and checkout results.

You cannot drink and eat with masks on. How could it become a requirement To wear one. Maybe lifting the mask up covering your nose, take a sip, and putting it back. Then you probably won’t transmit COVID-19. Distancing? Text each other? Anyway it is hard to hear each other and react after. Eyes talk too even behind glasses. Those who do not abide get kicked out.

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People just ask questions to start a conversation. Maybe they find her attractive. Most halves in the world of different cultures have nice features. Lashes become curly, longer and more prominent. She should not be defensive. It is irritating to answer the same questions. But it happens to everyone. Even within its own countrymen who will ask: “where are you from in .....” This person is just conscious.

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Really? They filled up the stadium with cardboard?

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