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I was crying while reading this post! Take away the precious flower from you and never allow to see and visit your child - this is so cruel, this is unfair.

Both parents are worth to care about children, hug them, spend time with them, look at their achievments of different step of age!! I wish you BIG HUGE luck in your cases! You deserve it!

I think it's not only father-foreigner's problems, right? What about mother-foreigner who is married with Japanese man? What's happened in these cases?

I am a woman from Russia. I am married with Japanese man . We love each other so much and of course we want children. But after reading such posts and comments like someone wrote "The big advice is never get married or deal with japanese", I am kinda upset...There are still good kind people in Japan..

Of course if there was a divorse, I would make it fair... But if I am foreigner I guess japanese father will win custody?

I will never forget myself if Japanese father will win the custody and not allow me to see our children.

I will never forget myself if I win custody and not allow father to see our children.

Children are worth both parents...

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