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“The climate change hoax has collapsed. A devastating series of research papers has just been published, revealing that human activity can account for no more than a .01°C rise in global temperatures, meaning that all the human activity targeted by radical climate change alarmists — combustion engines, airplane flights, diesel tractors — has virtually no measurable impact on the temperature of the planet.

Finnish scientists spearheaded the research, releasing a paper entitled, “No Experimental Evidence for the Significant Anthropogenic Climate Change.”

The paper explains that IPCC analysis of global temperatures suffers from a glaring error — namely, failure to account for “influences of low cloud cover” and how it impacts global temperatures. Natural variations in low cloud cover, which are strongly influenced by cosmic radiation’s ability to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere due to variations in the strength of our planet’s magnetosphere, account for nearly all changes in global temperature, the researchers explain.

As this chart reveals, more cloud cover is inversely related to temperature. In other words, clouds shield the surface of the Earth from the sun, providing shade cover cooling, while a lack of clouds results in more warming:

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No one should ever stop in the passing lane. When I was 12 years old, a truck without hazard lights blinking was stalled in the middle of the toad. We only realized that it wasn’t moving. We were able to swerve away from it but in turning back on the Kane hit its side. Fortunately we just had slight cuts seen at the hospital not large enough to be hospitalized. The car got totaled in front.

It is not allowed to stop in the middle of the road without your hazard lights on.

The Driver who did this should lose their license. Must go back to driver’s school.

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Follow rules.

There is a time to go home. As there is time to eat, time to sleep, time to work, time to play ... when the party is over, go home! Come visit again. Don’t be stubborn.

i don’t understand why their countries do not want them back? Are they criminals from where they came from?

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It has been settled in 1964.

Is there not a statute of Limitations?

This is why the world is chaotic. No one wants to forgive and move on.

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Posted in: 88-year-old ex-bureaucrat to be referred to prosecutors over fatal car crash See in context

He shouldn't be driving if he has Parkinson's disease. It is a brain disorder that causes loss of muscle control. So maybe he lost control.

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JAPAN has been known for fashion.

This is good news and the world is watching.

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An entry visa was granted because she had to work for the company. Some take advantage of this and escape the Employer for some other plan up their sleeve.

some just disappear away into the crowd to do something else. It will be difficult for the Employer to get another foreign employee because the Embassy limit how many you can import. What happened to the previous employee? Her visa is to work for them - she may never go back to her country. She will just dissipate.

this happens all the time in the US.

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We already know the history, why capitalize on it more in art form! All countries have history. The exhibit is almost like a satire and an insult.

if you want to befriend, you don’t constantly remind your friend of what your friend did wrong would you? That means you will never be forgiven and you will consume your time reminding the friend all their errors! Soon you will be enemies.

Past is past and we have learned from it. Move forward.

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They should do the marathon in Nagano. They have the Zenkoji Temple to see - and it’s less than 2 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo without going through TSA. One can still watch the Closing without panicking for time.

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Correction -

2011  Louis Latour Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru, COTE DE BEAUNE, FRANCE 

Average Price $ 110 / 750ml 

Aggregated Critic Score 92/100

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"The Japanese case is different from cases in other countries," he told AFP. "Japan's state Shintoism... was used as a foundation to justify invasive wars and colonizations."

I would rather they have their Shinto belief than become atheist.

i wish people just leave them alone how they run their own country. The world is always looking for utopia - it will never happen since creation!

If you believe in life after death -through good deeds - you will find utopia.

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I love that when I visit Japan how people are orderly standing on one side kn the escalator. I even noticed that they stay in line to GET ON the escalator unlike the chaos I see in my city where everyone is in a hurry and cut in front of you only to get stuck in the escalator as everyone is blocking the path. They don’t care if you are running late.

I like this orderly life. More efficient.

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Too late to change the date. People have booked their hotels and flights. They should have compared it to Tokyo Olympics 1964.

i have been to Tokyo 3 times in July. One was super hot and humid but 2014 was surprisingly not as hot.

Let’s hope it won’t be as hot as 2019.

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“In line with the 1965 reconciliation treaties, Japan continued to improve its relations with South Korea. Tokyo provided $300 million as compensation to comfort women and forced laborers, etc., and extended an additional $200 million credit to Seoul, and Prime Minister Sato attended official functions in July, the first visit of a Japanese premier to postwar Korea. “

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Lesson - follow rules and you won’t Get fingerprinted. Obey the law. We should mind our own business so they can continue to run the country smoothly. I enjoy visiting this country because it is clean and I can get back things when I lose them. Even when I forget my grocery bag once in the store. They found it with everything I bought. Can you name a country like that?

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I am always prepared with an umbrella. I check my weather app during the rainy season. Who wants to catch a cold, fever and pneumonia

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