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No masks to protect the child and athlete on the day Japan records the highest number of covid ?

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What merit is there for passengers departing from Haneda and Kuala Lumpur to drop off their baggage five hours before departure? Compared to JAL’s First lounge in Haneda, the Malaysian Airlines First Lounge in KL is claustrophobically tiny and the roti canai sauce seemed defrosted by microwave.

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Yet why can’t my kids in university in the US and UK come home to see us in Tokyo?! Outrageous.

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Crossing my legs is my way of maintaining social distance on the subway! Don’t want people breathing down on me through their gaping nylon masks.

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How much are these army of trainees paid to guide, process, test, feed returnees from landing until sent off on buses to quarantine hotels, at Haneda and Narita airports? How much to deliver and collect meals, drinks, towels, pcr tests, and then clean the returnee quarantine and covid patient hotel rooms?

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The Japanese government missed out on a chance to provide laptops to school aged students so online learning can happen even at public schools.

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At the World Cheese Fromager Championship also this month in Tours, France-Japan placed 3rd!!

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Expiring vaccines! Last nights news announced tens of thousands of Pfizer vaccines delivered in March would expire June 30th. Their plan is to vaccinate pharmacists, ambulance staff, vaccination centers, and smaller hospitals. Front line workers?

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“ Japan where some people avoid working remotely" because they are too focused on having personal interactions and picking up on nonverbal cues...” Actually most Japanese employees continue working at the office because their employers don’t give them an option to work from home! Our friend who’s not even allowed to leave the company building at lunchtime recently got covid.

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What Happened to Lifetime Employment?

The Japanese study from birth to attend prestigious schools and universities to be offered lifetime employment at Japan’s Top 50 corporations. They leave for work at 7am and don’t return until midnight so they never see their kids. They must wake up at 5am on the weekends to play obligatory corporate golf, or head to the office to work, then dine out Sunday night with board members or colleagues in town on business. They only share one or two meals with their families a week! If they’re transferred to a different city or country (and they can’t say no), their families usually remain in Tokyo for their kids schooling, work, or to look after their parents They rarely take days off and don’t always take their annual one week vacation- which is always taken at the very last minute so airfare is sky high, and the good hotels are sold out. In their forties they discover their beloved company that promised lifetime employment will retire them between ages 50 - 53. The company will offer them a job at a smaller firm, with less pay and fewer benefits. A job in a completely different field that doesn’t take into account their work experience or expertise, and oftentimes require them to move to a different city so their families remain in Tokyo. An entire generation of kids raised without fathers...Mr. Salaryman, was it worth it ?

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