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Posted in: Gov't welcomes Ukraine evacuees with eye on int'l recognition, election See in context

I think these Ukrainians are hoping they can go back to resettle in their own country even if they have to rebuild. It is their home. But if they keep getting attacked - they will try to rebuild themselves in Japan. But I am sure they are wishing to go back. It is always home sweet home. After all, they were not planning to move. This is an extraordinary circumstance! It is hard to learn a language in 6 months!

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Posted in: Black hair, white shoelaces: Japan's school rules under fire See in context

With hair color green or pink - since these are children - they are better off not dying their hair at all. Chemicals ruin their beautiful shiny hair. Just keep it natural. Neither dying their hair black is attractive. Just keep their natural color.

I personally prefer they look better uniformed with no overly fashioned haircuts since it distracts attention and creates gossip and intrigues anyway.

The endowed kids with money will show off their possessions and jewelry etc… pure consumerism and will make others who cannot afford feel deprived. That is the beauty of uniforms.

With uniforms I would think it is easier to make friends because it lessens show and tell. You spend once a year. Maybe they are available in thrift shops for those who cannot afford to buy uniforms. Second hand uniforms?

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Posted in: Rattled by spectator's insult, Osaka loses at Indian Wells See in context

Maybe it’s about time she find another career. Being in public is tough. Nowadays people are cruel and nasty. Look at the politicians tough it out. She is too weak. I’m a woman. It makes women look soft. And I thought we were supposed to be tough. It’s bad enough to be in a very competitive world. But here she is in a truly 100% competitor’s arena. Better find a different career where she won’t use tears. I have never seen a player whimper all the time. Too sensitive. Sometimes people are just not cut out for the job even if you are good. It’s just not for everyone. You have to be tough and learn to ignore.

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Posted in: New U.S. envoy Rahm Emanuel arrives in Japan See in context


Caoline Kennedy was US ambassador to Japan between 2013-2017

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Posted in: Jet characters See in context

So cute!

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context

Be patient. Omicron is very contagious. In general you may be negative when you boarded the plane but when you arrived you became positive. Or when you arrived a few days later, you are positive. Better to think of others you might contaminate recklessly than complain being quarantined. I can name countries requiring quarantine upon arrival.

For the sake of the majority that sacrifice, those who oppose and complain can live somewhere else. More countries now are requiring masks and vaccination if they want to continue working.

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Posted in: Osaka arson suspect identified; all similar buildings to be inspected See in context

Kerosene heaters pose danger. They should not be used. It could either have been accidental or are not, kerosene heaters are combustible.

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Posted in: Tokyo finds Omicron case in U.S. arrival isolating at home See in context

Do not let anyone from countries with high cases come in. Or no one enter till mid January.once a person leaves the country during pandemic, they should not be allowed to come back unless they are a citizen.

That is what some other country is doing. If you leave and you are not a citizen they will not guarantee you a visa to come back.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 8 more cases of Omicron variant infection See in context

Glad that Japan is monitoring the in-coming people well because you’ve really reduced your cases from the last time thousands were allowed to enter. I think as an island your contamination will only happen from outsiders who come in.

Best to quarantine everyone at least 5 days in case the symptoms is latent.

Omicron and it’s group of COVID-19 gang of variants is an invisible enemy and doubting Thomases should have more faith in the vaccines. We lose more if we continue doubting. Maybe it is mild because it tries to penetrate the vaccinated? How did the unvaccinated do when they caught the Omicron?

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Posted in: Gov't to make security cameras mandatory on trains See in context

The stations should have security cameras too. Buildings should have security cameras outside too.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games uniforms for 28,000 volunteers remain unused See in context

Sell through their respective stores - people may buy them. Every item

sold returns to Japan.

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Posted in: Taliban ask Japan envoy to reopen embassy in Afghanistan See in context

Too dangerous.

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Posted in: Japan to release hundreds of thousands of kiloliters of reserve oil See in context

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Posted in: Japan to release hundreds of thousands of kiloliters of reserve oil See in context

How about only those with oil in their land participate in this? Have we asked South America to release some?

I pity those that stocked up and bought their supply.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 79 See in context

Please be very careful in letting anyone in. I am visiting a country in Europe who have also vaccinated a majority. They fine or arrest anyone who does NOT WEAR a mask in stores or anything indoor. Unless you are eating. And it works. Not as good as your numbers - but better than its neighbors.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 79 See in context

Outstanding!!! Congratulations!!! I love the people of Japan! Yes! A compliant society and cares for others. The world should follow your example!

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Posted in: Climate talks struggle with gap between rich, poor nations See in context

Science has revealed that this universe has been changing. Remember ice age? Remember dinosaurs? The universe is alive and powerful. We cannot solve the climate change. We can adjust to adapt to climate change. Nature is bigger than you and I. There are other things we have to deal with that contribute to pollution. So many volcanos are erupting . That alone is causing gases to change our climate! The sun’s flares too! So yes - climate change is here - but the problem is more than just gas emissions- bigger are what I have mentioned which cause a lot of damage.

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Posted in: Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people on Tokyo train; starts fire See in context

I think he is a copy cat of bad things. He wanted to compare himself with the similar killing 3 months ago. He wanted to be caught it said and give him death Penalty.

He is definitely crazy.

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako says marriage was a 'necessary choice' See in context

What a sweet couple. She is so refined and down to earth. Very polite. Truly dignified! My best wishes for both of them.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend arrives from U.S. for wedding See in context

I do trust she will not be like those ingrate members of monarchy - which to this day I only know of 1.

She is very good and I have faith in knowing they understand everything they chose to do.

Best wishes on her brave decision!

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Posted in: Drill to catch attacker See in context

They should learn karate and judo

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Posted in: Osaka makes winning return; Murray tumbles out of U.S. Open against Tsitsipas See in context

She wants to participate when she feels like it. Call it what you want.

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Posted in: Paralympic disability categories under fire over fairness See in context

I think it is fair to say that no enhancements on bikes for instance should be allowed. It is like putting steroids on the equipment to win. Unfair.

They should all be similar disabilities with no equipment enhanced. Or if so equally used by participants.

I can see someone with the same disability but decides to use his own mouth to hold the ping pong racket. That is talent and he found a way. That to me is acceptable. Hats off!

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Posted in: Russian man who swam to Japan was reportedly kicked out of Japan in 2011 for visa violation See in context

He’s a vagabond! A drifter who will be a parasite.

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Posted in: Japan probes two deaths after jabs from tainted Moderna batch See in context

MODERNA is fine.

This particular batch was tainted they said. It’s the particular company in Spain who made it for them where this came from that is being investigated.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested for stealing ¥21.15 mil from homes in 5 prefectures See in context

What happened? !

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to expand home delivery to 20,000 stores by FY2025 See in context

Good to know and convenient. Saves another 30 minutes or more just going there.

Also good during pandemic and lockdowns to minimize getting the virus outside.

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Posted in: Paddle power See in context

It is almost more interesting to watch the Paralympic the way they compete because the way they accomplish things is truly amazing! And for real Olympians to give excuses for not participating makes me more in awe about the Paralympians. The Paralympic is definitely inspiring. It shows how one should NEVER GIVE UP! Just like the motto of the Olympics since 1924. My salute to the Paralympic! It is inspiring. It is hopeful.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

God help the innocent children. They can watch it from TV or zoom and maybe cheer by zoom for different classes.

I don’t even think all children like to watch sports. And this is a pandemic!

I will pray for their safety. These kids will use the bathroom, touch things in the toilet etc.. when you have thousands unvaccinated children - no. Are all the escorts vaccinated? How about those in the stadium - are all workers vaccinated? None of the children are vaccinated.

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Posted in: Driving itself See in context

There should be a lane for self driving cars so one can really relax. And can overtake if necessary and go back into self driving car lane. Would be nice.

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