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Maria M comments

Posted in: Publisher of some of Japan’s most popular anime suddenly restricts exports of its Blu-rays, DVDs See in context

It's not just anime, it's their whole catalogue, including J-Pop.

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Posted in: Hanks braves the fires of critical censure in 'Inferno' See in context

DVC and A+D were pretty fun to watch and I can't wait to watch Inferno. Some movies are meant to be brain teasers, some movies are meant to be an enjoyable way to spend two hours.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of woman outside her Fukuoka apartment See in context

Good thing the neighbor called 110. In Japan, that's the real miracle >_<

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Posted in: Tokyo restaurant refuses service to all-male groups of customers See in context

Kabuki-cho has as many male host clubs as female nowadays.

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Posted in: Finding a half decent gym in Japan: A survival guide See in context

Thank you very much to all who answered about Anytime Fitness!

Also, outdoors workout in the middle of Tokyo is not exactly ideal. Parks are small and far in-between, not everyone enjoys (or can) run (or enjoys running avoiding bicycles and smelling the cars), and there are no such things as cinderblocks/bricks just lying around unless you want to lift your neighbor's flowerplots and well, that might not be such a good idea.

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Posted in: Finding a half decent gym in Japan: A survival guide See in context

Has anyone tried "Anytime Fitness" gyms? Supposedly 24/7 kind of a big chain.

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Posted in: Japan issues measles warning after infected fan attends Bieber concert See in context

Let's be fair, measles is not the first thing to come to mind if you have a fever and a rash (specially as photos of measles is not exactly something you see often). Guy probably thought he had an allergic reaction of some kind.

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Posted in: Players in hunt for Pokemon Go monsters feel real-world pain See in context

So I guess it's harmful in the same way any outdoors sport that requires you to keep track of an item is harmful. Twisted ankles! Oh, no!

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Posted in: Netflix to boost original series, films in and from Asia See in context

I mostly watch American/Netflix shows/movies on Netflix and I never run out of things to watch... Right now I'm alternating between Fargo, Gilmore Girls, Marcella, Luther and the occasional guilty pleasure of Gossip Girl. Not to mention catching up on the 100 and the new Marco Polo. For me, their content is pretty good and getting better every month.

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Posted in: Woman pleads guilty to murder, assisted suicide of parents See in context

Dementia is not something you can avoid by going to the gym or eating healthy food. In this case it sounds like the daughter had the misfortune of being the youngest and unmarried one, so she had the full weight of having to take care of her parents. I agree in that the other daughters should've shared the responsibility, but as someone who had to take care of an ailing grandparent and never saw the rest of the family except for a random visit every few months, nobody ever wants to step up because it IS a full-time unpaid job. And it IS hard, and stressful, and guilt-ridden and easy to ignore while you feel yourself lucky it didn't fall on your shoulders.

Most often than not whatever government-paid facilities are open for these kind of ill elderly people have a wait list of years, and there is the cultural preconception that having a facility take care of your parents is "leaving them to die" or "abandoning them," when in reality it's giving both the ill and the caretaker new, better lives.

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Posted in: 'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car accident See in context

He was wonderful in Odd Thomas. RIP =(

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Posted in: Trump urges ban on immigration from countries with 'history of terrorism' See in context

It is impressive that no matter how many times it's being said the shooter was a US national, people still try to make it about the "right now" immigration. This guy was a crazy person using extreme ideology as an excuse to kill people that made it hard for him to accept himself. Banning muslims from entry does not stop the ideologies from coming in, and it doesn't stop people with problems to attach onto them. Lets not forget Spain, France, Ireland and the UK's problems with their own terrorist groups, all white and mostly christian. (And by Trump's own words, I suppose, uneligible to enter US)

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Posted in: Study throws fat in the fire of diet debate See in context

It's not what you eat but how much you eat... Portion size control is the first thing people should be aiming for. Fat, carbs, they're all healthy as long as you don't stuff yourself.

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Posted in: Sequels, once a sure thing, are slumping at the box office See in context

Ghostbusters is a remake, not a sequel.

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Posted in: Canada announces ban on transgender discrimination See in context

Maybe it's because I'm a woman, but I don't understand the whole bathroom issue. That's what stalls are for. Are you really telling me that the sight of a pair of feet under a stall's door will drive someone so out of their mind they'll pounce the door open and molest you? Because I'm pretty sure if someone is intent on molesting you and follows you into the bathroom with that purpose, the little pink/blue plaque on the outside would have never been (and has never been) a deterrent.

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Posted in: The healthy burger that may make even carnivores opt for vegetarian See in context

I really wish Japan Today would add a "Japanese market option" for their recipes. They always include 1-2 important items that are hard to get over here >< (In this case, the portobello)

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Posted in: Organizers opt for harmony in new Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo See in context

Good for adjusting the contrast in your monitor, I suppose....

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Posted in: In Asia, Netflix trips on regulation, content, and competition See in context

I've been enjoying Netflix a lot. Their own shows are very good quality and released at the same time as US, and they are even starting to release broadcast shows at the same time as US, or shortly thereafter (Shadowhunters, The 100, etc). They are also making an effort into putting English subs to their new Japanese/Chinese releases. For Y1k a month is much more worth it than when I used to sub to Wowow.

You can't blame Netflix for the IP blocking, that comes from demands of local distributors of that content, something Nefllix has no power over. As they re-negotiate contracts, more things will become available everywhere else and not just US. It just isn't going to happen as easily with older shows/movies.

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Posted in: Backlash as Japanese police tweet warns women to not ride elevators alone with men See in context

Woman sure need to go through many extra loopholes just for the basic human right of not being molested.

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Posted in: Scores feared trapped as death toll from 2 Kyushu quakes hits 37 See in context

Manufacturing plants shut down because nobody is going to go to work.

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Posted in: New China-themed lingerie from Peach John See in context

Pretty sure the only country who sees "cultural appropriation" everywhere is US...

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Posted in: Kerry's visit to Hiroshima grabbing spotlight at G-7 meeting See in context

Uhm... nobody is saying in the article anyone is demanding an apology from US about the bombs. It specifically says they aren't. They just want the visibility a high-profile visit will bring to the atrocities of a nuclear bomb. You guys sure like to go down the rabbit hole pretty fast.

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Posted in: Review: Rock rocks with Oscars monologue; show's a snooze See in context

I thought Chris Rock was okay, but after a bit it was tiresome to hear the same black vs white jokes. Like others have said, diversity isn't all about black actors getting nominated, but about all races having the opportunity to catch roles that will showcase their talents so they can be nominated. I think he was very hit and miss and borderline alienating with that in mind.

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Posted in: Group urges changing Buddhist temple mark on maps to avoid Nazi connotations See in context

Leave the manji.

@Sensato The traditional crucifix is the creepiest thing ever and it's not because of "death penalty" connotations, but because it's a man with hands and feet nailed to a cross, with a crown of thorns, bleeding profusely. It kind of belongs in a SAW movie.

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Posted in: Netflix to block proxy access to content not available locally See in context

What Joe said, most of their viewership doesn't even know you can fool Netflix by using a VPN, and those who do, will figure out how to do it again. I find the monthly fee pretty cheap and worth while, and throwing a tantrum because a company tries to stop you from taking advantage of a loophole is borderline childish.

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Posted in: Golden Globes to offer a galaxy of stars, if not the Force See in context

What does "Force Awakens" have to do with the Golden Globes? Just because a movie is hyped it doesn't mean it should be included in every award category/ceremony. Most people agree that while it was fun to watch, it's not exactly acting award worthy.

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Posted in: UNICEF objects to All Black tweeting photos of dead Syrian children See in context

So him posting a photo of a dead child is bad, but the news spamming the photos of the dead toddler at the beach is ah-okay.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is fun fan service See in context

Honestly all I hear from reviewers is, "JJA remade 'A New Hope.'" Was that really what people wanted? I'd have hoped a bit more originality was required. If it had any other name attached people would probably think it and okay, sure, but not amazing movie.

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Posted in: Gifu town under fire for using busty No-Rin character to boost tourism See in context

I think the problem is her expression. She looks super uncomfortable/about to cry. Makes me feel like I'm looking at this pic against her wishes even if she's a cartoon >_>

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Posted in: Whaling film 'In the Heart of the Sea' becomes 'The Battle with the White Whale' for Japanese release See in context

I honestly don't see the problem with the title...

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